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Captured Coach


Kim hated the requirement to put everything away immediately, even following a road trip. But rules were rules, and when you were the assistant track coach for the team then you were the one who usually got stuck with the task.

The 25-year old, second-year teacher enjoyed her job. And she enjoyed coaching track. But sometimes she wondered if she had made the right decision. Perhaps she would have done better starting out with high school students, instead of working in a prep college with all adult students who were no more than six or seven years her junior.

Kim was a very pretty woman. A gorgeous face, light brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. And as a runner, she was in excellent shape.

Kim knew that the boys on the track team all loved to watch her walk by in her shorts and tee-shirts. And if she was forced to admit it, she would have to confess that there had been times that she had allowed just enough extra flesh to show to entice a few of them to have to go relieve their swollen cocks in the men's room.

She didn't feel guilty for the teasing at all. Every student involved in the Junior College summer program was 18, and some 19. They would be fair game if she wasn't a teacher.

But even though she didn't mind teasing them on occasion, Kim was not about to go any farther with one of them. Even if it wasn't a violation for teachers to date students—even 18-year-old students—her morals would have prevented her from entertaining the idea.

Kim wasn't a prude by any means. She had a boyfriend and enjoyed sex with him whenever the got together. But he was stuck in a job that required a lot of traveling, so she wasn't seeing as much of him as she wished. She recalled that the 12-pack of condoms she had bough a month ago still had six left. Kim was going to have to make time to use them up when her boyfriend got home this weekend.

The last of the students had left and Kim was alone in the locker room. Everything was where it should be and she was ready to go home and take a shower. Her skin glistened with a light layer of sweat, allowing the light breeze to cool her as it struck her when she opened the door.

It was still sunny outside as she stepped out of the empty locker room. She pulled the door closed and used her key to lock the deadbolt from outside.

She turned the key, and then cried out in shock as something came down over her head. Letting go of the key ring she grabbed the sack that someone was forcing over her head. She screamed when hands grabbed her from both sides, letting Kim know that there was more than one person assaulting her.

"Let me go!" She demanded, thinking that this must be some sort of a practical joke.

Kim began to panic when the hands grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. She fought to break free, but one of them pulled her arms behind her back. Kim felt something wrapping around her wrist and then her arms were trapped behind her back.

"What do you want?" She asked, still trying to break free.

"We want your cunt, you teasing bitch." She heard a male voice answer. Two others snickered at the comment. Kim thought that she recognized one of them, but could not be certain.

"Please, let me go." She pleaded as she felt someone tugging her tee-shirt up.

The only answer she received was hands grabbing her firm B-cup breasts as they pulled her bra up to release her tits to both their view and touch.

"Stop it!" She yelled as the men—she was guessing that there were three of them—pawed at her tits. Her sensitive nipples were pinched, pulled, twisted and flicked as her tits were squeezed.

Everything was black around her due to the sack, or whatever it was, that covered her head. Then she felt a hand rubbing between her legs and for the first time the severity of all of this hit her.

"Please, stop, I won't tell anyone."

Kim heard laughter mocking her. But this time there were more voices. Kim recognized the distinctive sound of a female laughing and realized that there was a girl watching what was happening.

"Let's see how she likes being the one fucked after turning guys on." She heard the female voice saying to someone.

"Maybe we can send her pictures as a reminder of today." Another female said.

"Oh fuck!" Kim thought, there were two girls who were in on this. And they were taking pictures. Even with her face hidden by this mask Kim did not want anyone to ever see pictures of what was happening to her.

"Please don't do this to me." She begged as she felt someone tugging at her shorts.

She kicked her legs, but was unable to prevent them from stripping her of both her shorts and panties. Now her legs were forced apart as fingers began to probe her well-trimmed, exposed pussy.

She gasped as one finger pressed inside of her, followed by a second. Whoever it was began fucking her pussy with his two fingers as he rubbed his thumb against her clit.

The fingers were removed, followed by a mouth pressing against her pussy. Someone who she did not know was now feasting on her snatch, licking her pussy, running his tongue in and out of her slit before moving up to lick her clit.

