tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarly Naked in Town

Carly Naked in Town


Hi all,

First please know Carly thanks everyone for all the feedback on her stories. It is exciting her to know that there are guys and gals out there getting off to her naked romps in public. Something she hadn't thought about until I told her about the e-mails and feedback I get. Anyway we both appreciate the feedback, comments, e-mails and votes and hope you all enjoy the stories. You can be certain Carly will get all the comments sent to me and she will be reading the public comments at the end of the stories.

Nikki here, with another stimulating story from Carly and her naked adventures. After Carly made the last few naked outings seem so easy Sammy and I once again put our heads together to see how Far Carly would go. Carly had made a casual remark about how the thought of being naked on a bus intrigued her. This remark did not slip by Sammy now also known thanks to Carly as Sammy de Sade. So Sammy and I began to plan once again. I told her this time Carly needs to be truly nude, naked, no jewelry phone and barefoot, with just enough money to complete her tasks. It was a sunny but cold day the temperature about 1c (about 33f). I was sent updates from Sammy, she and Tony were moving from location to location in Tony's car. After returning home Carly wrote out a rough e-mail to me telling me all about her day.

The explosions Carly was feeling from her bare pussy hindered her ability to write the story well enough for all to enjoy. I have taken her e-mail to me and made it into something I hope everyone will enjoy reading. I know Carly will have more explosions when she reads the completed work and Tony will I'm sure reap the rewards. This is the story of Carly Naked in Town as told by Carly herself. The thing everyone should know is that Carly knew she was going to get on the bus and then go into McDonalds. The rest of it was all kept from her. She didn't know anything else until the time came to go in someplace or walk somewhere. For those who are reading this story without having read the other Carly stories, a brief description. Carly is a very real person, a university student soon to be 19. She stands 5'6", a stunning blonde beauty with beautiful blue eyes, about 120 pounds and 34c-22-33.

Nikki, we always knew it would be quite a day. Mouthy overconfident Carly forgot to engage her tiny brain before ending up agreeing to play one of Sammy (de Sade's) games!

I will use that as my explanation for why I once again found myself getting out of Tony's car completely naked. This was becoming a habit. Cool! Today was going to be a lot different, this time I was completely stark naked, no phone, jewelry, shoes. All I had was a five- pound note clutched tightly in my hand. This time my big mouth had got me well and truly stitched up. We reached the first destination and I stepped out naked. I was near orgasm from the time I stepped out of the car until the bus arrived. Tony drove away with Sammy, and if all went to plan I would meet them at McDonalds. Once again I found myself stranded completely naked in a public place, today I was at a bus stop with orders to board the bus naked and take the short journey to McDonalds.

I had to stand at the bus stop for about five minutes, which is about four and a half minutes too long when it's two degrees (c) outside and you are naked. Please understand how huge this was for me! In the past couple of months I have somehow managed to build up my courage and become more and more daring. Now I seemed to be casually waiting for a bus in the nude! There were maybe three or four other people at the bus stop but I was concentrating on not having an orgasm. I was actually cold and fucking terrified at standing there but horny as hell. In the UK about ninety percent of the population pretend that they didn't notice the naked girl. I have proved this several times, and I'm sure will continue to do so. A lot of people passed by and didn't notice this naked blonde girl although their gazes seemed to linger for a long time.

The bus finally arrived and it was almost full, just great! Not sure yet if it would be good great or bad great as I stepped up into the bus and asked for a one way to McDonalds and the driver asked for 45p. He was smiling right at me and glancing nervously at my bald pussy. I paid him and took my change. Walking down the aisle was hot, it was not a big bus and so my pussy was at almost eye level as I passed people. Nikki you were right about no clothing at all, I felt even more naked than last time!

I found a seat and sat next to a middle-aged gentleman who said "Good afternoon" and looked back down at his paper, and there I was totally bare-ass naked on a city bus!

Awesome! I knew that anyone outside the bus would get a good view too. The people inside the bus were stealing glances at me and whispering to each other. Nobody gave me any hassle, which was a relief. I saw my stop coming so I reached up and pushed the buzzer, and moments later I made my way naked down the aisle and stepped off the bus back into the cold sunshine. Actually, it was now feeling much colder despite the sunshine.

