tagLoving WivesCarmen and Eddie Ch. 02

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 02


Warning: CUCKOLD STORY! This is part two for the ass w/o a name it's a CUCKOLD STORY!!!! So, please save us all from reading your childish comments about it. We all know you read all of my stories and love each one.


After Jason leaves their house Eddie and Carmen shower and lay in bed nude and talking about what has happened. Eddie tells Carmen he is very confused, he can't help it.

She asks him why and he tells her while he loves the view of her being fucked by this man with the big cock, he is also upset with the idea. Carmen holds him and tells him to explain everything on how he is feeling and to please be completely honest with her.

Eddie begins by telling her how he feels. That he thinks the sight of Jason's cum leaking around the thick hard shaft of his cock as Carmen lifts up and leaves only the huge cock head still inside her is an unbelievable site to see. He tells her how he enjoyed watching her face and body as she has such wonderful hard orgasms. That part of the sex he loved very much. Eddie explains that he becomes hard almost immediately each time he thinks of that part.

Carmen feels his cock jump and begins to get hard as it touches her thigh while he talks. She asks him what he is thinking of right now that is making his cock grow hard again. Eddie tells her it's the memory of her fucking her lover and letting Jason cum in her. And then watching as it starts to run out and around his big long shaft that is plugging her hole.

She kisses Eddie and tells him just how wonderful it felt. She can hardly keep her emotions calm as she tries to describe to him how that big cock felt moving inside her compared to his smaller one. She doesn't try to humiliate her husband she just tries to explain the difference between the feeling of the two cocks. Inside Carmen is thrilled that Eddie likes seeing her fuck Jason it's what she has been hoping for when she started the idea of her taking a lover.

As she keeps talking and explaining that Jason was only a fuck to her, she feels Eddie's cock growing even harder against her leg. She knows he has jerked off over and over again and she wonders how he feels now that he so tired and drained sexually. Yet he is getting hard again and this is almost unheard of for Eddie.

Carmen smiles at her husband and touches his face and kisses him. She wonders if she can get his cock as hard as she can and make it cum one last time. But she also wonders exactly what it is for sure that is making him hard over and over again. She lifts his face up to hers and asks Eddie to be completely true with her, completely honest with her now because it is very, very important to her. She tells him she will be the same with him. Eddie tells her of course her he will.

She begins to tell Eddie about Jason's cock deep inside her and she feels Eddie's cock throb against her thigh at hearing her describe her vagina and Jason's cock inside it. She tells him in slow and great detail how she feels when Jason is fucking her and how wonderful it feels when he is cumming in her.

Eddie's cock is jumping and throbbing with his excitement. Carmen asks him what he is thinking of right now that is making his cock jump and get hard again. Eddie blushes a little and tells her it's the memory and sight of her body reacting to her fucking that big cock and letting Jason cum deep inside her.

As they talk more Eddie's cock begins to get as hard as it can get and Carmen asks him if he needs to cum again. He tells her: "God yes!"

Carmen can't believe it. She takes his cock him her hand and begins to stroke him slowly and lovingly. Her hands are so very gentle now working his balls and cock into a state of need and Eddie feels so lustful. She asks if he is OK with Jason fucking her and he tells his wife he thinks it wonderful that the sex with Jason makes her so happy. Carmen is overjoyed to hear that Eddie liked it so very much.

Moving her hand a little faster but still gently and lovingly Carmen pumps his cock trying to get him ready to cum. She is very happy Eddie is OK with what happened over the past 24 hours. She keeps telling him how good it feels as her lover fucks her harder and faster in all the different positions they were in but she especially liked it from behind. She tells Eddie she has had more orgasms than she ever had and they were much harder than he and she has ever had together. He smiles as she pumps his dick.

She begins to explain now to Eddie how Jason's cock thickens and gets even harder just before he cums in her. She of course tells Eddie that his thin cock isn't anything like Jason's big dick when he is about ready to cum. She explains that she can actually feel the shots of cum as they are released from Jason's cock head. She can feel the cum pumping into her and that with Eddie's cum she just feels the wetness.

