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"When I snap my fingers," he began "you will exit this trance." He snapped his fingers and she shook her head as if coming back to realization.

"Did it work?" Yvonne asked him, hoping and praying it would as she bit on her lower lip. He looked at her; she was a very attractive girl- tall like around 5ft 6" in height; dark Latino with a bum like Jennifer Lopez; thick full lips like a black girl, full C cup breasts that were perfect for milk production and a waist like a coca cola bottle. He just couldn't see why she needed, at least this kind of help to please her man. So he hypnotized her so that she could become what she pleased at the sound of those words.

"Let's just say," he gulped hard "that man will be a lucky bastard." Smiling as she was now really excited she clapped her hands silly as she couldn't wait to try it out.

"Thank you, thank you," she said kissing him on the cheeks before making her way through the door. She practically skipped through the door.

Yvonne was a 26 year old Latino. Her mom was Latino and her dad was Black explaining her bodacious curves. She wasn't married, had no children and lived alone. She had dated guys, she had dated girls, she didn't know if she was a lesbian, straight or bisexual. She had finished school, doing her Degree and Masters in Computer Science at the tender age. She now worked for herself as she owned her own company. She was doing rather well but refused to show it as she dressed casually in a short denim skirt, plain white collared shirt with a blue tie; to accessorize she wore dark blue Champion sneakers with blue lace. Her hair was dark like most Latino's but daring to be different she dyed it a blonde color and cut it so that it lay on her shoulders. She didn't fancy blondes as they were so called dumb but she wanted a challenge. Most men she dated were shocked at the fact that she was so smart and her position in life but that didn't stop them from dating her. The women on the other hand were different as the ones she dated wanted her to be more aggressive and she was just used to being submissive as with guys.

Yvonne had been driving for a quite a while and she realized she was in unfamiliar territory. She hadn't been on these back roads before but that's where the navigator on her late Blue 2000 Toyota Yaris was leading her.

"Almost empty?" she squealed as she looked down at her fuel "I knew I should have bought a new car." Looking around the area she was in she saw a car shop or at least what she thought was a car shop- it had some car parts, cars, trucks, trailers and even some new car outside the shed looking place. Turning her car in that direction she parked her car in the driveway in what looked like it was leading up to an office. Pulling up the hand brake she got out of her car and examined the area. Her phone didn't even have a signal in these parts.

"Where the hell is this backward place?" she asked herself frustrated as not even her laptop had service there, meaning she couldn't send an IM.

"Hello?" she yelled out as she began to look around. But she only heard her voice echo.

"Do you hear something Bob?" said one man to the other "I think I heard a female."

"Ain't no females living in these parts," Jo replied back "go back to sleep."


"But nothing," Jo silenced him. Yvonne had thought she heard voices from the office in front so walking towards the door she peeped through the glass. There sat two men, one asleep and the other watching the broken down T.V. on the table in front of them. They looked drunk- they were both well shaven and quite slender, their clothes though were smothered in dirt and oil most likely from the cars they had been working on. She saw that the one watching T.V. was smoking a cigar and he suddenly turned around and saw her staring right back at him.

"Hey Jo," Bob shoved him "we got a visitor," he said putting out his cigar in the nearest ashtray. Getting up he smoothed down his pants as if they weren't already severely creased to be fixed.

"Uhhh," Jo drooled as he looked up in the direction that Bob was walking. When he stood his face lit up, as he walked toward her, he checked his breath. Yvonne stepped back as the glare in their eyes began to scare her.

"How may I be of assistance ma'am" Bob asked putting on his best accent.

"I'm out of gas and I seem to be lost," she pointed to her car parked directly in front of them

"That's a nice car," Jo said as he felt excluded from the conversation

"Thanks," she smiled "but can you help me?"

"Sure we can for a small price," Jo replied, Bob caught on seeing the glint in his friend's eye

"How much?" Yvonne asked appeased that her problem was being solved so quickly. She began rummaging through her purse for some petty cash.

"How about just being our little 'slut'," Jo commented as he put a hand to her search. Yvonne stopped, she looked up at him in such a stiff motion you'd think her neck needed tightening. When he smiled she twitched.

"What did you say?" Yvonne slapped him across the face "get down you spineless bastard," she said kicking him in his shin so hard that he fell to the floor.