As one man went down on her the other two began licking and sucking on her tits.

Kim squirmed as three tongues worked on her most sensitive places in unison, all while a pair of girls giggled at her demise.

She was unable to break free and unable to escape the unwanted pleasure that these men were providing her. Had it been just the one then perhaps Kim could have ignored it. But her nipples were as sensitive as her clit: She often believed that it was possible for her to cum just by having her nipples licked long enough. So this combination was more than her mind could handle and Kim found her pussy flooded and her body welcoming the assault even if her mind did not.

Soon Kim was moaning and she realized that it was going to be impossible for her to resist climaxing for these men.

The girls observed her demise and taunted her more as she neared release.

Then Kim had her orgasm. She twisted about in the grasp of them three men as she came for them. Had her face been uncovered she knew that it would be crimson from the embarrassment she felt as she got off for three strangers.

"I'm going to fuck her now." She heard the man between her legs announce.

"No, please don't." She pleaded as she felt him climb atop her. Then she felt his cock sliding into her pussy and knew at once that he was not wearing a condom.

"Put on a rubber first." She insisted.

"Shit, if I wanted to wear a rubber then I could fuck my girlfriend. I'm going to enjoy this completely bareback."

Kim was held down by the two other men as the guy atop her began fucking her pussy, all while the two girls cheered him on.

"Fuck, this is one nice cunt." The man fucking her commented as he pounded Kim's tight hole. "I can't wait to nut in it."

"No, please don't cum in me." Kim pleaded.

"Oh fuck." He cried out without warning and then Kim could feel his cock spewing inside of her pussy.

He thrashed about atop her for the next minute as he came inside of her, waiting until his cock was fully drained before pulling out. "Next." She heard him say.

The man on her right released his hold on her and she heard his pants being undone before he settled in between her legs. Then he shoved his cock inside of her pussy and began fucking her.

"Yea, fuck her good." One of the girls said.

"Don't worry, I damn sure will." He replied as he thrust his thick cock in and out of her.

Kim suddenly realized that she was on the verge of another climax. Not that she wanted to, but all of the stimulation of her body was making it respond on animal instinct alone. She began fucking back against him without realizing it. Every time she caught herself she would stop, only to involuntarily begin doing so again a few moments later.

"Fuck, guys, she's enjoying it." The man fucking her announced.

"No I'm not." Kim lied, not wanting to admit that her body was welcoming her approaching release.

Kim bit her tongue, trying her best to remain silent as she orgasmed. But her body gave her away as she began shaking and bouncing as the spasms released throughout her as she came on this stranger's cock.

"Make me cum inside you." He said as her hips thrust up and down against his groin as she climaxed. Then he slammed his cock deep inside of her and began releasing his seed into her belly as he came.

"Get off her, it's my turn." The third man said.

As he prepared to fuck her Kim heard both girls say, "Oh my god."

It was only when she felt his manhood pressing between her legs that she realized what they meant. This was easily the biggest cock she had ever experienced. He shoved deep inside of her and began slamming against her cervix as he fucked her without mercy.

And then Kim's body responded once more. She entered into a series of multiple orgasms as this third stranger poked her with his mighty rod. She could hear the two girls commenting about the size of him, but the words were mostly lost as she came over and over again.

Then he cried out and began cumming inside her Kim and the two came together. The man continued fucking her until his cock went soft. But even soft he still made her cum once more before he pulled out.

Kim lay still, listening to the sounds of them shuffling about and one of the girls saying that they had taken pictures that would be shared if she said anything. Even with her face hidden Kim would not want those pictures to turn up.

She listened as they fled then began rolling around until she got the hood off of her head. There was nobody in sight. She struggled to her feet and found the keys to the locker room still in the door. She opened the door and rushed inside. Finding a pair of scissors on the desk she managed to cut the zip tie that held her hands in place then ran to the shower to wash off.

Kim went back out and grabbed her shorts and dressed, wondering all the while just which, if any, of her students or team members would always be looking at her knowing what they had done with her. And how she would have to look at all of them every day and never know just who it was that had forced her to cum over and over again.

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