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Caroline's Lamia



Copyright Oggbashan December 2012

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

This story is a sequel to my earlier stories about Caroline's creations: Birth and Death and Birthed Again, but it can be read on its own.


The story so far at the end of Birthed Again:

Caroline is an artist. She uses an unusual form of media. Her speciality is giant inflatable figures with some animation.

Caroline had persuaded me to try being rebirthed by her massive creation 'The Fertility Goddess'. Once I was inside the Goddess's womb, she had sealed the Goddess's labia with what she said was super glue, covered the whole body with a black body stocking and wrapped a skirt around it. Her intention had been to get revenge for the death of her unborn baby, killed by her seat belt in a car crash. I had persuaded her to wear the belt. Otherwise I had no responsibility for the crash or her baby's death.

She had meant to leave me for just a few minutes but things went wrong. I was confined for hours. After she had operated the Goddess's controls to give 'birth' to me we made frantic love.

She wanted to try her creation herself. Caroline explained the Goddess's controls several times. We retrieved the snorkel. I strapped it in place. Caroline couldn't talk, with her mouth full of snorkel as I stripped her and eased her inside the plastic womb. I flipped the switch that made the Goddess replace her panties around her hips. I pulled the body stocking down even though Caroline shook her head violently. I wrapped the black skirt across the bulging belly, sealing Caroline in darkness.

Should I leave her there, trapped in a womb of her own creation, or shall I press the switches that will make the Fertility Goddess give birth to Caroline?

I'll wait. I'll make the decision later...


I couldn't leave Caroline imprisoned in the Goddess's womb. We had just shown each other our love which we had denied for years. Five minutes after trapping her, I unwrapped the skirt, removed the body-stocking and pressed the control to make the Goddess give birth to her. Seconds later I was holding a warm naked Caroline in my arms. She pulled the snorkel from her mouth and kissed me.

"I'm sorry..." I started to say. My words were stopped with another long kiss.

"I'm sorry too, Nick," she said eventually. "You were inside her for hours. But the Goddess needs to be modified."

Caroline pointed at the snorkel.

"That's unnecessary and awkward. I need to provide a good air supply to whoever is inside the Goddess and make sure no matter how they struggle that air isn't impeded. That's a job for another day. It'll be complicated but not difficult. At least my other commission doesn't have that problem."

I should have said nothing. Caroline uses me as her assistant and test dummy. Another commission would mean more trials for me.

"What commission?" I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"A Lamia."

"A what?"

"A Lamia. A half-woman, half snake."

"Who would want an inflatable Lamia, Caroline?"

"The same man who commissioned The Goddess. He was going to use The Goddess at home but he has had a better idea. He runs a sex club for consenting adults. Now he thinks that The Goddess will be an added attraction to his club and anyway she's far too large for a normal house. If I can modify The Goddess so that her victim doesn't need a snorkel his club members could enjoy her. Until I went inside her myself I hadn't appreciated that the snorkel was impracticable for repeated use."

"But why a Lamia? What will a Lamia do that might interest the club members?"

"The Goddess is scary to anyone who sees her for the first time..."

"She looks scary. Inside, especially trapped inside, she is more than scary. She is really frightening."

Caroline hugged me.

"I know. I'm sorry. But a Lamia does this..."

Caroline's arms and legs wrapped around me and squeezed.

"...but more effectively. A Lamia has arms and legs and a long snake's tail that wraps round and round like a boa constrictor. A Lamia's victim is hugged to death. Of course my Lamia wouldn't kill..."

"Are you sure?"

"...but would immobilise and enfold into helplessness."

"And I'm to be your test dummy, again?"

"Please, Nick? Could you let me test the Lamia tomorrow?"

I couldn't refuse a naked Caroline who was hugging me so effectively. I was helpless in her grip and her kiss was irresistible. Since she wanted me tomorrow, it seemed pointless to go home and come back again. We ordered pizza delivery and shared a bottle of wine before going to bed.

Caroline demonstrated Lamia techniques in bed. Every time we coupled she held me so tight that I couldn't have withdrawn if I had wanted to. As we finally went to sleep her arms still held me tight with her breast pressing into my back.

I woke up with my head in her cleavage as she hugged me. I tried to move. She pulled me in so tightly that I could barely breathe. Once we were out of bed we even showered together. Caroline seemed to keep me close to her as if she was afraid to let me out of her sight.

I felt the same. After years of being friends, becoming lovers was special and something we wanted to enjoy again and again. Breakfast took longer than it should have because we were wrapped around each other. We calmed down after a few cups of coffee.

Ten minutes later we were standing in front of Caroline's massive Lamia.

I had thought that The Goddess was a powerful work of art, showing on her face the pain and exhilaration of successful child birth. The Lamia's slightly green face seemed to portray world-weariness, knowledge that comes from being an eternal divine creature, cynicism and yet a compelling lust that might be evil. I wasn't sure whether to be enthralled or repelled. I thought that an encounter with Caroline's Lamia might be an ecstasy or an ordeal and the choice wouldn't with the Lamia's victim.