McDonalds was right across the street and I could see Tony and Sammy waiting in the car, both watching my approach. I had to stand and wait for the light to change in full view of all the traffic feeling as if I would soon crap my pants if I had been wearing pants. Then when I got the green light I was able to only go out as far as a little island in the middle of five lanes of lunchtime traffic! Now I felt extremely naked and exposed, like there were eyes everywhere! I was alone and completely starkers on a little patch of concrete, it was bloody terrifying but such a horny feeling to be trapped on display to all those people.

Eventually the light changed green and knowing that my darling was watching I sauntered slowly across the last bit of road, and through the McDonald's entrance. As I went by Tony's car I waved and blew him a kiss. I didn't hesitate, I just opened the door and strolled naked into McDonalds and went straight to the counter.

The kid that served me said "Awesome" in a low voice when he turned to see naked Carly.

"What's awesome, I asked, the burgers, or me?"

I smiled my sweetest smile and the poor kid nearly wet himself (one way or another).

He said quietly "Uh, you, uh Madam. Awesome." He handed me the cokes I had asked for.

"It's Carly, and that was very sweet of you to say, thank you. Bye!" And gave him another bollock (ball) busting smile before I turned and slowly strolled back out of the restaurant.

I had been smiling at the poor kid but thinking, "Get out before you blow, girl!' and yes in the car I had a major one

but managed not to damage Tony this time! I bit his arm leaving teeth marks the other night, so sorry love.

God, now it was cold, so I made my way to the car and jumped in next to Tony. He was smiling, clearly impressed. And it was lovely and warm in there too!

I received this from Carly right after she walked out of McDonalds and got into Tony's car: Nikki, I am stark naked at McDonalds and 'I'm lovin it' lol. I have been told

that I will find my next assignment even more interesting. I have to go, Tony

will send updates on my imminent arrest lol I need the loo, I wonder if they

will let me back inside.


Totally naked in public, live from McDonalds in Haverfordwest Wales this is

Crazy Naked Carly!

Tony quickly got the car started and Sammy told him to drive to the Morrison's supermarket across town, remember Sammy de Sade was in charge today. I love her dearly but today she is super-bitch! We arrived and found a parking space a fair distance back from the store and Sammy handed me money and told me to go in there and buy sandwiches for everyone. Yes, I had been there in the evening naked, but this was Friday afternoon. I was completely naked. Figure it out! Yes, very scary even for a 'hardened exhibitionist' like me! But I will not let Sammy break me. I know she wants to see how far I can be pushed. Sweetheart, you haven't even begun to push me yet!

So as has become rather a habit I stepped as gracefully as naked Carly could out of the car and shut the door behind me. I waved and began my naked walk in the direction of the supermarket. Past all the cars, and the shoppers who were stopping to not look at the naked girl they couldn't actually see (lol) and then I found myself walking stark naked right up to the entrance. Don't bloody quit now girl, keep going or you're had it. So I cheerfully entered the supermarket trying to look like I belonged in there naked.

I went to the sandwich bar and I chose sandwiches and drinks for the three of us and went to pay at the kiosk.

"Omigod" said the young man behind the counter.

"My boyfriend always says that." I said to him and he chuckled and took my ten- pound note and handed back my change.

"So is this a bet?" the young man asked.

"No, I just felt like a bit of naked shopping, that was all. I never ever wear clothes." I said seriously, enjoying winding this guy up.

"So you came all the way here uh naked? How did you get here?"

"Oh, I caught the bus like everyone else." I replied. "I must go, bye!" I turned and began walking towards the exit leaving the poor bewildered young man wondering what the hell had just happened!

As I approached the exit I walked past the magazine stand that I had visited naked the other night, here we were again still naked. Unable to resist the urge I had to stop and pick up a magazine and thumb through it. I loitered in there a little looking at the magazines. After a minute or so with a reluctant sigh I finally turned and resumed my walk to the exit of the store, still, remember, stark naked. Carrying the bag of sandwiches and drinks I strolled starkers out of the store and back into the now sub zero day.

