tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 06

Captured Ch. 06


Sabine was panicked. She was staring up at Talos, his bare torso before her as she cowered on his bed. He was angry, she could see it. Talos let his pants fall and stood before his prey naked, his generous dick swaying with a mild hardness. He brought his knees onto the edge of his bed and glared at her.

"Suck me." He ordered.

His demand was not argued with, he had her frightened, he was angry over her questions, and his rage had targeted her. He had always know that eventually this would happen, and in his opinion Sabine should have known it too, maybe she did, because she was suddenly trying to appeal to his good graces, giving in to his demand and taking her mouth over his male appendage. He grabbed her hair again, and there was nothing kind about it as he pulled her down his length repeatedly until he felt he was hard enough. When he felt he was, he suddenly grabbed her thin shoulders and shoved her back into the length of the bed towards his pillows.

She was forced to brace herself to keep from hitting her head on the wall. Her heart was racing, she was frightened, but excited, there was an excitement, affecting her and she didn't know what to do. His rough treatment made her wonder if he expected her to fight. It was the look on his cold face that told her he might hurt her if she did put up a fight, and before she could think it over he was there, lifting her leg and forcing his hand into her pussy. It was already wet, and that only encouraged him. Talos's touch was different now, full of fury. He had pushed four fingers into her, stretching her and there was pain. She gasped, crying out in plea.

"Stop!" She screamed, trying to push him from her body with her hand, but he immediately slapped her hand, striking her thin abdomen as well, and he paid no attention to the tears forming in her eyes.

"Shut up." He ordered, twisting his hand into her, looking for the barrier that was still there.

She fell back, holding the cramping in her stomach where he had struck her. He had fully taken over again, showing her what he could do to her body and soon she was helplessly moaning, trying to squirm against him.

"You want to know why you're here?" He frowned, continuing to arouse her, "You're here to pay for what you took from me."

He suddenly stopped and threw her weak legs aside, and then did something unexpected as she watched in silence. He reached for the small mask covering the left potion of his face and almost shyly peeled it away, the patch over his left eye with it, and there he stood, his handsome face was blemished with the long scar running down his face, beginning above his brow and leading town his cheek alongside his nose. The left eye itself had no color, and couldn't follow the movement of the right one. He seemed to take a long moment before he was able to meet her gaze again, and then his shame faded as anger returned.

"Do you remember me now Sabine?" He demanded. "You should, it was you who took my face. You drew my blood, now I'm going to draw yours, I just never expected it to be this way."

He was looking upon her as if she were supposed to be afraid of his face, but she wasn't, she had seen worse, it was the man she was afraid of as he lunged onto the bed, pinning her body under his. She began to struggle, he expected her to struggle, but what bothered him was that she had not even bothered to deny his accusation.

Talos glared at her, touching her forehead with his, making certain she got a good look at the scar. He wanted her to know the face of the beast that was going to fuck her. He pushed his hand between their bodies, down to her cunt where he invaded again.

"I live here and always will." He scowled.

Sabine couldn't respond, the way he was pushing into her, building her pleasure, but it wasn't the same as before, he was stretching her, it felt incredible and painful at the same time. She screamed out as he brought his mouth over one of her nipples, pulling at the clamp with his teeth.

"Please." She managed.

"Shh." He responded.

His hand lodged between their bodies began to move, and as she felt his organ sliding between the folds of her chasm she began to squirm, only arousing him more as he slid the head of his organ inside her wet opening, easing it in and out as he had done before.

"Talos." She cried.

He began to thrust his hips, moving slightly deeper every time, and his hands wandered over her smooth skin. He listened to her breathing grow heavy against his own, encouraging him to take her as he felt her hands go to his sides to hold on. He was so hot, and the deeper he moved into her pussy the tighter she felt, he couldn't take it, he needed her body to swallow him. He took hold of her hips and lifted her, pulling her all the way over his intrusion. He filled her completely, wearing her body like a tight glove. She cried out, her nails dug into his sides, piercing the sensitive skin and she cringed against the pain, sobbing beneath him with her tears. He didn't want to hear her cry, not now. He kissed her mouth hungrily, keeping her as silent as possible so he could enjoy himself.

