tagNon-EroticCarny Ch. 08

Carny Ch. 08


Breakfast was a somber affair. I ran a bath for Lacey and let her soak while Lance and I prepared scrambled eggs and toast. After she dressed, we sat at the kitchen table and watched television while we ate. Lance tried to cheer Lacey up but his happy words only succeeded in making her cry.

"What the hell did you do to her last night?"

"He didn't do anything, Lance. Nothing to hurt me, at least." She turned to me with silvery eyes and I reached out and grabbed her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Steven's been an absolute gentleman."

"Then why are you crying?"

Our eyes met and held and I'm sure that we were both remembering the last lovemaking, just forty minutes earlier, of looking into each other's eyes and sharing tears as we shared an orgasm. I had held her afterward, wishing that it could last forever but Lance's knock had returned us to reality and the fact that she had to return to the circus. "Because we've fallen in love." I whispered, speaking the words of my heart as my emotions threatened to strangle my breath.

"That quick?"

"That quick." She answered him and smiled at me, squeezing my fingers, then turned to Lance. "Would you like to have a sister?"

"I'd love to have a sister." Lance jumped up and put his arms around her neck, causing her to cry again. I released her hand and just sat back with a smile, watching them interact and a warm feeling blossomed in my chest, even though my stomach was still twisting in knots. There was still the problem of how we were going to be together. He kissed her tear-streaked cheeks and the three of us sat for a long time, Lance and I holding her hands.

Finally, Lacey sighed, her shoulders slumping. "You'd better take me back now."

We piled into the car and drove long silent miles back to the fairgrounds where the circus was being held. The guard let us in and we drove directly back to the tent. Lance and I helped her into the wheelchair and we pushed her to the open flap where Brutus stood, glowering at us.

"Brought her back, safe and sound."

He grunted and knelt beside the chair, looking into her face. Lacey patted his cheek with a sad smile. "I'm fine, Brutus." He arose and stepped back, holding the flap open and Lance and I took that as our cue to leave. Lance bent and gave her a long hug, telling her how much he enjoyed spending time with her and hoped that she could see him graduate in two years' time. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back to the car, wiping his eyes as he went.

I stepped forward now, flipping the foot pads up and out of the way before I knelt between her legs and pulled her into my arms, resting my head on one of her muscled stumps. Words failed me and I just held her, letting my tears fall and I felt the warm drops of her tears on the back of my neck as she hugged my back. I rose up and our lips met, trembling and filled with all the emotions we both felt and our tongues slid together, lovingly caressing each other.

When I pulled back, I gazed into her beautiful jewel-like eyes, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "When will I see you again?"

"I'm bound to the show for another three years and we'll be traveling all over the world. At the end of the contract, I can decide what I want to do."

Three years. The two words stuck in my gut and I felt as deflated like an old balloon. "I can't see you for three years?"

"I'll have Brutus give you a copy of the schedule. If you can fly out to any of the shows, I'm yours for the evening."

"An evening isn't enough, Lacey. I want you forever."

"I want the same thing, Steven." She pulled me back against her and I buried my face in the fragrant nape of her neck, cursing the day we'd met. Brutus cleared his throat, letting me know that the visit was over and I reluctantly stood, still holding her hands. "Wait for me, Steven." She begged tearfully and I avoided her eyes for a moment. "Please. If you feel as strongly about me as I feel about you, wait for me."

Three years. The impossibilities of the situation crowded out the love that I felt for her and I released her hands, stepping back as the huge man wheeled her away, heading toward the tent's open flap. "Goodbye, Lacey." I whispered, unable to withstand the breaking of my heart.

"Please, Steven. Wait for me."

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