Carmen masturbates Eddie to the point of orgasm and when she feels his cock get harder she pushes down on the base of his shaft and runs her fingers around the head making him explode and his cum fly up in the air and land all over her thighs and stomach. She is proud of the orgasm she has given her husband it was a good one and he released a lot of cum.

She shows him how much cum he has pumped out and has him look at her thigh and stomach. But once he has cum he gets upset again with himself. Carmen moves next to him and holds him tight as she begins to talk some more about the past day and night. She tells him how much she loves him for letting her fuck Jason and fill a huge fantasy of hers. She tells him that soon he will have to tell her his fantasy and maybe she can fulfill it for him. They discuss how Eddie feels some more and he tells her more about the two different feelings he has one of extreme excitement until he cums and how upset he gets that he enjoyed his wife being fucked by another man. But he can't get the image out of his brain and it's pulling him both ways good and bad.

It's an open and free discussion and he loves Carmen so much he begins to calm down again and listens to her. She tells Eddie how much she loves him and that Jason is only a sort of big sex toy. She tells Eddie while she loves him very much since they are being honest with each other she wants him to know just how much she has enjoyed herself. She hesitates for only a moment and then she tells Eddie that she would really like to see Jason again sometimes.

She doesn't tell Eddie when she wants to see Jason again only that she wants to see him. Eddie doesn't say yes or no he looks at her and asks if she is falling in love with Jason? She tells him no and then he asks if she loves Jason's cock more than his. She is honest and tells him yes. He asks if Jason is a better lover then him and again she tells him the true and that Jason is better at fucking her only because he has a bigger cock and he knows how to use it. She tells Eddie that Jason has made her cum more than anyone in her life. She explains, or tries to explain to Eddie again the different feeling she gets from Jason's cock fucking her compared to fucking his smaller cock.

Eddie tells her he thinks he understands. So she tells Eddie that she wants to fuck Jason again so she can feel his cock inside her so very deep again. She tells her husband that she wants him there to see it again. Eddie tells her he understands that too but he is afraid she will fall in love with Jason if she keeps sees him more.

She tells Eddie she wants his cock and that she loves the way Jason fucks her but she doesn't think there's any love between them at all, only lust. Eddie asks if she is sure and again Carmen tells him yes, she is in lust with Jason not love.

She tells Eddie that maybe after she has been with Jason for a time or two she will tire of it. But she is honest and tells him that right now she hungers for him. "It not love baby it's a need. It's something I have to work out of my system. I know I said once but now that I have tried it I love it and want to do it again. You just can't give me what Jason does. I'm sorry but you can't. Maybe if I do it again or a few times I won't feel like I do now. Please don't tell me I can't see Jason again, please. It will only make me want it more and hurt us if you say I can't see him. Work with me and we'll get past this I promise. Tell me you understand baby! Tell me you are OK with me seeing Jason again. Please baby! Please Eddie!"

Eddie just can't refuse his wife and tells her as long as he is there every time she meets Jason he'll agree to let her work this out of her system and that she can fuck Jason again."

Hearing that Carmen holds Eddie tightly and kisses him over and over again telling him how lucky she is to have such a wonderful husband like him. They hold each other and fall asleep.

Part 2

When Carmen woke up again it was already 6:00 PM Sunday night. She let's Eddie sleep and she went into the kitchen and called Jason. She begins to tell him all that Eddie has agreed to and that he wants her see him again. They are both happy and excited and plan to meet next Saturday. Carmen tells him she will work on it with Eddie and for Jason to not plan anything else because she is sure she can get Eddie to agree. She tells Jason what Eddie said about seeing her being fucked by his big cock. They laugh and talk sexually to each other. Before hanging up, they both agree to give Eddie as much of seeing that as he can stand by fucking each other for a long, long time as he watches next weekend.

Carmen is wet between her thighs when she comes back to bed and finds Eddie is just waking. As she talks to Eddie about liking to see her fuck Jason she realizes his cock is semi-hard again and growing again. So she asks him if he needs to cum again. He tells her yes and she smiles and begins to stroke him.

