tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCasanova Redux Ch. 13

Casanova Redux Ch. 13


I now know that a woman's virginity has a price. Before, I had only considered the price to be personal: loss of reputation and with it, the ability to secure a worthwhile marriage. I never thought that someone might profit from it. At first, I wished that Withers and I had made love but that would have reduced me to nothing more than a piece of meat in the eyes of these men. As it was, they intended to use me and I didn't know what they were going to do.

But Withers was what worried me the most. He had not moved at all since we'd reached the camp and the dried blood and the lump on his forehead made me concerned. I didn't think he was dead but if we were to escape, I couldn't do it alone. I would need his help and it didn't look like I was going to get it. So I would have to rely on my wits to get us out of this and hope for the best ...

* * * * *

Cassia screamed as Kneeling Man left the tent and Shakey and Standing Man lifted her, placing her on a patch of grass right outside in full view of the other men. The man who was napping rode his horse over, snarling at Shakey with two black lumps of diseased teeth.

"That's not fair, Shakey."

"Everyone else did their work today. Patch and Carly brought us this fine piece; Ramer tended the fire and chopped wood and Harlen and Joff caught breakfast and dinner. What did you do, Cleatus?"

Cleatus stared at the other men who were already unzipping their pants. "I protected the camp."

"From what? Now, get the Prince and get your ass back here. You got a shitload of chores to do."

"What about the girl?"

"We'll enjoy her for you!" Patch shouted and the rest of the men chimed in their agreement. Cleatus swung the horse around, cursing as he viciously whipped it until it was galloping. "Time to enjoy you, little girl!"

Cassia was too tired to fight any more. She was already naked so there was nothing she could do to fend off the dirty hands that pinched her nipples and squeezed her mound. Shakey propped her up against the tree and wrenched the gag off. Before she could scream, her mouth was crammed full with a piss-scented cock that was quickly getting hard. She thought to bite down but he produced a knife, giving her a knowing snarl.

"I can still sell you without teeth."

She closed her eyes and tried not to gag. The smell of his unwashed body assaulted her and the knowledge that she was sucking dried piss was making her stomach rebel. Shakey shoved his cock farther into her mouth, seeking her throat and shivered when he found it, spouting curse words and pumping his hips. Cassia gagged, then gagged again, this time bringing up warm water and bile and Shakey groaned, shooting his load down her throat and making her gag again.

"Fuck, that was good. Patch, you're next."

Shakey stepped back and grabbed his whiskey bottle as his second-in-command stepped forward, ruthlessly shoving his prick into her vomit-and-sperm slimed mouth. Cassia whimpered but was largely ignored. She was nothing but a receptacle to these men. Patch fired off his load in a hurry, pulling out and spattering her face with his watery sperm and Carly stepped up, smacking her wet cheeks with his tiny cock.

"Stop! Stop it!" Cassia wanted to crawl into the dirt, hearing Withers' angry shout. Carly pulled his cock out of her mouth as he turned toward the tent, watching as Joff and Ramer caught the injured man, tossing him to the ground. Withers groaned as he crashed to the ground, then pushed himself onto his knees, glaring at the scene just a few yards away. "Cassia!"

She shook her head, trying to get him to understand that it was best to keep quiet and his silent sobs bore witness to his acceptance. Carly pushed his prick back into her mouth and held her head as he shot a load down into her belly. Ramer was next and he held her nostrils closed as he pumped her mouth, laughing when she coughed for air. He hugged the tree, ramming his rod deeply and grunting when his seed spewed forth.

Joff barely got his cock into her mouth before he was cumming and Harlen enjoyed a full belly of vomit, washing over his rod and coaxing his own load out. Cassia slumped forward, spittle, vomit and semen dripping from her nostrils and mouth and she raised anguished eyes to Withers, who looked away and began to cry anew.

Just then, Cleatus and a man riding a beautiful black stallion rode into the clearing. Cleatus jumped down before the horse had stopped and rushed over, unbuckling his belt. "I'm not too late, am I?"

Shakey punched him and the man flew backward, clutching his groin and groaning in pain. "Get to your chores, asshole!" He dropped the bottle of whiskey and strode over to the man on horseback. "Welcome, Prince Brenton."

"Hello, Shakey. I hear that you have a virgin piece for me."

"Yes, your majesty. If you'll join me in my tent, I'll have her washed and brought to you."

The Prince slid down from his mount and removed his gloves, glancing at Cassia's cum-covered body. "That will be fine."

Cassia raised her head, her stomach roiling again and watched the finely-dressed man enter the tent. This was the Prince they spoke of: Prince Brenton, their sovereign. "Please, your majesty." She fought the bile down and valiantly ignored the salty burning taste at the back of her throat. "May I speak with you?"

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