tagFetishCarmen's Panties

Carmen's Panties


"What do you mean you told her?"

My wife looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Of course I told her," she said. "We talk about everything."

"Be that as it may, you didn't need to tell her I had a thing for panties!"

"Now don't go saying it like that," she scolded mildly. "It's not like I told her your into wearing women's underwear, just that you had a, uh, special appreciation for women's undergarments."

I looked at Theresa, my shock starting to fade. I guess I should have expected it. Just as my friends and I compared what got our wives off, I should know that Theresa would tell Carmen what quirks I had. No secrets between sisters, I guess. Still, I didn't need the extra awkwardness around Carmen. I already had a hard enough time keeping myself from staring at her figure, now I had to deal with her knowledge of my intimate details.

"Look, Jason," Theresa said softly, "This really doesn't change anything. Carmen knows about your fetish, big deal. So I can tell you that she loves the taste of cum. See, it doesn't matter. Tit for tat." With that she opened the door, heading downstairs to join the rest of her family.

Most of the time, I could avoid Carmen with no problem. But this weekend would be different. A family vacation in a three bedroom beach house. Three bedrooms. Theresa and I in one, her parents in another, Carmen in the third, adjacent to ours. Nice and cozy. Right.

I followed Theresa downstairs, and headed to the living room to read the paper. The first thing I saw upon entering the room was Carmen. Or, more correctly, Carmen's gorgeous ass. Bent down, scrounging through a desk drawer for something, her black thong peeking beyond the denim skirt that so beautifully framed her tight backside. "Lose something?" I asked.

She whirled around, her eyes wide. "Jason, you scared me!" she exclaimed as my eyes flicked down to her low cut top. I took in every inch of her exposed flesh, the C cup mounds half free. As my eyes again met hers, I realized she had been looking at my face the whole time. She gave me a small grin, and sat down on the loveseat facing the window. Feeling flush, I found the paper in the chair opposite Carmen. I picked it up and settled, sighing, into the seat. As I read, I found myself distracted by constant movement across the room. Peering over the top of the paper, I realized that Carmen was crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly. Trying not to get caught, I kept glancing up, hoping to sneak a peek. I mindlessly turned the pages, no longer reading the words, hoping to get a glimpse of her satin panties. As I turned to the final page of the sports section, she finally moved again. As if in slow motion, her left thigh rose off her right, and moved away to the left. For a split second, her legs were a few inches apart, and as her other toned thigh moved to take its place atop its partner, I could see, quite clearly, the black fabric of her panties. As I watched her tan legs come together again, I looked up, folding the sports section again. My eyes caught hers, and in her green eyes, I saw one word.


Oh crap, I thought to myself. She saw me, she knows about the panties, she knows what I was looking at, she thinks I'm a pervert, she's going to tell Theresa, she's…getting up. She didn't say anything. What is she doing?

I watched her take a few steps into the hall and turn abruptly, heading through the bathroom door. My breathing returned to normal, and I picked up the next section of newspaper. Maybe she hadn't noticed me looking. Maybe I imagined the whole thing. My semi erection began to subside as I delved into the financial pages, deciphering the market results. I was so deep into the futures market, I actually didn't notice when Carmen returned a few minutes later. I probably wouldn't have noticed at all, actually, if I hadn't heard her complain loudly to herself about her pen that wouldn't work. She crossed again to the desk, bending down to the bottom drawer to retrieve a new writing utensil. Not finding one, she squatted down, letting the waistband of her skirt ride lower. I glanced over. Even having almost been caught is not enough to keep me from trying to catch another whale tail. But instead, I saw only ass. Not a bad thing, but I saw no thong. Confused, I returned to my paper before she got back up.

But it gnawed at the edge of my consciousness. Underwear didn't just disappear. She must have taken it off in the bathroom. But why? I finally gave up on the paper, resigning myself to the thoughts dancing before me. I finally decided I had to check the bathroom. As I got up, Carmen again uncrossed and crossed her legs, and this time, there was no mistaking it. No black, just skin. I didn't get a clear view, but enough to give me what I needed.

Closing the bathroom door behind me, I looked around. Being only the second time I had used this bathroom, I wasn't sure what I was looking for. Then my eyes fell on a corner laundry hamper. I moved to it without realizing it, my hand moving to open the lid without being told. And there, laid perfectly atop the pile of towels, was a pair of underwear. Black. Thong. Women's. Underwear. I reached for them, hands slightly shaking. As I picked them up, I guess part of me was reveling in the fact that these were my sister-in-law's panties. But most of me was focusing on the fact that I was in fact holding panties that had, until recent moments, had been worn on a female body. I drew them close to my face, taking a whiff of the exotic yet familiar scent. It wasn't until I actually touched my face to the fabric that I realized.

They were wet.

I had been caught. I was sure of it now. Not just caught, but set up and trapped by someone that knew my weakness. Blood rushed to my crotch, as the thought of Carmen being so naughty raged through my mind. I unconsciously unzipped my pants and began to stroke my cock, licking the soaked crotch of these gorgeous panties. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the forbidden scent, reveling in the softness of the cloth in my hand. As I felt my orgasm approach, I was struck with a naughty thought of my own. I turned the panties inside out and laid them on the laundry again. My balls began to tighten as I adjusted my stance, until finally, my cum shot onto the wet crotch of Carmen's thong. My knees buckled a little as I covered the pungent fabric with my own contribution, until finally I was spent. After a short moment for recovery, I turned the panties right side out and returned them to their place of honor atop the towels. I then washed up, and returned to my post in the chair with my newspaper. Carmen watched me out of the corner of her eye with contained excitement I could now see.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, she stood and returned to the bathroom, fulfilling my fantasy ending. I again covered my face with the paper, imagining her finding her sperm covered panties, seeing her trap worked to perfection. I heard the door open, and quickly glanced up, watching her glide to her seat, wasting no movement. I thought I caught the look of satisfaction on her face, or maybe victory. But I could still see the excitement, just below the surface. She looked me in the eyes as she sat down, and I actually managed to keep eye contact as she crossed her legs. Then, very deliberately, she looked away from me and uncrossed her legs. As she prepared to cross them again, my eyes stole a glance and did a double take. Black fabric covered her crotch again. My eyes were wide as the moved up to meet hers. She was already looking at me with such intensity, my erection raged to full strength once again. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue a little, allowing my to see the white cream that covered it. Then, staring intently into my eyes, she closed her mouth and swallowed every last drop of my cum. She closed her eyes, shuddering with pleasure as my cock convulsed in my pants. I closed my eyes, sharing my most intense orgasm ever with a partner who sat fully clothed eight feet away. When I opened my eyes, Carmen's green ones were burning with lust.

I guess I don't have to worry about the awkwardness.

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