tagSci-Fi & FantasyCaptain Emrah Jackson Ch. 01

Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 01


This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements.


"This is Captain Emrah Jackson, of the United Earth Navy. Onboard the starship Calypso, please answer our hail." I said, as I paced along the length of our bridge. Our ship's engine hummed idly in the background.

"Still no answer, Ma'am." Talia, our communications officer said, shaking her head.

It was late by our ship's time. I was asleep when I got the call that we had encountered an automated distress call from a stricken vessel. Most of our five hundred crew were still in their quarters.

"Keep trying." I said to Talia. She was a Junior officer. Very new, in her early twenties. There weren't many women in officer positions in the United Earth Navy, especially not on combat vessels like the Calypso. I didn't get to choose my officers, she wasn't someone I would have picked to serve under me. Non-the-less I had taken her under my wing.

It had taken me twenty years to get my captaincy. Far too much politics for my liking. Things could have gone a lot quicker had I played by the rules. As one Admiral put it, playing by the rules meant visiting him while his wife was away.

I kept my dignity for the most part. There were of course things I had to deal with. Much more direct advances. Wandering hands, suggestive remarks. Nothing I couldn't handle. I was certain on my old ship my Captain had a secret camera in my quarters. Nothing I could ever prove. It was better not to complain. I guess that was playing by the rules too.

As I looked to the distressed ship on our monitor I thought about the rules, or at least the correct procedure for dealing with such an encounter. They stated that without proper communications, we had to send over a shuttle to investigate further. My blood ran cold at the thought.

While we were in a safe area of space, I couldn't be sure what dangers would lie aboard. Perhaps the ship was so damaged it was about to explode.

"Move the ship back, two clicks." I ordered.

The Calypso was a frigate, which was a large ship, all things considered. It didn't mean that I wouldn't be cautious about taking damage from so close, though.

"Yes, Ma'am."

I felt the vibrations of the engines whirring into life thought my feet.

We were in a lifeless system. Just a single white star that was orbited by a few lifeless planets and moons. It could be a trading ship that had stopped for repairs. There would be no other reason for them to be here.

The UEN controlled thousands of star systems. Most of them were like this. Either waiting for humanity to find a resource to exploit or long since abandoned.

We were the largest power in the Galaxy. There were a few smaller empires that claimed large swathes of the galaxy, but non that matched our power.

There was only five of us on the bridge. A skeleton crew. During our day cycle it was a lot busier. It seemed eerie now. The more experienced officers were off duty.

My eyes were drawn to Talia. It was something I tried to curtail. There was always gossip aboard a ship. I wondered if there was gossip about us.

I thought back to all the senior officers who tried to sleep with me and how they would call me a hypocrite if they knew how eagerly I had taken Talia into my bed. It was totally against regulations. Something that I could be punished severely for. I just couldn't resist.

She had shoulder-length wavy blonde hair that she wore loose. It wasn't regulations, but I allowed my female crew that small luxury. Mine was dark brown which I wore tight to my scalp. I had to keep the appearance of authority.

Talia was very much to opposite of me in other ways too. She was shorter, and much more curvy. I could only see the back of her head, but I knew how her uniform contoured over every curve. How her ample breasts pressed against the dark blue fabric, just willing to be let out.

Maybe the men didn't notice, maybe they couldn't keep their eyes off her either. I had heard a rumor there was a bet going to see who could bed her first. No doubt if she had a male Captain, he would be lusting over her too.

"Should we send a shuttle over, Ma'am?" Someone asked.

I thought about for a few seconds.

"No, not yet."

If there had been some communication I would have done. There wasn't even a way to know how long it had been here.

"We will wait till morning." I said. It was better to have more experienced crew. Waking them now seemed pointless, they needed to be fresh, and so did I.

"Inform me if they answer our call." I said, leaving the bridge.

I walked quickly back to my quarters, rubbing my eyes as I went. I hoped to get some more sleep before morning. There was no telling what the new day would bring.