"I'm going to teach you guys some manners," she began as she stepped on Jo's back as he lay flat on the floor. Bob looked at her in shock. Realizing his expression she smiled as she said in the harshest tone

"What're you waiting on, undress." Excited Bob began to strip off all his clothes. In total domination she kicked Jo before stepping over him. Standing over him with her legs on either side of his body as he lay on the floor; she grabbed him by the collar and bending half way to meet him, stuffed his face into her luscious breasts. Hearing his voice muffled against her it seemed he was suffocating him. Releasing him she pulled the top buttons of her blouse and loosened her tie, pulling the shirt down a bit she revealed her jiggling breasts as they perked erect. Without hesitation, she pulled of her panties and turning to Bob she said

"Dinner's ready," Finally Jo decided to get up, as he did so he removed his pants as he wanted in on the action. Noticing him she shoved him against her car. He leaned back, propped up on elbows; walking over to him her breasts exposed, no underwear and her sneakers clean she took his rising cock in her hands. Bending her back so it made a 90 degree angle against her legs straight and apart she licked the head. Not taking her eyes from the prize in front of her she motioned to Bob to eat her out.

Doing as he was told he grabbed hold of her buttocks, one hand on each cheek as he bent to lick her pussy from front to back.

"That's a good boy," she said as she took Jo's cock into her mouth first she licked the long shaft from the base near his balls up to the head. Staring at her intently he couldn't help but grab her full body of hair. Looking up at him she went down on his cock, sucking it as if it were an ice cream Popsicle; every time she broke to suck on him again you could see the trail of saliva from her mouth to his dick.

"Mmmm," she moaned as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Meanwhile Bob was licking her pussy like his life depended on it. He looked up to see if she was reacting to his efforts- kind of jealous that he wasn't the one getting his cock sucked. She moaned as Bob began to suck on her clitoris fingering her as he did so

"Oh yeah," she screamed as she stopped from sucking Jo "fuck me." Still sucking on her he began to finger her faster and harder, so much so he could see her juice multiplying rapidly. From what he could see now was the best time to enter. Removing his lips from her delicious pussy, he continued to fondle her clitoris with his fingers as he nudged his cock against her. Already filled with pre cum on top of his cock he eased his way into her tight, warm cunt.

"Ahhh..." he said in relief as if his fire had just been doused, he thrust into her slowly at first getting used to the sensation. Using her right hand she let go of Jo's cock and used it to press Bob closer to her by the ass

"Harder," she whispered as she took Jo back in her mouth. Bob did as he was told. He rammed into her with utmost pleasure. Every stroke he sent into her, pulverizing her pussy sent tingles into his cock. He's never felt so alive. Sex with his wife was not as exciting as this was. As he rammed into her, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth she began to jut forward, choking on his massive cock. She began to make gurgling noises. Afraid she'd throw up on him; she released him from her mouth and began to give him a hand job. Sliding his slippery dick up and down in her hand her movements became faster and faster as she jerked him off. So did Bob's constant ramming into her tight cunt. She felt like his dick was expanding inside her getting larger and larger each time he fucked her. She liked it and didn't hesitate to say it

"Yes, yes!" she screamed as he was climaxing. Releasing himself from her he spilled his cum all over her legs and buttocks. Beating his cock on her ass, she stood up straight. Referring Jo to sit on the nearby chair, she mounted him and began to ride the dick she had just moistened with her saliva. He slid into her easily. While Bob stood on the side beside them she sucked her pussy juice from his drooping cock making it hard again. She began deep throating it, pushing it as far back into her mouth as possible as she groped his balls as she did with his friends. Still jumping and bouncing on his cock, she shoved her erect buds called nipples into his mouth to keep him occupied. He made a muffled sound as he enjoyed the taste of her luscious breasts. Using her free hand, she fondled her clitoris as he rode him further exciting her to come.

She rode Jo for a couple more minutes as she sucked on Bob's cock, savoring the very taste of herself on him. Sensing Jo was about to come she released herself from his cock. He stood next to Bob who still had his cock in Yvonne's hand. Taking Jo's cock in her other hand she sucked on them both as she jerked them off. Stuffing both their cocks into her mouth at a time. It was so gruesome; it seemed as if her mouth was going to tear. Doing one at a time now as they were both on the verge of coming, she sucked on Jo, then Bob, then continued the pattern until they both came. Opening her mouth she hallowed the dirty men she had just met to spill their warm semen into her mouth, on her breasts and all over her face.

Licking her lips she said "Mmmmm"

"Nice work slut," Jo said amused. Yvonne twitched just like she did the first time. Looking blankly at the men naked in front of her she said puzzled

"The hypnosis worked?"

The End

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