tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCapturing the Moment

Capturing the Moment


Tabitha was a beautiful woman, but not in the classic sense. Individually, her features were stunning.

She had bedroom eyes that radiated her lust when they were half closed and she was on the brink of orgasm.

Her lush full lips made men hard when they saw her. They longed to have those lips wrapped around them and exploring every inch of their bodies.

Her high firm tits did not show her age, but begged to be taken in your mouth or have your cock thrust up between them.

Her legs could wrap around you and pull you in tight as you plunged into her.

Oh, and her ass. She had a beautiful ass that you wanted to caress, lick and spread wide so you could fuck her tight puckered hole.

Her curves fell exactly where they should on a woman. She was soft and lush so you felt woman when you held her, not bones jutting into you.

Tabitha went to a photographer to have some shots done. She wanted the photos to highlight her individual features rather than her as a whole. She wanted them sensual and sexy, erotic, screaming sex without revealing a single thing. The photographer, Brent, had his studio set up for her shoot. Candles were lit everywhere. Some classical music played in the background to put her at ease. Brent had many props he planned to use during the shoot. His assistant, Josh, would be in charge of getting the props changed when he needed them.

Tabitha was a little shy. She wanted the photos done, but she wasn't used to being the center of attention. Men looked at her, but she wasn't the type of woman that turned heads. She hoped she might get some modeling jobs that highlighted her individual features. Her hope was to put a portfolio together.

When Brent first saw her his mind began to turn with ideas of the shoot. He would change a few things that he had planned. There was reservation in his eyes. She didn't have the usual confidence or arrogance of the women he photographed. She had no idea how pretty she was. It made her even more beautiful.

They began the session focusing on Tabitha's eyes and lips. Capturing the photos of her lips was not a problem. They were full, sensuous and the lipstick only enhanced the look. A thought passed through Brent's mind. What would those luscious lips look like with cum splashed across them? He shook the thought away, but couldn't shake the hardness in his cock. Her lips were bringing thoughts of having them wrapped around him. He had to switch these thoughts off and be a professional.

Brent switched to her eyes. They were beautiful; the color sharp. Her makeup played on the color very well. He could clearly see that she was nervous. He wanted to put some fire in her eyes and capture that on film. What would it take to put it there?

Tabitha thought the shoot was going well. Brent was giving very clear directions. She heard the click-click-click of the camera. She began to feel a little more confident, but still held back a little bit. She hoped the shoot would go well and she could build the portfolio. She saw the assistant, Josh, staring at her while Brent took the photos. Occasionally Brent would ask Josh to trade out the props he was using.

Brent's next words had Tabitha gasping in panic. "Why don't we try a topless shot?"

"I hadn't planned on doing anything like that," stammered Tabitha.

"I don't mean completely topless," replied Brent. "What I'd like is a shot of you in your jeans, with your top off, but your front covered. The photo would show your back."

Tabitha was both scared and aroused. The two men were both good looking. Josh was certainly about ten years younger than her, but was quite attractive. Brent was the rough and rugged looking type of man. The kind of man that you wonder what he'd be like in bed. Was he a slow and patient lover, or was it a frantic animal coupling where you couldn't get enough of each other?

She removed her top, holding it against her chest while Josh gathered a sheet to place in front of her. As she lowered the shirt to replace it with the sheet, Josh caught sight of her tits. He grazed the side of them as he helped to arrange the sheet to cover her. It was no accident. He wanted to do far more than simply graze them. He wanted his mouth over her nipples. He wanted their weight in his hands. He wanted to spend a great deal of time pleasuring her. With great reluctance he pulled back.

Brent had her positioned on a chaise lounge, with her legs draped over the side. Her back turned toward him. The curve of her body was magnificent.


Brent was starting to see what he knew she had inside her.

Brent suggested another shot. "What if we try you in a men's shirt, showing your legs?"

"I can do that," Tabitha answered, more confident this time.

Josh produced the shirt. Tabitha dropped the sheet to put the shirt over her. Her nipples were completely erect, wanting attention. Her reserve was dropping a little. As the shirt slid over her body, Josh offered to help her button it according to Brent's instructions. He wanted only a few buttons done. Again, Josh wanted his hands on Tabitha. She wanted it as well. Her pussy grew wet as Josh's fingers worked the buttons. As she shimmied out of her jeans, both men were focused on the emerging legs and the wiggle of her ass. They exchanged a look, knowing they were both thinking the same thing.

Brent instructed Tabitha to return to the chaise, but to straddle it this time, leaning slightly forward. The shirt gaped slightly, showing the swell of her breasts. They looked magnificent.


The next pose had Tabitha on her back stretched out the full length of the chaise, her legs crossed at the ankles, with her arms stretched fully above her head. The shirt rode up, just barely covering her ass. Her legs looked like they went on for days. What man wouldn't want to spend a day running his hands up and down them?