We were a combat vessel on routine patrols. As such my room was sparse and small. Not like some of the larger capital ships. The ones that would host parties for dignitaries and ambassadors. Our patrols were nothing more than keeping the fleet spread out. It was a good way to be able to react to any hostile activity. It kept us busy too.

As I undid the brass buttons on my tunic I wished there was more excitement. We had encountered a few pirates a few months back, but once they saw our ship they made their escape in smaller faster vessels.

Our patrol had taken us to the borders of the space that the UEN controlled. Beyond were smaller fiefdoms. Ruled by corporations or conglomerates of rich individuals. Some were lawless by our standards.

It wasn't a hard border. Trade was common, even pleasure cruisers ventured further than the Calypso ever did. The pirate incursions were infrequent, but bothersome to the UEN. They would come looking for goods to steal or slaves to capture.

I striped down to my underwear, and thought about the Captain who had his secret camera in my room. It must have been well hidden as I never found it. My suspicions were only alerted when talking with the ship's maintenance officer, who had told me my room had a higher temperature setting than the rest. He thought it was because I was female, and we need more comfort. I think it was so I wouldn't sleep with covers over me.

It was the only time I ever used my sex to my advantage. I had a few drinks in the officers mess, and my yearly review was coming up. That night I didn't jump into bed quickly with my underwear on, suffering the heat of the covers. Instead, I stripped slowly making sure to show off my body. Then I lay naked on top of the sheets. I masturbated, running my hands up and down my body. I moaned seductively in case he had audio too. If he was watching I put quite the show on. I worked myself into such a state that if he did barge in I think I would have let him fuck me.

My report was glowing and I made sure my door was double locked from then on.

As I climbed into bed now, I caught a glimpse of myself in the small mirror. I was still pretty, some said I had a severe look, but I think it softened when I smiled. A handsome woman, some people would call me.

My body wasn't too bad either, especially for my age. Almost forty and I still looked good. Athletic with a nice pert ass. My boobs weren't the biggest. Enough for a handful, and they kept their shape too.


I hadn't managed to get any sleep when there was a buzz at my door.

"Enter." I said groggily, drawing the sheets up around me.

It was Talia.

"Any news?" I asked.

She shook her head. "My shift has finished." She said sheepishly.

It was important that I slept, but she looked so good in her tight uniform. It was a utilitarian one piece coverall. Not like mine, which had a tunic and trousers.

"Come in." I said quietly.

I never went to her room, only mine. It was our little rule. We broke it only once. Alone in an elevator, I couldn't resist and squeezed her firm ripe ass. It had felt so good, but we were careful after that.

Reaching out I flicked on my reading light, I wanted to watch her undress.

She blushed as she pulled her zipper down. I loved how shy she could still be in my presence. Her uniform opened readily, her large breasts pushing the fabric apart as she lowered the zipper further. My heart started to pound when I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. She pulled the one piece uniform down to her hips. I wetted my lips in anticipation.

It was a bit of a wriggle as she pulled it completely off. It was so tight against her body. A few sizes too small. I didn't mind though.

Our first time together was in my quarters. She had given me a report that needed some clarification. After a while we got to chatting about her family, and how proud they were of her. She told me it was an honor to serve under a female Captain, and how she would like to be in my position one day. Perhaps it was her awkwardness and shyness of admitting her admiration that made me kiss her. It was something I shouldn't have done, but I had no regrets when she kissed me back.

Talia climbed into be next to me and I wasted no time in kissing her. I pushed her against the mattress and pressed my lips to hers. Our tongues met and danced in her mouth. She tasted warm and sweet.

As my hand moved and cupped her large breast, her hand reached and pulled at the band in my hair. It was longer than hers, and when released tousled over my shoulders. She said it made me look sexier with it down. It was her little routine.

Her soft plump flesh filled my hand as I squeezed her breast. I tugged playfully at her nipple making her moan into my mouth. My pussy was wet, but I wanted Talia's first. Perhaps because she was my junior officer that made this so hot. It was wrong and illicit.

