tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 01

Captured Ch. 01


He had been watching her for some time now. He had only needed to figure out her pattern, when it would be best to take her. But now...now he enjoyed it, he enjoyed her.

Does she even know how beautiful she is? He wondered. Her long dark brown, almost black hair ran down past her shoulders and shined in the bright sunlight. She was not very tall but she had lean legs that she usually hid in jeans and sweats instead of revealing them with shorts and dresses. She had amazing green eyes and tan skin that he couldn't wait to touch. He soon would have her.

He knew from watching her that she always went to the gym at the same time each night, he knew this was his way in.

That night he prepared himself, dressing in dark shorts and a tight black shirt. When he arrived at the gym he checked in; he had gotten a membership months ago when he first found she went here. He went to the back of the room to the treadmills so that he could see her when she entered, watch her when she worked out, and tell when she left.

He had also found that many men liked to watch her, whether here in the gym or out in public. She had a petite figure, her ass and breasts almost perfectly round and extremely luscious. Her lips had a little curve that intrigued him; he knew she would be fun when he finally got her.

But she never seemed interested in any of the men that tried to pursue her; she wasn't rude to them in fact she laughed along at their stupid pick up lines and attempts to flirt but when they asked for her number she politely declined. He had begun to think she was a lesbian until he had broken into her house and found pictures of her and past boyfriends, well only one. He then figured she just had a broken heart.

The only place he had never followed her to was the school she taught at. She taught high school English and he could only imagine what those young boys thought of their hot 24 year old teacher.

He was brought back to reality when the gym door opened and she walked in. Her hair up in a ponytail she wore a loose t-shirt and sweatpants. She went to a machine a few rows in front of him, if only she knew what was going to happen.

After about an hour she had finished with her workout and went to the locker room. He then went outside to wait for her to go to her car. When she came out and walked to her car he went to make his move but someone stopped him.

"Rachael?" Someone yelled across the parking lot. She turned to find who had called her.

"Yes?" She asked when she saw someone coming from the shadows.

"It's me, Ellen, I can't believe this I haven't seen you in years." A tall woman with blonde hair approached her.

"Ellen, my god, what a nice surprise."

"Why don't we go get some coffee and catch up?"

"I would love to but it's getting late."

"It's only 7:30, come on it will be quick."

"Oh okay." She said with a laugh. "Here follow me in your car, I know a great little place."

Shit he thought to himself, he wouldn't get her tonight.

He returned home, well home isn't the best word to describe it. He lived with 8 other men who did what he did, catchers, or so they were called. They took women and broke them, made them submit then sold them as high priced prostitutes or sex slaves. Most of the women they picked were easy, for that is why they were chosen. Catchers could tell a submissive from a dominant just from watching them for a few days.

Currently in the building there were 10 girls, none of them were his, he had been working on Rachael for a while.

" So where is she?" Dominick asked as he walked in.

"Something happened, I couldn't get her."

"Well you better get her soon."


"You've been saying that for a while."

"I'm going to get her."

"Don't tell me you're going soft."

He clenched his fists and took a deep breath. "I am not going soft, I'll have her."

"Hey calm down Adam." He said as he held his hands up in front of him. "You know I believe you but Frank is getting restless, he wants more girls from you."

"Well next time you and Frank sit down and chat about me remind him how many girls I already have brought." With that he started to walk away.

"Sure thing man! Can't wait to meet her!" Dominick yelled to him.

He made his way to his room, which was on the top floor, the better the catcher the higher the floor, and he was by far the best.

The next night he followed the same routine but this time was not interrupted. He followed her from the gym to her apartment and as she exited her car and went to lock the door he grabbed her. She tried to scream but his hand was already on her mouth, she tried to bite him and kick him but he was much stronger. He grabbed the needle from his pocket and sunk it into her arm; she went limp seconds later.

Her eyes were glazed over as she came to, he watched her from across the room as she groaned and tried to wake up. At first she forgot what had happened but when her arms could move no further from the rope that tied her down she screamed.

"Screaming won't help you." He said calmly. Her head spun to where he stood.