The Lamia was at least twice the size of a normal woman. Her dress was almost bridal, a large central pleat from neck to hem, white satin hinting a massive cleavage, wrist-length sleeves and a full skirt. Below and beyond the skirt was a long snake of green satin, deflated at present. Her hands were in white satin gloves.

"Sit on her lap, Nick, and I'll inflate her. She won't do anything -- yet."

I felt foolish as I climbed onto the Lamia's lap. My legs dangled.

"Rest your head against her breasts," Caroline ordered. "Not like that. Rest the back of your head between them."

I shifted position. My head sank into the Lamia's satin bodice. Her breasts protruded well beyond my nose. Despite myself, I was aroused by the sensation of being cradled between massive tits. Caroline picked up a remote control.

"Sit still," Caroline said. "I'll start her."

I heard the whirr of the air pump. Nothing seemed to happen until I looked down. The Lamia's snake tail enlarged and began to writhe slowly. The pump stopped.

"She's ready. Are you?"

"What do I have to be ready for, Caroline?" I asked.

"The Lamia's embrace, of course. There are several options. I'll use the basic one first, just to make sure that works satisfactorily."

There was a faint noise as the air pump began again, then silence. I jumped as the Lamia's arms whipped around my body, pinning my arms to my sides. Her legs, sheathed in light green nylon, emerged from slits in the skirt I hadn't noticed and swung around my legs. I was held immobile. I sensed that the Lamia's grip was firm yet the limbs were apparently soft and yielding.

"That's OK," Caroline announced. "Next..."

While one arm held me, the other satin-gloved hand clamped across my mouth, forcing my head deeper into the Lamia's cleavage.

"Can you speak?" Caroline asked.

I could grunt. That was all.


She pressed another button. The Lamia's tail rose from the floor and swayed in front of my eyes. The end slithered behind my body, easing itself between me and the Lamia's dress. More of the snake followed, pushing me forwards yet with my head still forced between the breasts. The snake slithered round and round my body, arms and legs until I was swathed from feet to neck. The touch of the green satin was pleasant, even soothing, as I was engulfed in its coils.

The coils began to tighten. I could hear the air pump again as it inflated the coils to hardness. I was completely helpless imprisoned in the Lamia's tail, gagged by her hand and my head had almost disappeared between her breasts.

"Imagine what it would be like if you had been facing her," Caroline suggested.

I would rather not, I thought. I would be smothering in the Lamia's cleavage. I was the victim of another of Caroline's creations and totally at the mercy of whatever her remote control could do. I watched as she pressed another button. The snake's tail rose from my neck. The gloved hand moved. The tip of the tail darted between my lips and slowly fed itself inside my mouth before expanding to gag me too effectively. I would have shaken my head to protest. I couldn't. The Lamia's breasts had immobilised my head even without the hand gag.

"OK. Thank you, Nick," I barely heard Caroline say.

She pressed a larger button. The tail's tip deflated, slid out of my mouth, and away. The coils around my body gradually relaxed, unwound and moved away to rest on the floor again. I was still held by the Lamia's arms and legs. They too unclasped and released me. My head was still stuck between the breasts. They shrank slightly until I was able to lean forward.

"That was a successful test," Caroline said as I climbed down from the Lamia's lap.

"The Lamia is nearly as threatening as The Goddess," I said. "Even though I wasn't inside her, once those coils tightened I might just as well have been. I was afraid they would squeeze too hard, or that I might slip down into them and be suffocated."

"That couldn't happen," Caroline objected. "I have built more safety features into the Lamia than I had in The Goddess."

"Did The Goddess have ANY safety features?" I asked sarcastically. "I didn't see any."

"The victim isn't supposed to see the safety features. The victim is just that -- a victim, helpless and controlled. The safety features are there. The main one is for power failures. There is a battery-powered time delay. My creations will automatically deflate and release the victim."

"But I was inside The Goddess for hours, and you had unplugged her." I said accusingly.

"I know. I hadn't connected the time delay. I didn't think I'd need it..."

I asked another stupid question.

"What else can the Lamia do?"

I should have kept my mouth shut.

"There are many variations possible. I'd like to test them all, Nick. Are you ready for another session with her?"

"Perhaps after some coffee? I can still feel her coils crushing me."

"They didn't!" Caroline retorted indignantly. "I designed the Lamia to hold, to contain, to hug, but never to crush..."

"The difference must be minor. Once inside her coils I couldn't move at all."

"You're not supposed to be able to move. You are her prey to be devoured."

"Devoured? Can I risk her other features?"

"Of course you can, Nick. I want you, not a dead body. The Lamia is safe but takes sexual entrapment a long way."

"I need coffee before I let you press those buttons again."

"OK. But next time I'll show you just how interesting the Lamia's abilities are."

