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Car Wash


"Laura!" Rob called into the house. When Laura arrived he had that all-too-familiar mischievous look on his face . "I dare you." he said.

"You dare me what?" Laura replied with an equal smattering of impetuousness.

"I dare you to wash the car at U-Wash-It".

"That's not much of a dare, and besides I don't feel like wasting my whole evening on the road. U-Wash-It must be nearly 15 minutes from here, more without the highway."

"Did I mention that you have to do it naked? You can start and end here in the garage, so no worry about the neighbors, and since U-Wash-It is self-serve you don't need to get out of the car at all. Or, of course, you can just chicken out."

Laura knew darn well Rob could have a trick or two up his sleeve, and pressed for details: "OK, the car is running well and there's plenty of gas right? There's no way I'm going to pump gas naked!"

"No, everything is fine. The tank is full, the upholstery is clean, and the windows are sparkling. All it needs is a wash."

Dusk was beginning to settle and Laura realized there was very little chance anyone would be able to see into the car even under the best of circumstances. And if it meant winning a dare..."OK, I'll do it!"

A few minutes later Laura came back into the garage dressed for the trip in socks and tennis shoes. Rob smiled and admired the sight. Her shapely breasts, prominent nipples, and slender waist always brought a rise, and not only to his pulse.

Laura twirled her cell phone by it's cord "And if I run into any trouble, you're gonna hear about it"

"I'm sure I will." Rob replied grinningly.

Some of Laura's bravado sagged as she got into the car and closed the door. No need to press the remote, as Rob already had the door traveling upward. Doing her best not to let her wilted resolve show, Laura flashed he best confident smile at Rob as she backed the car out of the garage.

The car doors didn't yield quite the level of privacy Laura had anticipated, so she scrunched down a bit as she navigated the car onto the road. Looking about she realized that anyone who just might happen to look out of a second story window might well see right into the car, and with that realization she drove out of the neighborhood as quickly as safety would allow. The last thing she needed was to become the talk of the neighborhood.

The stop sign a the end of the road was relatively private, no tall homes to see into the car. As Laura waited for traffic to clear she noticed two older teenage boys walking down the cross-street towards the intersection. "If they get here before I can make the turn they're gonna see everything" thought Laura. "It would probably make these fellas' day to be able to tell their friends they saw a naked lady." But Laura had no interest in becoming part of their Sex Ed and nervously waited for traffic to clear as the boys came nearer. In what seemed to be nick-of-time movie choreography, the traffic cleared allowing her to pull out just as the boys became dangerously near.

On the main road Laura noticed that she couldn't see much more than a shapes in the cars around her except for the brief moments when passing under a streetlight. Not much chance of being seen. This was gonna be an easy dare to win.

She relaxed and sat up straight in the seat, no longer hunched down as she realized she sort of liked being, naked out in the world. It felt sort of naughty and nice at the same time. The thought crossed her mind "What if those boys had been a bit older -- say college age -- and I had gotten close enough to see me naked in my car?"

A nervous shiver ran up her spine as Laura realized the thought somewhat excited her. But not much time left to think about that-- a stoplight loomed red.

Pulling to a stop at the light something Laura had long known took new significance: intersections are well-lit. At the moment Laura was the only car stopped, but several other cars were approaching. The first pulled in behind her, but the second, a small pickup truck, pulled into the turn lane to her left.

Laura took a quick peek as the pickup pulled up and noted that the sole passenger was a man of about 30 years old. Laura's nipples hardened as she resisted the modest urge to scrunch back down in her seat. "If he looks over here he's going to get a bit of a surprise" she thought to herself. "But there's no way I'm going to look and see if he does!"

Keeping her eyes focused straight ahead, Laura waited for the light to turn and slowly pulled out when it did.

A rush of adrenalin hit her. "I'll never know if he looked" she thought to herself. But the thought that a stranger might have been looking at her and her bare breasts -- and that perhaps, if he did, he might have found the sight arousing.... Laura's heart beat a bit faster.

A few more intersections came and went without incident and the car approached the ramp to US12, the quickest route to U-Wash-It.

Laura about jumped out of her skin -- she wasn't wearing much else -- as the car filled with sound. "Damn!" she exclaimed before realizing the cell phone was ringing.

"How's it going Ms Godiva? Did you get your stallion cleaned yet?" came Rob's teasing voice.

"No, I'm still driving there. Nothing to report dear. But I might be a bit longer than expected. I think I'm going to stop by a biker bar for a quick beer. I get so overheated in this outfit" she teased back.

"OK, well let me know if you need anything" replied Rob, ignoring the taunt and ending the call.

There were about 10 more minutes of highway left ahead when Laura noticed how many long-haul truckers were on the road this evening and a daring idea struck her.