"Let me go!" She screamed.

"I can't do that. You see you're mine now which means you're not going anywhere for a while."

"What do you want from me? What are you going to do to me?" She asked, her voice quieter and feebler.

He made his way over to her and she tried to move father onto the bed but the restraints restricted her from moving more than a few inches.

"I'm not going to hurt you so you don't have to try and get away every time I come over to you. What I want from you is your submission and what I'm going to do to you is dominate you. Understand?"

She shook her head no.

"Well you will eventually. By the way my name's Adam but you will call me sir."

"Please let me go." She whimpered.

"I can't do that." He said, his voice rising in anger. She closed her eyes and her lips parted in a sigh. "I'm going to untie you so you can eat. You need to know that you can't get out of this room and even if you do then there is no way out of this building." He started to untie the ropes that bound her ankles to the bed. After he had done that he started moving up to her wrists but she quickly turned her body and kicked her legs into his chest. Her kick and the force of it surprised him and he fell to the floor. An evil grin spread across his face.

"That wasn't a good idea. But I'll let it slide since I haven't told you the rules yet, but do it again and you'll regret it." He told her, she seemed to shrink into herself as he stared at her with harsh eyes.

"People will come looking for me, they'll find me too."

She was right, he never took people who had connections it was a rookie move but for some reason he had had to have her.

"I'll take care of that. Now time to eat." He untied her hands and yet again she went after him, her fists punching into his chest. He grabbed her hands easily and led her to the table. He had made spaghetti, because as for as he was concerned everyone liked spaghetti. He sat her in her seat and then went to his. She didn't make any moves to escape so he relaxed and started to eat. He looked up to see that she wasn't eating.

"You must be hungry. Please eat, there is no poison or drugs in it, its just spaghetti."

She picked up her fork tentatively and took a small bite.

"Well since you're not going to talk I'll take this time to explain some rules. Rule 1, don't try and escape or fight back it won't do you any good. Rule 2, no swearing, talking back, or reluctance; when I tell you to do something then you do it. Rule 3, you will ALWAYS call me sir no matter what you say. Rule 4, if you do something wrong I will punish you how I see fit. And finally rule 5, if you are with someone else you follow all these rules and treat them with even more respect then you do me. Understand?"

She nodded.

"What did I tell you!" He yelled. She looked at him confused. "Rule 3..."

"Yes sir."

"That's better. Now would you like something to drink?"

She started to nod but then remembered again. "Yes sir."

He smiled and got her a glass of water.

"I'm not going to make you do anything sexual for about... maybe 1 week, it depends on how you adjust."


"Yes you'll have to engage in sex here, whatever your partner wants."

"I've never..."

He was interested now. "What, you've never had sex?"

"No sir."

He smirked before finishing his meal and putting the dishes in the sink.

"I have to go do something but feel free to shower, most of your clothes are over there in those bags." He pointed to two large bags that came from her apartment.

"How did you get my things?" She asked.

"I sent someone to your place after I got you."

"Oh." Was all she could say.

"I won't be long."

Rachael was a very quiet girl, she wasn't an arguer or one who tried to create confrontation. She figured the easiest way to get through this was to agree with this guy and do as he said. There had to be a way out, there just had to be. And in time she would find it.

He unlocked the door then locked it again when he went out into the hall. He made his way to Dominick's floor, which was the floor below him. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

"Come in!" Someone yelled from inside. He entered and looked around. Dominick sat in a chair in front of a man and his sub. The sub was blowing the older man who looked to be in heaven.

"Hey man, what are you doing down here? I hear you got her." Dominick asked.

"I did, I came down to talk to you about her actually but I see you're busy."

"No it's fine if you don't mind waiting for a minute, they're almost done." With that the man came into the subs mouth and sank back onto the floor.

"Did you enjoy that Mr. Grad?" Dominick asked the man.

"Yes, very much thank you. Thank you too." He added to the sub who just smiled and stayed on her knees.

The man soon left and Dominick invited Adam to sit.

"Would you like anything from Ginger?"

"No thanks."