Carmen tells Eddie to just lay back, relax completely and really enjoy it. As she wraps her hand around his cock and slowly and lovingly begins to masturbate him he tells her: "I was dreaming of you and him Car. I was sitting directly behind you both in a chair at the foot of the bed and just watched him pump his big cock into you over and over again. And then the shaft turned white and I knew he had cum again in you. And I knew it was deep so very deep into your body! When I woke up my cock was getting hard and I knew I had to cum!"

She tells him she is so happy that he likes to look at her being fucked by Jason's big cock. Then she tells him again to just lay back and not talk any more, just let her make him happy. But Eddie can't help telling her: "Oh Car that feels so wonderful. Yes, just like that baby, you know what I need and what I like you to do to my cock don't you sweetheart?"

She smiles at him as he continues: "I saw him cum inside you Car; he pumped so much cum into you. It was so good I woke myself up moaning."

She tells him she knows exactly what he needs and he should trust her completely. He thinks it wonderful now that his wife is concentrating completely on his pleasure. She strokes his cock masturbating him for a very long time and keeps him from cumming. She works his cock as hard as he can get it and then backs off making him moan again and again. But he loves it.

Finally Eddie can't hold back and tells her, then begs her, to give him some release. He is fucking her hand hard and fast now. She pumps it faster and harder and in seconds she lets his cum fly. It lands all over his thighs and stomach. He moans over and over again as she milks him of the few drops left in his balls and shaft before letting his cock fall back on his stomach. Then she smiles at him knowing she has made him feel good. She wants him to feel good as she prepares to tell him Jason is coming over Saturday night.

So once Eddie is done cumming and his cock begins to shrink again Carmen holds him tight and strokes his face and arm like a child. She expresses how wonderful he is for letting her fuck Jason. She thinks Eddie is happy and OK with what she and Jason did now and that there's no problem between them for her fucking Jason.

But once he has cum and his sexual need is relieved Eddie begins to feel a little bad again. Carmen moves closer to him pressing her large breasts into his chest and lays a leg over his hips. Her pussy is rubbing against his hip and he feels her nipples pressing into his chest. He reaches for them and cups one. Her breasts are too big for his hand. Eddie needs both hands to hold just one of them but he tries and loves to feel the softness and yet firmness of them.

As Eddie enjoys the feeling of her tit in his hand and her pussy rubbing his thigh Carmen begins to talk about what an amazing man he is and what a loving husband he is to her. She tells him how she loves to make him cum and will do it whenever he wants or needs it. She tells Eddie he has nothing to worry about she loves him completely.

Again she wants to be sure Eddie is OK with all of this. Again it's an open and free discussion about Jason fucking her and how very important it is for both of them to be happy about it. Eddie loves her so much he begins to calm down again and listens to her.

He squeezes her breast and brings the nipple up to his mouth. She gently pushes it into his face and Eddie again sucks as much of it as he can just like a young child. As he sucks it she tells him how her pussy was so stretched when Jason pulls out of her. She holds Eddie's head and strokes his cheek. Her pussy slowly slides up and down his thigh as she rests it on his upper leg and tells him how very much she loves him and how lucky she is to have him.

Eddie feels her warm wetness on his leg as she rubs it with her cunt. She leaves a small line of her juices on his thighs as she slowly rocks on it. She tells Eddie that the sex she has with him is out of love and only love but with Jason it's just pure animalistic. She tells him that when she has sex with Jason it is also good for him too.

Eddie tells her he doesn't understand and she explains saying: "Just think of how many times and how much you have cum over the weekend baby! You came more than any time since I have known you sweetheart. It's very apparent my loving husband that we both enjoyed Jason fucking me haven't we?"

Eddie thinks about this for a minute and then agrees he has enjoyed himself a great deal watching her get fucked. As she talks she takes his hand and places it on her vagina again and asks him to rub it very gently for she is still tender down there. She tells him that tomorrow night he can fuck her again but not tonight, she is just too stretched and uncomfortable. He tells her he understands.

As she lays back now she lets Eddie have complete control now to touch her body. Carmen again tells Eddie how much she has enjoyed the three of them and as she sees the pleasure in his face from loving her pussy with his hand and his mouth sucking her nipple she tells him she wants Jason to come over again soon and spend the night again. Then quickly she tells Eddie she wants to do it again on next Saturday.