The earlier incidents left Laura knowing that she liked to be looked at. She very much wanted men to see her naked breast and exposed pussy. Just the thought was making her wet. Picking up the cell phone she dialed the number painted on the side of the nearest semi.

"Hello, is this the driver of the truck on I-69? Yes? Well if you care to look there is a naked woman in the blue Saturn behind you."

Laura immediately hung up as the brake lights of the truck ahead flashed briefly and the driver began to jockey his vehicle beside the Saturn.

For a moment Laura considered hitting the gas and escaping at the next exit but the nervous edge began to make her even more aroused.

The truck was now directly to the right of Laura's car. Emboldened by the rush she was feeling she turned the dome light on to ensure she could be clearly seen.

The cab window of the truck was higher than the car windows, such that he could not see her face. But Laura was pretty sure he could see everything else.

Once again the cell phone rang, and this time Laura answered it with a bit of attitude. "Oh Rob, guess what I'm doing now!"

"Well little lady, I'm not Rob, but I know exactly what you're doin'." came the voice of the truck driver. "I'm just calling to tell you how much I'm appreciating your little show, and to ask pretty please could you give me a better view between your legs?"

Laura realized she was unconsciously holding her knees firmly together. "Um, OK", she weakly answered into the phone and parted her legs. A wave of embarrassment mixed with overriding excitement caught her as she consciously exposed herself to a complete stranger. Just knowing that he was looking was arousing, and she quickly became wet.

The horn of the truck sounded a couple quick blasts. The driver must like what he is seeing. The excitement built and Laura began to finger herself. Again the truck horn, this time two long blasts. Then it slowed. Laura could see in her rear view mirror it's turn signals were on as the truck took the next exit.

Her skin tingled. She had just shown herself to a complete stranger and she liked it; liked it very much. She felt somehow exotic, erotic and sexually charged.

The highway did not yield any more opportunities before the Saturn reached the exit leading to U-Wash-It. Darkness had settled in and short of turning on the dome light, there was no way anyone could see into the car. Not that there was much chance anyway, as the two lane leading to U-Wash-It was a little-traveled stretch of road, normally only traveled during the day by commuters.

U-Wash-It was deserted, the parking lot lit by halogen lamps above. Laura pulled up to the automated teller and rolled down the window and quickly discovered she could not quite reach the console without a stretching reach out the window causing her breasts to peek well above the door sill. Laura liked the feeling of the night air against her bare breasts, her nipples hardening slightly against the cool breeze. She leaned farther out the window than was necessary for the task, secretly hoping someone would drive by and notice.

But no one happened by. Somewhat disappointed, Laura finished the transaction, rolled up the window, and pulled into the stall where the machinery quickly washed the car.

Pulling back onto the darkened road, Laura eagerly anticipated flashing a few more truck drivers on the highway. But her excitement was cut short by the bright flashing of red and blue that illuminated the car's interior. In her excitement Laura had strayed over the speed limit and a cruiser was now commanding her to pull over.

"Shit!" exclaimed Laura out loud, "Shit, shit, shit!". Pulling over she frantically opened the glove compartment to pull out a map, a brochure, anything to try to attempt to cover herself with. But Rob's cleaning efforts had been very thorough; the glove compartment was completely empty except for the registration and proof of insurance.

The flashing lights and headlights of the cruiser was blinding and illuminated the interior of the Saturn. Laura could see the silhouette of the officer and his flashlight approaching in her rear view mirror as she rolled the window down.

"Driver's license, proof of insurance and registration please" said the approaching officer in a firm baritone. Directing the flashlight into the car he added "Interesting outfit."

This was going to be a real problem if anyone found out, that was for sure. At the same time here she was fully exposed to a complete stranger. She could see by the flashlight's beam he was taking full advantage of the viewing opportunity. Laura felt an electric jolt of excitement send goose bumps down her arms. Here she was in big trouble, yet she was excited.

The officer remained a dark outline because of the flashlight but Laura could see a muscular arm in a pressed short-sleeved shirt as she handed over the insurance and registration info saying "I'm so sorry officer, but I don't have my license with me, I left it at home and..."

The officer interrupted, "Ma'am, it appears you've left more than your license at home. I think we have a problem here. See, this car is registered to a Laura Smith, and without identification I'm afraid there is no way I can write you a ticket and let you go. Unless you can come up with a good reason I shouldn't, I'm going to have to take you in."

There was no way she could ever evade notoriety if she was arrested for speeding and public nudity. They would have to move, that's all there was to it. But if she was correctly reading between the lines and the officer really was suggesting what she thought he was suggesting... Her mind reeled. The flashlight beam traversed the car as the officer checked to ensure the backseat was empty, then moved the beam to the thatch of pubic hair between her legs, then slowly up to her face, pausing as it passed over her breasts. There seemed little question remaining to the officer's meaning.

