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Caribbean Cruise Ch. 02


Warning: Please ensure that you have read Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of that posting. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


* * * * *

After lunch on Day 1, the bikinis came out... Rick could hardly believe his eyes; the eye-candy was so rich and plentiful! Wherever he looked, there was a Collins woman swaying her ass seductively backwards and forwards as she walked on by, or stretched out across the flat deck of the yacht to soak up the sun's rays in two-piece swimsuits that seemed barely there at all in the first place.

Ashley was wearing a tiny little pink two-piece bikini Rick had actually brought her last summer - the super-small triangular coverings that went over her breasts were barely large enough to cover her large nipples, and her ultra-small G-string bikini bottoms almost disappeared right up her pussy-crack!

Connie, her 18-year-old sister, was wearing a small two-piece white bikini outfit, matching her mother Billie. Her tiny rump looked positively bootilicious, to Rick's eyes at least, and soon enough he was sprouting some serious wood in his swimming trunks.

Billie, on the other hand, had much more fabric to her bikini swimsuit, but then there was much more of her to cover than there was of her daughter Connie. She had a really sexy, voluptuous figure, and huge 36DD-cup breasts that threatened to burst right on out of the taut bikini top she was wearing. Just like her kid, Billie Collins walked around the place with some serious camel-toe, her bikini briefs almost right up her coochie slit, which definitely didn't help resolve my erection difficulties in a decent manner that wasn't embarrassing to him in any way.

Kimberley was wearing one of the sleekiest, most arousing bikini swimsuits Rick had ever seen in his entire life. The bikini suit was quite small and bright pink in colour, and she looked utterly stunning in her dark brown skin, billowing jet-black hair and a body to die for. But she was quickly heading for the back of the yacht, and after a little while, Rick heard the splash of someone diving into the cool, shining dark-blue waters of the Caribbean - he assumed immediately that it was Kim who had dove into the sea, because his gut told him that it was her.

When she went by him and headed over to her mother, sprawled out by herself out on the forward deck of the catamaran, Connie seemingly 'stumbled' on her feet and bumped up against Rick's taut body.

As her pelvis pressed up against his, Rick felt Connie's pussy-mound grinding in against his rigid cock, and he let out a low moan of agonized, torturous pleasure. When Connie pulled back away from him just a little bit, she was grinning broadly. Then, without a word being spoken, she reached down with her right hand and gave his erect dick a gentle pat before moving on her way over to join her Mom out on the deck to bask in the sunshine.

Rick stood there in stunned inaction for a few moments, utterly paralysed for a long while by Connie's blatant flirtations. She was a real tease, Rick thought with a rueful smile, shaking his head as he wondered what the youngest Collins girl's motives actually were when it came to her sexy advances.

Deciding to put his thoughts on hold concerning Connie for a while, so he didn't frustrate himself by going over every possible angle, contemplating hidden meanings to Connie's every action towards him, Rick moved on towards the back of the catamaran, to join Andrew, Keith and Ashley as they sat back on the deck of the huge yacht, enjoying the Caribbean's splendour and each other's company. Rick looked around for Kimberley, but didn't see her at first.

"Where's Kim, baby?" he asked Ashley as he leaned down to his girlfriend for a quick kiss on the lips.

Ash smiled up at him and kissed Rick back, a little surprised that he would opening kiss her in such a way right in front of her father. "She's just taken a swim in the ocean, darling... she said she'd be back in a little while."

Curious about her father's reaction to the kiss, Ashley quickly stole a glance over at her Dad, Andrew. He had a stone-cold, expressionless look on his face, and for a second it looked as though he hadn't noticed their exchange of affection right before his very eyes at all, which seemed just about impossible to her.

Then she caught a cold, menacing glimmer in his eyes, and Ashley knew immediately that her father hadn't missed a thing... she didn't know why he kept quiet on the issue and didn't tell Rick to knock it off right there and then - they must have bonded a little bit more, she thought, and she was pleased. Ash knew that her Dad would come around to really liking Rick, all that was required was time and patience...

"Oh, okay..."

