tagErotic HorrorCarnal Sin Ch. 01

Carnal Sin Ch. 01


A little explanation: I was writing a story and this idea popped into my head. It takes some aspects of my real-life, in that I live quite near a Church and visit it regularly and two of the females I'm using are real, but have changed their names to hide their identity.

This won't be a quick story, and you will find this first part very lagging and dull. I have edited it thanks to the feedback I got, still it may need some editing. Always a work in progress! (Note: only half of this is edited at the moment)

Any feedback would be very, very welcome.

Thank you.


It was a Monday morning and he was sitting in church silently praying and minding his own business, completely in his own world in the silence. He had decided to visit just try and clear his thoughts and have not so stressful day. The church was cold possibly because of the no heating and as well the church interior was very large, but he sat at the far and closest to the doors, so probably his own fault as there was a slight draft as the doors were open, inviting any passers by.

His name was Nick and was a well-built, 20-year-old male, with blue eyes and fair blonde hair, and also stood at 5'11" in height. He wore smart clothes: a well-fitting white shirt with no tie, accompanied by newly pressed trousers, with black leather shoes. He wasn't your everyday hunk, but his warm smile and quiet manner made him stand out though not in a bad way. He sat facing forward towards the altar and kept his hands interlocked together as he prayed silently to himself.

He heard the creaking of the building and the opening and closing of doors, the church's back room staff being kept busy by their work. For months Nick had fancied this girl, her name was Roxanne (but her mother called her Roxy), but hadn't asked her to go out and had only small conversations with her, as Nick was a fairly shy and was a bit unsure of how to ask the girl out. He had thought about her naked, doing all sorts of naughty things to her. He closed his eyes to see the naked mental image of Roxy again, and let his thoughts go wild for a moment, before restraining himself.

Roxy herself was a petite woman, with brown hair that was neatly styled and she often let it fall to her shoulders, green eyes and she was only about 5'5" in height. She had small breasts, but Nick didn't mind that. Her quiet but confident manner really appealed to Nick, though didn't know whether she had a boyfriend or not though Nick never asked. She was also a 20-year-old female.

Nick heard a door creak to the right of him (if you were facing the altar) and saw that it was Rachel who entered the church, perhaps from one of the office's side doors. Rachel worked as the priest's right hand lady dealing with the financial and other official church business, by which Rachel was kept busy. Nick saw very little of Rachel nowadays though he could understand why.

"Well good morning, Nick!" Rachel said happily, as she stopped and smiled warmly at Nick, her laughter lines showing. Her feet echoed in the church. Underneath her arms she had what looked like official church paperwork. Today she wore a floral dress that came down to her ankles and her tanned could seen but little of it, whilst her hair was untied and came down to her shoulders, and on her feet she wore plain sandals without socks. She had green eyes like Roxy and white teeth that shone out brightly, and the outlines of her small breasts could be seen.

"Good morning, Rachel." Nick said back, loud enough for Rachel to hear him. "How are you?" He asked, shifting to hide his now growing erection, and thought to himself: Even Rachel looks hot! God, if ever...

"I'm good thanks, a little busy so I'll come back to you in a bit." Rachel said and walked off to the left, exiting through a door that led to even more offices.

It was an hour later when Nick had let his mind go astray again, thinking of both Roxy and Rachel naked and together in lesbian sex, and his cock was stiff in pants, straining against them. He thought about jacking off, but surely he was in church right? And what if someone caught him? Nick looked around the church but found no one else sitting in the pews, his hand hovering above his trousers.

In his peripheral vision, he saw a few people he knew sit at the front of the church, sitting closely to the aisle. They were an elderly couple who had come to pray for a few hours. As Nick paid no mind to them, his thoughts turned back again to Roxy and Rachel, engaged in a 69 position. He closed his eyes to picture the scene better in a room of Nick's imagination -- Rachel was seducing her daughter into lesbian, urging to lick her harder. Oh God, please...

Rachel entered again through the left doors, smiling and greeting the elderly couple, before making her way down to Nick; as he heard the sounds of her sandals on floor he quickly snapped his eyes open again, and shifted his position again to hide his ever-growing erection. Rachel sighed, tired from her work, and sat down beside Nick very closely - closely enough their arms were touching. Nick could smell the scent of her perfume but couldn't put his finger on the brand, he inhaled the scent a few times and found it intoxicating.

They both sat looking forward towards the altar, a few shifty glances form Rachel and she caught the sight of his erection - by Gods, she thought! Well, I'm not going to miss this chance. She decided to tease him a little. Since her divorce she had received little or no male attention though her faith largely permitted, but she Nick well enough now.

"So, Nick: enjoying the peace and quiet?" Rachel said, moving her hand and gently stroked Nick's leg, flirting with him a little. She continued to stroke his leg through the fabric of his trousers, lightly drifting her fingers up and down, then repeated the same motion. She could feel him tense up from even the slightest touch and Rachel knew that she had to tease him more.