I didn't like the sound of 'interesting'. Caroline's definition of 'interesting' isn't mine.

While Caroline made more coffee I visited the bathroom to get rid of the breakfast coffee and to splash cold water on my face. I wanted to be wholly awake before the Lamia attacked me again.

Several cups of coffee later Caroline led me back to the Lamia.

"Strip," she ordered, "then stand there," she said, pointing to about six feet in front of the Lamia. "facing me."

I took my clothes off, piled them in a heap and stood, my back to the gigantic Lamia.

Caroline raised her remote control and pressed a button. I heard a swish. The Lamia's tail lashed round my waist. More coils dropped from above my head, grabbing my arms and pulling them against my sides. I admit it, I squeaked. My feet nearly left the floor. I was dragged backwards on to the Lamia's lap. The coils turned me round and thrust my head into her cleavage. Somehow the satin bodice had disappeared.

My legs entered between the Lamia's. My hips came between her massive thighs that felt like warm naked female skin against mine. Where had the wide satin skirt gone? I almost panicked, thinking that I would be suffocated between the soft breasts. I opened my mouth to gulp a last breath.

I could breathe. I don't know how Caroline had managed it. I seemed to be deep in impenetrable cleavage, breasts coming together behind my head which was wholly surrounded by mammary tissue, yet I could breathe. The air was seductively scented. It could be delicately perfumed warm female, just like Caroline's cleavage might have been if she were to be three times the size she is. I relaxed and imagined that I was in Caroline's embrace, not the Lamia's.

I was in Caroline's embrace. The Lamia is Caroline's creation. Caroline was controlling the Lamia, so it was she who had captured me, she who was hugging me cruelly tight, she who was smothering me between her breasts, yet not smothering me, allowing me air to breathe. Anything I did, even just to breathe, was because Caroline let me.

I heard Caroline's voice faintly.

"The Lamia devours men, but before she does, she drains them. Unlike The Partner, you don't need to wear a condom. The Lamia's pussy is always ready to receive an erection..."

"I don't want to be devoured," I shouted through the muffling breasts.

"Oops!" Caroline said. "I forget this button."

I felt a hard nipple press between my lips and insinuate itself into my mouth followed by a breast large enough to stifle my objections. Held between two massive breasts I was now gagged by a third smaller breast. I could still breathe. The middle breast let air through. I could breathe through my mouth, through my nose, but I couldn't say an intelligible word.

One of the Lamia's hands found my erection and directed it into her waiting cleft that closed around me. The Lamia's pussy began to pulse around me. The coils holding me moved in time with the pussy, pulling me deeper and squeezing me to the rhythm of her labia. The breast stuffing my mouth moved as well. Within seconds I was lost in the wonder of an insistent sexual encounter. I was overwhelmed physically and sexually, lost in the Lamia's body. I would have shuddered as I came. I couldn't. I was held too tightly and couldn't move at all, only as the Lamia moved me.

As I relaxed, exhausted, my head sank deeper between the breasts which closed behind my head. The coils around my body unwound but I was still held by the Lamia's arms and legs. Her cleft split wider and wider until my hips were inside it, then moving deeper. The Lamia's legs absorbed mine. Soon the whole of me was inside the Lamia's skin and bagged in a satin-lined space which sealed behind my back. My mouth was still securely gagged with that middle breast. My prick began to stir as a soft warm skin slid over it like a sheath.

The Lamia began to turn me to face the other way. I could see out between the Lamia's breasts through translucent material. Caroline was watching closely, her hand on the remote control.

"You've been devoured, Nick. Now she'll wrap you securely."

Securely? I was already helpless, gagged, my prick sheathed, my body confined and at Caroline's mercy.

She held up the remote control and pressed another button. A bra rose ahead of my face, cradled the massive breasts and fastened. My head was forced back. My eyes could just see Caroline's head between the bra's cups. The satin bodice hid her from me as it rose to the Lamia's neck. The dress slid across from both sides and shrank into a slender sheath, forcing the Lamia's legs, and mine engulfed within them, closely together.

The Lamia stood up. I expected that I would slide downwards. I didn't. I couldn't. I was too securely engulfed inside the Lamia's body, its victim and Caroline's victim.

"It works! Everything works!" I heard Caroline shouting through the layers confining me.

Slowly, very slowly, the Lamia sat down and the processes reversed. My legs were released, the dress widened again, the sheath surrounding my prick carefully retracted. The last action before the Lamia's body opened was the deflation of the breast gagging me. I slid down the Lamia's legs to land in a heap on the floor at her feet.

Caroline rushed forward and hugged me. She clasped my head to her breasts. In her cleavage I couldn't breathe but I didn't care. I was out of Caroline's Lamia and held by the real Caroline.

Caroline rewarded me with a night of frantic lovemaking. As I dropped off into an exhausted sleep I wondered what she would make me endure next. I had survived The Partner, The Goddess and Caroline's Lamia.

What would Caroline create next?

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