"Ginger go wait in the bedroom please."

"Yes sir." She left the room.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"Rachael, the girl I just got."

"Oh yes, what about her?"

"She's a virgin."


"Yes, I just found out. I had no clue, I found pictures of her with some guy so I just assumed."

"You lucky man, she'll be a pretty penny."

"I can't just sell her off still a virgin."

"Why not?"

"She isn't ready to jump into bed with someone she doesn't know."

"And she knows you?"

"She will."

"You're making a mistake man, I think you should get rid of this girl you're already too attached."

"I am not. Anyway I should go back, she needs a lot of work."

"See you later dude."

He got off the couch and made his way out.

"Sorry I took so long." He said as he went back into his own room.

She was sitting on the bed in a long sleeve shirt and baggy sweats, her hair was wet so she had taken a shower, there were tiny curls forming around her face. He took a seat next to her.

"You look tired, would you like to go to bed?"

"Yes sir and may I ask you a question?"


"Where am I going to sleep?"

"In this bed, with me." He saw a look of disgust on her face. "You'll get used to it."

After he took a shower and they had both brushed their teeth they got into bed. He removed his shirt and dropped it to the floor; revealing hard, defined abs and broad shoulders. She eyed his chest and he noticed but he chose not to say anything. She stayed as far away from him as she could and faced away from him. He sighed and turned away from her too, eventually she would comply.

When he woke up the next morning he found that she was in his arms, her head rested on his chest and her ass pressed into his crotch. He smiled and figured he could wait till she woke up. It was about 15 minutes later when she did. At first she didn't realize his arms were around her but when she did she quickly jumped away from him.

"Sorry." She said.

"Sorry about what?"

"Being next to you, I didn't mean to I must have moved when I was sleeping."

"Nothing to be sorry for. You may not realize it but you're a very beautiful woman."

She blushed. "No I'm not."

"Well you are actually and any man would be glad to wake up next to you."

"You don't have to lie to me."'

"I'm not lying." He said as he stood up and stretched. Yet again her eyes wondered to his chest but this time he chose not to ignore it.

"Like what you see?" He asked as he flexed. She blushed again and didn't answer, but he took the blush as an answer. "Anyway, you need to learn a lesson. Follow me."

She stood up reluctantly and he took her wrist and brought her over to a locked door that was next to the kitchen.

"It took me a while to think of how I could get you to trust me but I think this will do just fine." He unlocked the door, which lead to a balcony that overlooked acres of woods.

"What are you doing?" She asked as she tried to get out of his grasp.

"You'll see soon enough." He took her to the edge where there was an iron railing. "Step over it."


"You heard me, there's a little edge on the other side now step over it and stand there."

"I really don't like heights."

"Why do you think I'm doing this?"

"Please don't."

"Rule 3."

"Please sir." She begged.

"No, do it now."

She watched him and knew he was being serious; she slowly swung her leg over the side. When she had stepped over she hung on with her back to him, her hands clutching the railing. He placed his hands on top of hers and he felt her jump a little.

"Calm down. Now just close your eyes." She did as he said. "Just relax and breathe."

His hands were wrapped around her wrists, he slid one of them up her arm, she shivered and he shushed her. He moved closer, his breathe on her neck. He kissed the side of her jaw and he felt her take in a deep breath. "Relax." He murmured and then continued to kiss down her neck. He could feel her shaking with fear but it just turned him on more that she was finally completely in his control. He raised one of her arms above her head and then did the same with the other. With both her arms above her head she nothing to hold on to except for his wrists.

"Sir." She sobbed. He was rock hard.

"This is how much control I have over you all the time. I own you and you will do as I wish, understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good slut." He kissed her neck again and could swear he heard her moan. Then with surprising force and strength he lifted her up back over the railing. She fell to the ground sobbing.

"Stand up." He demanded and she shakily stood. He took her by the waist and brought her to him. He pulled down her pants and panties; he smiled. She was extremely wet.

"I see you enjoyed that." He laughed. He ran his finger along her pussy and she pushed herself into him. "No, no, no. We don't have time; I just wanted to make sure I was correct about how much you liked that. Did you like it slut?"

