Carol’s First Nude Adventure


Carol was so deeply embarrassed by this turn of events she silently vowed to herself that she would never bet on anything again. She also knew that if she refused to do anything that was asked of her, she would have to start over again tomorrow and she wanted her humiliation to be over at the end of today.

As Carol was lying down and spreading her legs with one over the back of the couch and the other one she hung over the side with her foot on the floor, she knew she was spread open as wide as she had ever been. Just as she started rubbing her clit she heard Jim call out, "Hey Tom, you might want to come and see this, it's going to be interesting."

Carol closed her eyes because she didn't want to look at the guys as she started rubbing her clit. Just as she started getting that warm feeling in her pussy, the worst possible thing happened.

Carol heard Jim tell Tom to come and watch Carol masturbating and then she heard a female gasp. Carol's eyes flew open and there stood the delivery guy, Jim, Tom, Cliff and his wife Brenda the next door neighbors.

Carol's finger stopped moving and she began to beg Jim, "Please honey, don't let them watch me do this. Please......Please.....Please I will stay naked all day tomorrow, all next week, anything you want me to do but please don't let them see me rub my pussy!"

Jim thought about all the things Carol had said to him before she learned she had lost the bet. He thought about how embarrassed and humiliated he would have been at her hands, if she had won. Within a few seconds Jim had made up his mind and said, "Baby you know I love you and I want you to know none of this was planned, it just happened. However, you told me how you were going to treat me if you had won our bet and I think you have hesitated doing as you were instructed so that adds an additional day to your penalty and I choose that you will not only continue to rub your clit but you will keep your eyes open and look at all of us as you do it."

Making one last attempt to save her from all this humiliation, Carol said, "Oh my God I can't do this with all of you watching me. I've never rubbed my clit much in the first place but now I have an audience and you want me to continue. "Honey, please don't make me do this." Carol begged

Jim stood there calmly and said, "For your hesitation, you now have two additional days to pay up for your debt."

Knowing that she was beat yet again, Carol said, "Ok, but if I have to do this you might as well invite the whole neighborhood in to watch me for all I care."

Cliff headed for the door but Brenda stayed and watched as Carol once again started rubbing her clit as fast as she could to get her humiliation over with. Carol looked around the room and all the faces watching her fingers moving over her clitty.

Again just as she was about to have her orgasm, she saw Cliff's face pop back into view along with the faces of his son and daughter. The sheer humiliation of the having so many watching her masturbate forced Carol over the edge to an cosmic orgasm that caused her to not only shake but vibrate as her finger flew back and forth on her clit. Carol's eyes rolled back in her head, the arteries in her neck puffed out, her face turned bright red Carol held her breath for an unbelievable long time as she entered a spasmodic heaven.

When the wake of her orgasm subsided, Carol brought her legs together and turned on her side and closed her eyes exhausted from her violent orgasm.

Everyone in the room witnessed something that Carol had never felt before.

When Jim saw Carol position herself he said to everyone, "OK the show is over, I guess you all can leave now."

Jim walked everyone to the door except for Tom who went back to work. At the door, there were many expressions of gratitude for allowing them to watch Carol masturbate and have her orgasm.

Cliff and Brenda's daughter excitedly said, "Wow, please tell Carol I thought only mom and I kept our pussies completely bald and I'm happy to see Carol has a bald pussy to."

Their son piped up and said, "Kewl now I know what both of your pussies look like."

Jim smiled and said, "I will tell Carol you like her pussy, I'm sure she will like to hear that."

Brenda added, "Since Carol has two more days to stay naked, maybe I will bring my daughter over with me and we can all be naked together and get some sun all at the same time."

Jim's heart leaped in his chest at the possibility of seeing Brenda and her daughter naked however with his poker face on he said, "Carol will be naked all day tomorrow so if you and your daughter want to stop over, come through the back yard and no one will see both of you naked."

Brenda gave Jim a hug followed by her daughter giving him a hug before Jim shook hands with both Cliff and his son as he bide them goodbye.

As the family walked away Jim heard the neighbor's son ask if he could come back tomorrow so he could see all the bald pussy. Jim smiled and closed the door.

Brenda slept for about an hour and when she got up she stumbled out into the kitchen to find Jim. When she didn't see him, she called him name and when he answered she realized he was out on the deck.

She walked out on the deck to find Tom and Jim sitting at the table shooting the shit. Being naked didn't seem to bother Carol anymore and after kissing Jim she sat in the chair between the two of them. This time Carol didn't try to hide her bald pussy from anyone's view.

That night, Jim and Carol made wild passionate love like never before. They fucked in all rooms of the house not caring who might see them. After the events of today, their lives were changed forever.

Jim admitted to Carol how turned on he was watching her let others see her naked and how sexy she looked rubbing her pussy with everyone watching. He told Carol how wonderful she looked walking around naked all day for all the visitors they had that day.

Carol finally said, "I have to admit at first I was embarrassed and humiliated by some of the things that happened today but I have to tell you, Jim I was got so wet when I had to take my panties off in front of Tom and I intentionally delayed rubbing my clit hoping you would add more time to my penalty. I was able to manipulate you into doing just what I wanted you to do so it looked like you gave me additional punishment."

Jim told Carol, "Brenda and her daughter told me to tell you that they have bald pussies also and they are going to come over here naked tomorrow and hang out with you since you have to be naked all day."

Carol giggled and said, "So you agreed to them coming to visit and hang out with me, is that so you can see their pussies?"

Jim said, "Let's ride the waves and see what happens."

Carol agreed saying, "We better make an agreement now so we will know how far we can go or what we can do if there are going to be others in our home naked."

Jim said, "I have never been jealous of anything you do and you are an adult so let's agree that each of us are free to do whatever we want to do, as long as we do it together or that each of us are aware of what will possibly happen."

Carol responded, "What would happen if Tom wanted to fuck me or one of my girl friends wanted to fuck you?"

Jim asked Carol, "Would you fuck someone else if you knew I would not be angry with you?"

Carol thought for a moment, "I might let someone fuck me if you approved and only if he wore a condom. I want to make sure I won't catch any STDs that would harm our love for each other."

Jim said, "Very well, I agree to the same ground rules as we have just discussed and I won't fuck anyone without a condom so you can feel protected."

Jim said, "Let's go to bed, I think your pussy needs more attention. Don't forget, you have two additional days to remain completely naked and one of the will happen tomorrow and the other will happen when I am ready."

Carol got up and swatted Jim and said, "You better watch out buster, the next time I win a bet you are going to be so fucking sorry you started this with me."

Hand in hand Jim and Carol walked into their bedroom and fell on the bed and were soon fucking like animals!

As Jim was fucking Carol this time he thought how good it will be tomorrow to have three females in his house and all of them with bald pussies. He couldn't wait for the sun to come up......


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by starova09/04/17


High sexual tension, and humiliation.
I thought I was going to read about Carol in public places doing 'normal' things, shopping, walking a dog, asking strangers for directions, etc.
Well written andmore...

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