"Are you sure she's okay?" the tall blonde asked, his worry displayed in his bright blue eyes.

"Nick, she's supposed to be unconscious still. If she'd been awake, none of this would have worked." a tall muscular man with long black hair replied.

The third man, shorter with closely cropped dark hair and sleek, tattooed arms, glanced over at the girl bound to the bed. "She's still breathin', she's fine. Feisty little bitch, though, eh, Kev?"

Kevin scowled, "I'll let her bite you next time, Alex."

"She wouldn't have bitten you in the first place if you wouldn't have been such a bastard.. You gotta be smooth with the ladies" Alex said, swiveling his hips in a suggestive motion.

Nick let Kevin and Alex continue arguing and slipped across the grandly decorated bedroom to get a closer look at the sleeping girl. "Damn she's pretty." He watched her for a few moments wondering what she was dreaming about. He knew from personal experience that the drugs she'd been given would mess with her head. When Kevin and Alex had taken him, he'd been through the same things this girl, he thought her name was Emily, was going through now. Part of him was a little upset that he was being replaced as their pet, he'd come to love his masters, but he agreed that Emily would make an excellent companion. He'd been told if he kept up his superior behavior, he'd soon be able to possess a pet of his own. He turned his gaze from her when he heard Kevin demanding his attention.

"Nick! Are you sure no one saw us when we got her?" Kevin asked.

Nick nodded his head, and Alex said, "We made sure she was alone when we started following her and it was so late, no one else was really out to have seen."

"Good. This will not get fucked up like the last one." Kevin growled. He looked over at Emily, "I like this one- we're keeping her."


Emily woke up, completely disoriented. Her head was throbbing- like a hangover, only worse. She was lying somewhere soft, comfortable- she could feel that much.. and she felt stretched out somehow, her muscles stiff from not moving. She was wary to open her eyes, afraid it might hurt in some way.

She went to roll over and suddenly became aware she couldn't move. Her eyes flew open, realizing she was naked.. bound to a bed. Her heart began pounding, fear pulsing through her veins. Her eyes darted around the room, taking in the ornate furniture, rich shades of burgundy, purple and gold, the candelabras and... the three men watching her every move. Emily shrieked, a high-pitched wail that echoed off the walls.

"Sleeping beauty is finally awake." Kevin remarked, crossing the room towards Emily.

She struggled frantically with her binds as he came closer, "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!"

"Shhhh... calm down." Alex said, his voice soft, trying to soothe her. "You've been sleeping for nearly two days, don't go gettin' yourself all worked up so fast."

Emily's eyes widened as Kevin and Alex both moved to sit on the edge of the bed between her spread legs. "DON'T COME NEAR ME!!!" she hollered, tugging against the straps that held her down.

Nick kept his distance, watching from across the room as Kevin and Alex leaned down, their tongues snaking up the insides of Emily's thighs, making her whimper in a way he couldn't tell if it was pleasure or disgusted fear.

Kevin chuckled a little, "Nick, bring her something to drink."

"We're going to take good care of you, my pet." Alex said, warmth pervading his raspy voice.

"You'll learn to love your new life, Emily." Kevin added, standing up and snapping his fingers, motioning for Alex to follow him out of the room.

Emily began to cry once they'd left, shutting the door behind them. How had she gotten here? How did they know her name? She tried thinking back- to the last she could remember... she'd been at the school library, looking up an article for a research paper for her psychology class. She'd left the library pretty late.. and remembered being a little freaked out thinking someone had been following her.. then someone.. one of the guys she'd just seen had approached her... and everything had gone black.

And now she was here... wherever here was... tied to a bed, bareass naked with guys licking her! She couldn't say she'd exactly hated that- but still, they were strangers.. albeit very attractive ones. And the other guy, they'd called him Nick, hadn't they? What was he? And why had the one guy called her his pet??

She heard the door open again, and Nick reappeared, holding a clear goblet of dark liquid.

He cautiously crept over to the bed, not wanting to frighten her. "Hey Emily. I've got something for you to drink..."

She interrupted, "I don't want it."

"It's just wine. I poured it myself.. I didn't do anything to it. I know you're scared.. I was, too. But I'm your friend, I swear. I'm not going to hurt you. Neither will Kevin or Alex really- they just seem sort of... menacing. But really, they're amazing men." he said.

