tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCareful What You Wish For!

Careful What You Wish For!


The tapping on the window was beginning to irritate me as I lay sprawled on my four-poster bed, thoughts tumbling through my mind. The scraping of the branches on the panes of glass was making me more anxious and angry with each ear bursting with the tapping and beating.

Ugh! I am never going to get some sleep tonight, I thought to myself.

Why did I ever get mixed up with that charming and oh so handsome man.

I can't get him out of my head! Theo was a very seductive, intelligent, and quite a charming gentleman, but I could sense something was different about him. Danger perhaps, but I couldn't place my finger on it. His vibe was like an intoxicating silk rope winding its way around my body, making my defenses drain away and drawing the will out of me. It was startling, yet so seductive.

I am a single 27 year-old woman living by myself, so naturally I am going to jump when I see an incredible man who is interested in a woman like me. Being single did have its sorrows, but in meeting Theo, I was no longer ashamed, but gleeful!

The only thing that has me tossing in my bed is the knowledge that I am going on a date with him tomorrow night, and naturally, I am fearful and dreading it, but another part of me is giddy and excited.

I'm in for it big time tomorrow tonight. I wonder if he will take me home with him or if I should invite him to my place. Lord knows I want him to ravish and thoroughly fuck me, for I am indeed in need of one, I thought to myself one last time, before finally drifting into an exotic dream of Theo.

The Following Evening 6:30 PM

I heard the knock on my door and nearly fainted in fear and anxiety. I had chosen to wear a simple yet very sexy black silk gown, with ankle strapped shoes. My blond hair was curled tight, my lips painted crimson. I knew I looked good. I opened the door, my teeth clenched to keep me from screaming. Theo stood at the door looking incredibly handsome. I stood in silence, forever it seemed. I wanted to drag him into my apartment and fuck him in the middle of the living room, licking that delicious body of his with my tongue and riding him until my body caved into the dreamless sleep of euphoria.

"Are you feeling alright, Winter?" Theo asked, concern lining his beautiful face.

Quickly realizing I had been staring at him for the past five minutes, I collected myself and smiled.

"Of course, Theo, my mind was wandering, my apologies," I replied, with my brain fluttering with disbelief that I had already made a fool of myself, before ever leaving my apartment.

'Pull yourself together, Winter, he is going to think you're an idiot!' I yelled at myself.

"Well, if you are indeed feeling alright, let's go and grab something to eat at the Italian Joint," he said, grabbing my elbow to steer me to the car.

Chills ran up my spine as we entered the car to dine together, and I was working on my plan to get him into bed. I didn't care if it was in the middle of the street, he was going to fuck me one way or the other.

Later That Evening 8:30 PM

Things were going perfectly. Theo and I had a wonderful dinner and learned quite a lot about each other. I had at least 6 glasses of wine, so I was feeling a little light headed and sexy. When we were in the car, my plan had finally set in motion.

"So, would you like to come to my apartment tonight, or would you prefer to go home," Theo asked me, his eyes flickering over my body.

I smiled and thought to myself, finally things are going perfectly!

"I would love to join you," I told him, a seductive grin lighting up my face.

We arrived at his apartment complex and a wave of anticipation shivered down my spine. We entered his apartment and I was astonished. He had such a beautiful home, from which I knew he had to make good money.

"Would you like something to drink?" Theo asked me, taking his coat and mine to put in the closet.

"Yes, please, I would really like some wine, if you have some," I replied, wanting to get a little tipsier in order to open the more exotic side of me.

I took a seat in the living area as Theo poured us some drinks. When he returned, I had removed my shoes and dress to reveal the sexy teddy I had hidden beneath my clothes.

"Wow, you look stunning! I could just tie you down and remove that from your body with my teeth," Theo exclaimed, his eyes narrowing with desire.

I have got him now, I thought to myself.

I smiled coyly and replied softly, "Sounds like a deal I'll have to call you on!"

He handed me my drink and I gulped it down. As the minutes ticked by, I began to feel dizzy and drowsy. 'No! I can't black out now, I've almost got him,' I thundered to myself. I couldn't help it; I was going down and going fast. Damn it!

I woke up in a dark room, with a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. Confused and dazed, I surveyed my surroundings. As I began to move, I realized I was tied to a bed, on which the sheets were silk and smelled of fresh linen and honey. I looked around and saw that I wasn't alone, fear building in my chest and a lump logging in my throat. I couldn't see who was there but I knew from the shadows cast by the light that there was more than one. I calculated maybe 10 or more.

The room was large, covered in paintings; one window to my left was covered in a dark red drape. I listened intently as the voices of the other people in the room began to whisper. They knew I had awakened, and I waited in fear to find out what was going on. A shadow came closer and I realized it was Theo.

"Theo, please help me! Where are we? Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, my breath coming in shorter gasps from the recognition of Theo.

