tagNovels and NovellasCaribbean Sirens Ch. 01

Caribbean Sirens Ch. 01


Chapter One:

(November 1717, the Caribbean),

Truly nothing was quite like waking up to the gentle rocking of a calm sea beneath the deck, the warmth of a golden dawn shining through the window and the gentle ticking of a man's whiskers against one's inner thighs. Lizzy Boyle smiled and arched her back off the bed for a moment as 'Sir' Patrick Frakes darted his tongue in and out of her, occasionally planting soft kisses on her inner thighs. It was more than carnal pleasure that pleased Lizzy; it was her memory on the shock on Patrick's face when he was first told to perform the very act he did so now with zeal. What did her call her: Devil's harlot, or something like that? She wanted to ask Patrick if that made him a Devil now, but she was afraid he'd stop tasting her below to answer.

Lizzy grasped the wooden head board and lifted up her legs. Her thighs brushed against rough whiskers and pressed against his flush, burning cheeks. Rough, strong hands slid under her arse and each one clenched a arse cheek, showing Patrick had no intention of stopping now that he had awakened her. His tongue caressed her clit more slowly now, extending each tingle and spasm in her body. The queen of rogues grabbed the back of Patrick's head; alternating between running her fingers through his mostly brown hair and pushing his face harder against her cunt. Lizzy became short of breath and her thighs clenched around his head. Moments later she sight went dark and her ears rang with a thousand bells. When Lizzy opened her eyes again she saw Patrick had pushed her thighs open and felt him kissing his way up her supple belly. He kept going till he looked down at her pert round tits. Cradling one in each hand, Patrick smothered her tits in soft kisses and suckled longingly on each, throbbing nipple. Spreading her legs wider, Lizzy reached between them, one hand grabbing his hot, rigid cock and the other pushing open her flush, swollen cuny.

He looked at her with a devilish grin for a few moments, then rammed his throbbing cock as far inside her as he could go. Lizzy moaned slowly and deeply as she wrapped all her limbs around him and pressed her face against his shoulder. Her tight embrace slowed his strokes; even her cunt seemed to be clasping his member tightly, as if not wanting to ever let it go. Patrick found it harder to hold back as the feel of her long curly hair, her smell and her taste were nearly overwhelming him. He was teetering on the edge and the one push that sent him over was the feel of his earlobe being clenched between Lizzy's teeth. Patrick roared as his cock erupted inside her and his body shook so violently the headboard slammed against the cabin wall.

Lizzy watched him shudder for several moments before he collapsed beside her. His square face was crimson, and the stoic expression he constantly wore was gone. Now he looked vulnerable, unguarded, and yet like he finally felt safe for the first time in ages. They lay there quietly, with his arm around her torso, just underneath her bosom and her hand gently fondling the tip of his spent cock, which stuck out between her legs. It seemed they were about to sleep away the morning until the cabin door swung open, and a tall, muscular negress dressed in a men's shirt and breeches walked in. She carried a tray loaded with melon slices, toasted bread and two tin cups of watered rum to the bed, only to stare at the naked bodies embracing upon it.

"What is it, Sheba?" Lizzy sat up in the bed. "Would you like to join in?"

Sheba stared directly at Lizzy's face before placing the tray down on the deck, by the bed and walking out with one last glance at Patrick. Damned if she didn't know better, but Lizzy swore Sheba looked wounded at seeing the two captains together. "The whole crew will be talking about this. And they won't be happy."

"Perhaps, but who ever heard of happy sailors?"

"Remember what ship you're on. I'm only the master of my crew as long they're master over me."

"Just what do those lusty bitches think they're going to do" Frakes let out a rough laugh. "Tie my naked body to the mast and take turns upon me?"

After looking at him for a moment, Lizzy's response was to snatch Patrick's bollocks in one hand and hold them just as firmly as one could and only cause slight discomfort. With smug satisfaction, she watched the his laughter change into a mortified look on his face at seeing his cock once again, however inexplicably, rise up to full mast in response to this rough treatment.

"Remember we've done it before, my Lord. And if those 'lusty bitches' insist... we may just have to do it again."

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