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My story took place a month ago when my beautiful wife Linda and I spent a long weekend at a beautiful resort in Puerto Rico. Linda and I have been married for over 20 years and have four wonderful kids. Even with the four kids and being in her early forties, Linda still looks incredible.

Growing up, she took dance for a number of years and to this day still has those long sexy legs that you see on a lot of dancers. Those great legs lead up to a perfect rear - not too big or too small. Looks great in shorts or jeans and even better in a bikini bottom. Above that are some sexy abs, tight but not muscular looking. From there are the most amazing breasts I've ever seen in person, in a magazine or on the big screen. Despite being over 40, her C/D breasts are still firm and have perfect nipples. The rest of her body is enough to turn heads, but when guys see her topless at a beach or in a tight top, it's enough to make them drool. Then, to top it all off, her face is beautiful, with sexy blue eyes and incredible lips.

With the economy the way it is, we were originally planning to limit our vacations this year. So, although we try to get away with just the two of us at least once a year, we were planning to just take a family trip or two this year. That changed when our Accountant told us that we were actually going to be receiving a tax refund this year. Then I received an email with a bunch of last minute travel deals. One of those deals was an all-inclusive 4 day trip to Puerto Rico. It included airfare from our city, transfers, room, meals and drinks. The price was about one-fourth of what it usually would be, so we decided to take advantage of it. The only things that were not included were any souvenirs we purchased or spa treatments at the resort.

A few weeks later we were headed to the airport for our getaway. The flight was fine and it was great arriving in Puerto Rico on a beautiful 85 degree day. Upon arriving at the resort, we were greeted with champagne and strawberries and taken to our room. The resort was beautiful and we spent the next hour or so walking the property to see where everything was. One of the places we checked out was their spa and I grabbed a services and price list. As we were leaving the spa, I asked Linda if she wanted to have any treatments and she reminded me that we're on a very tight budget and just being with each other and enjoying the sun for the next 4 days would be fine with her. So, I put the services and price list into our beach bag and we moved on.

The highlight of our walk around the property, at least from my perspective, was that we discovered that the smaller hidden pool allowed topless sunbathing. We also found that the bigger pool and beach had signs indicating that topless sunbathing was strictly prohibited. So, I was determined to visit the smaller pool often over the next 4 days.

The next couple of days were perfect. We'd wake up in the morning, have breakfast and then spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach or one of the pools. After dinner and evening activities each night, we'd have some incredible sex and fall asleep in each other's arms. The highlight of each of the days, besides the great sex was when we visited the smaller hidden pool.

As is always the case when Linda goes topless, she definitely attracted lots of attention. The waiters seemed to stop by to see if we needed anything every 10-15 minutes and all of the chairs around us filled in quickly. The best part though was when Linda would jump into the pool and watching the reaction of the guys when she climbed the steps out of the pool and watched the water flowing off her body. Guys did not care that it was obvious that they were checking her out, even if they were with their wives. She looked that great.

While sitting at the beach the second day, I found the spa services and price list in the beach bag when I was looking for my sunglasses. As I was reading the services they offered there was one item that caught my eye. It was called a Caribbean Sensual Massage and was described as being a massage that will bring the recipient to places that their senses have never been to before and enjoy pleasures that they have not experienced before. The other thing that I thought was unusual is that the price was listed as TBD based on client.

I decided that I would stop at the spa later in the day when we were laying out by the smaller hidden pool, since they were very close to each other. After lunch, we decided to spend a couple of hours at the hidden pool to allow Linda to tan her fantastic breasts. As happened the first day, all of the attention was on Linda as soon as we arrived. We were working on a crossword puzzle together when Linda asked me if I minded if she took a short nap. I said not at all and just enjoyed the view of my beautiful wife. Within about 10 minutes, she was asleep, so I decided to quickly ask someone at the spa for more details on the Caribbean Sensual Massage.

Being a little uncomfortable about asking for more details, I waited until when of the male attendants was available to ask. He basically described it as being an anything goes massage, based on what the recipient wants. He shared that it is only available to female clients and is actually done by a non-staff member who is a professional masseuse that has a reputation of pleasing the ladies. The price was listed as TBD based on client, because it depended on what the client looked like. He shared that it is typically between $150 to $750. He also shared that they taped the session to ensure that nothing was done that the client had not requested and that if I wanted, I could even sit in the taping room and watch the massage on a series of monitors.

Linda was a virgin when we met and we have always been loyal to each other. Although we've talked about having other people involved with us in sexual activities in our fantasies, she's always said she would NEVER do anything. So, I felt very safe that the anything goes here would not include Linda getting fucked by the masseuse, but I was definitely curious to see what she would allow him to do in this sensual massage. So, I asked him how do I find out what the price would be. He said that if I could point out my wife or bring her in, he could discretely let me know what it would cost.

When I told him she was out by the pool, he said let's go have a look. Linda was still asleep when we walked to about 20 feet of where we were sitting. The spa attendant looked at her and said that if I wanted to treat her to a sensual massage, he's sure that the masseuse would waive the fee and the only cost would be $50 to cover the cost of the room and taping. I told him that sounds great and when can we book it. He suggested the next morning prior to getting out in the sun. So, I told him let's set it up. He told me that after she checked in, that they would take me to the taping room if I was interested. I told him I definitely want to watch it.