Nick seemed harmless enough.. and she was thirsty... "Can you, like, bring the glass over here?"

"Sure." he brought the glass to her lips, tilting it just enough.

Emily drank most of the wine, then licked her lips. "Thanks. Now could you tell me what the fuck is going on?"

Nick sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, "What do you mean?"

"Who are they? Who are you? Why am I here?"

"I'm Nick. They're Kevin and Alex. Kevin is the tall, beautiful one, Alex is the wilder one... they're my, well, our, masters." Nick replied.

"Masters? What the fuck?" Emily asked, wishing there was someway to get more comfortable. It seemed like Nick's statement should have frightened her, but she was more intrigued than scared.

"Yeah, they own us..."

"And you're okay with this???" Emily interrupted, incredulous.

Nick nodded. "How can I not be? They allow me to please them, they show me affection in return, and I know they care for me, just as I do for them... my life is pleasure."

Emily looked at him in complete disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"

"No. It's perfect.. you'll see. You'll learn to love it." he said, then got up. "I have to go- I'll be back to talk to you later." He slipped out the door, leaving her alone again.


Emily didn't see anyone for hours. She drifted in and out of sleep- waking once to find her wrists unbound and a tray of fruits and bread beside her. Against her better judgment she ate, even though she wasn't exactly hungry- it was more something to do to pass the time. When she'd finished eating, she struggled with the binds on her ankles for awhile, trying to find someway out of them. She realized eventually she was getting nowhere- and didn't know what she'd do even if she managed to get them off.

She napped again and woke up later to find that the tray she'd eaten off of was gone and her wrists were bound again. She had no idea what time it was- the heavy curtains on the windows kept her from seeing light or dark.

She began crying again- not knowing what to do with herself or what was going to happen to her.

"Hey, don't cry.. it's alright."

Emily turned her head to see Nick walking into the room. He came over to her bed, and undid the ties holding her wrists.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"I'm going to give you a bath... but before I let you up- do you want your hands tied behind your back or to wear the leash?"


"I can't let you up without one or the other. I personally prefer the leash.." he said, holding up a leash and jeweled collar in one hand and a leather strap for tying her wrists together in the other hand for her to inspect.

Emily glanced at the items, and then up at him, noticing for the first time that he wore a black collar, probably for the sole purpose of using the leash he'd spoke of. "Do I have to crawl?"

"What? With the leash? Not with me- you can just walk. With Kevin or Alex you'd have to stay on your hands and knees."

"Why is that?" she asked, contemplating which of the two options seemed less awful.

"Because they're the masters, and you're the slave."

"Slave?!?" Emily squeaked.

"Yes. A pleasure slave, or pet, if you prefer." he answered. Suddenly, it all sort of hit Emily. She probably wasn't ever going to leave this place- wherever it was. She'd often wished for a different life- but this hadn't been quite what she'd had in mind.

"Which one?" Nick asked.

"Th-the collar" Emily said, her throat suddenly very dry, like she couldn't quite believe she'd just said that.

Nick fastened the collar around her neck, being careful to not make it too tight. He attached the leash and stepped back, "Beautiful." He undid the binds holding her ankles and then allowed her to slide off the bed on her own.

Her legs felt wobbly from not really being used or moved for two days. She stood up and followed him, trying to move her hands to cover all of her body at once, a blush creeping over her when she realized it was impossible.

Nick led her down a hall way a little way, and turned into a room that Emily thought was entirely too big to be a bathroom. The ivory marble seemed to be never-ending, the gold fixtures glistening on the sink and in the... that couldn't possible be a bathtub... in the middle of the room, raised so that steps were necessary to get into it.. and it looked big enough for at least four people.

Nick tied Emily's leash to a towel rack near the sink and toilet, allowing her to do whatever she felt necessary while he ran water in the tub, adding fluffy bubbles to the bath. Emily watched him when she was finished, unable to not admire his beauty. If she was going to be held captive, at least it was by attractive men! She couldn't help but notice that the other two men, had been very attractive, too, and she hadn't been entirely surprised when they'd crept into her dreams.

"All ready," Nick said when he was finished preparing her bath, blushing slightly when he caught her watching him.

"Thanks" she said, smiling slightly at him.