He bent low over me and whispered in my ear, "You are such a beauty, I felt it was entirely to selfish to keep you to myself, so I have invited some very good friends of mine to share you. I have never met such an astonishing woman and I knew they would enjoy you as I know you will also."

My eyes watered up and I began to whimper. I knew this night wasn't going to be short. The other men came walking forth and I counted 14 of them.

"Please don't do this, Theo. I don't deserve this. I'm a good person. Please, just let me go and I will never tell," I pleaded to Theo as he smiled at his companions.

"Gentleman, this is Winter, she will be our entertainment tonight. As we all know, I have first taste and then we all take turns. Every hole is for our taking. Enjoy!" he shouted to the crowd as they cheered and gleefully clapped, all staring at me with lust and desire.

My teddy was still in place and I knew that soon I was going to be raped by all these men, in every hole I had to offer. Theo came up next to me with a bottle of water and some pills. I turned my head away to refuse the drugs. He grabbed my face and turned it towards him.

"Trust me, you will want these. These pills will help your pain during our fuck fest and will help you enjoy it," he whispered, gently kissing my face.

I opened my mouth, for I wanted anything that would help me cope with the 15 cocks that were going to plow into my slim body. I swallowed them as everyone exited the door. Theo turned to me and smiled. He began to remove his clothes and I nearly screamed as his cock was exposed. He was at least 10 inches and I had never had that much in my body before.

As he finished putting his clothing in a box next to the closet, the pills he had given me earlier began to affect my body. I felt loose and relaxed. My body felt as though I had been in a hot tub for hours, yet I was still alert. I felt sexy and ashamed all at once. I knew I shouldn't feel this way, yet I couldn't stop myself. I knew I had lost my will and I was for the taking.

Theo approached the bed, sitting on the edge. His hands ran down my body and I nearly moaned, but I held it back, not wanting him to know I was being affected by the drugs. He began to unclasp the hooks of my teddy and removed it, exposing my nipples to the cool air. They stiffened immediately. Theo pinched my left nipple, gently, yet hard enough to make me gasp.

"I know you like that, I know you want me and I'm going to show you exactly how much I want to do it to you," Theo said, his voice strained by desire.

He surprised me, when he bent down to the edge of the bed and placed his head between my thighs. His tongue dipped between my slit and I couldn't hold back the moan that burst from my lips. His tongue continued to lap at my cunt as I thrashed, pulling at my restraints to touch him. He dug his expert tongue into my clit and flesh, my climax building. He suddenly shoved two fingers into my dripping hole and I screamed in delight. He pounded my pussy, finger-fucking me as his lips and tongue continued to lavish my swollen bud. I thought I was going to die of the growing pleasure building in my cunt, but then my juices overflowed from my sex pot and into Theo's eager mouth. He drank in my juices as wave after wave of delight fluttered over me, until I was clean once again.

He stood up and stalked to the head of the bed, his cock hard and very thick. I knew he wanted me to suck his huge cock, and I wanted it too, but I knew it was going to be hard. He pushed his huge meat past my lips and slowly forced it into my waiting mouth. His moans told me he liked the way my mouth wrapped so tightly around his fucking rod. After he felt I had gotten used to his thickness, he began to fuck my face, pushing deeper with each stroke. I thought for sure I was going to gag as his cock neared the back of my throat, but as he inserted it deeper, his cock assaulting my throat, I didn't. I guess the pills had relaxed my throat as well. He continued to fuck my face, going faster with each rise and fall of his hips. My jaw began to ache as he pushed violently into my mouth, and as soon as I felt my jaw would break, his cock exploded into my throat, and I swallowed every drop.

"I knew you would be a good cock sucker, with those lips," Theo said, praising my body and my beauty.

I knew what was coming next. He pushed me on to my stomach, causing my arms to cross from the restraints. He lifted my hips; I was positioned on my elbows and knees. I felt his huge cock rub against my wet slit, and anticipation shivered through me. I was surprised that he was still hard but also relieved. He pressed into my slick folds and invaded my cunt with such force that the air was pushed out of me with a whoosh. I mewed as he began to rock into me, my moans escalating into near screams of pleasure and pain. He pulled my hair, yanking my head back, calling me names.

"You're such a slut, I knew you'd like my big cock buried in your hot cunt," he moaned as he continued to pull my hair and plow into my body.

I came again and again, yet he never grew tired. Finally, he stopped and I felt relieved. His next move made me squirm and scream for mercy. He took his fingers and drenched them in my juice and smeared it on to my virgin ass hole. His fingers slowly inched into my puckered hole and I nearly passed out from the pain, yet it also felt incredible. He pushed deeper, and I began to moan.

"I knew you wouldn't resist me for long. I knew you were a little whore when I first met you. Bet you're ass has never been touched. I can't wait to deflower it and show you how it feels," Theo said, pushing deep into my ass whilst my moan bellowed from my throat.

