tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCar Wash Ecstasy Ch. 01

Car Wash Ecstasy Ch. 01


Having breakfast at a local greasy diner with my beau, the conversation stopped when Daniel wantonly gazed upon a young woman walking with her boyfriend along the street outside the window.

I couldn't blame him, as the girl was, well, eye-catching. She was wearing a tight tee top which placed her breasts in prominent display. Her beige mini-skirt showed a lot of leg, and I swear Daniel was placed in a trance by her swaying hips.


The calling of his name snapped his eyes away from the girl's shapely ass. He guiltily looked at me, only to see my head-shaking smile. "It's okay, Daniel, I understand. She looks very attractive."

I glanced at the couple, now nearing the end of our sightline, as did my boyfriend. They were a cute couple who were snuggled against each other. Her hand was placed gently on her boyfriend's ass, while he was kissing her neck.

"I wonder where they do it," asked Daniel.


"You know, they probably can't do it at home unless their parents are away, so I just wonder where they do it when they can't mess around at home," said my boyfriend, an older man with graying hair. "They have to sneak away somewhere."

I surmised they found the normal places to make love, the places where lovebirds have mated over the ages. At a local park, for instance, or down by the lake at a local lover's lane under a blanket of darkness. There they would turn a car into a bedroom like lovers have for decades. I can't be sure, but most likely lovers of olden days may have even used the back bench of a carriage for their lovemaking setting.

It got me thinking. I was lucky my lover --- he a married man --- didn't mind our own love nests, like my apartment or a local motel. For quickies, we were just like the young lovers, we didn't mind being contortionists and making love in one of our trusty automobiles. For many reasons I've always liked being a little adventurous, and if that sense of adventure led be to a secluded yet semi-public setting for sex, so be it.

We lowered our voices and speculated on the "unusual" --- that's his word, not mine --- places we had sampled each other's sexual talents over our three-year relationship. Yes, we'd regularly do it in the car, but over time Daniel would convince me to become more adventuresome in our relationship. We performed our sexual escapades in numerous places, locations which made my friends blush.

One of his favorites was in the stairwells of mall parking lots, in between floors with the door closed above and below so that an intruder would be heard in advance of his or her spying eyes catching us doing some type of wild thing. We had also messed around in a dark, cramped closet at a local library and braved the elements outdoors in a national park. Our most risky might have been the quick blowjob I gave him in a dressing room at Sears just minutes after the store opened. While there was nobody around at first, I heard women walking past and conversing with each other just feet away from us. Luckily, I had gotten him to shoot off quickly, and we were able to slip away without being caught.

Conversely, on one occasion we were caught in the act by several women when we got it on in a rest room during a rock concert. It didn't faze the three girls at all, as they were, well, drunk and more interested in using the facilities than watching our lovemaking. They actually clapped at our activities before leaving.

Yes, we had led an adventurous love life, and those semi-public sex escapades were not only physically hot but also mentally. I had used my trusty hairbrush on numerous occasions thinking about our lovemaking sessions and often wondered if we'd ever be able to best whatever last session we had.

I met Daniel when I worked at the fast food restaurant he managed. He was a good boss, gave us a little leeway on breaks and hours worked, and I missed him when he was transferred to another store.

It was purely by accident when we met at Target, he looking for some jewelry for his wife, me shopping for a new watch. We shared coffees at Starbucks and went our separate ways, but that night I used my trusty hairbrush to satisfy my sexual urges, using Daniel as the poster boy for manhood.

He was quite attractive, as he looked distinguished yet had an air or youth. He was in his mid-40s and regularly worked out, something he reminded me I should do more of...the creep.

Not that I am obese or anything, at 5-5, my 128 pound, 23-year-old frame carries my long brown hair and brown eyes well.

As luck would have it Daniel ran into me at Wendy's one day at lunchtime. Little did I know he had been waiting for me, as I'd mentioned I ate at the restaurant a couple times each week. I was surprised, but pleased, that we met. I asked how his wife Wendy --- how ironic is that? --- was, and he quizzed me of my recent dates.

At that time I hadn't been seeing anyone special, not since being dumped by Jason several weeks before.