Laura heard her voice say "Officer, I'd hate to think we couldn't work this out between us" at the same time spreading her legs just enough to send the message loud and clear. The beam of the flashlight moved to Laura's now exposed pussy. Laura felt her clit tighten as she wondered if the officer could see the dampness she was feeling.

The officer directed Laura to pull off the road onto a nearby two-track, and after returning to his car followed, with the emergency lights off, as Laura drove to the designated spot.

"What am I doing?!" thought Laura. Uncertain of her motive, Laura wondered whether her motive was to save face and the family name -- or if it was to satisfy the undeniable sexual arousal.

A quick flash of the blue and red lights indicated the place to stop, and Laura stopped and turned off the engine. Not knowing what was expected, she remained in the car. The cruiser stopped just behind, and without turning off the headlights, the officer approached Laura's still-open window.

Acting as if an arrest were still in progress the officer opened the door and instructed, "Ma'am, please move to the rear of the car."

Laura stepped out of the car an into the bright illumination of the cruiser's headlights and moved to the rear of the Saturn.

"Face me, hands on the vehicle, spread your legs" said the policeman, maintaining a business-as-usual tone of voice.

Laura did as she was instructed, leaning back to place her hands on the trunk, causing her hips to thrust forward slightly and her back to arch, her breasts lifting toward the officer.

Removing his hat and placing it on the trunk, the officer a hand on each of Laura's hips, then leaned forward to engulf her left nipple in his mouth. Laura let out an audible sigh as he sucked and nibbled on her tightening nipple.

Laura's back arched further as he drew a line down her chest and stomach with his tongue, moving to his knees, still holding Laura by the hips. As he continued downward, Laura lifted her hips raising her pussy to meet his open mouth, wetness now running down her leg.

He plunged his tongue deeply into her pussy, as he changed his grip, grasping her bottom in each hand, pulling her closer and driving his tongue even deeper. He then moved to her clit, sucking and teasing it with his lips and tongue, continuing to press her firmly to his mouth, squeezing her cheeks with his hands. Not that he had too, as Laura was lost in the experience, her head thrown backward, almost falling off the car as she thrust her clit forward to the accepting mouth. A fleeting thought crossed Laura's mind as to the exhibition they were making in the glaring light of the cruiser, but the thought was lost with yet another plunge of his tongue into her pussy.

As the thrusts of Laura's hips increased in frequency, the officer stood up, facing Laura, his hands again on her hips.

"Please turn and face the vehicle" said the officer, a breathy pant betraying his attempt to maintain composure. As she did he instructed her to again place her hands on the vehicle. As she leaned forward he guided her with his hands, nearly laying her flat upon the trunk, feet still on the ground and bent at the waist.

As the officer dropped his hands to undo his pants, Laura worried what he had planned for her in this position, but as she felt him guide his cock into her eagerly awaiting pussy, her fears were assuaged.

He slowly moved his cock in and out, each time moving slightly deeper. Laura matched his movements, pushing herself rearward with his every forward motion. Given the depth of the thrusts, Laura was certain he was more generously endowed than most.

As the rhythm increased, Laura could hear the officer's breath quicken to match the pace of her own. Her heart beat loudly in her ears and her entire world was wrapped in the sexuality of the moment. The officer leaned forward and reached around her to caress her breasts and roll her firm nipple between his fingers.

The officer's pace began to slow as he neared the point of no return. His hand moved from Laura's breast to her clit which he rolled and massaged as he continued his long, slow thrusts. Again his pace quickened as did the attention he was giving Laura's clit. She could hear the slapping of his thighs against her bottom as she reached climax, reaching with her hands backward to pull him closer, pushing his cock even deeper as the waves of release emanated from her pussy and extended through her body. He responded in kind and Laura could feel his hot cum filling her pussy, sending her on yet another wave of release.

He continued to gently massage her clit until their rhythm slowed to a halt and he lay lightly on top of her, her breasts against the cool deck of the trunk as they rested.

The officer rose, and producing two handkerchiefs from his pocket, wiped himself off with one and handed the other to Laura for similar purpose. As she dabbed the wetness from her loins, the officer refastened his pants and retrieved his hat.

"One more thing Ma'am." said the officer, now having regained his official tone. Laura could not see what was happening as he moved towards his vehicle and was lost in the bright headlights. He emerged carrying a small black object.

"Surveillance video from the cruiser" he explained handing it to her, "I didn't figure you would want that getting into the wrong hands".

Laura stared at the bundle in her hand, realizing her entire experience was on video tape. As he went to leave, the officer paused before closing the cruiser door.

"Oh, and Ma'am?" he called.

"Yes?" she replied.

"I'd like to thank you for a memorable evening, and if you would, please tell Rob I'll meet him for golf on Saturday at the usual time."

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