He thrust her with his dick, with as much force as possible, but she was still so tight, tight like her body wanted to cast him out. He grabbed her knees and pulled her legs around him, opening her wider. He lifted her ass with one hand, pushing into her as she arched, and the new position caused her to pull her mouth away from his and scream more. Her nails were sunk into him, digging at his sides, he wondered if she broke skin. He tolerated the pain as best he could and then dropped her again and grabbed her violent hands, pinning them to the bed with his own. Her legs were still wrapped tightly around him as he jolted her body with each stabbing thrust.

Sabine realized the pain was fading, but she felt dizzy. She arched her back, trying to relieve this frightening feeling, the one that told her she might faint. She felt his mouth at her breasts again, he had the clamps and he suddenly pulled the first off with his teeth, she screamed. He moved to the second nipple, forcing the clamp off, pinching her again, and again she screamed. Her convivial nipples were his for the taking now and he did, sucking them as hard as he could. Her struggle to free her hands only brought him to pump her harder as the feeling of being wrapped in her womb overwhelmed him. He lifted her suddenly, pulling her on top, pulling her further down his shaft and the sudden switch shocked her as she sat mounted over the erect organ.

"Ride me Sabine." He demanded, "Do it!"

She remained frozen as he held her hips over him, and then began to lift her, forcing the action until she complied, tears still soaking her face. She moved slowly, trying to understand, and when she finally did find a tolerable rhythm he followed it with his hips, groaning in ecstasy beneath her. After she rode him for a generous amount of time her knees began to give in, she was still dizzy, and her pussy fell hard over him, stunning her and bringing him immediate, animal-like pleasure. He saw she wasn't going to be able to keep up, mounted over him the way she was, so he rolled over her once again, bringing the pace to a rampant thrust.

"Talos!" She pleaded again.

"Shh... open up Sabine, that's it girl, open to me."

He was moving faster now as she opened gradually for him, wet and perfect. He kissed her neck and slowly she began to relax, but it took time. He pounded his new territory for what could have been hours. The night sky through the window had grown black and it began to rain, the scent drifting through the room with the cold air, and they humidified the bed with their heat. He was all over her, touching everything he could and in the excitement a wandering finger made its way to her rectum again, pushing inside, just deeper than before. Finally he felt the flow of her orgasm, one she would probably not feel as powerfully, being her first time taking in the entirety of a man. But she moaned, a small moan of mixed pleasure and pain and he let out his own muffled sounds, his sweat dripping as he kissed her face sloppily. He felt his own climax coming, and he lifted her body close and tight against his, their skin melting together as he exploded inside of her, giving a few more slow thrusts before he fell out of her chasm along with their mixed fluids. He felt her shaking uncontrollably beneath him and wearily rolled off of her, lying sprawled on the bed against her as a deep calm came over his body.

Talos breathed heavily, taking in every breath carefully, listening to the sounds of the night, still feeling his prisoner's body around his dick, it was her wetness, and it was glorious. He felt a strong sense of peace, but that all faded when he looked at Sabine. She was staring at his scar, and all of the tension he had just released on her came back with fury. She cried as he suddenly lifted her from his bed, carrying her like she was an immediate threat he had to dispose of. He brought her back to her cold dark prison and dropped her carelessly on the bed before he retreated back into his own chamber, tightly locking the door before he stood there heaving for several moments.

Talos proceeded slowly, stopping as the mirror caught his eye and he went to it, looking at his reflection, what he saw to be his disfigurement. He thought he had come to terms with the hideousness of his scar, but suddenly everything was different. He released a masculine scream just before he threw his fist at the mirror, shattering it and bloodying his hand. His hand burned with ache, but he didn't care, he ignored it as he staggered back to his bed. He could still smell Sabine in the air, over his skin, he was drowning in the pheromones still, and then he came to the place where he had taken her. The sight of her blood over his sheets seemed almost alarming. It was blood drawn when he had taken her, he had expected it, but still, something felt wrong, so very wrong. He felt sick and faint, he covered his face, and wishing he could hide his damaged face from himself he collapsed onto the floor in a splash of despair.