At first he asks her: "That soon Car, I was thinking maybe in two or three weeks."

She takes his hand and inserts his finger into her hole and whispers: "Fuck me with your finger slowly and easy Eddie. I am so horny and sore do it real gently baby."

He cooperates and gently makes love to her pussy hole with his fingers as she tells him she doesn't want to wait that long. She wants to fuck Jason again. She tells him that he should be glad too since like last weekend he can fuck her first and then masturbate a lot cumming like he did this weekend. She tells Eddie that she wants to feel that big cock of Jason's inside her again as much as Eddie wants to se it.

As they talk Eddie watches as Carmen climaxes on his fingers in her pussy and his lips sucking her nipple. They hold each other as she holds his hand on her pussy and shows him how she wants him to stroke her. When she cums again from his love making Eddie finally agrees and accepts. As he does she pushes his head down to where she wants him mouth. As his mouth moves on her pussy bathing it, it doesn't take long for Carmen to climax on his mouth thinking of Jason fucking her.

When she has recovered she has him lay on his back with her holding him. "And I was thinking Eddie after this weekend maybe we could meet up with Jason once a month or once every other week for a while. You know just for a fuck baby and you can cum over and over again just like me. You can watch and jerk off and enjoy seeing his cock covered with cum up inside me again. You would like that wouldn't you baby", she whispers all of this into Eddie's ear as she hold his cock again feeling it start to grow again?

He doesn't answer her but she is sure he does his little cock is jumping against her body. She feels Eddie's fingers spread her pussy lips and then one of them enters her hole again real easy. She doesn't stop him and offers her body to him now. This is the critical time for her and Eddie. She needs him to accept this and let Jason come over often to ensure Eddie will continue to let her fuck her lover.

Eddie begins to gently stroke her slit again moving his one finger up and down its length. Then it enters her hole again and she tells him how nice that feels. She explains to Eddie that Jason has made her cum more than anyone in her life. She tells Eddie that she wants to fuck Jason again so she can feel his cock inside her so very deep. And she tells him how much fun he'll have too

As Eddie lays his head on the open thigh she plays with her cunt with his fingers looking at it and as he spreads her lips he sees deep inside her hole. His finger enters her and comes out wet. He licks it clean and reinserts it again and again. Carmen is enjoying this slow love making tremendously.

She tells him: "Just think about watching my pussy grab his big cock Eddie and see the cum all over that long shaft as he pumps it into me baby Eddie. Oh God baby it is so hot that you like seeing that!"

Eddie moans and moves his face into her open legs. He places his lips over Carmen's pussy slit. As he begins to slowly lick her entire slit, she holds his head gently and continues telling him: "That's it baby bath my sore pussy. Jason's cock was so deep inside me baby! He stretched me so open Eddie, can you feel the difference, I sure can? It was so hot wasn't it Eddie? You loved seeing him fill my pussy with his big cock I know you did. And then he shot his cum so deep baby. He came in me so hard and so deep. You remember don't you baby? Remember how it looked as you watched from behind us and saw my cunt being stretched open like a rubber band around that his big cock? And I saw you Eddie saw how wildly you jerked off watching his cum ooze around his shaft and out my hole. You shot huge loads yourself Eddie. I know you loved it as much as I did."

As Eddie licks and sucks her cunt eating her again to a group of small orgasm she finally let's his head go and he comes out from between her legs. He looks at her and then down at her pussy. He smiles and Eddie tells her that it's OK for Jason to come over this weekend if she wants it. She jumps with excitement and knows she didn't have to tell or demand it from Eddie like she was sure she would have too. Jason is coming over Saturday and Eddie wants him too. He told her to invite him, she is so happy.

As she pushes his head back down between her open thighs again, Eddie goes back to work on her pussy. When he lifts his face up Carmen sees the worried look on his face and asks him what is wrong. Eddie asks if she is sure it's only a fuck and not something more. She was at the point that she was almost crying with pleasure as Eddie makes slow wonderful love to her pussy with his mouth. She tells Eddie how much she loves him, but she wants Jason's big cock. She cries out when Eddie places his lips on her pussy lips and sucks them as he tongue fucks her.

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