tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Nurses Pt. 04

Captive Nurses Pt. 04


The people, places, and events recorded here are completely fictional and not based on any factual events. This story is for entertainment value only. It is not intended to promote kidnapping or sexual enslavement in any way. The author takes a strong adverse stand to such felonies.

* * * * *

The girls and their bosomy guests rushed into sexual concert as if they might never have another chance. The men who sat observing found it hard to believe that these beautiful young women had become such willing sex slaves in only a 2-week time period. All three couples engaged heartily in the various fetishes of each lady guest, and the room was filled with the sounds of moaning and loud orgasms. After each of the guests had sampled the sexual offerings of each girl, the young slaves were given a short rest period before tending to their male counterparts.

When the rest time had expired, Lori was quickly teamed up with Donald and Naoki, both of whom had already divested themselves of their clothing and had been waiting for their turn with the girls. Greta was entertaining a naked Philip and an equally naked Terrence, whereas Anna was servicing Xavier and Faisal.

At this point in the proceedings, all three girls were covered with aromatic oil as their erogenous zones became lubricated for the festivities to follow. The men of each threesome seemed to enjoy sucking their captive's nipples, biting them and twisting and pulling them as the girls all cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. From the breasts, the men moved seamlessly to a fellatio-coitus combination in which each girl received an explosion of sperm in her mouth and pussy.

The men changed positions and each girl then bore the responsibility of sucking the male pair of her new threesome to a renewed erection. Then each girl was treated to a double penetration, which brought each member of each threesome to orgasm. At that point the girls found their pussies again filled with more sperm while their asses got their first filling.

Finally, the last change of threesome members took place, and the fisting began. If each of the girls had found it difficult to accept a large penis in her pussy at the same time another one was pumping her ass, this last test would be the acid test for the night's final event—the auction.

Greta and Anna, having had more experience sexually, were each able to accept one fist in the pussy and another in the ass. Lori cried out in such terrible pain from the exercise of this particular fetish that she was unable to continue. She wept inconsolably, however, not because of the extreme pain in her genitals; she was disappointed that she had failed her master.

Lori moved to William as quickly as her damaged body would allow and threw her arms around him in a desperate hug that begged forgiveness for her inability to please his guests.

"I'm so sorry master...so sorry...please master...please forgive me. Please let me have another chance to win the game. I'm so very, very sorry." Her utterances were racked with violent sobs that made understanding them extremely difficult.

William lifted Lori into his arms as if she were a feather. "Lori dear, don't worry. You haven't failed me. You actually won the game!" Now it's time to see how much money you actually brought me.

Lori's tears quickly dried up and a big smile came over her angelic face. "Do you really mean it, master? Did I really win?"

"Yes, sweetie. Our guests all desired to have the girl with the tightest vagina and anus. That just happened to be you. And now you three will be auctioned off to the highest bidder."

The girls were all circulated to the guests for some final fucking, sucking, and whatever the guests had in mind to do to their beautiful booty. The hosts were extremely excited with the fine reception the nurses had gotten from their prospective buyers. The girls at this time did not know that they would soon become the exclusive property of one of the guests, and that they would most likely be divided so that they would not only miss seeing any loved ones back home, but would miss the company of the other nurses.

And so the auction began. Faisal had fancied Greta from the very beginning. He was determined to add her to his harem and so he took possession of Greta for the mere sum of $775,000 after only 5 bids. Anna had been the source of Chloe's multi-orgasms that night, something Chloe had never experienced in her life. Chloe actually felt that Anna might become her life partner. And so as the auction continued Anna went to Chloe for $940,000 on the 8th bid. But the bidding lasted several minutes for Lori, who had impressed every man in the group. The bidding actually started at $1 million by Donald and was quickly raised half a million by Terrence. Xavier placed a bid of $2 million and was outbid immediately by Phillip at $2.5 million. At this point Naoki made an offer of

$3 million, and the auction began to slow down. One host would increase the amount a few thousand dollars and another would counter with a few thousand more. Several minutes was spent with bids being increased in small amounts until Lori was finally auctioned to Naoki for $4.25 million. His bid was several hundred thousands of dollars higher than the previous bid, and with his bid all bidding came to an end. As soon as the auction had ceased, the new masters took possession of their slaves, saw that they were dressed in the most beautiful attire suitable to the region in which they would be living, and removed them to their various modes of transportation—mostly personal custom jets. The slaves had performed to the perfect delight of their former masters. The night had gone far beyond the expectations of the captors. The final pill each had taken along with their final injection had finished the transformation from nurse to sexual slave. The three girls would find their new identity with their buyers as the best possible thing that could have ever happened to them. Now the captors bore the new responsibility of securing another trio of beautiful girls for their next adventure in human trafficking.

This small offering was my first attempt at writing a story for Literotica. I would eagerly await your criticism of my work, and I hope to receive many 5's as you vote, so that I can continue to offer works to this site.

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