That evening at dinner, I told Linda that I had booked a spa treatment for her the following morning. She balked at first because of our tight budget until I told her that I had gotten a great price. When she asked me what the treatment was, I handed her the spa services list with the Caribbean Sensual Massage circled. After she read the description, she said the massage sounded great, but that there was no way she'd let anything else happen. I told her I knew that and that all I wanted was for her to have a good time and enjoy herself.

When we arrived at the spa desk the next morning, Juan the attendant I had spoken to the day before greeted us. He introduced himself to Linda and offered a glass of mimosa and plate of strawberries to her while we waited for the masseuse. About 15 minutes later, a 20-something fit man walked into the spa. He immediately went over to Juan and gave each other a manly hug. Juan then brought him over to us and introduced Jose as Linda's masseuse. Jose apologized for being a little late and said that he'd meet Linda back in the massage room once she was ready. He was a little over 6 feet tall and had that caramel colored skin typical of Puerto Rican men. He was not overly muscular but looked very fit. It was pretty obvious that Linda was excited now about getting a massage from Jose as she quickly downed the rest of the mimosa that was in her glass.

I told her to relax and enjoy herself and that I would be out by the pool when she's finished. She was then directed to the changing rooms and off she went. Once she was out of sight, Juan came over and asked if I was still interested in watching it. I told him absolutely, so he led me to a locked door that was behind the attendant's desk. When we turned on the lights in the room, I was impressed. Although it was a small room, the wall had one larger monitor in the middle that was surrounded by four smaller numbered monitors around it. Also in the room was a table with about 4 chairs. The table had a box that allowed you to select which of the four numbered monitor's picture you wanted showing on the larger screen.

Juan explained that there were 4 hidden cameras throughout the room and that we could choose the one that gave us the best view. Then he asked if I minded if he watched too. I thought about it for a few minutes and said why not.

Shortly after that, the door opened and Linda was led into the room by a female attendant. The attendant told Linda that Jose would be joining her shortly and left the room. The massage room did not have much in it other than the massage table, a rolling stool, a few mirrors and a few smaller tables with various lotions and oils on them. Linda looked at herself in one of the mirrors and straightened out her hair - another sure sign that she was looking forward to having Jose give her a massage.

Jose came into the room a few minutes later. He again shook Linda's hand and asked if she had ever received a sensual massage before. When she said no, Jose explained that it will be unlike anything that she has ever experienced, however, she is totally in control. He would only do what she wants him to do. She said that's good because she had no intention of letting things go too far but was definitely looking forward to the massage.

Jose told her to lay on her back so he could begin. When Linda gave him a questioning look, he said that he begins with her face and head before beginning her back. He handed her a towel so she could cover up. She quickly removed her robe revealing her incredible breasts and red panties. She laid on the table and covered her breasts down to below her panties with the towel that Jose had given to her. As Jose was positioning the stool, he looked directly into one of the camera and mouthed the word WOW and had a big smile on his face.

Jose began by running his fingers several times through Linda's hair, from the base of the neck to the top of the head. He then began to massage her temples in circular motions. From there he used his fingertips to lightly stroke Linda's forehead, starting at the center and moving towards temples. Jose then began to stroke from the center of her nose, across the cheeks, to the her ears. The camera that we had showing on the large monitor provided a close-up of her face. As Jose was doing this move across her face, he appeared to be teasing her lips by lightly brushing them with his fingertip. It was evident that it was definitely having an effect on Linda, as she seemed to be more relaxed and even licked her lips after a few of his touches.

At this point, Jose lifted her towel and asked her to roll over. It did not seem to bother Linda at all that her breasts were showing and it even seemed as if she took a little longer than you'd expect to roll onto her stomach. Once she did, he folded the towel in half and placed it over her panty-covered rear. Jose then lubricated his hands with massage oil. He began at her neck, using his thumbs to knead her neck and upper back. Jose then began to work across one shoulder and down the arm. He wrapped his hand around Linda's upper arm and used a twisting motion to massage down the length of her arm. Jose then used his fingertips to stroke the back of the hand while using his thumb to make circles in her palm. Then he worked his way back up her arm, across her back to the other arm and did the same thing to that arm.

Jose did this to each arm twice before lightly dragging his fingers from the backs of her hands, up the arms and across the shoulders to meet in the center of Linda's back. His touch was light and was clearly having an effect on getting Linda into a very relaxed state.

Next, he began to stroke up and down her back, one hand on each side. He used firm but gentle pressure, and worked on both sides of her spine. Jose then began to use his thumbs to make circles on her lower back, and gradually worked down to Linda's panties. In the process, he had removed the towel and Linda did not even flinch. He spent just a few minutes massaging Linda's rear before moving down to her legs.