Soon, his fingers were replaced by his huge cock and I braced myself. He pushed, and the pain was intense, but swift. After a few strokes and deeper penetration, I began to push back against him, pushing his cock deeper and he liked it. He pounded my ass, as he began to flick my clit and alternated from finger fucking me, to pulling my hair. My nails dug into the silk sheets as he plowed my ass. My orgasms came often and I couldn't help but collapse on the bed as he continued his assault. Finally, I felt his cock quicken in pace and felt a warm flow as his hot jizz poured into my ass. He stood up and smiled at me, and walked to the door. I lay there, completely exhausted, but I knew this was only the beginning.

The room remained empty, for what seemed hours. I was left tied to the bed as I awaited my other attackers to come and fuck me to my death. I began to become drowsy, my eyelids became heavy. Before I could close my eyes, the door opened and I was blinded by a bright light. Three men entered the room, all completely naked. I looked at the cocks that hung between their legs and saw in fear that each of them was very large. One of the men came to the edge of the bed and turned me over, sitting me up. He had more pills in his hands. I took them with appreciation, for I knew they would be my only mercy. As I finished swallowing the drugs, the men began to grab my limbs. One man at my face, shoving his cock into my mouth, whilst the other two positioned me to fuck me like a slinky.

I felt two large cocks brush both entrances and I braced myself for the impact. Suddenly they both plunged into me at the same time, and I tried to yell, but the cock in my mouth pushed deeper in order to muffle my cries. The man I was sucking smiled as he saw the tears form in my bright blue eyes. He grabbed my hair and began to beat my throat with his huge cock. Finally, as my jaw began to ache and I felt I was going to suffocate, he offloaded his spunk down my throat. He made sure I had sucked him clean before removing his member from my gaping mouth.

He gently kissed my ear lobe and whispered, "Damn good ride doll, but this is the easy part." I didn't know or want to know what he meant.

The other two men who were jack hammering my cunt and ass began to quicken in pace and my juices poured from my already cum drenched hole, as they both came together. They gave me a pat on my bottom as they turned to leave.

When they exited the room, four men came in this time and I grew fearful. Their cocks were bigger than the first three. These men were more gentle and compassionate towards me. They rubbed my body, pinching and licking my nipples, bringing them to attention. My neatly trimmed pussy glistened from my own juices and the other men's come. One of the men gently flicked my clit and I began to moan. That's when things got rough. The largest of the men was placed at my ass, another to my pussy, and another to my mouth. I was wondering who the fourth was and what he was going to do. Then I caught movement to my left, and I realized he was fucking the man in my ass. I was bewildered. I had the force of not only three cocks buried in my body, but the force of another going to my ass.

I began to enjoy myself as the men pounded my holes. Their moans made me chill and I came too many times to count. The man in my mouth burst and I was filled up again. The men in my other holes had other ideas. I felt them stiffen and they both pulled out, covering me in hot jizz, and I creamed at the feel of the spunk running down my stomach.

I got a break, but it seemed very short, for I didn't know the time. I sat, waiting for the next group. I turned my head as I heard the door open and I was shocked to see that all the men were coming in this time. I was so scared, but the drugs didn't allow me to react. I didn't understand what was going on. Then it came to realization. They we're going to fuck each other and me!

Three, four and sometimes five men at a time would plow into my holes as another man fucked him. Hours passed as I was screwed more ways than I could ever imagine. By the time most of the men had me, I was covered in come, jizz dripping from my face, cunt, ass, and legs. I was in a shower of it. Each man took his fill of my body and tossed me aside for the next man.

When the last two men came up, they did something that I would have never thought possible. They released me from the bed and lifted my body to sit on one of them. He pushed his cock in my ass, and I was surprised, and surprise turned to disbelief as the other man pushed his cock in my already filled hole. I screamed as they stretched me beyond my limits and nearly passed out as they began to move in and out. They had a rhythm going and all the men gathered around to cheer them on. I felt hands rubbing my pussy and clit as the two men slammed their cocks in my already abused ass. I felt something cold and hard being pushed into my cunt, and I looked down to find a dildo shoved in. It began to vibrate and the two men as well as I let out bellowing moans. It felt so good. I cried to tell them to fuck me harder as I had grown accustomed to the cocks in my ass. I came several more times and the pressure of it caused the two men to explode in my ass, jizz pouring from my butchered ass. I finally passed out from complete exhaustion.

I could hear knocking and it was loud. I sat up quickly to find that I was in my bedroom. I went to the door at the front, and my best friend, Angel, was staring at me with fright.

"Winter, where have you been, you've been missing for 3 days," she said in a frightful tone.

I didn't want her to know of my experience so I lied and told her I had gone to another state.

With this story, and experience, I realized, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and more!

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