As Brent shot the photo, he saw the spark start in her eyes. Arousal was showing in the flash of excitement. He was on his way to capturing the look he wanted, but they weren't there yet.

Tabitha was starting to feel sexy. Brent's instructions and words tapped a part of her that she didn't know she had. Her panties were wet as she thought of the two men looking at her. Her thoughts betrayed her. She was thinking of touching herself. At the same time she thought of running her hands across Josh's arms. They looked muscular. What did they feel like? She didn't realize that her hands had traveled down to her chest. They ran lightly over her tits.


The click of the camera brought Tabitha out of her thoughts. She quickly moved her hands, embarrassed to have been caught playing with her tits. She tried to stammer out an explanation, but none would come.

Thankfully, Brent broke the tension as he instructed Josh on the next shot. Tabitha was breathing heavily as Josh was in close proximity. She was again straddling the chaise. Josh pulled the shirt down, sliding the material down her arms, exposing her shoulder and neck as Brent instructed. He wanted to dip his mouth down and suck on her neck. The creamy skin seemed to call to him. His lips craved the skin seemingly against his will.


Brent saw the opportunity. Josh had leaned in, kissing Tabitha's neck. Brent could hear her gasp as he did, but she was not pushing him away. Instead, she had tilted her head back, giving him more access. Her mouth was slightly open, but her eyes were closed. The look on her face was part way to what he wanted. There was no denying her arousal.

Josh's fingers worked the remainder of the buttons open. He slid his hands under the fabric, finally having access to the nipples he had seen earlier. They were hard as his hands slid across them. As Josh pushed the material to the side, Brent saw the profile of Tabitha's body. She arched into Josh's touch, clearly craving more.


Tabitha heard the click of the camera as Brent shot the photo. Her mind battled with stopping or enjoying the sensations in her nipples. Josh's hands expertly rolled the nubs sending sparks throughout her entire body. She had just met this man and another one was taking photos of them together. She should stop this and flee from this situation. As Josh's mouth on her nipple sent heat searing through her, she lost the urge to stop.

Brent could not believe what was playing out before him. He would not have thought this buttoned up woman that entered his studio would be naked with the exception of a thin pair of panties, having her tits licked and sucked by his assistant. He waited for her to put a stop to things. Instead she grabbed Josh's shirt, pulling it from the waistband of his pants, and up over his head. Her hands clung tight to his arms as he continued his assault on her nipples. Brent went back to the photos. There was so much to capture. Skin on skin. The profile of the two bodies together. The look on Tabitha's face.


Josh heard the camera. Knowing that Brent was watching them and capturing the whole thing with his camera fueled his desire for Tabitha. This was a once in a lifetime moment and he was going to take it as far as she would go. His cock had been hard from the moment he saw her. Actually touching her was better than he expected. Her skin was like silk; so soft and smooth. The heat radiating from her body was so enticing. He wanted to cool her with his mouth, but the thought of moving from her hard nipples was not something he was ready to do yet.

Tabitha's panties were wet. She had an incredibly sexy younger man touching her and caressing her, giving her nothing but pleasure. Everywhere her hands touched she found strength and muscle. His strong mouth on her skin made her feel alive. He made her feel sexy and desirable. She felt his hands begin to travel down her side as his mouth slid further down, kissing her everywhere he could find as he did. When his mouth reached her navel, she groaned. She wanted his mouth on her clit. The fire building in her was so strong.

Josh's hands reached Tabitha's hips and the waist band of the scrap of fabric that separated them. He slid it down, his eyes fixed on her as he did. His first sight of her pussy was as he eased the panties down. The little tuft of hair above her clit greeted him. As he slid the panties down further, he saw that everything else was bare. The strip above her clit was the only thing there. His mouth nearly watered as he looked at her. Did she taste as sweet as she looked?


Brent snapped the photo of Josh's face the first time he saw Tabitha completely nude. He looked like a child who had just been given his first piece of candy. When Brent fully looked at Tabitha's body, he understood. She was beautiful. Again, the fact that she didn't see herself that way made her even more beautiful. He was used to dealing with women who had men panting after them and acted accordingly. He watched as Josh parted Tabitha's legs, lowering his mouth to her clit. Tabitha's gasp caused her mouth to open. He shot the photo.


Josh's tongue touched her. She thought she'd cum just from the simple touch. As he moved his tongue ever so slowly across her already throbbing clit, she groaned. How could she possibly feel better? He didn't just dive in like a hungry child. He took his time, as if savoring her and Tabitha enjoyed every minute of it. Josh was fully focused on her body and giving her pleasure. It had been a long time since someone had treated her like this. The fire was building in her clit and pussy. She held off as long as she could. Giving in would mean an explosion of pleasure, but she did not want this to stop. It came to a point when she was powerless to stop it. Josh's tongue moved faster and faster over her hard nub. The explosion came. Tabitha threw her head back, arching into Josh, her hips rising up. The waves rolled over her.


