tagBDSMCaptured Ch. 1

Captured Ch. 1


I slowly make my way back to my van, phone in one hand, shopping bags in the other. I am full of smiles talking to You on the phone. I push the alarm entry and my doors unlock. I slide open the back door of the van, and carefully place the bags on the floor behind the driver seat. I am not paying attention to my surroundings as I am intently listening to the sound of Your voice on the other end of the phone line. In one split second, I feel gloved hands around my eyes and my mouth. The phone drops to the ground with a crash that resonates inside my head. I am lifted off of my feet and thrown into the back of a very large van. The doors slamming shut behind me.

I tremble trying to make sense of what is happening to me. I slide over to the rear doors, and try to push them open from the inside. They won't budge, and I lash out by banging them with my fists. The car begins to hum, and I feel the driver making a rapid getaway from the parking lot of the shopping center that I was abducted from. It is so dark in the back of this van, and far too warm for me. I pull my knees up tightly to my chest, leaning my head against them and begin to sing to myself. I am terrified of what is yet to come.

We drive around for a short time, and I feel so helpless in my situation. I find myself drifting in and out of sleep, finding that sleep is the only place to feel safe at this point. I keep my thoughts on You, my Master. Praying somehow that You were distressed by my sudden departure from our phone call. And that You will try to find me. I cry out and feel a hand upon my shoulder. It hadn't occurred to me that I wasn't alone in the back of this van.

She roughly pulls me closer to her, and I can't help but wonder who she is, and what she has planned for me? Her hands begin to roam all over me, and although I feel myself being violated by her touch, I become quite surprisingly aroused. I feel so ashamed that I am excited that I try so desperately to push her away. I struggle with her, trying to free myself from her hold, which encourages her even more to have me. She is so much stronger than me, and every attempt I make is hopeless.

She pushes me down onto the floor of the van. Holding me down by lowering all of her weight on top of me. She tears my tank top swiftly from my flesh, exposing my now bare breasts to the stale, musky air of the van. My nipples harden instantly, and her fingers grasp at my swollen nipples firmly, twisting and pinching them so as to elicit a scream from my lips. She lowers her lips to my right nipple, gently moistening the tip with her tongue. I moan as I feel the familiar wetness soaking thru my panties as my first climax approaches. My hips thrusting up against her.

Feeling my urgency she sinks her teeth into my nipple, as I spasm violently beneath her, screaming, and gasping for air as I cum hard all over myself. She waits for me to calm before releasing her teeth from me, causing a blinding pain as the blood begins to return to my very hard, sensitive nipple. She loosens her grasp on my other nipple, and I feel my pussy spasming once more. She raises up over me, and grabs my shorts at the waistband and in one swift motion she rips them away from me. She presses the palm of her hand against my soaking panties, allowing her index finger to nestle between the folds of my lips that are being separated by my panties. She brings her finger up to my lips, and I hungrily extend my tongue from my lips to lap at my juices that are on her finger. She moans, and I feel her pulling back my panties exposing my swollen lips, now parted as I allow my legs to spread allowing her full access to me.

Without warning she thrusts 3 fingers into my tight, wet pussy and I gasp as my muscles grasp her trying to draw her in as deep as she can possibly go. I feel her curling her fingers, twisting them, pulling them in and out as my violent spasms take over me once again and my cum coats her so completely. She pulls them from me with a quick pop, and my juices run down my pussy, down my ass, to my thighs. I shake, spasm, tremble as my orgasm is not relenting. I reach down in between my legs, pull the hood of my clit back and roughly pinch it, pulling it away from me. I sink my fingernails into my clit trying so hard to feel some kind of intense pain to send me over the edge, and allow me the complete release I so desperately need.

"Let me help with that" she whispers moving herself in between my legs. She pulls back my lips, pulls back the hood of my clit and sinks her teeth into my clit. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee" I scream as my hips gyrate against her face all the while she gnaws at my clit, pulling it away from me, making me feel as if she is trying to chew it off of me. I cum so hard all over her face, my body involuntarily spasming beneath her.

Then I hear it, a phone ringing. I desperately try to move away from her, with no luck. "Hello?" she says. "Oh yes Sir, I have her right here beneath me as we speak. She is as delicious as you said she would be." She laughs, seemingly listening to the caller on the other end of the receiver.

I start to shake, once again fear taking over me as my tears start to flow freely from my eyes. "She is quite upset Sir. Do you wish to talk with her Sir? Yes Sir as you wish. We should be arriving any minute now, but I must warn you Sir...she is in quite a mess with her nasty slut juices all over her." Her laugh echoes thru the van. I feel a stinging in my cheeks as I begin to turn a deep crimson in my humiliation.

She turns off the phone, reaches up to the ceiling of the van and attaches it carefully to its holder. She grabs my hair, pulling me to my knees and brings my arms up and behind me. She firmly attaches a thick rope above my breasts and around my chest, to the under side of my breasts pinning my arms bent and flat against the upper portion of my back. The pain is so intense that I weep uncontrollably. She then places a leather blind fold over my eyes firmly. She retrieves two alligator nipple clamps from the floor beside her to attach to my nipples. She allows the chain to dangle freely as she releases the clamps causing the teeth to bite into me. I scream so loud, that she places her finger over my mouth "Shhhhh sweetie...just go with it, don't resist, do as you are told and not a pretty little hair on that head will be harmed."

I sigh, allow myself to relax and surrender myself to the very careful preparation she is taking with me. Still on my knees she spreads my legs further. I can feel her warm breath along my inner thighs causing me to shudder involuntarily, and take a deep intake of air as she pulls back the hood of my clit once more. I feel her warm, moist lips feeding gently upon me. "One more taste of that sweet, slut cunt of yours couldn't hurt." She continues sucking on me, while fucking me forcibly with her fingers, bringing me just to the edge.

She carefully watches, and waits and just as my flesh begins to spasm she stops. I sigh once again, aching for release so desperately. Then I feel the clamp bite right into my clit. She carefully attaches all three clamps together, causing each clamp to add pressure to both of my nipples and to my clit. I scream, and I moan for what seems like an eternity. I fall back, my thighs spread as I writhe all over the bed of the van. My full weight upon my uncomfortably bound arms. I quickly roll onto my side, bringing my knees up to my chest into a fetal position as my body rides thru my everlasting orgasm. Just then the van door opens. "We've been expecting you" I hear from a very familiar voice...and then the evil, sadistic laugh.

Part 2-Coming Soon!

I welcome all feedback, and would love to hear Y/your thoughts.

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