She didn't say anything, just kept her head down.

"Answer me slut!" She jumped at his voice.

"Yes sir."

He smiled again

"So I was thinking this morning you could come to breakfast with everyone and meet them all."

"Okay sir."

"You know where your clothes are and the bathroom so just be ready in 20."

"Yes sir."

Every time she called him sir a tingle ran up his spine.

Adam knew what a submissive she was, it was the only reason he had risked her. She had connections, she had a day to day job and a family, he knew better than to take someone who would be looked for. But he knew it would be worth it; and he was already proving himself right.

When they were both ready he stopped before he opened the door.

"You need to know how to greet people. If I introduce you to a master then you go down on your knees, bow your head, and wait till I place my hand on your shoulder. If I introduce you to a sub then you simply nod your head. No talking unless you get permission. Got it?"

"Yes sir."

They made their way downstairs to the main floor and to the kitchen. There was a large dining table where they all met to eat or you could eat on your floor. Almost everyone was almost there. Adam scanned the table and found a couple seats near Dominick.

"Dominick this is Rachael." She slowly got down and did as he had told; when she felt his touch she rose. Dominick was smiling.

"It's nice to finally meet you."

She wondered what he meant.

"And this." Adam turned her to a blond girl. "Is Dominick's sub Ginger." She nodded her head.

"She's adorable Adam, I hope you'll let me play with her."

Her eyes shot to his and wondered what was happening.

"Maybe but for now let's eat."

Adam introduced her to everyone else and everything was going fine.

"Hey Dominick where is Chris and Tara?"

"Down in the..." His eyes locked with Rachael's. " Basement." Dominick said.

"Don't spare her. I bet she'll end up down there some time." Adam said about Rachael. "The basement is the dungeon. Bondage machines, and such. People are sent down for punishment. So what did Tara do now?" He said redirecting himself to Dominick.

"Bit him again, she just doesn't learn."

"Isn't that like the fifth time? Why doesn't he get rid of her?"

"She's also bit two customers. And I really don't know."

"No wonder he's only on the second floor."

The rest of the breakfast went well and soon Adam was leading Rachael back upstairs.

"Umm sir, why did that other girl, Ginger, get to talk?"

"She has more privileges then you, she's been here longer."

She just nodded her head.

Over the next few days Adam had her perform tasks around the apartment, nothing challenging, just things to get her to submit and learn to listen. He would have her clean or make meals, have her wait on him, and she never complained.

About a week had gone by when Adam thought she was ready for her first slightly sexual task. He had woken early and waited as she got up.

"Take a shower with me." He told her. She froze and opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"Lets. Go." He said sternly. She walked over to him slowly and when she was near enough to him he grabbed her and led her to the bathroom. They undressed and he started the shower. He admired her body, her small hips and flawless tanned skin, breasts that he knew would fit perfectly in his hands; how did she not know how beautiful she was?

He got in the shower and she followed him reluctantly.

"Wash me." He demanded. For the first time she looked down at his cock. Limp he was a good 7.5 inches, when he was erect he was about 9. He handed her a washcloth and a bar of soap. She took a couple steps so that she stood right in front of him. He watched her as she started to wash his shoulders. She made small circles down his arm then went to the other shoulder. When she finished with that arm she moved onto his chest. He could see she was nervous; her eyes kept falling to his cock, which was now getting harder. She reached her arms over his shoulders to reach the back of his neck and shoulders, and then he turned so that she could get the rest of his back. She watched the muscles in his back tense as she went lower over his ass and down his legs.

"You're doing a good job." He said as he turned back around. "Keep going."

She nervously ran the towel over his legs and was making her way up to his groin when she stopped. She was shaking her head no, tears spilling down her face despite the fact she was already wet from the shower. He grabbed her up by the hair and pushed her against the shower wall.

"Did I tell you to stop?"

"I can't." She sobbed out.

The slap he placed across her ass made her jump and let out a yelp. He slapped her 5 times quickly and her ass became a bright red from the force of the blows.

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