The walk back to the car was brisk and my nipples were hard and stiff from both the cold and the excitement of it all. I was almost warmed and my pussy was nearly over-heated by the time I was sitting next to my Tony. Maybe this was when I had one of the orgasms that overtook me during this adventure. I had a few but luckily I was in Tony's car when they happened. Sammy politely looked away each time I began to cum.

"I think we need a tougher assignment for our tough little cookie! Whatever will I do with you, fearless vixen!" Sammy joked. "Perhaps taking a naked stroll down the main shopping street? There should still be plenty of people about, if you're lucky!" she joked.

"Fine by me", I said. Uh-oh! Mouth out of control again.

"Shut the hell up Carly! You prat (idiot)!" I thought to myself.

Well if my sassy mouth could get me in this mess then my sexy ass would have to get me back out of it!

"Fine by me" I repeated.

Minutes later Tony was stopping the car at one end of a pedestrian shopping street. There were quite a few afternoon shoppers in the street and there was a group of people around my age sitting on benches halfway along the street chatting. I was expected to get out of the car and walk completely naked down this street and wait for Tony at the other end.

"Oh my God!" Good one, Sammy. "Thanks babe!"

We're talking easily at least a good three or four hundred meters (1,000 or 1,500 feet) of shops on both sides, crisscrossed by pedestrian alleys leading to the river on one side and up to the castle on the other side. Well, it was at least a pretty place to go for a naked walk, but the temperature was now hovering around minus one and falling fast. Better get on with it, I decided. So I kissed Tony and got back out of the car and shut the door. Once again Tony sped away leaving me stark naked in the street. The lightheaded feeling came back to me, that feeling that always makes me really enjoy these adventures.

I was beginning to get really horny thinking about what I had in mind and I decided that Sammy had too much control over me and that I was going to bugger up her little routine and get her a little worried at the same time. I would go down a side alley and browse a few shops, or stop for a coffee or something to take longer then she expected it would take and also keep her from getting a visual on me.

Oh, no money. Oh well I will think of something! And so I began my leisurely naked stroll down the street, pausing to look in shop windows. I even stepped inside a few of the small shops to extend my time reaching Tony and Sammy. I had a little fun in one of the shops, a place that sells accessories and things.

As I walked in stark naked there was a girl working in the shop.

"Oh, how cool, you're naked, are you cold? She asked, a little concerned.

"No, not at all, I'm a total nudist. You've heard of total nudists, haven't you?" I asked the girl.

"Um, no, I haven't" the girl replied.

I went on, "Well, I'm a total nudist, I have chosen never to wear clothes again. I live naked and work naked so I just don't need any clothes."

Now of course the thought of that makes my pussy tingle as it does to Nikki. I am not however a total nudist but I wanted to have a little fun.

That's why I came in here, I like to wear a little jewelry when I go out."

"You work naked? You go out naked? That's fantastic!" she was very impressed.

"You have a perfect shop to work naked in, you should try it sometime." I suggested. "Imagine selling accessories for naked ladies! I'd come back for sure." I said, half seriously.

The girl said "One of these days I may well do that. Go to work naked, very cool idea. So how did you get here, you just walk down the street naked or what?" she asked.

"Yes, I just walked down the street to get here. I told you, I absolutely never wear clothes."

The girl was clearly impressed. "Haven't you ever been caught?" she asked.

I replied "I've had a few words with the law in Cardiff and they allow me to go about my business naked as long as there are no complaints.

"Anyway, nice chatting with you, I have to go and meet my boyfriend now."

"Sure" the girl said, and then in a lower voice, "You did say you would come back again?" she asked me.

"Of course I will, I'll bring some money next time!" I joked.

"I may have some more questions to ask you if you come back sometime, I mean I am so impressed with what you are doing, and a little jealous I guess, you being so pretty and all."

I looked at her, she was a pretty brunette with brown eyes, about my height 5'6". "Hey, you're pretty too! And I'm sure you would make a nice sight naked too. Perhaps when I come next time I will find you naked?" I suggested.

"You just never know" the girl replied smiling.

I said my goodbyes, and then the girl followed me out the door of the shop, she wanted to watch me walk naked down the street. A few meters in front of me stood Sammy, hands on hips.

"Where the bloody hell have you been! We've been worried sick!" Sammy said, very agitated.