Throughout lunch I caught Daniel sneaking glances at my chest on several occasions, and after a while decided to have some fun with the guy. Sort of give an old guy a thrill.

I excused myself and went to the rest room, returning with my mini-skirt hiked a little higher. He gentlemanly stood as I reached the table, and I couldn't help but laugh as his eyes glued themselves to an expanse of thigh which was revealed when I snuggled into my seat.

"Mr. Dawson! You are being a little obvious," was my stern comment. "Don't hurt yourself looking..."

Busted, Daniel blushed like the child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"It's just you are, well, so beautiful!" stammered the man old enough to be my father.

I waved off his comments. "It's okay, it's okay, I was just kidding you."

While he was embarrassed at being caught, it didn't stop him from staring at places other than my eyes over the next few minutes. It was kind of cute, actually, and I really enjoyed having some control over the married man.

In any event, he went to get his car washed and I went back to work with a smile on my face...all the while wondering if I'd get the chance to tease the man more in the future. Little did I know it would be sooner than I thought as later that afternoon my phone rang and Mr. Dawson's voice brought a smile to my eyes.

"You left your umbrella at Wendy's, and if you want I could drop it off after work."

That sounded like a deal, and we agreed to meet at 5:30 that cool winter evening. Honest, nothing was planned, but for some reason I jumped into his waiting car when I left the high rise office where I worked. My skirt had revealed an expanse of thigh when I sat down, something Mr. Dawson dutifully noted. I took the umbrella he handed me, and asked him to drive me to my car just two rows away.

He did, pulling into a space besides my car, and I did the unthinkable. I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

"If I knew I was going to get a kiss I would have bought you a new umbrella and said this one was lost," joked the man many years my senior.

I smiled, and, well, something came over me. I bent toward the man and planted a slow kiss on his open mouth. We held the pose for a few seconds before he broke the kiss, bringing a look of disappointment to my face. "If we're going to do that, maybe I should drive to the back of the lot."

He looked at me, as if waiting to be dismissed. I just smiled, and he took the hint. He drove away from the front of the building and around back. He pulled into a space along the back of the lot, well away from any other vehicles and guarded from two sides by bushes.

Turning toward me, he smiled and pulled me toward him. Without any hesitation I leaned over and soon we were kissing like teenagers. I have to admit it was quite exciting knowing I was attractive to this mature specimen. I loved it when he kissed my neck, and when he did that in tandem with massaging my breast, well, I was smitten. His hand snaked inside my blouse and he caressed my breast, first, on top of my bra and then on bare skin after lifting the bra off and above my breasts.

"Umm," I cooed, enjoying the sensation. "Don't stop, it's perfect."

Daniel's soft fingers danced on my nipples, first one then the other. All the while he kept kissing my neck. Even in the dark I noticed his excitement below, and I reached down to caress his cock over his pants, an action which brought a sigh to his throat.

"Mr. Dawson, I think something needs to be unleashed," I said, smiling at my feeble attempt at humor. Then, seriously, I added, "What about your wife?"

He didn't miss a beat. The look on his face was priceless, and he murmured something like, "Just do it, please, take it out."

I unzipped his pants and slowly reached into his boxers, taking a firm grip on his manhood. I stroked it, slowly and then a little faster as I watched it grow.

"Is this for me?"

"Yes," was his only reply.

Feeling guilty, I mean, he was married, I began pulling away, but I stopped and continued stroking him before I felt his hand gently pushing my head down.

Well, I am sure his wife might have objected to this course of action, but if he didn't mind, neither did I!

I lowered my head and kissed the tip of his hardening cock, then tongued round and round the mushroom shaped crown. That brought a few moans from above, so I figured I was doing something right.

I once had a guy tell me there's never a bad blow job, but I learned long ago never to let anything go to chance when working on a guy's cock. Once I thought I had given a masterful beejay only to learn from a girlfriend who heard from her boyfriend that Thad, the guy I had blown the previous week, that I had nipped his precious cock with my teeth.

