tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCarol's Change

Carol's Change


It was once said that if life gave you lemons, make lemonade. I guess that can be likened to the situation that occured with my wife Carol, and her quick change towards becoming a trashy slut.

It all started one afternoon when our neighbors 42 year old son was sprung from his prison sentence to live next door with his mother. I was a few years younger than Marty, in fact like most boys in a small midwestern town, I had looked up to him as some kind of hero while in school. Looking up was also what I had to do when near him, at 6'5" he always stood out in a crowd. His rebellious attitude though had always kept in on the wrong side of the law, and after serving a few years for his latest vices it was apparent that he had nothing better to do in prison than lift weights. At 6'5" and over 300 pounds, he looked like a professional wrestler, and he was mean enough to be one!

Carol and I had started cleaning the garage and I was hurrying, trying to finish before I had to get ready for my second shift job. As we were just nearly finished Carol said she was going in the house to make a pot of coffee, I watched her as she walked from our garage to the house, smiling. Carol is very beautiful, a blue jean country girl who at that moment filled her blue jeans perfectly with her nice ass that I was enjoying watching. I knew she was putting that little extra in her walk for me, but what I didn't know, nor did she, was that Marty was watching the view also. When he whistled at her it caught both of us off guard, Carol turned a deep shade of red, I was stunned, and Marty just stood there grinning. Carol put her head down and hurried into the house, I walked out of the garage as Marty walked over towards the fence.

"I'm sorry man", he said, "I didn't mean to embarrass or degrade your wife, she is just so damn beautiful."

"That's ok Marty, I'm sure she will survive", I tried to not seem offensive to him.

"No really, it's not, I would like to appologize to her if that's ok", he said seemingly innocent enough.

As I led him into the kitchen, Carol blushed again, and the first chance she had when he wasn't looking she scowled at me, I knew she didn't appreciate me making her confront him face to face.

"Marty wanted to say something nice, I let him in to do so", I countered her scowl, hoping to justify my actions.

"I am sorry Carol, I offended you, please forgive me", he seemed sincere.

"Well if you put it so nicely, I do forgive you Marty, thanks for being a man about it", Carol answered,"Perhaps you would like to stay for a cup of coffee".

Marty & I sat down as we drank coffee, we talked about sports and the "good old" days as Carol fixed me some lunch. I had to go change clothes before I left and I left the two in the kitchen as I hurried to the bedroom to change and hit the road. When I returned to the kitchen Carol and Marty were sitting at the counter drinking coffee. I noticed Carol was blushing againaas Marty excused himself and I showed him out the door.

"What happened while I was upstairs?", I asked her, "Did he say something else to you?"

"Just forget about it, he just thinks a bit too highly about himself, that's all"

"What did he say then?", I pushed for her to answer.

"It's not that big of a deal, he just asked me if I was walking sexy for him, that's all, let's forget about it."

"What an asshole", I said, "What a big asshole."

"I just want to forget about it, it's got me all worked up and I'm feeling dizzy", Carol whimpered.

As she stepped forward her her knees buckled beneath her, I caught her arm and helped her to the bedroom. The tension of the situation had bothered her a little too much, and as I helped onto the mattress she closed her eyes and let out a big sigh of relief. I went to the toilet and peeked back in the bedroom before I left for work, Carol was fast asleep. I thought it just as well for her to rest as I left.

Dusk was falling as I pulled into the parking lot at work, a second sense told me that I should not have left her and instead I used the cell phone to call off work and turned back for home. I called home to let Carol know I was returning but she didn't answer the phone. It was completely dark when I got to the drive, I killed the engine and shut off the lights and quietly cruised behind the garage, noticing along the way that the basement entrance door was slightly opened. The hairs on the back of my head were standing up and because of that I decided to enter the house quietly through the open door. Removing my boots I lightly moved to the main floor where I heard sounds coming from upstair, I recognized sounds from Carol but I couldn't tell who the other voice was. In my socks I slowly crept up the stairs and I saw Marty, his back to me standing over the foot of the bed and stepping out of his pants which were at his ankles. I ducked into the spare bedroom which was dark and from behind the crack of the bedroom door I could see into our bedroom.

From behind the spare bedroom door I could see the entire view of our bed. At this point I was sure that Carol was cheating on me, so I watched wondering if she was going to fuck Marty. I could see that Carol was laying on the bed on her back her sweatshirt was pulled up over her bare breasts, Marty had moved to the side of the bed and was squeezing both her tits, one in each hand. While he did this I noticed Carol had her eyes wide open but was staring blankly as she rolled her head side to side while he played with her tits. Carol was making whimpering sounds the kind she normally makes when she doesn't get her way, but she neither seemed to be enjoying nor did she make any efforts to say no to his advances. Stunned myself, I could do nothing but watch, not sure if I should bust up their party, or just as I said wait to see if she would screw him.

In an instant I considered our marriage, I had not ever had suspected that she would cheat on me, our marriage was perfect. I knew that she had had sex before with two other guys before we dated, one a cousin of hers, but with that only once with each. We had our first premarital sex adventure on a little grassy hill and sex between us was good but always kind of pristine and victorian. So here she was with Marty on our bed, not on fire with passion, but not unlike Carol.

I watched as he pulled roughly on her nipples, my favorite part of her breasts are her long fat nipples, this also would give her great pleasure, although I never had treated them with such abuse. As he pulled them and pinched them her facial expression changed, she roundly pursed her lips and began moan, "Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh...", over and again. It was crazy, here she was enjoying his advances but almost completely unaware of his prescence, as he continued to drive her towards an orgasm from his assualts on her tits.