Brent took photo after photo as Tabitha rode through the orgasm. There was fire in her eyes now, her mouth open as she moaned and begged Josh to continue. He had known there was something deep inside her. He had not anticipated that this was the way to bring it out. He felt like he should have known this about her. Did she know how beautiful she was right now?

Josh felt like he was the luckiest man in the world. He had his mouth on a woman that he thought had to be the sexiest woman he had ever met. She was shy when she started, but now he was seeing another side of her and it was amazing. His cock was rock hard. Plunging into her sweet pussy was the only way he was going to get any relief.

As the waves subsided, Tabitha was coming back to her senses. She became more aware of her surroundings. She heard the click of the camera as Brent continued to photograph her. She felt embarrassed, but a larger part of her was lost in the moment. She knew what she wanted and she was going after it. Josh's tongue had stopped. He was kissing his way back up her body. She sat up, removed the shirt that still hung from her body, quickly dispensed with Josh's remaining clothes, and asked him to sit down. He did so willingly, thinking that he knew what was coming. Tabitha shocked him when she got on her hands and knees, lowered her mouth and pressed her lips to the tip of his cock. A loud groan escaped from Josh's mouth as her lips met his skin. She loved the feel of his skin on her lips and the taste of the drop of pre-cum that had formed on his cockhead. Her mouth slid down his shaft, taking his full length right down to his balls.

Josh groaned as Tabitha's mouth worked up and down his length. Her mouth was hot and wet as she worked him. Right now, fucking her mouth felt like the sweetest thing he had ever known. Did he want to continue with this and cum down her throat, or did he want to stop her and slide into the sweet pussy he had tasted?


Brent looked at the couple. He was able to see every inch of Tabitha's skin. He circled around her, taking pictures from every angle. She was on her hands and knees, giving him a beautiful view of her ass and pussy. He snapped picture after picture of every inch of her skin that his lens could reach. He took close ups of her tits, zooming in to show just her hard nipple. He angled the camera to show her mouth sliding down Josh's cock. He knelt down along the side chaise, zeroing in on her flat belly. He snapped the photo when he saw her clit visible as a little nub. Her pussy glistened with the wetness of her juice as Brent took the photo. Photos of Josh were next. The shots he took of Josh's face would be wonderful. Anyone who looked at them would know for sure that he was in the middle of ecstasy. The look was unmistakable.


Tabitha did not want to stop, but she needed to feel Josh inside her. It was almost as if she ached for him. With great hesitation she withdrew her mouth. She looked at Josh, saying in a voice barely louder than a whisper, "I want you to fuck me."

Brent heard her soft request. He risked breaking the magic of the moment, but as soon as she said it, he knew what he wanted to see. He asked Tabitha to straddle Josh, but to face him so that he could see her.

Josh lay back on the chaise. Tabitha positioned herself above him, slowly lowering herself onto his stiff cock. She moaned with pleasure as he penetrated her. Both Josh and Tabitha thought it was better than they expected. They slowly settled into a rhythm and met each other in pace and thrust. Josh's hands roamed her body. His fingers played with her nipples and grazed her clit. His tanned, muscular hands were a contrast to her creamy, soft skin. It was a beautifully artistic photo.

Brent continued to circle around them, taking every photo he could think of. He knew this was probably the only time he would ever have this opportunity, and he was taking full advantage of it. His own cock was hard, but there was no way he would stop. Brent took photos of Tabitha's pussy sliding down Josh's cock. Each of their faces showed pleasure, and Brent took those photos.

Josh's thrusts were coming faster and harder. Josh and Tabitha were breathing harder, causing Tabitha's chest to heave. Josh's fingers worked Tabitha's clit with a frenzied pace as he neared his climax. He wanted her to cum with him, allowing them to hit the peak together. As Josh announced he was about to cum, Tabitha said she was ready as well.

Brent worked in a fury as he focused on Tabitha's face. He saw her eyes change, showing him what he wanted. As they came, Brent saw the look he had been waiting all day for. There it was. Fire flashed in Tabitha's eyes and she hit her peak with Josh. Her mouth was open, as were her eyes and the color in them danced. All her reserve had dropped . She was caught in complete ecstasy. She was completely woman, sensual, sexy, willing.


Brent's camera went wild as Josh and Tabitha came down from their high. He didn't want to miss a thing. Josh and Tabitha lay in a tangle, which Brent captured as well. As Tabitha came back into being fully aware of her surroundings and what she had just done she heard Brent ask, "Would you be interested in being a regular model for me?"

"I'd be happy to," Tabitha replied with a wide grin on her face.

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