"Good! I stopped to chat in that shop over there, sorry if you were worried. Are these your friends? Hi, my name's Carly, I'm Sammy's friend from the city."

I received a few nervous hellos and handshakes. One of the girls gave me a little hug.

As she did she said, "This is so amazing! Nobody has ever done this kind of thing here before. Fantastic, it must feel so cool to be naked like that in front of all of us!"

"It is very cool, actually below freezing lol, why don't we go in somewhere?" I suggested.

The girl that had got up and hugged me suggested a cafe around the corner in a small mall. Nice and warm in the mall she said. So we went in there, on the way I caught Sammy's eye and smiled my sweetest smile at her. "Are you okay my dear?" I enquired.

"You're enjoying every minute of this, aren't you?" Sammy asked glaring at me.

"Well, There was nothing in the rules to prevent me enjoying myself." I said with a wicked little smile.

I was careful to memorize our conversation, being that it was a legal and binding verbal contract. Sammy suddenly realized how far she was going to get arguing with me. Nowhere!

We arrived in the cafe and sat down around a large table. All eyes followed the naked girl, but as always, nobody actually 'noticed' me. I looked over at Sammy.

"Sweetheart, I'm afraid you will have to pay, I don't seem to have any money, or anything else for that matter!" They all laughed.

"So Sammy says this was a kind of bet?" One of the guys asked me.

"Yes, that's right, but I decided that since Sammy has given me a challenging couple of days I thought I would return the compliment and give her a hard time. So I'm just going to carry on naked until she gets sick of looking at me and orders me to get dressed!" I declared boldly.

"But, you could end up anywhere - um naked" someone said.

"Actually, it looks like you already did." joked one of the others.

"Yes," I replied, "but the thing is that once you get over the idea and actually walk out on the street naked you are kind of stuck with your nudity, and so you just go for it."

At this point Tony walked in, Sammy had let him know where we were. He pulled up a chair next to me and all of Sammy's friends greeted him clearly as someone they knew well. Tony looked at me and smiled pulled up his sleeve to reveal the set of purple teeth marks on his arm.

"Darling, don't worry, I won't hurt your arm again. Perhaps the other arm, though," I giggled, and Tony pretended to move out of the way.

"Time is getting on, perhaps we should make a move, yes?" Sammy said getting up from the table.

Reluctantly I agreed, and we got up ready to leave the cafe. One by one we made our way back out of the mall onto the street, and I asked Tony where the car was. He pointed a little way ahead, and we started walking. As we were passing the store where I had spoke to the girl I borrowed some cash from Tony I pulled him inside. We looked around and I bought a few things, putting them on before going back onto the street to Sammy. I had bought a necklace, bracelet, anklet and a light waist chain. They were adorning my otherwise naked body when we reached Sammy.

Standing on the main street barefoot and naked no wearing the few items of jewelry I had just purchased I looked at Sammy and said,

"I feel much better now, I was feeling a bit too naked before."

We crossed the footbridge and made our way past the shops on the other side of the river, and at last the warm car was in sight. I put my arm around my lovely man, and his arm went around my shoulders, and suddenly I felt warm and cuddly again. I was surprised at how tall he seemed, I usually wear fairly high shoes, today I was barefoot and a little lower down, but it was nice, I kind of wrapped him around me like a cloak and then we were back in the car, the engine was running and we were warming up again. I turned to Sammy in the back seat.

"Do we still love each other babe?" I asked her.

Sammy leaned forward and kissed my naked shoulder. "Course, silly!" and with that we set off for home.

You know the rules, we have to leave you here, but as you might have guessed, we always have a very nice time after these 'little' adventures!

Thanks Nikki for continuing to nudge me forward in the crazy world of public nudity!

Thanks Tony for putting up with your crazy naked girlfriend.

I love you!

"Carly, I think you made this look too bloody easy today, I think next time we need to go to the next level." Sammy said

" What do you mean by the next level?" I asked knowing full well I should shut my mouth.

" You would have to agree that you'll strip off completely naked, including shoes whenever I tell you to do it. Anytime or place and you will remain naked until I say you can get dressed." Sammy said just wondering what Carly would say.

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