It's funny how Thad had never mentioned anything being amiss when I was sucking his dick. As I remember it, he was calling me a great cocksucker while I vacuumed the sticky sauce from his manhood. That was the last time he had me in that situation.

Practice makes perfect, I thought, as I slowly alternated licks between sucks of Mr. Dawson's tasty cock. It couldn't have been more than five-and-a-half inches in length, but what it lacked in one area it was more than ample in another. He had to be four inches around. I mean, it was working to oval my mouth around the whole sausage.

Still I was up to the task, and my licks graduated to a slow, sensuous, wet, loud gripping of his dick with my lips. I started at the tip and slowly sucked more and more of his dick into my mouth by manipulating my lips. The groans from the man told me all I needed to know about whether he liked it or not.

I had only gone up and down his cock a few times when I felt his hand grasp my head and hold it steady. About four inches of dick was planted in my mouth, and I merely tightened and loosened my lips, keeping it in position.

"Robyn, I'm going to cum. You can pull it out!" gasped the man.

Not today, buster, I had worked hard for his nectar, and I wasn't going to have it splash all over his car when my mouth and tummy wanted it dearly. Maybe wifey didn't swallow, but this girl does.

"Oh, jeez, Robyn, it's great," were the famous last words of the man before his cock erupted its seed inside my hot, willing oral cave. "YES!"

For an older guy he had a lot of pent-up sperm which needed to be unleashed from his sack. He spurted several hard shots before releasing a bit more of the tangy sauce. I swallowed while continuing to suck his shrinking dick, finally looking up at the man who was gazing down in awe.

Smiling, I licked the tip of his cock before rising into the passenger seat.

Daniel started to say something, but I waved him off.

"Be quiet. Just kiss me...now."

This was my ultimate test of whether I might have seconds one day with the guy. There are a lot of men who won't kiss their women after a blow job, and that's their prerogative. For me, though, it's a definite step toward never having my lips on their dicks again. My feeling is that if the cocksucking is good enough for me to have to swallow the demon seed, then the least a guy can do is kiss the lips that performed the magic.

Not only did Mr. Dawson kiss me, but we French-kissed, swapping spit and, yes, the residual effects of his cum, for several minutes.

Um, this wasn't to be a one-nighter. Me think there will be more where that came from.

Over the next several months Daniel and I secretively met and out lovemaking advanced from blow jobs to full blown sexual escapades, although oral sex was a big part of our repertoire. And while we did the deed in the bedroom, our best rendezvous had to be of the semi-public variety. Not open enough to get caught, but risqué enough that we both were taken to a higher plateau.

The man surely enjoyed being adventurous, like the time we were walking in a park along a passenger railroad in the early evening. We heard the whistle of an oncoming train, and he pulled me close, kissed me, then pushed me down onto my knees. I got the picture, and, looking around to make sure the coast was clear, reached into his pants and pulled out his manhood.

Licking the tip, I heard the train whistle once more, closer this time. I began sucking his cock in earnest, tasting his hardness which had risen to full mast in mere seconds.

"Oh, Robyn, don't stop...yes, that's good...here comes the train...more, keep sucking me...it's a passenger train...oh that feels so good...the engineer sees us Robyn, keep sucking...this is unbelievable...there are passengers...they can see us...oh I'm cumming."

I looked away from his short hairs and toward the track, holding his dick in my mouth, and observed the train pulling away. I have no way of knowing if people saw us, only Daniel's description. But he swears the driver and at least some passengers had to have seen our frolic. All I know is the man fired his cum with less than two minutes of help from my mouth, so it had to have been fantastic for him.

Walking back to the car I had a huge smile upon my face, and I could swear every one who walked past us knew what we had been up to. When we got back to his car he kissed me and smiled.

"That was great, Robyn, that was fantastic."

Daniel drove me back to my car.

"See you soon honey. I gotta go and get my car washed before I head home," said the man.

"Oh, maybe I could join you some day at the car wash," I joked. "That would be a nice cheap date."

At the time I didn't know how accurate my little attempt at levity had been.

To be continued...

* * * * *

Thanks for reading and voting on this story. And thanks to all my friends who asked me to write some more stories.

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