Sabine felt something strange in her deep sleep, a weight against her. She had not seen Talos in days she suspected, she had lost track of how long it had been. Her body had been recovering. She knew he had been there, he had left food, but always before she had awakened. It had seemed he was avoiding her and she appreciated that, although she had pondered over him and his absence. She had been thinking of ways to escape since she had arrived, and now she thought she might have seen a weakness in her host.

Talos had always seemed so certain to her before, so strong, but the way he had acted after brutalizing her like an animal said otherwise. He had acted out of rage, with no control and it had looked to Sabine like he had regretted it, not that the thought of his regret softened her anger towards him.

She tried to drift back into her deep sleep, but there was this weight... what was it? Her room was warm and she felt the heat of light under her eyelids. She had not had a fire in days. She forced herself to peek from her closed eyes. There it was, a fire in the fireplace warming her room. And the weight behind her... it was still there. She felt the heaviness shift and then she realized it was skin, warm skin against her back. Her body felt heavy from sleep and she couldn't bring herself to look, but she saw what was on the floor, silk robes and man-sized slippers. She felt something else, just against the crease of her ass, and surprisingly it took her a moment to figure out what it was. It was a half erect penis.

Sabine froze for a moment, trying to determine if she was being attacked, but then she heard the sound of soft snoring against her neck, and his breath as he shifted again. She began to turn, carefully, not wanting to wake him. She knew he was there but seeing his body half covered in her sheets, naked except for his mask, it felt like she was just then realizing his presence. She looked carefully as he turned towards her again, he didn't look like he was sleeping, he looked like he was passed out, and then she smelled the strong scent of bourbon. He had an opened and half empty bottle in his hand, and as he turned it looked like he might spill it over the bed. He was drunk, and he had passed out in her bed, the idiot.

Sabine carefully pried the bottle from his loose grip before he could spill and silently placed it on the stand to her side. She saw him turning into her, raising his arm like he was reaching for her. She quickly took her pillow and offered it to his arm, and he took it into his chest in her place, hugging the soft pillow peacefully. This was truly amusing. She wondered if he was really so foolish. Passing out drunk in her presence with no worries at all. He should know better; she had no problem with killing him in his sleep. So why wasn't she? She wondered if it was because she was too tired, and then the realization that there was growing dampness in her pussy angered her. Had she really been aroused by his presence? She wasn't sure, and she wasn't sure why she wasn't smothering him with a pillow right now. She didn't understand what had made her reach for his face, and before she could figure it out she was ever so carefully prying off his mask, careful not to wake him.

She looked at the mislaid scar running down his eye. She had always known it was there, even before he had shown her. This was because she was in fact the one who had inflicted it, and as she recalled she had cut him without a second thought, and she thought, she would have done it again just as easily.

Sabine remembered, she always had, she just hadn't thought that Talos would bring her here and ravage her the way he had over something so small, it isn't as if she had cut off his limbs, and she didn't think the scar was terrible. But it had been clear, he was punishing her for inflicting him with disfigurement, what an idiot. She had known that before she had attacked him years before, Talos was famous for his face, the perfection of a womanizing heir. He had been able to charm his way into high places with his father, but that was exactly why she had chosen to attack his face, she remembered. It had been her own revenge.

Talos shifted his leg over hers and she became annoyed when she realized that she wished it were his hands, she wanted him to touch her. The realization infuriated her, how could she want him after what he had done? She couldn't tolerate the idea, there was only one thing she could do. She would have to kill him.

Sabine carefully moved out of the bed and looked over him sleeping there. She imagined he was drunk; it would be fairly easy to smother him with a pillow, but she wanted something more efficient. She lifted his long shirt from the ground and put it on, buttoning it as she walked. It was the first time she had worn clothing in quite some time, but why had she chosen his shirt, the one that smelled like him and awakened her senses? She didn't know. She didn't care. She went to the door leading into Talos's chamber and as she suspected, it was open. She wandered to the other side easily and looked around. There was fire burning in his room as well, and still several candles lit. She went to a wall and looked at the selection of weapons he had mounted there. She wasn't picky. She chose a sharp dagger and held it in her hand as she turned back towards her prison, as if in a trance. She stopped suddenly however, her eyes fixated on the portrait of her mother.

