tagNon-EroticCasanova Redux Ch. 01

Casanova Redux Ch. 01


As long as I've know myself, my life has always revolved around sex. I've always had questions, people asking me how I became the sexually depraved person that I am today and since my tale is an interesting one, I thought I might tell you of some of the encounters I had before I left my mother's breast. My story begins in squalor, with a woman who found herself pregnant and without a mate. But my mother, Laurie, was never without ingenuity so our sojourn in Hell did not last any longer than necessary …


A pregnant Laurie Marie looked up when the door opened, allowing the fat caretaker, Ernesto, into her cramped room. He made no attempt at concealing his leer and she made no attempt at covering her milk-swollen breasts, shoveling the cheese and bread that he brought down her throat in desperate hunger.

"Rent's due tomorrow." He wiped his dirty hands on even dirtier pants, his eyes focused on the tiniest edge of pink nipple trying to escape from her peasant shirt, licking his lips evilly.

She paused in chewing to turn sad eyes to him. "Tomorrow? It hasn't been seven days yet!"

"Indeed it has, wench, and I expect my money first thing in the morning."

"Bax, you know that I won't be able to raise the rent money first thing in the morning!"

"Then," He circled her, lips gleaming with spittle and eyes sparkling with anticipation. "You will have to leave."

"Have a care, Bax! I am eight months ripe! Where am I going to go?"

"I don't care." He spat on the floor near her. "Let me fuck you and we'll call it even."

Laurie Marie gasped, pulling the drooping edge of her blouse up over her exposed shoulder. "I'm pregnant!"

"As if that makes a difference?" Bax knelt beside her, flexing his itching fingers as his eyes surveyed her creamy flesh. "Everybody knows that a pregnant woman is a hot fuck!"

"No, Bax! I won't do it."

"Then pack your stuff. As soon as the sun cracks the sky, make sure your ass is out of here or I'll have you thrown out!"

The door slammed and Laurie Marie collapsed into sobs, the bitter, granular cheese burning in her throat. She had no money to pay the rent and she was damned if she'd lie beneath Bax's sweaty body just to satisfy a week's worth of lodging. She wiped her face, tied a kerchief over her long blonde hair and left the hovel, heading for her friend's house. Ralene would have a solution. She always did.

The street was teeming with people, most in search of money as she was and none cared that she was carrying a child. She was pushed and jostled on her way down the side path until she lost her footing and fell into the street. Before she could arise, a horse-drawn carriage bore down on her, skidding to a halt just inches from her cowering form.

"My goodness!" An older man wearing a top hat and spectacles offered her his hand, his face wearing a look of concern. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, sir." Laurie Marie struggled to her feet, brushing her skirt off. Her fingers caught and she looked down, realizing that there was a tear in her best article of clothing. She burst into tears, covering her face.

"Oh, miss, I'm sorry!"

"No, no. It's not your fault, sir." She wiped her face, appalled at her reaction. "It's just been a bad day for me."

"I'm sorry to hear that." He doffed his hat. "I was just heading to get something to eat. Would you like to join me?"

"That's not necessary, sir. I'm all right."

"I would rather enjoy your company, Miss … "

"Turnbrooke. Laurie Marie Turnbrooke."

He extended his hand with a smile. "I'm Arthur Higgins. Pleased to meet you."

Arthur helped her into the carriage and they headed to the Pig & Whistle for dinner. Laurie Marie was so hungry that just the smell of cooking food made her stomach grumble loudly. Arthur just laughed, noting that her baby was obviously hungry, too. He did not ridicule her about her appetite; he allowed her to order whatever she wanted and happily watched her consume every morsel. Over a small sherry, he asked her questions about her life and her situation.

"And so Bax intends to turn you out at dawn?"

"Yes, sir." Laurie Marie wiped tears away again, sipping the sherry. "I've looked for work but no one wants to hire a woman so close to dropping her baby."

Arthur nodded, staring into the liquor. "Then you have a problem, Miss Turnbrooke." He sat up, taking a breath. "A problem that I can solve. I had need of a housekeeper. The job is yours if you would like to have it."


"Yes. If you agree, we can collect your stuff and you may take up residence this evening."

Laurie Marie began to cry again, dabbing at her eyes with the cloth napkin. "You are too kind, Mr. Higgins."

Arthur smiled, touching her hand. "Mayhap I am but I am a good judge of character and I can't stand by and watch a beautiful woman such as you be mistreated." He drained his glass. "Will you accept the position?"

Faced with an uncertain future, the warmth and kindness she felt from Arthur helped her make her decision. "Yes, Mr. Higgins. I accept."

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