tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaptive Audience Ch. 03

Captive Audience Ch. 03


I lost track of just which man was fucking Natalie from one moment to the next, given the wild, frenzied nature of the gang-bang. She certainly had plenty of action from the menfolk, to be sure, though I wasn't exactly lacking for company, either. About an hour left before the wedding, as we were all worn out from all of the sex, I looked around and realized that I had been intimate with every single woman in my circle of friends and family, and most of the men as well. I had cum in my mouth and my ass from being fucked by guys, cum on my dick from all of the sloppy seconds that I kept getting with each woman, including the stripper from the night before, whose name was Cassidy.

"Boy, those blue pills really worked on you, just as they did last night," Cassidy teased me, "They were my part of the plot, I'm afraid. How else was I gonna get a pissed man to stay nice and hard for me? I wasn't in on it at first, but after I had you ... Well, let's just say that I couldn't stand the idea of not getting more of you. I just had to wait for my next turn until after they took theirs with you. Fine with me. As long as I got to be part of the family, and more importantly, your lover. This is a great family, I enjoy them, I love the money and luxury, but to be frank, I really loved fucking you ... and some of the things that you and I did together. Wow!"

"So, you independently seduced me at first, and then... ," I inquired, while Natalie kissed both of us with a snowball straight from the priest.

"Well, yeah, they actually caught us together, but to my shock, Natalie and company were pleased that you had done such things to me. They asked if I had more blue pills and also if I would like to be your lover ... more permanently. They assured me that I could quit stripping and focus on serving you, if I played my part, and so I did. Not that I haven't enjoyed the other men. Hell, I did that last night, too, before seducing you.

"But you, my darling man, bloody hell! You bit me on the bum and I loved it! You licked and fucked my arse ... Spanked it, too. Oh, and the things that you did to my cunny, my tits, my face ... I'm bloody well addicted by now. Plus, when you were pissed, you told me that I was your butt slut, that you had to keep me now, somehow. You said that you thought that Natalie would understand and you suspected that she was cheating already, but couldn't prove it and didn't care as long as you got strange arse, too.

"So, yeah, you made me a promise. You'll keep it now, right? Even though it was made while drunk?" Cassidy told me in her distinct accent.

"Well, I'm a man of my word. Still, I'm amazed at myself. Apparently, I got more aggressive than I thought. Hope I didn't force myself on you. One rape is bad enough and they'll have to spend their lives making amends for it. I don't want to be guilty, too. Anything else that I said?" I wondered, honestly not recalling any of this ... it was an interesting secret that they had kept from me ... but why?

"Love, piss on the whole rape worry ... for both of us! I watched you laugh and joke as the ladies bound you, and yes, they used you before leaving the party, too, in front of everyone. It's probably on film, too, at your place, where we did the party. Not once did you resist. They bound you only in case sober Levi had more scruples. Sauced Levi certainly didn't. As for me, you didn't do a bloody thing to me that I didn't absolutely crave ... and still do. You did things to me that I had only imagined, but never experienced before. Such as the biting. I loved being bitten on the bum ... and other places.

"Did they rape and kidnap you? Later, yes. In a strict sense. Rationally or culturally, superficially, you consider what they did rape. Your animal brain doesn't view it that way, though. Your primal, subconscious desire to bed so many women overrides your inhibitions, social ethics, etc., even now. For me, it's much simpler. It wasn't rape. It was rough, kinky sex, the best kind in my perspective. Aggressive, playful, and yet loving and possessive in its own way. You claimed me as your personal tart. So, here I am.

"By the way, I am married, in case you didn't recall. Not that it matters. A green card marriage in a way, but not entirely. I mean, I'm not in love with Gavin, nor he with me, but he's damn good in bed, when he's not off with men or women. He's a cross-dressing chap and a bit fond of the lads half of the time, but he and I screw for the fun of it and to keep the Feds happy. By that, I mean that, whenever ICE shows up, we leave deliberate evidence of our marital romps, such as me in a nightie or less than that, with a trail of his cum oozing down my thighs. That sort of thing. We generally fuck at least two or three times a week, just in case they surprise us.

