tagGroup SexCarrie's New Life Ch. 4

Carrie's New Life Ch. 4

byTom Donner©

Tom took Carrie by the hand as he rose to his feet." Come with me, Carrie. Let me show you what I mean."

Carrie stood with him and followed as he led her towards the bedroom. A dim light was already burning in the room as they entered. Tom wrapped his arm around her and pulled her lips to his. They could both feel the heat from each others' flushed faces and began kissing passionately. He then walked her backward toward the bed. She sank back against the soft mattress slowly as he moved to cover her hot body with his own. Her rock hard nipples almost stabbed into his chest as he pressed himself on top of her. Tom pushed his nose into the nape of her neck and inhaled the strong scent of her sexuality. She was possessed by his own masculinity as he gripped her tightly and pressed his groin into her thigh. He groaned, as if in pain.

"Take me Tom. I need you now." Carrie begged.

Tom lifted his weight from her and moved between her soft thighs. Wrapping his hands around her ass cheeks he quickly buried his tongue into her hot slit. Carrie squirmed to take Tom's tongue deeper in her pussy. His nose rubbed against her pubic hair as he gnawed at her clit. Tom then lowered his attentions to her puffy lips. He lapped at them then sucked or bit at them slightly.

Tom's left hand slowly drifted up from Carries inner thigh to her tight stomach. He felt her breathing. Her breasts heaving as he sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and nibbled on them. Then Carrie began to yell out as she came closer and closer to her orgasm." Eat me Tom! Suck my hole! Harder you motherfucker! Make me cum hard in your mouth!"

Tom was so shocked to hear this filthy language from his sister-in-law that it interrupted his rhythm for a moment. He immediately increased his rhythm and pressure on her cunt hole as she moaned in pleasure.

"Yeah Tom, work it good baby. let me feel your cock honey. I want to feel your hard cock while you lick me. I want you to put your cock in my mouth and fuck it while I cum all over your face." Perspiration was forming on her forehead. Tom didn't even skip a beat as he spun himself around to present his hard rod to her waiting lips. She lifted her head from the bed to receive his member inside her hot mouth.

As soon as Tom realized his cock had found it's target, he thrust his tool fiercely into the back of Carrie's throat. He heard her gag immediately, but never lost a stroke as he pulled out and again thrust with all his might.

Carrie was making a noise as if to let Tom know it was uncomfortable to her, but Tom was deaf to everything but the sound of ringing in his ears as his cock slid down Carrie's throat over and over again. Soon she was working her head back against him as he forced his cock deeper into her oral cavity.

Suddenly, without warning, Carrie began to shudder beneath him. her cock sucking had stopped immediately as Tom's face was suddenly flooded with Carries hot cum. Tom continued to fuck her mouth as she humped up against his face. Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure ran through every nerve of Carrie's body as she sprayed Tom's face again and again with her hot cum. This pushed Tom even further. He saw her cum dripping down on to her asshole and moved to lick it up.

Carrie began to moan again as Tom's tongue slid across her anus. This told him it would probably be safe to stick his tongue up her ass. Tom felt her asshole slowly begin to loosen up as he entered. He fucked his tongue in and out of her hole as she began sucking his cock deeper into her mouth. In no time Carrie's brown star was becoming loose from Tom's relaxing oral massage. He knew what he had to do.

"Let me have it Carrie." Tom cried as he pulled himself away from mouth and began to turn again.

"Give it to me big boy. I'll take all of it." Carrie purred softly.

Tom grabbed his throbbing cock in his hand and slid it across her sopping pussy. Save that for later. He thought to himself. He placed the head of his prick against her asshole and began working it in small circles as he pressed in and out. In no time his cock head disappeared inside her. Now was the easy part. He began a slow pumping motion giving her a chance to relax a little more. But in no time he had his cock buried to the hilt. Carrie was pushing back to take it deeper into her ass. "Do it Tom!" she barked. "Shoot your cum deep inside my ass."

Tom knew he had to do it. The tightness of her rectal muscle contractions made it impossible to refuse. He began pulling nearly all the way out and very slowly slid it in as deep as he could get. Then, he would quickly pull out till only the head remained enveloped. On his third inward stroke he felt the most intense orgasm slowly take over every nerve in his body. He felt his hot cum spray in huge spurts up inside her ass. Every stroke after gave way to another spurt as his cumming seemed to last through to the very end. Eventually, he lay still. His breathing was ragged and his arms and head were totally limp and lying on top of her.

"I think we need to rest a while before we go again, don't you Tom?" Carrie asked a few minutes later. "But I'd like to sleep in here with you. I hope that you don't mind."

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