From there he began to knead the back of one of her legs, starting just below the buttocks and working all the way down the leg. Jose pressed his fingertips all around her ankle and moved her foot back and forth and in circles. Then he grasped her foot with both hands and stroked firmly from heel to toe, while making circles in the arch. He then bent her toes gently upward to give a good stretch before running his fingers up her leg, across the buttocks, and to the opposite side. Jose then repeated the steps on Linda's other leg. While he was doing that, Juan commented on how fabulous Linda's legs looked.

When Jose had finished her other leg, he asked Linda to turn over. Once again, she did not hesitate in turning over for him and exposing her breasts. Juan commented that the good parts are coming now and asked if I thought Linda would allow him to massage her breasts. I told him I figured she would request that he not touch them, although I was hoping she'd let him.

Jose started by massaging her arms and hands again from the front. He was position over her head giving him a perfect view down the length of her body. From there, he moved his hands from her shoulders to her breasts. The only reaction from Linda was a light sigh as his fingers first passed over her very erect nipples. He continued to massage her chest and stomach using light, feathery strokes. After a few minutes of this, he moved his hands to her hips, where he was using firmer strokes.

As he slid his hands from her hips to her inner thighs he was very professional and stayed away from her panty covered pussy. He then massaged each of her legs using the same technique that he had before on the backs of her legs. As he completed that, he moved his hands back up her legs until they were resting on her hips.

Jose then asked if everything is ok, to which Linda replied that everything was wonderful He told her that the next part of the massage would involve him working on her erogenous zones and it would be easier if he removed her panties. For the first time in about an hour, Linda opened her eyes looked at Jose and said that's fine, but you are not going to fuck me. He simply responded, I will only do to you what you request. He then slipped his fingers into her waist band and pulled her panties down. I have to admit I was very surprised that she let him do that, but relieved to hear her tell him that he would not get to fuck her.

When the panties were down, we switched the camera that was displaying on the big monitor to be one that provided a close up of Linda's mid-section. When Juan saw her beautiful shaved pussy, he shook his head and said she just gets better and better. I told him I know and that I can't wait to get this thing finished, so I can take her back to the room and fuck her good. He chuckled and said that's assuming Jose doesn't take care of that first. I said you heard her, I'm not worried. Juan did comment that she is doing a great job of resisting to this point because most women have already grabbed Jose's thick cock through his sweats by this point.

Jose continued the massage by working her inner thighs. I'm guessing it was designed more to get her legs spread apart. Once spread, you could see the glistening moisture on pussy lips. He began by gently tracing her pussy lips with his finger. He did this for a few minutes before he began to run his fingers up and down her pussy. Finally he let his index finger slip into her now soaked pussy, resulting in Linda letting out a loud moan. He kept working her pussy with his fingers and gradually added a second and third finger to her very aroused hole.

About this time, Linda moved her hands to her breasts and began to stroke her hard nipples. She was really getting into it as you could tell she was driving her pussy into his hand. Jose then grabbed a glob of KY jelly from a jar on one of the smaller tables and began to work it in. Juan looked at me and said oh man, he's going to try to fist her.

I asked him what does that mean.

Juan explained that he's going to try to work her up so much that he will be able to fit his entire fist into her pussy. He said that it results in an incredibly powerful orgasm for the woman if he can do it and would all but guarantee that she will let him fuck her.

I said there's no way he's going to get his fist into her tight pussy and even if he did, his dick will never come near it.

The lubrication was definitely working as Jose had pushed it in and all around her pussy. Within a few minutes, he had four fingers in her. He then tucked his thumb in with his fingers and was able to get all five fingers in just above the knuckles. Jose worked the top half of his five fingers in and out of Linda's pussy for the next few minutes. When he pulled them out completely, Linda was moaning and moving her hips up and down, while Jose was coating his knuckles with more KY Jelly. Juan told me to get ready because it's time.

As Jose returned to her soaping pussy his fingers were bent in with his thumb tucked under them. I looked like an elongated fist, kind of in the shape of a wedge. He began to gently press his elongated fist against per pussy lips. Linda was definitely pushing her pussy right into his fist as she had stopped stroking her nipples and was now grabbing the massage table to give her better leverage. Jose would apply steady and slow pressure for a minute or so and then back off. After waiting a few seconds he would return. Over the next 10 minutes he continued to make progress almost reaching his knuckles at the widest part of his hand.

Linda was moaning loudly and bucking her hips. When Jose would momentarily remove his hand, you could see her gaping pussy hole. Finally, and to my total amazement, Jose was able to slip his entire fist into her pussy. Once he was able to get his knuckles past the ring of muscles around her vagina, he was able to roll his hand into a fist. He held his fist still for a few minutes and allowed Linda to grind down on it. Within minutes, Linda screamed with a powerful orgasm. As she was shuttering in delight, Jose began to withdraw his hand. She screamed at him to leave it in. He responded as you wish.

Within minutes she was thrusting her hips again and on her way to another orgasm. As soon as Jose felt he had her to the point of no return, he slowly removed his fist. Again, she screamed at him, but he told her it was not safe for her to leave his entire fist in her for an extended period of time. She said she was so close to another orgasm and she needed something in there. With that Jose moved to the side of the table, dropped his sweat pants revealing his thick cock and said he could use this if she liked. Linda looked at his cock and said I don't care just fuck me.

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