Nick's eyes followed her naked form as she walked primly up the steps into the tub and eased herself into the warm water.

Emily allowed herself to relax in the massive tub, she felt calm, almost safe even with Nick. She closed her eyes as her head rested against the edge of the tub, but opened them quickly again as she felt soft fabric sliding over her skin. Nick smiled and told her to just enjoy herself. He brought the washcloth slowly over her entire body, the sweet scent of the soap drifting in the air.

Emily sighed softly, relishing he gentle attention he was giving her. If this was was her new life was going to be like- she could get used to this and learn to like it VERY quickly. When Nick had finished bathing her and rinsed her off, he dried her with a warm towel. He lead her back to the bedroom and onto the bed, instructing her to lie down again.

"Why am I always tied down to the bed?" she asked.

"You won't be for much longer..." Nick replied as he tied her wrists back to the posts, but left her ankles unbound. "After Kevin and Alex have had some time to... observe you and your.. talents.. they'll give you more freedom and assign you daily tasks."

"Daily tasks?"

"Yeah, you may have to have Alex feed you breakfast, or shower with Kevin in the afternoon, things like that." he said, crawling onto the bed with her, settling himself between her legs.

Emily swallowed hard, "Wh-what are you doing?"

Nick gave her a mischievous grin, "I promise you'll like it."

She had no doubt that she would indeed enjoy what he was going to do, but just knowing what he was going to do, made her nervous. She wasn't used to this kind of thing, especially from guys this hot. All thoughts quickly left her mind as she felt his tongue sliding slowly along her slit with just enough pressure to make her moan.

"Told you" he mumbled, his hands slipping underneath her to cup her cheeks and raise her hips up off the bed. His tongue darted inside of her, and he was surprised to find she was wet already.

Emily shrieked when she felt his tongue curling against her inner walls, then trailing up her pussy, fluttering over her clit. She realized now why her ankles had been left unbound, and was thankful for it. She could feel her thighs already beginning to quiver, the situation had made her more excited than she'd wanted to admit. Her body tensed when his teeth grazed lightly over her clit, a jolt of pleasure surging through her body.

Nick pulled back a little, licking her taste off his lips. He began kissing a circle around her belly button before dipping his tongue inside, chuckling against her when she began writhing on the bed.

She couldn't help the whimpers that were escaping, and she could feel herself starting to blush when she heard herself begging him for more.

Nick slipped two fingers inside her, as he kissed up to her breasts. His teeth nipped at the sensitive skin of her nipples while his fingers moved rhythmically in and out of her, then changed to stroking deep inside her with a "come here" motion.

Emily's back arched, the intensity of all the feelings bombarding her body at once. She could feel the prickly tingles spreading throughout her body, almost ready to meet in one place and cause her body to explode. She gasped as the feeling got stronger and moaned loudly as her pussy contracted around his fingers.

Nick slid quickly back down her body, sucking her clit into his mouth and bathing it with his tongue as her body convulsed, her breathing shaky gasps for air between her moans. He crawled up the bed, kissing her lips gently before caressing her tongue with his, easing her breath from her.

Emily's head was spinning- she didn't know it was possible for her body to feel like that... not even in all the times she'd thought she'd rocked the world on her own. She felt herself kissing him back, the desire she felt for him overwhelming any other sense she may have had.

Nick got up and smiled at her. "I knew you'd like that." He gently spread her legs apart again with ticklish touches of his fingertips, until he could bind her ankles again.

"What?!? Where are you going?" she asked, surely he wasn't leaving her again!

"I have to go now.. I'm sorry.. I'll try to come back later." he said, giving her a sexy smile, and then left, closing the door behind him.

Emily lay back on the bed, her skin still tingling from his touches. God, how amazing had that been? She drifted off into a dreamless sleep, exhausted.


The next time Emily awoke, she realized she wasn't in the same room she had been, and she wasn't tied down to anything. She sat up, blinking, trying to take in her new surroundings. The room she was in was even more beautiful than the one she'd been in before. The wide open curtains let sunlight spill across the room, illuminating everything, seeming to make the room glow of it's own accord. Emily glanced around and noticed a figure in the corner, watching her carefully.

"You're beautiful when you sleep, you know that?" a raspy voice asked.