"Which reminds me, can Gavin please tag along ... You know, for the whole thing. He'd positively be in Heaven, getting so much cock and fanny. I have to warn you that he is strictly a bottom with the lads. He can suck a mean cock ... he's brought home men for both of us to fuck more than once. I've brought home ladies, too ... and some chaps as well. By the way, I can supply you with plenty more cunny if you ever have the wish. I can't divorce him and frankly don't wish to, but I promise that he'll be all fun and no bloody trouble!" Cassidy suggested, making me ... and Natalie, grin wider still.

"I don't know about Levi, but I adore that idea. How about it, my dear bridegroom?" Natalie asked me while sticking her tongue in my left ear.

"Works for me! So ... I was a bit dominant with you. Did I know that you were married when it happened? Oh, well, doesn't matter, huh? You were fucking the groomsmen, after all! Clearly, yours wasn't a typical marriage. I just meant that ... You know, how 'possessive, ' as you put it, did I get?" I chuckled, while both ladies began kissing my face, neck, and shoulders.

"Well, I know that you're not the jealous kind ... I could tell even then. But you did say things like, 'you're my slut now, aren't you.' Things of that sort. 'Don't dare cover up that ass! I like my women naked or bottomless.' That was another thing that you said. And, yes, you knew that I was married, because I had a ring on, and you told me, 'He can join us. You're still his wife, but you're also my slut.' All I could say was, 'Sure thing, love.' It turned me on even more, to think of him, you, and me in a threesome, I have to confess!

"He's not a cuckold, of course. I mean, he gets plenty of strange. I don't really dominate him in the traditional sense. But he does love to wear my clothes and suck other men's cum out of my quim. And he has watched at times while other blokes have fucked me. Sometimes, he'll sit and watch. Sometimes, he'll wait at home for me. Other times, he comes home about the same time as me, smelling of other men's cum from his arse and mouth. Sometimes, he hides in the closet and watches. Sometimes, he comes home smelling of other women. We've had both kinds of threesomes, too.

"Look, love, Gavin does a lot of good for me and I enjoy him, ergo why I want to keep him. But, what he doesn't do for me is what you do. Own me. Possess me. Claim me. Make me your slut. That sort of thing. The other fellows consider me a slut, certainly Gavin does, but not THEIR slut. That's the difference. He comes closest, next to you. But even he has to put up some kind of distance. He's not in love with me. He can't acknowledge my slutdom for obvious reasons. That sort of thing. You ... you, on the other hand, I think that you would proudly display me and show me off, parade me as your personal slut and not flinch at the reactions of others.

"Anyway, so we have a deal? Gavin and I can join your harem of personal sluts? I mean, let's not mince words here. This is your own private, personal harem. This whole bloody family ... and they love it! They've even confessed to a crime that you don't subconsciously regard as a crime, and they must surely know that, just as an excuse to service and pleasure you," Cassidy encouraged me while fondling my ass ... and while Natalie began to give me hickies.

"If he wants to join, he can join. He just needs to understand what that entails. Also, same with you," I agreed, enjoying the attention from two of my sluts.

"Oh, I know quite well by now. I hold you to your word, which you reassured me that you would keep just a bit ago. I'll call Gavin and invite him to the wedding, assuming that I'm permitted to attend as well," Cassidy slurped a little on my cock to keep it from going too soft just yet ... plus she later admitted that she wanted to lick the lady juices off it from various women.

"Do it! And speaking of the wedding, shall we freshen up for it? Guests are probably fidgeting as we speak!" I smiled, as while I felt some empathy for the guests, the wait had been for a good cause ... the cause of pure, wanton hedonism.

"Absolument!" Danielle interjected in French, adding her own kisses to my dick.

"Pity I have to wear clothes to this wedding ... In private, may I stay naked or at least bottomless, as you instructed me, as much as possible, for the rest of my life?" Cassidy grinned while dialing her husband's number.

"Of course!" I grinned and touched her dimpled face ... I loved everything about this English stripper who had just joined our family.

"Hello, love! It's me, the slut wife! Yes, yes, I know. I missed you, though I got humped nice and hard. Did you? Marvelous! Listen, I've found just the bloke for both of us ... You know, the kind that we can both serve together ... Remember that old fantasy of ours? Submitting to the same chap? Yes, that one! Yes, he knows all about that and is still willing to let us stay with him. Come to his wedding and meet him, the bride, and all the rest of his harem.