Conversation went back and forwards between the four of them as they began to catch up on what was happening in their different lives. Ash and Rick, who were living the wild, passionate lives of uni students in the prime years of their time on Earth, kept most of their stories censored, in homage to the company in which they found themselves.

Andy lamented upon how fed up he was with the life on a retired multi-millionaire - Rick had to stop himself from gagging with disgust. He sometimes didn't understand Andy Collins and his crazy, swash-buckling sailor's life... plus, he was a killer too, a military-trained commando. The guy just couldn't enjoy the last little bit of his life because he felt like he had wasted his retirement years, and that made Rick sad for the man.

Keith tried his best to keep the discussion directed away from himself, and his life with Andy's eldest, Kim. There was definitely some rocky waters ahead between them two, Rick thought to himself with a bemused smile as he gave Keith a good, long stare, trying to put him off his game a little bit. The cool customer just stared right on back, totally calm and calculating, a real ice-cold player indeed... something, Rick realized, was definitely going on, and a booming voice inside his head was telling him that finding out what exactly the issue was between Keith and Kimberley would be of vital importance in the future.

"Hey!" a loud, powerful voice shouted out from the waters out to the west, "anyone want to join me in a swim out to that sandy little island about five miles to the south?"

Rick glanced out towards where the voice had come from out on the clear, crystalline waters of the Caribbean, and recognized Kimberley bobbing up and down in the waves. She was pointing to the south, and there, just about five miles away by his reckoning as well as Kim's, was the sandy island she was talking about.

There were only a couple of big palm trees on the island and that was it, and it couldn't have been much more than four hundred meters long and about two hundred wide. A pretty long swim, Rick thought, but then he suddenly felt like a challenge... the temptation was alluring.

"Dad, how about you?" Kim asked her father, whom she knew was a fantastic swimmer even at his advanced years. Andrew Collins was, after all, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and even throughout the last few years he'd spent in retirement, he was still fitter than most men half his age.

"No thanks, darling... I just want to lay back here and soak up the rays, that's all."

She didn't even ask Keith, and he didn't speak up to say that he'd join his bride. Next, Kim asked her sister Ashley if she would be interested in joining her for the journey over to the sand-isle. But Rick could tell just by the sound of the older Collins daughter that she held little hopes of Ash joining her... it wasn't in his girlfriend's nature to do something so physically draining without some tangible benefit. Ashley's reply was a very predictable, and expected, negative.

Finally deciding that he could not resist the challenge the task would present, and weighing up any possible negative consequences that might result from the decision, Rick stood up, and shouted down to Kim, who was still bobbing along a little ways out from the catamaran, "I'll join you, Kim, if you don't mind?"

"No, of course I don't mind, Rick!" came the hastily shouted reply from Kim just a few moments later, and he couldn't help but smile just a little bit as he caught the note of desperation in the sexy ancestral Indian beauty's voice. "Come on in, and we'll head straight on out."

"Okay, be right there..." Rick said, and then turned to look down at Ashley. She had a slightly disapproving little frown on her gorgeous little face, but Rick chose to ignore the look and leaned in to give his girlfriend another kiss on her mouth. Ash kept her lips closed against her lover's probing, insistent tongue for a few moments, but then in the end gave in and opened her mouth for him to properly French kiss her. Right in front of her father and brother-in-law, then pashed passionately, and Ashley couldn't help but get quite hot and moist between her thighs with her womanly arousal at the blatant display of their affection for each other.

"I'll be back in a little while, honey," he said to the woman that he loved, then dove straight into the cool, crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean to join his girlfriend's very attractive, married older sister on a swim off to a private little island well off into the distance.

As he swam out to join his girlfriend's gorgeous sister out in the beautiful waters of Central America, Rick couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to be alone with the seductively sensuous Kimberley for the first time... because that's what was going to happen.

For the first time since he had met Kim, Ashley's older sister, they were going to be alone together, and it was going to be on a beautiful, picturesque, sandy little island well away from the yacht... and as the sun was setting in a stunning display of magnificence to the west, no less.

Rick didn't know what to think or how to feel, so he just pushed all the confusing, overwhelming thoughts out of his head as he swam over to where Kim was bobbing up and down, above the small waves which were crashing in against the side of the long, well-built yacht the Collins clan had hired out.