At this point was when I realized I had a boner and for a moment became ashamed of myself, the next moment I began to rub my dick through my pants. The moment Carol's "Ohhh" turned to "Ahhh", I knew she had an orgasm as my dick exploded in my pants. From then on I knew that I could only be a spectator, my cum stained pants indicating my approval of the situation.

Grabbing her by the hair Marty pulled her face to his crotch ansd shoved his fat cock in her mouth. Carol had only a few times kissed and licked my dick, but would never let me push into her mouth like Marty was. Instinctivly she wrapped her lips fully around his shaft and sucked at his manhood, her arms hanging limply all the while beside her. It was then that I began to suspect that Marty had drugged her coffee a couple of hours ago, Carol was willingly an unwilling participant in his perverted scheme. I wanted to stop him but knowing his strength and the shame of my sperm filled pants would not allow for me to do so, and something inside of me wanted to watch him and see him fuck her.

Marty was humping her face wildly now, his balls slapping her chin as his mammoth cock plunged in and out of her small pretty lips. Lips that pursued and welcomed his aggression, her eyes still blankly staring at nothingness. As Marty reached his orgasm he pulled her off and dropped her head shoot his cum all over her face, her hair, and the bed. Carol lay still again as he unsnapped her jeans and grabbed them by the cuffs, pulling her legs into the air and her ass off the bed as her panties slid to her knees with her pants. Grabbing her legs before they fell to the bed he turned her sideways and pulled her ass to the side of the bed where he got down on his knees and ripped off her black lacy panties with his hands. Marty buried his face in Carol's pussy and began to eat her out. I never had eaten her out, the thought of it normally disgusted me, but while I watched him chow down on her pussy it excited me instead. As he screwed his face between her legs it soon became apparent that Carol was enjoying this more than the nipple assault, in fact I am not sure that she has ever had her pussy licked before. Nevertheless she was liking it now as he tounge fucked her twat, her legs wrapping around his face, her hips wantingly and wildly began bucking towards him as she came again and then fell back limp on the bed.

Marty then stood up as I noticed his raging hardon had replenished and he grabbed Carol's legs and twisted her over an her stomach. In on swift move, with his brute strength he grabbed her by the hips and pulled them up, her knees almost automatically locking in underneath her, as he positined her to fuck her doggy style. With his hand on his huge cock he used the back of the hand to force her legs farther apart, plunge his cock head into her wet snatch, and bury himself to the balls in one quick effective motion. With his hands guiding Carol by the hips, I watched as he roughly fucked her, piledriving his cock into pussy. Her face buried in the mattress he continued his pounding as the stirring within her began again. Now her hips were rising to meet his thrusts, her back arching so beautifully to his rythmic onslaught. The bed bounced wildly as Marty basically fucked her furiously like a rag doll for what seemed like another ten minutes when Carol raised her cum splahed face from the bed.

"OHHH.... OHHH.... OHHH", she moaned at the impaling timing of her joyfull barage of cock.


These were the first signs of her beginning to notice what was taking place. She looked back, it wasn't her husband who was fucking her, though she didn't care, it felt good. The drug was begining to wear off but her night of exstacy was only beginning.

"YES... OH YES... HARDER... FUCK ME HARDER", she pleaded, as Marty picked up his pace even greater.

That pussy that I once called my very own was now a cock hungry wanton slut hole, begging for more cock. Cock that was inches longer and bigger than my little dick, cock that pounded the back of her womb, where no cock had gone before.


"You like it, don't you, you little bitch, you like my cock don't you ", he prodded her.

"OHH... OHH... OHH YES... I LIKE IT.. I WANT MORE.. MORE.. MORE BIG COCK..", she gasped in the timing he fucked her with.

"You'll shake your fine little ass for me now, won't you slut", he demanded.

"OHH... OHH... OHH..", Carol was now oblivious to respond any thing but the shaft plunging her cunt as she came again.

"Answer me bitch", Marty stopped his fucking and left only the head of his cock in her.

"More Cock, Please Don't Stop, Fuck Me More", Carol pleaded for him to continue.

"I SAID SHAKE YOUR ASS, SHAKE YOU ASS FOR ME", he ordered not allowing her to push back against his penetration.

Carol began to wiggle her hips at his command, her pussy hot with pleasure wanted more of him and he granted her wish as he slammed into again, resuming the cock action she desired, resuming her interuppted orgasm.

"Now Tell Me Whose Little Slut You Are, Shake That Ass For ME", he grunted as he harsly slapped his hand across her ass.

"OH YES.. FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT, FUCK MY SLUT HOLE", Carol had submitted to him fully.

"You Like This Cock Don't You Carol, It's The Cock You Need", he kept her at his commands.

"OH YESSSS... OH YESSSS... IT'S WHAT I NEED, I WANT IT ALL, ALL YOUR BIG COCK", as she began another wave of climax.

"Tell Me Slut, Tell Me You Want My Big Cock, Not Todd's Little Dick", he now trespassed on the last of her decency as he purposely slowed his pace to tease her again.

"Don't Stop, Fuck Me More, I Want Your Big Cock Marty", she was whimpering again.

"What About Todd", he forced her to comply to his authority.

"Todd Has A Little Dick, I Want A Big Cock, Please Give It To Me, Please", Carol begged for his cock.

"Like This Is This What You Want", he slammed back into her again, and again, rocking her slim body to submission.

Carol got what she wanted as he fucked her into two more orgasms, his cock relentlessly continuing to probe her cunt, her pussy lips clinging to the sides of his massive shaft. A she neared another orgasm Marty began to grunt, his balls were about to explode, I hoped she thought of his sperm unprotected from her womb.

"OH FUCK YES... OH FUCK ME... CUM IN MY PUSSY.. CUM IN MY SLUT HOLE", She wanted him to cum in her, he did.

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