tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCasanova Redux Ch. 08

Casanova Redux Ch. 08


I came away from my conversation with Withers with wet panties and the sudden urge to scratch the itch he'd created. I didn't realize how strong the attraction I had to him was and it only confirmed the rightness of the decision I'd made. Withers would be my first. I wondered what he sounded like when he came and just the thought sent a shiver down my spine. Jenny would whimper when she filled my mouth with her sweet cream and Jacobi gave a weak grunt. I imagined that Withers' response would be much more manly, perhaps a deep grunt or a growl as he emptied himself into me.

But all fantasies have their feet in the real world. I began to worry about my part of the performance. Would he laugh at me? Tell me that I was still a child and send me home? It became even more important to find out what went on when a man and woman fucked and tonight's visitor would provide that, I was sure. It was just a matter of finding out what room and the best place to hide …


Martin Turner arrived promptly at eight o'clock and was met by Withers at the carriage house. Cassia watched as the two men shook hands and made a circuit around the vehicle, talking and pointing out items that Turner wanted taken care of, including the injured wheel. Satisfied that Withers could take care of the problems, he grabbed an overnight bag from the carriage and strode toward the house. Cassia remained upstairs until Cook called her and she went down and joined her parents and the visitor in the main dining room.

"Mr. Turner, may I introduce my daughter, Cassia Nova."

Cassia politely greeted Turner and set about examining him while dinner was served. He was a few inches taller than her father, easily six feet in height and seemed solid in his fine suit. His dark eyes sparkled at her mother and his manner was respectful but there was an underlying current, a sexual tension that made Cassia's skin tingle. After dinner, the adults retired to the library for sherry and cigars. Being eighteen, Cassia could have joined them but she begged off, saying that she was tired. She kissed her parents good night, bid Turner a good evening and repaired to her room.

But not before she discovered which room Turner was staying in and devising a plan. She took a bath, put on her nightgown and went to bed, arranging her pillows so that it looked like she was in it and tiptoed down the hall. Other than the bed, there was a large tallboy in the corner, a small chest of drawers, a large mirror and a table that held a pitcher and bowl and clean towels. Cassia decided that if she hid in tallboy, she had a perfect view of the bed. She wedged herself in between hanging blankets and managed to doze off comfortably before she heard the door open.

"You're so beautiful, Laurie. I can't believe that you chose me."

"I trust you, Martin. We've been friends for so long that I know I can trust you."

"Then let me please you, friend."

Cassia pressed on the door latch, hoping for silence and nearly gasped aloud when she saw the sight of her mother in the arms of a naked man. Her head was thrown back and his mouth was working magic on her throat, evidenced by the way her mother shivered. He released her and climbed onto the bed, watching as she undressed for his pleasure. He leaned back against the pillows and grabbed his half-hard cock, stroking it into attention while gazing at Laurie Marie's curvaceous body.

The breath caught in Cassia's throat as her mother crawled onto the bed and took Turner's thick cock into her mouth. His entire body tensed for a moment and he groaned as she released him, then repeated the action. Cassia could see Turner's thick rod disappearing into her mother's mouth and she fought her own whimper. It was such a beautiful sight, her mother's red lips spreading open to accept the man's meat. Her mother stopped and murmured something to him. Turner nodded and pulled himself on his haunches, waiting as her mother got on her hands and knees, presenting him with her creamy white ass.

Turner bent and pressed kisses, then licked Laurie Marie's butt cheek. He did the same with the other, then moved lower, pressing his mouth and nose into her pussy. Cassia wanted to echo her mother's moan of pleasure. From the angle she was at, she could see Turner's long tongue lapping Laurie Marie's cunt, using his fingers to spread the thick lips open and press his mouth up into her body. It didn't take her long before she was gasping and whimpering as an orgasm overtook her and he took the opportunity to rise up and sink his cock into her rippling hole.

Sweat broke out on Cassia's brow and her hand snaked down, pulling the edge of her nightgown up so that her fingers could find her soaked pussy. Just inches away, Turner's thick cock pushed into her mother's dark pink pussy, briefly disappearing from view then reappearing with a combination of clear and milky white fluid coating his olive skin. He pumped her mother as Cassia pumped her pussy, all three rocketing toward sweet release. Laurie Marie reached hers first, trembling and groaning with the sensations. Cassia followed, her knuckles-bitten-by-teeth moan unheard over the steady sounds of Turner's body slapping against that of her mother's.

Finally, he was cumming and he jerked his cock out, letting his sperm fly across her mother's back. His performance was electrifying. Cassia would never forget the dimples in his ass cheeks, the look of almost anguish on his face and the spurts of cum that jetted from his cream-covered rod.

The way her heart was pounding in her chest convinced Cassia that her idea was right. She needed to experience a man and Withers was the right man for the job.

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