He was in love with Ashley Collins, of that much Rick Chaplain was sure of... what he wasn't sure of was his feelings towards Kimberley, as well as the other Collins women! Was it just lust, the desire for women that were probably well out of his reach and thus simply the fantasies of a red-blooded male? Or did he actually want to screw these women, possibly risk his entire relationship with Ashley just to be with them? Rick really didn't know, and he was getting all wound up inside just thinking about it. Deciding that perhaps it was best to just ride things out, he finally reached Kim, and then the two of them started swimming in earnest towards the sand-isle in the distance.

It hadn't started out between the two of them as a race, but Kimberley was quite fast, and her body was very sleek underwater, so soon enough she was well ahead of Rick and on the way to making it to the island first. At first, Rick didn't mind that he was getting smashed by a woman, but over a short period of time it started to gnaw away at his manhood, and suddenly he was off after her, giving it everything he had to make sure he reached Kimberley and had well surpassed her before she managed to get to the sandy island.

Because he was larger than Kim, and thus had more muscle mass to call upon, Rick managed to just edge past his opponent when it counted most, in the end reaching the little isle before she did... but it was a very close call in the end, and they were both positively exhausted when they did make it onto the beach.

Rick managed to drag himself up out of the water and stumble about half a dozen metres before collapsing onto his back on the cooling sands in sheer exhaustion, feeling as though his arms and legs were made of lead and his joints were about to snap or seize up completely. He had put himself through too much physical strain, just over some stupid race with a woman... but Rick couldn't help but grin admirably.

Goddamn, but what a woman she was, he thought to himself. Kim sure as hell had some potent Native American-Indian in her system... that Rick could not doubt! She was tall, lithe and extremely sexy, with a full, round and highly voluptuous body that seemed to be designed for sex. As she made her way up out of the waters of the Caribbean, swaying her gorgeous ass back and forward as she went, Rick couldn't help but feel his cock twitch in his swimming trunks at the enticing sight.

He loved Kim's easy-going, flirtatious attitude, and imagined that she was the type of girl who was fun loving, carefree, and a real pain in the ass for a jealous sonofabitch like Keith Stevens. The guy would've been driven out of his mind by Kim's antics within a year of marrying her, but yet he did so anyway. Thus was the power of her physical beauty... it clouded sane, rational men's minds, and seriously impeded intelligent men's judgements.

"What a swim, huh?" Kim said with a throaty, sensuous little laugh, dropping down beside Rick on the sand. She leaned back and stretched out on her back on the beach, her large, ample breasts bulging out against the ultra-thin, extremely tight bikini top she was wearing. Rick found the temptation to reach out and cup one of those huge, firm round knockers very hard to resist, and a part of him knew that Kim wouldn't be angry in the least by such a bold move on his part.

But he was afraid... Rick couldn't take the final step that was necessary to make a move on Kimberley, because he was terrified of the consequences if he was mistaken.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Kimberley asked in that soft, sensuous voice of hers.

"You don't want to know my thoughts..." Rick said. He looked over at Kim, and saw that she was staring right back at him, her lips parted slightly. She had a sort of dreamy, faraway look in her eyes, that instantly made my rigid cock ache all the more inside his tight, constrictive swimmers. Kim seemed like she was about to maul Rick right there and then, and he could hardly believe how great she looked to him at that precise moment.

"I can hazard a guess..." Kim cooed. She leaned forward, sliding her right hand over Rick's smooth, damp chest, and went up to pull and tweak on his erect nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Soon enough, Rick was squirming a little under the pressure of her ministrations on his nipple... he sat up straight on his butt, and reached out with both hands to grasp Kimberley gently around her shoulders.

Holding her back away from him, Rick stared deep into Kim's eyes, and asked her, point-blank, "What do you think you're doing, Kimberley?"

"What does it look like, baby? I want to fuck you," she replied flippantly, as if the answer was so blatantly obvious, Rick was quite stupid not to have picked it up himself. She reached forward to kiss him deeply on the mouth... Kim pushed her tongue right in against Rick's closed, tightly-pressed lips, wiggling it into his mouth and fencing passionately with his own tongue until he finally managed to push her back off him again.

