tagGroup SexCaribbean Holiday Ch. 03

Caribbean Holiday Ch. 03

byB. Beattie©

The weekly Bar-B-Q and Toga party at the hotel was tonight. Allen and Sam had repeatedly said not to miss it for any reason because it great fun and the highlight of their vacation. Toga dress was mandatory for admittance with costumes available in reception. I went to the hotel lobby and was handed two toga costumes, scissors, needle and thread and was told that we could alter them any way we wanted.

On my return to our room Irina and I found two well made costumes. When we tried them on we discovered they were also very cleverly designed to show a lot of flesh. Sam's was a Roman tunic costume held together with a red rope at waist. She could not wear panties with the costume due to it being open each side past her waist. On Sam, it looked deliciously provocative. I was concerned with her wearing this costume because her tits showed a lot and she could not wear any panties. The costume was not made for a tall girl and was half way up her thighs. Every time she raised her arms a lot of her ass would show below the costume.

My costume was simple and fit perfectly. I could not wear any underwear due to the costume design exposing one hip. Just wearing it to the party produced excitement with my cock swinging about freely under the costume.

Upon arrival at the party we found Allen and Sam sitting with 3 other couples at a large round table and joined them. The guy Irina sat next to had a great view of her tits because the top opened towards him. Her costume skirt was so short all of her legs showed and each time she crossed her legs there was a flash of blond pussy. The Bar-B-Q was great and giant platters of ribs, hamburgers and chicken were consumed with a lot of beer and many pitchers of frozen margaritas. The more Irina, Sam and the other girls drank, the less they cared that their tits and a lot of leg were showing. Irina's 36C tits could not be concealed in the costume and she was not trying very hard to keep covered. Looking around the table I could see lots of tits and plenty of leg showing.

After dinner the band started playing. They were very good and played non-stop dance tunes with a heavy disco beat that had everyone in the place up dancing. When Irina danced her tits were showing a lot of the time. Whoever designed these costumes were perverts like me and knew what they were doing. I am sure that Irina's was helping by purposely moving to expose her tits and tease me. When she danced and raised her arms over her head her blond pussy would sometimes show and was getting plenty of looks from the men around us. We danced for over an hour and my cock was hard with the excitement. Other men were asking Irina to dance and sneak a feel of her tits.

After a rest and a beer, Sam asked Irina to dance with her. After a couple of songs I became aware that most of the couples had stopped dancing had formed a large circle around Irina and Sam. Both of the girls tits were showing and their pussies were getting plenty of air time every time one of them raised their arms. They were dancing very provocatively rubbing their bodies against one another and touching each other openly.

Soon they had the whole place watching, clapping and urging them on. Once they raised their arms together and came together moving their pussies back and forth in a sexy display that had everyone screaming.

The band raised the volume and the tempo. Sam reached over and pulled Irina's shoulder strap and the costume fell to Irina's waste. Irina was now topless and dancing before 200 or 300 people. Her firm tits were wet and moving like Jell-O and her blond pussy would peak out once in awhile. Sam and Irina were openly caressing each other's tits and moving their pussies against each other's tights. When the band stopped everyone applauded and cheered. People quickly surrounded them and I went out and brought Irina back to our table. She looked at me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately and said "thank you for bringing me here." She had been sitting at our table almost naked and put her costume back together as best as possible and we danced for the next couple of hours. A couple of the guys danced with Irina and I dance with their wives. The guys all wanted to see Irina up close and hopefully have a feel of those great 36C tits. This was a great night.

We went for a swim and enjoyed a long walk on the beach. Irina said that she enjoyed the dance with Sam and all the people watching and that it was fun being crazy. We fucked on the beach twice and in out room till falling asleep exhausted. With all the fucking we did on the beach with Allen and Sam earlier in the day, I must have cum 6 or 7 times and Irina said her pussy needed a rest.

To Be Continued...

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