She was walking to the wall now, looking up at the painting. Why? Why wasn't she on her way to kill her captor? She knew that was what she should be doing, but she felt no emotion towards the idea. She decided she would get to killing him soon enough, but now she was absorbed in the painting before her. She didn't know how long she was there staring at it, but she did know who was behind her when warm hands came over her shoulders and neck, and the strong male body pressed against her back.

Sabine had forgotten about the knife she was gripping, rather firmly. She closed her eyes as his lips came over her ear and his hands wandered up the soft shirt she wore to fondle her breasts, her nipples already responsive to the advance. She wondered what she should do. Should she turn and kill him now? Or should she feel him inside the depths of her wanting pussy once more before she felt his blood running over her hand? Before she could decide his hand had moved down her arm, gripping the knife, and she had given it up without struggle. Why had she done that? She wondered as she heard the blade drop to the floor. It didn't seem to matter; she was arching her chest into his hands, her body wanting him while her mind arrogantly argued.

"Stop." She said, unsure if she meant it.

Talos was mildly amused under his pounding hangover, at her argument, even as her body pressed against him telling him that she didn't know what she was saying. He liked the way she had put on his shirt, and he made no effort to remove it. He simply lifted it to stand over her breasts as he touched the soft skin of her buttocks and turned her to face him. She noticed he was wearing his mask again and she reached for it. He assertively stopped her hand and then gently kissed her fingers before leading her hand to his male appendage so she could feel his hardness.

"Look what you did." He mumbled, and brought his own hand to part her clenched thighs, easing his fingers between the gentle folds of her chasm, feeling the moisture, "Did I do this Sabine?"

Her eyes left his gaze. She was relentless in her denial as she let the first two of his fingers wander into her, searching for her clit, and as he found the small mound and rubbed it with his fingers her eyes submissively closed and she raised her knee against him, only making his advance on her easier. Talos felt her body opening as he tiredly maneuvered his way into exciting her further, hearing her soft coos as she came to rest her head against his chest.

"Do you want me inside you?" He asked.

"No." She stated, her body not at all listening to reason as he uplifted her pleasure, filling her with sensational swelling.

Talos moved his free hand over the soft mound of her ass and uplifted her cheek as he groped into her, letting out his own pleasant sound as he felt the slick liquid bathing his fingers between her legs.

"You're not playing fair, my Sabine." He mumbled.

"I can't." She responded, "I hate you."

"You'll never hate me."

He lifted her by the waist, weightlessly up, and as her legs naturally wrapped around him she was surprised by how smoothly her pussy had mounted his erection, and baffled by the way he filled her completely as she wrapped her arms around his head, offering up her breasts for his mouth. His tongue did not hesitate to wander over the soft rounds and peach nipples.

Talos planted his legs, allowing him to feel her over the entirety of his length before he held her buttocks and began sliding her up until only the shining head of his limb staked through her wetness, and then pulled her back down, letting her weight drop heavily over him, the tightness of her body's grip bringing him to awaken from his sleepy hangover and he whimpered against her ear. He repeated the action, waiting for her to feel it. She had become uncharacteristically silent. He had grown accustomed to the sound of her voice echoing throughout their pleasure. She moved her fingers through his hair as he lifted her again, bringing her down, and she began to pull with her fingers, twisting his hair as if she were going to pull it out while she braced against him.

"Am I hurting you?" He choked out.

She didn't answer him, and he was becoming strained, the way he held her up and the orgasmic pressure built throughout his loins. The way she was holding on pulled his head back and he was using all his control to keep from toppling over and crushing her delicate body under his heaviness. But even with his strain and waiting for her to answer he couldn't help but continue with his actions, pulling her as far onto him as he could with each thrust, and she came farther every time until he thought her mouthing pussy might swallow his balls as well. His knees were shaking and he allowed his masculine moans to escape him, god was she tight around him, and just when he thought his knees might give in he felt her weight on his shoulders as she pulled herself up, moving her hips to meet his actions. She had instinctively begun to pump him, allowing him to curve his arms around her buttocks as she held herself to his body.

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