Nick was baffled by this, the sudden touch of her hand on his leg. "Y-Yes I am, Rachel." Nick stammered. Rachel's hand continued to stroke his leg, gently going up and down and softly caressing his leg; you could hear the faintest of sounds as her hand glided up and down his leg, the slight rustling of cloth could be heard. His cock jumped and strained, wanting release. Nick suppressed his moan best he could, being in a church and all. God, what if anyone caught them...

"Good" she said, deciding to get to heart of it. "So...why are you so horny?" Rachel asked, moving her hand from his thigh to his cock, stroking it gently. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and gripped it gently; she only held his cock. She turned her head slightly and directed her jade green eyes into Nick's watery blues, her eyes dancing with delight.

Nick looked closely into her face for the first time and found that he took in every detail as best as he could: her soft green eyes, her little face, her small mouth, her petite small nose, her shiny brown hair, and her small ears. God, she was beautiful thought Nick.

"Well....I.....uh." Yes, exactly how to tell Rachel that he'd thinking of her and her daughter, doing naughty things? "Well, you see, I like this girl...but I'm too shy to ask her out." Nick said, using this in hope of a cover story, obviously referring to Roxxy.

"I see" Rachel said, continue to just hold what she could of Nick's cock. "Is this girl you like, is she nice? Is she pretty?"

"Yes, she's the kind of girl I'm looking for. She's polite and well-spoken, she's kind and is very happy. She left me breathless the first time I saw her," Nick said, hoping that he got away with his plausible story. Her hand was like heaven on his cock, though obviously he wished he could more with her. Right now. Something more than just fondling and obviously where they were both naked.

"I see" Rachel said and decided to say no more. She took his hand away from his cock, feeling reluctant to let go of it. Again she made sure no one was looking, and got up, turning around to Nick once more, smiling broadly, stepping away slightly to announce the end of their conversation. "It was good talking to you, Nick, if you ever need me. You'll know where I'll be." She winked seductively, turned around and left.

Nick, in all honesty, couldn't believe what had just happened. Then again, do you really know what's going to happen after all? "Yeah, being seeing you around Rachel." Nick called out gently, his voice echoing, though in more ways than one, Nick thought.

A while after Rachel left, and the elderly couple were still praying silently, and Nick's erection had eventually died down, Nick got up and left the church, his mind in a whir. He walked home replaying the events of what happened. He turned the corner, making his way slowly up the hill remembering what it felt like to have a woman's hand wrap around your stiff cock and it felt wonderful. He turned left, making the short walk down to his house. When he arrived at his front door, taking the key out of his pocket, and opened the door to his home. As he walked he replayed the scene in his head of what had just happened and his cock began to grow stiff again, just the scent of her perfume and her warm hand gently gripping his cock.

By Christ, I need to masturbate he thought, as he stepped in and closed the door. He put his key into one of the drawers of the hall small bookshelf, where he always kept his key. He took off his shoes and he made sure no one was downstairs, then made his way upstairs, only focused on one thing. He ascended the small flight of stairs, kept going straight and entered his bedroom. Taking off his clothes and throwing them lazily aside, but leaving only his boxers which his erection could be seen, he sat down heftily on the chair. He closed his eyes and thought of Roxy and Rachel, slowly pulling his boxers to reveal his erection, he got up off from the chair to fully remove his boxers, throwing them aside lazily as well. He began to tease himself, wanting to draw his masturbating as long as possible. He cupped his balls with his free, and began to lightly stroke himself.

Just when you'd least expect, the phone rang. Annoyed, and leaving himself naked, as thankfully there was one else home, he awkwardly walked into his study to grab the phone angrily from its hook. Pressing the green button to answer the call, he answered the phone.

"Hello?" Came the graveley answer from Nick, though he was totally surprised who was on the line, a familiar voice resonating down the line.

"I saw you leaving, you know, not in a weird way." Rachel said, pleased at how this was going, her voice husky with lust and quiet. Her hand gripped the phone gently. "So, let me take a guess at this: you're naked right, your cock is hard; am I getting warmer? You're teasing yourself, thinking about me?"

Nick was silent for a minute, siting down in his study chair, amazed. He finally answered: "Yes, I'm naked and my cock is hard, and yes I'm thinking of you - naked - and, also yes, I'm masturbating." He bowed his head, though Rachel couldn't see, slightly ashamed of himself that he was betraying his faith. He always remembered that Golden rule: No sex before marriage.

"It's ok Nick, I'm not going to judge you; I'm going to help you. Here's my secret: I'm at home right now, home for lunch, and I'm sitting in my room feeling lonely. In fact I'm on my bed. All I can think about is gripping that hard cock of yours. I'm naked too, rubbing my clit." Rachel moaned slightly as her fingers lightly stroked her clit, proving to Nick that what she said was true.

"Well, I can help you to help me, right?" Nick sat back in his chair, lifting his head and looked at his black computer screen, trying to focus on something. "Some lunch, eh?" Added Nick, teasing Rachel.

"Yes, call it a liquid lunch." Rachel said, getting more comfortable on her bed, laughing gently at Nick's joke. "Let's begin shall we, Nick?" Rachel let a smile form on her face, ready to make Nick beg her to come.

To Be Continued...

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