"What? Are you out of your mind? I love Ashley. I love her very much... I don't want to hurt her in any way, Kim, and although I might feel some true attraction towards you, I would never knowingly risk my relationship with your sister in any way..."

Kim smiled, and shook her head sadly. She seemed to be debating something with herself, or that was what Rick gathered by looking into her eyes and by seeing the expression on her face. Kim finally appeared to come to some sort of resolution, and at last she looked up at Rick, staring right into his eyes. She seemed to have a new sense of determination in her gaze, but with that fierce look of strength and defiance, there also seemed to be a gripping sense of fear and trepidation in her big, doe-like eyes. Kim was unsure of the future, of the impact of her actions (whatever they were), and that seemed to make Rick fear what she was about to do all the more.

"I need to tell you something about Ashley, Rick. There's something that you must know about... she's been cheating on you with another man, Rick, I know that might be hard for you to accept but it's the god's-honest truth. She has been sleeping with my husband Keith for at least the last year, thought I have a feeling their relationship has been going on for a lot longer than that," Kim told the man sitting beside her on the beach. When she saw the pain and the humiliation in Rick's eyes, her heart was torn with guilt, but she pushed on regardless, knowing that the truth was better off known so that he could move on with the rest of his life and find happiness somewhere else. "Look, I know how terrible this must be for you, but it's the truth, I swear to you. My husband Keith is a sadistic, brutal bastard, who gets off on causing pain and misery wherever he can. This is how he finds enjoyment out of life, Rick - by destroying the happy, contented lives of everyone around him. And I have to live with him, because he knows things about me, my father, and our family that can destroy us all..."

"What, Kimberley? What does he know about you and your family? Why can't you fight Keith, get a divorce, get yourself away from that motherfucker?" Rick demanded.

"There are secrets, Rick... things about Dad, mainly... things that we, the kids, were never meant to know." Kim paused, and then shook her head. "No, please... don't ask me about the secrets, Rick. Just be with me, I beg you. Be with me now. Love me with passionate desire and lustful abandon. Ravage me the way I need to be ravaged, so I can scream to the heavens in ecstasy..."

As she moved into his arms again, Rick found himself letting Kimberley into his embrace, holding her against him as her lips found his and their tongues entwined. His mind was racing away at a mile a minute over so many different things, yet he could not stop himself from replaying every little clue that gave away Ashley's little deception. She was so close to Keith on the yacht all the time, so touchy and loving towards her brother-in-law... too much to just be ridden off as family affection or harmless flirting. No, there had always been signs to her betrayal, but Rick had just been too slow and too blind to see them...

The fact that he had been contemplating infidelity in their relationship with both of her sisters and her stepmother for quite some time seemed to have become a moot point, or at least in Rick's eyes, as he stewed over this immense betrayal of trust. He found himself quickly becoming angry and embittered with Ashley.

Finding himself with Kimberley Collins, Ash's very own sister, in his arms on a deserted island, practically tonguing his tonsils in the back of his throat with passionate zeal, Rick found the perfect method to deliver his sweet revenge, and he sure wasn't about to miss such a golden opportunity.

Reaching up with his right hand to cup one of Kim's ample breasts as he scooped up a firm, pliable ass-cheek with his left, Rick began to vigorously flick and massage the buxom beauty's rigid, puckered-up nipple through the thin material of her bikini top. Soon, Kimberley was grasping softly against Rick's ministrations of her nipple, while he pushed in against the tiny brown ring of her anus with the forefinger of his left hand, which made her squirm around all the more with abject pleasure.

"God, you're so good with your fingers..." Kim cooed seductively, giving Rick's earlobe a loving lick with her tongue as their bodies meshed together. Rick smiled broadly to himself over her left shoulder as he dropped onto his back on the sand, and then brought Kim down on top of him. He could feel his rock-solid dong sticking right up against the crack of Kimberley's cunt, and as she rubbed her groin up against the lump of his cock, their crotches separated only by the thin material of Rick's swimmer trunks and her bikini briefs, he felt as though his spunk was going to fly right out right there and then.

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