tagRomanceCaptured Ch. 05

Captured Ch. 05


She wet the tip of her thumb with her tongue and smudged the charcoal line. Still...

She was drawn from her musing by a soft groan. Her blue eyes lifted inquiringly to the man who lounged against the far wall of the cabin. One leg was drawn up before him on the bed, where a pad of papers were propped.

He merely raised an eyebrow at her before returning to his attention to his sketching. Miriam chewed on her bottom lip as she watched his tanned hands with their long, tapered fingers and clipped nails move effortlessly across the paper. They were the hands of an artist except for the calluses. Capturing those graceful hands on paper seemed to elude her. Instead, looking down at her pad, it looked as though a daring spider scampered across the paper. She huffed a sigh.

No doubt Devlin's drawing of her would be masterful. Miriam had begun to suspect he had devised this game purely to win. She was finding herself increasingly distracted by the tanned masculinity radiating sin, his black hair mussed and tumbling over his forehead. His chest was bare, and again and again she found her eyes unwittingly drawn to the hard, muscular flesh and the two decidedly male nipples and tempting curls that tapered down over his ridged belly. Miriam had begun to further suspect that his attire, or lack of, was a deliberate ploy to out-nerve her. She took another deep breath, and was curious to see his eyes flicker to her bodice where her small breasts strained the rose damask gown.

His gaze returned to his sketch, and she glanced down at the modest handfuls squeezed together and pushed high by the constriction of her gown beneath the wispy lace fishu. For the first few days of her capture modesty had demanded she where a corset at all times. Until comfort prevailed.

Miriam fiddled with the lace fichu tucked modestly between her breasts. Again, those green eyes were drawn from the pad before him. Hmm...

Taking a deep breath, Miriam eased the fichu from around her shoulders and dropped it beside her on the wooden chest upon which she sat. At his narrowed gaze, she mumbled "It's quite warm". Her guilty blush only added veracity to her fib.

Miriam's sudden surge of competitiveness had nothing to do with the fact that her pirate refused to kiss her for more than three days now. Perhaps 'refused' was too strong a word. Devlin's demand of a kiss for every meal, bath and whatever else he determined arbitrarily, had abruptly ended. Not that Miriam should be complaining that she no longer had to withstand the shockingly bold kisses that made her feel feverish and unladylike. But it irked her down to the pink silk ribbons on her garters that Devlin no longer wanted to kiss her.

Sure, Miriam wasn't as pretty as her sister Carly. Both shared the silvery blonde hair and the Montague blue eyes. But Miriam was tall and willowy whereas Carly was all curvy and feminine and bountiful. Yet this hadn't seemed to stop Devlin from wanting to kiss her in the first place.

Miriam brushed the silky tips of blonde strands against her bottom lip as she gazed unseeingly at her drawing. She had dreamed of Devlin again last night. Just the thought of it made her toes curl. He had been kissing her neck and breasts, his breath warm against her skin. Which had swiftly turned to tender nibbles. Then honest sucking.

With a groan, she wiggled where she sat, trying to drag her attention back to her drawing. Nope, still a spider. Glancing up, she found herself pinned by a pair of devilish green eyes. And blushed.



"What were you thinking of?"

"Um. Nothing."

"Nothing." He repeated.

"That is what I said," she replied, nodding.

"Then how is it I don't believe you?"

"It is not something I can prove, Devlin."

"Or disprove."

"Well, that too."

"So if I were to hazard a guess, and I was right, would you tell me?"


"Why not?"

"Because you seem to have a fascination with games and we have yet to complete the current one."

"You win."


"I declare your drawing to be the winner."

"But you haven't seen my drawing."

"None the less, a winner has been declared. Which leaves us free to begin a new game."

"But I want to see your drawing."

"Fine. Here." He tossed the pad to the end of the bed. She leaned forward with outstretched fingers. A strange noise made her look up, and she discovered his gaze fixed on her décolletage.

She sat back abruptly, holding his pad in front of her. He glanced up at the ceiling, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Are you well?" Miriam asked.

"Well enough. Were you thinking of me?"

"I --"

"Before you answer, I would recall that you are a terrible liar."

"I -- a lady never lies!"

"Perhaps 'liar' is too strong a word. Minor fabrications, then."

"Are you suggesting I fabricate?"

"On occasion. And are a shocking fabricator at that."


"When what?" he drawled.

"When did I fabricate?"

"When you told me you didn't like my kisses."

"I never said that."

"Ah, so you admit you like my kisses."

"I never said that either."

"Perhaps we should put it to the test."

"Perhaps we should."