I wanted to make her cum.

Her thighs opened for me as I planted little kisses down her chest and her cute little stomach. I felt her fingers gripping my hair as I clamped my mouth onto her shaved pussy. He back arched and she stifled a moan.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, it was firm against my tongue. I sucked a little, then flicked with my tongue. Her scent filled my nostrils, and the warmth of her sex felt good. My saliva mixed with her juices. She trembled faster and faster as I worked my magic on her. Her breathing increased as I continued my assault. I slid two fingers into her. She moaned louder.

I worked her over and over again, my tongue and my fingers.

"Oh, Captain." She moaned.

She loved me giving her pleasure like this.

I explored every inch of her pussy with my mouth. Sometimes lovingly, and sometimes aggressively. My other hand roamed around her body, sliding over her stomach, playing with her tits. A finger sliding into her mouth. She sucked eagerly.

I could feel her reaching out. Taking something from my draw. It was my dildo. A little gift I had bought myself from a market on Titan. She pressed it into my hand.

There was no more encouragement needed. I pushed in slowly into her pussy. She bit her bottom lip and squealed.

It was automatic. Set just for me. It pulsed and vibrated inside of her. It was designed to respond to the body's movement, speeding up when needed.

I climbed up beside her. She was in her own world now, eyes tightly shut. I caressed her cheek, and gently kissed her. She responded eagerly.

I pulled the sheet back, so I could watch her. Her blonde hair looked like a halo around her head. I played a bit more with her breasts, massaging them, feeling the softness. My fingers found my own sex. I masturbated watching her. This beautiful young woman in my bed.

Orgasm after orgasm hit her. Mine followed not long after. Filling my body with warmth and delight.

She pulled the dildo from herself, leaving it idle on the bed. Our bodies were so warm together. We stroked each other softly, kissing each other lightly.

I wouldn't admit it, but at this moment I was so in love with her. I cradled her in my arms, and we drifted off to sleep together.


It was a loud alarm, screaming into my brain.

I awoke hoping it was a dream. It wasn't. Something terrible was happening. My quarters were bathed in a flashing red light.

"EVACUATE, EVACUATE." Blared through the intercom.

I could feel the ship shaking violently, and there was a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Talia was still in my bed, she had gone white as a sheet. I jumped out, and hit the intercom button. Nothing but static.

I dressed quickly forgoing my underwear.

Taking a deep breath I pressed the button for my door. As I did the ship rocked violently again, it flung me out into the dark corridor. Only the emergency lights were on. I heard Talia screaming.

The door to the bridge was sealed by a blast door. There must have been a hull breach.

I struggled to my feet and went back into my quarters.

"We have to go." I shouted. Poor Talia looked petrified.

From my cupboard I grabbed my lazer sidearm, and picked up Talia's uniform.

"Come on." I said louder, and grabbed her wrist. There wasn't time for her to dress. No time for embarrassment now.

I dragged her into the corridor, as the whole ship stared to list, throwing us into the wall. We scrambled to the life pods.

They were built for two people, I shoved Talia in first, and after taking one last look at the inside of my ship, I followed. The hatch closed, and I hit the eject button.

There was a loud hiss of hydraulics, and we were sent hurtling into the cold darkness of space.

She trembled beside me not saying a word. Naked, and utterly afraid.

I looked through the view port, and saw the Calypso. There was massive damage all along her side. Great gouges in the metal.

I held the naked Talia close to my side and gripped my pistol tightly as I watched my ship disintegrate in a huge explosion.

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by greybishop01/17/19

Good Start To A Very Good Story

Highlight of ch.1 for me was how the author begins to develop Capt. Jackson. She's obviously competent & serious (which is fine & to be expected,) but her improper relationship with Talia also serves tomore...

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Wow, great start

Sounds like Talia is going to be naked for a long while.

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good start

please continue

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