"Yes, I said that right ... he has a bloody harem, by Jove! Fiancee, stepsister, mum, in-laws, etc. They all serve him now, as do I ... even the priest is his bitch now! Yes, I think that it's safe to say that he's bi, love! Yes, yes, I think that it's Kismet! You're a funny one, love! Kisses! Come to 564 MacArthur Lane. The flat is number 33. Bustle, please! We'll be headed to the church soon!

"Oh, and be sure to wear that splendid red dress that I gave you, plus fuck me pumps, your best earrings, and plenty of makeup, darling! I want to see you turn heads at a Catholic wedding mass! I want to know that both of us are making the poor congregants nice and stiff. We both know that you were born to bend the genders and go with the bloody flow! Yes, yes, I promise to wear a strap-on with a thigh harness under my dress and fuck you raw up the bum later! Love you, too, dear! Godspeed!" Cassidy finally hung up.

"Gavin Singh is the best sissy, dear! Funny fellow ... the only Sikh drag queen I've ever met! Trust me, love ... Wears a turban when not in drag, but never grows the beard, of course! Not a prude like some. Belongs to the Sahajdhari movement in Sikhism, you see. Wears his hair long, of course. Has my name tattooed on his bum, too. Long story there. I like admiring it ... and his cheeks, while I rim his smooth arse!" she added while I took a quick shower to clean up and both Laila and she joined me in it.

"See, love? I'm not the only one who's mad with lust and love for you!" Cassidy noted the way that Laila looked at me as we all showered together.

"Can I help it? I told you. We're both his sluts. You're his British tart. I'm his Iraqi minx. We're both saucy, we're both insatiable, and we're both very much attached to this splendid American fellow here. If we had the money and other ways to ensure it, I wouldn't give him a chance to put clothes back on and he wouldn't ever be alone. Hell, he'd rarely be out of bed if I had my say. He'd be too busy fucking everyone in his harem. If I could make him king of the world, so that he could have whatever he wished, I'd do it, too. He'd live like a sultan or Chinese Emperor or something like that.

"I would sell my soul if I could spend eternity chained to him or whatever would give him permanent access to me. From the moment that I laid eyes on him, I knew that he was destined to have women eating out of his hand. Monogamy for him would be torture, a fate worse than death," Laila confessed as they soaped me down and rinsed me off.

"Yes, I know what you mean. Natalie's a great woman, but part of what makes her so great is that she knows her man and what he needs. She knows his nature, because it's so much like her own. She knows that he is Cupid or Eros or whatever incarnate. A god of love, lust, pleasure, and fertility. Angus in the flesh, the old Celtic love god. He was born to make men and women alike shiver from their cravings for him. He was born to put the tingle in our spines. Put simply ... Levi rules and people of both sexes drool. He was born to fuck. That's his true calling in life, and he really should be in porn," Cassidy amazed me with the extent of her flattery, as did Laila ... what shocked me most was their obvious sincerity ... they really meant what they said.

After that, as Gavin arrived and we departed for the wedding, I saw the first signs that he truly enjoyed the company of both sexes, as Cassidy took one of his hands, while Bruce held the other. Bethany, Natalie, and I held hands as well as we headed to Bethany's van, where several of us rode to the church, including Father Corcoran.

"You know, I'm really starting to think that I'm in the wrong church," the priest confided in me, "Maybe I should be an Episcopal minister."

"That's up to you. I'm humoring Natalie's traditions by doing this. As a rather secular Jew, I don't have any attachment to any of your sects. Just know this. I don't think that God really thinks much of human religion. I think that he's probably up there thinking that we mortals have some funny ideas about him. I suspect that he's probably more like the George Burns version from the 'Oh, God' films. A lot more practical and rational than people think, yet more compassionate and understanding, too. So, all of this ... it's just man-made tradition to me. I'll respect them up to a point, but I don't take them seriously," I coughed, "Just consider yourself. You're a wise, learned, caring man, whatever your peccadilloes. You've become literally one of the family. Do you really think that God will damn and judge you because you couldn't keep it in your pants?"

"Touche, my son, touche," Father Corcoran visibly relaxed and smiled better than he had in years, I suspected.

That was the most honest conversation I ever had with a clergyman in my life, of any religion, and it was with a hypocrite of a Roman Catholic priest. Sometimes, hypocrites are capable of honesty, too, it would seem. Before him, the closest had been Rabbi Felix Davidson, but even he was a bit stuck on old-fashioned ideas at times to be candid with himself, let alone with me.

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