"Um, thank you." Emily squeaked, her voice unwilling to cooperate with her.

He moved closer to her and then sat on the edge of the bed, "I'm Alex. I'm pleased to have you here with me."

"Hi" she said quietly.

"Surely you can manage a better greeting than that." he said, gently pulling her towards him, and gently kissing her lips until she willingly opened her mouth to him, allowing his tongue to glide over hers.

Emily wasn't quite sure what had come over her, but after what had happened with Nick, she was willing to let Alex have his way with her, too. She kisses him back, well aware of the wetness between her legs.

Alex became aware of her desire as he slipped his fingers over the inside of her thighs as she spread her legs apart for him, tempting him. His finger trailed over her pussy, just barely tickling her clit before he pulled away from her.

She watched as he quickly discarded his clothes and crawled back onto the bed with her. His hands went to her shoulders, pushing her to roll over, and then pulling her onto her hands and knees. Knowing what he had in mind now made her even more excited.

Alex positioned himself behind her, moving close enough to rub his pulsing dick over her wetness before plunging deep inside her, causing her to throw her head back, moaning in ecstasy. "I knew you'd be a wild one," Alex growled reaching to slip his fingers into her hair, pulling her head back. "Tell me how you like it like this."

Emily could barely manage a squeak, all she wanted was to feel him moving inside her, bringing her to release. "I.. I love this... fuck me hard... make me cum...please.." she whimpered.

"I'll fuck you 'til you can't remember your own name." he hissed, releasing her hair, his hands sliding down to squeeze her breasts and pinch at her nipples as he drove his cock in and out of her.

She grabbed at the sheets, thrusting back at him as hard as he was pounding into her. Her mouth dropped open as she gasped for air, her body seeming to become more wired everytime he touched her.

Alex leaned over her, his chest pressed against her back, and bowed his head to bite at the back of her neck. He felt her body convulse beneath him, and she'd barely finished quaking when he did it again and again, biting down on random spots of her skin, causing her to gasp and moan loudly.

She shrieked as his fingers found her clit, teasing and massaging it. The heat spread through her body so fast, it completely caught her by surprise when her pussy began clenching around his cock, her release shaking her body.

Alex continued slamming into her as he emptied himself into her, groaning. He was panting as he pulled out of her, moving off the bed immediately. He watched as Emily collapsed forward into the pillows. He leaned over the bed and grabbed her chin, turning her head to kiss her. "You were great, my pet."

Alex got dressed again and walked from the room, closing the door behind him.

Emily lay back on the bed, confused. What was all this? Great sex and then they disappear.


A few days later Emily was walking the halls of the large house, trying to remember her way around. She was getting acquainted with her new freedom- she no longer got bound to the bed and was allowed to walk around the house, and even into the courtyard sometimes. She'd seen Alex a few times since their first encounter but she hadn't seen Nick in days. She'd been told earlier that she would see Kevin later in the day, and was now trying to pass the time until then.

As she wandered through the part of the house she hadn't seen yet, she stopped, listening to what sounded like a girl's voice, crying out. She followed the noise, and peeked her head into a door that was partially open. She saw Nick, dressed in black leather, drawing a whip teasingly over a blonde girl's breasts.

She could hear him talking softly to her, saying he wouldn't hurt her if she just obeyed him, she'd learn to love serving him. Emily kept walking, happy that Nick had apparently earned his own pet. She practically lost herself in the halls of the house until the evening when she saw the sun was beginning to set through the windows in the library. She found her way back to her room where she'd been told to prepare herself and wait until Kevin came for her.

As she bathed herself she began thinking about what she knew of her life now. Nick had seemingly moved to another level within the hierarchy by now having his own pet, he'd acquired some power. Alex was a master, but not as significant as Kevin, the obvious head of the household. Emily knew there were other girls in the house, and other men but she couldn't figure out what their roles were, or why she never really saw them.

She put on some scented oil that was kept on the sink and brushed her hair. She had no idea what to expect with him. She'd only seen him when she'd first been at the house, and then he'd essentially disappeared, leaving her to Alex and Nickolas. But now apparently, he was ready to see her. There was a knock on her door, and she jumped, startled. She turned to see Kevin in the doorway, wrapped in a navy blue silk robe. He motioned for her to follow him without saying a word to her.

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