tagToys & MasturbationCasanova Redux Ch. 03

Casanova Redux Ch. 03


Arthur couldn't get enough of my mother's milk and their lifelong love affair began. I grew up spoiled and strong, confident with the love of a father who adored me and a mother who understood me. I didn't attend school with other children; Arthur had a tutor brought by to teach me numbers and letters. I was like my mother, a quick learner, and I progressed to working mathematical problems and reading long tracts of text by the time I was six. The more I learned, the more I became interested in every facet of life. Words took me to different worlds and numbers helped me see things in an orderly fashion.

Birthdays came and went but I never grew tired of having a cake and riding my horse whenever I wanted. But something was missing. I felt it keenly but didn't have the slightest clue as to what it could be. My best friend, Jenny, whose father owned the adjacent farm, often served as my fountain of advice and it was through my friendship with her that my sexual odyssey began...

* * * * *

Jenny scrambled up the hill like a monkey, leaving Cassia farther and farther behind. Cassia loved her friend but she always hated that Jenny was so much faster and stronger than she was. Of course, Jenny just tossed her head full of black curls and laughed after each win, grinning and giving her a mischievous wink. Today, they were heading to their favorite place, a flat patch of land populated by soft, green grass and clusters of bluebells, kissed by the sun and shaded on one side by a hundred-year old oak.

Even carrying the weight of their picnic lunch on her back, Jenny was faster and all Cassia saw were her petticoats as she crested the edge, pulling herself up. "Come on! I swear, Cassia, you're so slow!"

"Well, I wasn't born a monkey!" Cassia pulled herself up and laughing, she chased her friend over to the stream, washing her hands and face clean. "I'll never beat you, Jenny."

"Of course you won't." Jenny set the basket down, waiting as Cassia unfolded the spread. "I have a distinct advantage. When one has six brothers, one learns how to do things as a boy does."

"Wish I had a brother. Wish I had a sister, for that matter." Cassia pouted, her eyes tearing up.

"You do have a sister." Jenny threw her arm around Cassia's shoulder and gave her a squeeze. "Me."

Cassia nodded and the two girls opened the hamper and ate the lunch that Cook had prepared for them. Stuffed and giggling, they laid in the sun-dappled grass, watching the bees gather pollen in the gentle wind.



"Do you ever touch yourself down there?"

"Of course. Don't you?"

"I'm afraid to."

"Afraid to? Why is that?"

"I'm not sure what to do."

"Come here." Jenny leaped up and ran headlong across the grass, ducking beneath a waterfall hedge that hid them from any prying eyes. Cassia followed her in, standing as her friend pulled her knickers down and sat, spreading her legs. Cassia took an uncertain step backward. "Come here and sit close to me."

Cassia sat across from her friend, staring at the juncture between her legs. She'd had her own pussy for sure, but it was quite a different matter to see someone else's. Jenny's mound was covered with shiny black curls and looked as if it was nothing but a patch of hair. When Jenny spread her legs wider, a small pink slit appeared and she thought that it was the most beautiful thing that she'd ever seen.

"Pull your pants down, too." Cassia snapped out of her trance and lowered her own undergarments. The ground was cool under her suddenly hot skin and she pulled her dress back, exposing her own pink slit. "Now watch and do what I do."

Jenny leaned back against the boulder that formed the back wall of the natural alcove and let her fingers play across her pussy lips, pulling them open and stroking down each side in long, slow strokes. Eyes closed, she pulled the fat hood back and gently pushed on a fat pink button, an action that caused her to gasp and close her eyes. Cassia wanted to follow what her friend was doing but she couldn't stop watching what Jenny was doing and how her body was reacting to it. Jenny's fingers traced the pink path again, pressing the lips open farther as she lifted her knees, pushing them back as far as she could.

A soft whimper left Jenny's lips as she spread her flesh flower apart and dipped her fingers in the glistening dew that was forming at the bottom. She began a circular motion around the base of her slit, her whimpers deepening into moans as more and more creamy liquid covered her. With a long, hoarse groan, her longest finger disappeared into her body and Cassia knew that she had found her opening. Jenny's finger slid in and out, drawing a grunt of pleasure each time and rapidly built a rhythm that matched music only Jenny could hear.

The breath caught in Cassia's throat when Jenny came. Her legs started trembling and her finger moved at a blurring pace until her body froze in mid-arch, her mouth hanging open and her fisted hand pushing against her quivering flesh. Finally, she gasped and relaxed, her legs falling down but her hand still slightly moving in her hole.

"That's called an orgasm. I heard my mother and some of the ladies talking about it." Jenny looked over at her friend. "Did you have one?"

"No. I was too busy watching you."

"Well," Jenny crawled over to her friend with a big smile. "Let's see what we can do about that."

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