His eyebrows rose. She bit her lip. Did she just invite him to kiss her?

He slid from the bed, and she swallowed hard at the sight of all that dangerous male in action. He rose and took the step that brought him directly before her. He tugged on the pads clutched tightly in her hands, giving hers a quick glance. "You think I look like a spider?" he asked incredulously.

He didn't wait for an answer before tossing the pads to the floor. Then hands slipped firmly about her waist she was drawn to her stockinged feet. She clutched his forearms for balance as the boat swayed beneath them. His naked chest and shoulders were doing wicked things to her ladylike sensibilities, and she didn't quite know where to look.

"What, no protest?" he murmured silkily to her down-turned head. Her chin lifted sharply as she gasped in outrage. His mouth closed firmly over hers. She moaned against his mouth as his hands tightened about her, drawing her up hard against him.

Her tongue tangled shyly with his, feeling shivery heat all the way down to her toes. She found her traitorous hands gliding up over his strong arms to discover the crisp curls on his chest.

He lifted her, holding her tightly against him as he explored her mouth deeply. Her hands snuck around his neck as she kissed him back, drowning in his seductive heat.

"Miriam, I find I have a desperate need to kiss your breasts." It was a soft whisper against her lips.

"You do?"

He nodded seriously.

"Then perhaps...perhaps it is best that you do."

Relief glimmered briefly in those sea-green eyes. Gently he slid her to her feet.

"I will need to remove your gown."

She blushed and ducked her head. A gentle finger beneath her chin tipped her head up.

"Do I have my lady's permission?"

She nodded, so slightly, but he felt it. He turned her around until she faced the portal. He tugged at her laces, before easing the rose material from her shoulders. It pooled at her feet.

Miriam held her breath as she stood in her soft white cotton shift. She was unaware of how the sunlight streamed in, outlining her willowy curves beneath the fine material.

Large tanned hands stroked up and down her arms as his lips nibbled from shoulder to ear. Her nipples tightened as shivers raced through her. He turned her in his arms, and her lashes lowered shyly.

He sat down on the bed, and drew her between his widespread thighs. Brushing her hair back over her shoulders, he leaned forward and gently drew her nipple into his seductive mouth. Her knees went weak, and she caught his shoulders to keep herself standing as he nibbled and suckled the tight bud through her chemise.

Her head tipped back, her fingers sinking into his glorious thick hair as she struggled to breathe. His hands rubbed up and down her back, but she found it far from soothing. When he blew on the damp material, Miriam whimpered.

"It may be of assistance if I removed your shift."

She could barely manage a nod. His fingers tickled her knees, before he fingers closed about the hem. Slowly he drew it up, and up, and she lifted her arms. He tugged it over her head and threw it fair across the cabin.

"God, you're exquisite," he muttered, softly brushing the backs of his knuckles over the dip of her waist. "Made for this, for me."

His tongue found her belly button, circling it lazily before thrusting at it purposefully. Heat shimmered between her thighs, and rubbing them together did little to ease the torment.

She gasped when he dragged her off her feet, pulling her down on top of him on the bed. She wiggled, shocked at the feeling of flesh on flesh. "Devlin!" she cried, pushing at his shoulders.

Devlin laughed, tumbling her onto her back beside him and rising up on one arm to gaze down at her. His hand stroked her cheek, gazing down into her furious blue eyes. "I adore you," he murmured. "I think I love you."

They both stilled. She gazed up at him with wide eyes, her bared flesh forgotten. "You think?" she whispered.

He nodded, rubbing a thumb over her lips. "I found the more I wanted to kiss you this past week, the more I wanted to stop."

"And because of that you think you love me?"

"Minx. I wanted you to kiss me."

"Oh." She pondered that statement as she fiddled with a strand of his thick hair. Still, she wasn't quite sure what he was on about. "I adore you too," she finally mumbled, confused by his male logic.

"And?" His eyes were serious.

"And I know I love you."

"You do?" He seemed genuinely vulnerable when he asked her that.

"Do you think I let every pirate kiss me...there?" She blushed prettily, and his lips curved dangerously.

"There? Would that happen to be...here?" His fingers wandered to gently tug on her ear lobe.

She shook her head.

He seemed to ponder her words. "Here, then?"

Again she shook her head when he ran his thumb over her belly button.

"Hmm, perhaps here then?" His fingers glided tantalizingly down over her belly to delve her between her thighs.

This time she nodded.

"And do you like it when this pirate kisses you...there?"

Another nod. His fingers ruffled the thatch of curls there.

"Would you like your pirate to kiss you there, now?"

Two nods.

"Your pirate has thus been commanded." His eyes glittered as he eased from the bed to kneel at her knees. When tormenting slowness, he stroked her stockinged legs before slipping off a garter. He rolled one stocking down, his fingers and mouth lightly teasing. When she extended her waiting leg, he shook his head.

"I find I like the idea of you almost naked."

She pouted, swinging her leg back. He merely smiled and swiftly drew her knees apart. She rose up onto her elbows as his mouth trailed over her inner thighs, nipping, licking, tormenting.

When he gazed upon her, his breath was warm. The anticipation was too much, and she covered herself with her hand. His kissed it, before gently peeling it away. When he licked her, she fell back flat against the bed, everything aquiver.

Her soft moans filled the cabin as he kissed her there with his mouth, tongue, nose. She writhed and trembled, open to him, her fingers gripping his hair.

His fingers teased her nipples as his tongue thrust silkily inside her dewy gate. Her back arched, her breathing hectic, her body straining. He slipped a finger inside of her, then two. She groaned anew when soon a third one joined its mates, stretching her even further. His mouth sucked on her throbbing nub.

"Devlin, please..."

His fingers glided deep inside of her until the discomfort eased. "That's it, my salty mermaid."

He came to lie beside her, his mouth covering hers. She tasted herself on him, and it was strangely intimate and exciting. She pressed against him, her hand sliding down over his belly to find his breeches unbuttoned. Miriam only hesitated a fraction before sliding her hand down to close about him.

"Hell," he groaned. He was hot and hard and smooth to her touch. Her eyes traveled down over a ridged and tanned chest and belly to discover that mysterious male appendage peeping back at her. It looked all swollen and sore, its tip glistening. Miriam rubbed her thighs together at the thought of it lodged between her legs.

She moistened her suddenly dry lips, her eyes darting away. Yet curiosity won, and she gazed back down upon him. Experimentally she ran her nails lightly over his long length. He groaned, catching her hand and dragging it away to pin it against the bed. But not before she had felt him curiously buck beneath her touch.

Her gaze lifted questioningly to his, and discovered the strain around his eyes and mouth. He slid his fingers through her hair, his eyes questioning. She drew his head down and kissed him in answer. He kissed her back, deep and masterful. His weight pressed her into the mattress, his thighs spreading hers wide, his hardness sliding against her.

When he lodged against her melting heat, his gaze was tender. Gently he pushed, easing into her yielding flesh with devastating slowness. She clung to him, her teeth sinking into his fingers as he slid inexorably deep within her straining channel.

"That's it," he murmured, kissing her sweat-dampened brow. Her thighs tensed in surprise as he eased out, then sunk deep. It was a delicious glide that made her ache and writhe around him. Miriam moaned, her thighs rising to ride his hips.

Soon it felt so natural to have him there, moving in her, on top of her. The excitement built, incredibly intense. She felt flushed and hot and achy. And still he went on, stroking deep within her.

As his thrusts deepened, became more forceful, the world hallowed out. She clenched about him as he drove in to the hilt, her body arching. He caught her face in his large palms, gazing down into her half-closed eyes as she fell apart around him. His mouth covered her, his thrusts becoming fierce.

She felt his warmth spill inside of her, his body straining, his head thrown back. Quivers raced through her, waves of heat radiating from the join of their bodies. She clung to him, pressing tiny kisses where they landed, his throat, his chest, his shoulders.

He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, their bodies still joined. Lying sprawled and flushed on top of him, she gazed down at him in wonder. Dazed green eyes stared back at her as he tried to catch his breath. His fingers toyed with her tangled mane.

"I think we must find the captain."

"You want your brother, now?" She squeaked.

"It's imperative."

Concern flashed through her. Maybe something was wrong. With it. A male thing. "Is, um, everything ok?"

He nodded.

"Couldn't we just..."

He shook his head.

"But, I'm naked." Her gaze dropped to where her fingers tugged gently at his chest hairs. "And I don't want to get dressed," she added softly.

"You don't?"

She shook her head.

"Why not?"

"I was hoping you would do it again." Her finger circled a tiny raised nipple.


She nodded, peeking up at him. He looked slightly frazzled.

"Aren't you, er, tender?"

She blushed, biting her lip. She shook her head. It was only a minor fabrication.

"Er. Then I suppose marriage can wait."

"What?" She cried, head lifting. Devilish green eyes clashed with hers.

"You don't think I kiss all my captives...there?"

His salty mermaid smiled. He felt the impact of it all the way down 'there'.

"There?" she whispered seductively, wiggling on top of him. Devlin groaned.

The Very End

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