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Casino Night


Glancing down to secure the clasp on my black garter belt, I shifted it around me to rest on my pale hips. Feeling the soft cushion of the satin bedspread smooth on my bare bottom, I pulled up first one sheer black thigh-high hose; then the other. Standing and bending down, I stretched the garter straps and slipped the hose top into each clasp. I pulled the tight black satin panties up over the straps and my mature hips. And, why would I wear my panties in such a fashion (outside my garter and hose)? Simple, its casino night and easy access means everything.

Tucking my oversized melons into a D-cupped, 36-inch matching strapless lace bra, I sighed in knowing acceptance. "If this keeps his mind more on me than that dam roulette table, then it's worth it," my reflection shrugged in the mirror. My little black spaghetti-strapped dress and 3-inch tall satin pumps slid on like old familiar friends. I took one final scan of the voluptuous mirrored image and grabbed my purse. At 50-something, I still cleaned up pretty darn good. My shoulder-length ash blonde hair slightly ratted up, painted lips, eye shadow and long silver earrings were all the accents needed to complete the sexy, perhaps slutty package that was me.

"You 'bout ready?" Shouted my antsy husband from the bottom of the stairs.

The tight dress shifted and clung to my every little bulge, as I descended the staircase like some dark harlot. Expecting a favorable response, I quietly smiled and brushed up against him, with no reaction. I had desensitized him.

"So, you look ready to me. Let's go," he pressed and whisked past me to the garage.

"What a dick! No doubt he's trying to piss me off so I'll stay home. Well, no such luck buddy," I thought, getting in the car.

Our monthly visits to the local casino proved that Donny wasn't so much a compulsive gambler, as he was a binge player. He knows his weakness for over riding streaks. He's also aware that I know all his secrets, which never seem to payoff in any long-term gain. I've always been up to the challenge of casino night. If I catch him in time and do the sexy blonde routine with the promise of hot sex; that's enough to divert his attention and get him out of there, before any major damage is done. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against gambling and have been known to get a bit carried away myself on a rare occasion. But, I don't ever get to the point of 'selling the farm' to ride a so-called hot streak.

The closer we got to the casino, the more Donny relaxed and took notice of me.

"You're looking sexy tonight, Barb. Got a hot date?" He joked.

"Just might; you never know..." I answered and purposely crossed my leg to reveal some thigh.

"Man you should bottle and sell that shit Baby," he said, staring at my exposed leg.

"Yeah right, at my age!"

"I'm serious Barb. You could make gobs of money!" He added.

"And you would like that?" I teased.

"I'm just saying, what you've got is what most men want," he observed.

"You're nuts," I concluded and watched the bright casino light up the night sky.

Donny was always stingy with compliments, so I inwardly smiled and took it as such.

"Guess I know where you'll be?" I asked, knowing he was headed directly to the roulette table.

He nodded and soon maneuvered through the crowded casino and out of sight. Realizing the routine, I traded $30 in for dollar tokens and picked out a friendly looking slot machine. I got the normal glances and stares from a few male patrons and quickly downed two rum and cokes. My one-armed bandit turned out to be less than friendly. Within an hour I'd switched from one machine, then another and was down to my last $10. As was my practice, I secretly watched Donny at the roulette table. Amazingly enough, he actually seemed to be winning.

I approached him and asked how he was doing. Laying down another bet, he proudly announced that he was up about three grand. The drinks flowed with regularity, as I watched him hit three more winning numbers. He was elated and I was happy for him. After bumming another $30 from him, I went off to try some other slots. I initially had better luck with the new ones, until after another hour Lady Luck ran out. Now down to $5, I returned to the roulette wheel.

The dwindling stack of chips in front of him, told me Donny was in make-up mode. He quickly informed me that he was only down $2,000 and was in the middle of a comeback. This was an all too familiar scene. I only hoped I wasn't too drunk to lure him away from the table. Something went wrong. My sexy advances and consolations had no effect on him. He was bound and determined more than ever to make the money back; ignoring my pleas to get out. Another half an hour later, I gave up trying.

"Well, I can't sit and watch you lose everything, I'm going to the car, with or without you Donny," I said in my bitchy, pissed off voice.

"Yeah, you go on ahead Baby. This shouldn't take too long," He lied and smiled, as I turned to leave.

The warm summer night air filled my dizzy head, as I weaved my way through the huge parking lot. Climbing into the warm car, I cracked all four windows just enough for ventilation and reclined my rider's side seat back to take a nap. I dozed off with visions of my husband losing all our vacation money, or worse, on that dam wheel. The liquor had its toll and soon I fell asleep.

I couldn't have been out more than twenty minutes, when I felt something light touch my cheek. I brushed it away and soon felt another. More awake, I took hold of the paper and opened my eyes. The parking lot lamps shining on me must be playing games with my eyes. The paper felt like money. Another bill glanced by my face, as I tried to catch it. Now I knew it was for real, as three more dollar bills floated down. I turned my attention to the source. Like a whacked out ATM machine, bills cascaded down from where I had cracked open the window.

My first thought was that Donny was playing games, until I saw the stranger's hand doing the deed. It was black. I immediately raised my seat up and reached over to start the ignition and raise the windows. In the process, I trapped one of the bills.

"God, how long has he been standing there watching me?" I wondered.

The tall black man on my side wouldn't lean down, but simply tapped his finger nail against the glass. Somehow he could see me and my expression, as I watched his finger point to the trapped bill. Seeing the bill was a five, I also clearly saw he had a large wad of bills rolled up in his other hand. His free hand turned to show his palm, like he was making me an offer. Then he made the sign for "OK" and presented his palm again.

I looked around the car-filled lot frantically for some sign of help; there was nobody. His hand kept making the same non-threatening gestures. My husband's earlier reference to my appearance flashed through my brain, "You should bottle and sell that shit."

"What do you want? I can't take your money!" I blurted out, loud enough to penetrate the window glass.

The dark stranger said nothing. Sticking the wad of bills in his pocket, he pressed his palms together, as if begging me to take the money.

"What do you WANT?" I repeated.

His fore finger pointed directly at my chest and slowly rotated. I shuddered.

"You're crazy - no way!" I insisted and nervously scanned the parking lot again.

His hand disappeared into his pocket, only to reemerge with the same large wad of bills. Peeling off another $5 bill, he pressed it against the window. Hearing or seeing no response from me, he counted off another few fives and pressed them against the window. The whole idea suddenly seemed so comical. Here was a black man propositioning a white woman my age through a closed window. It was so cheap, so naughty, so beneath me. However, as the $5 bills continued to multiply, I couldn't see any harm in cracking the window... for some air and maybe just a few bills. I lowered the window maybe a half-inch. His hand moved five or six bills up and through.

Wicked thoughts flashed through my foggy brain, as I watched thirty to forty dollars tumbling down at me. "What an easy way to make money! Maybe I could make enough to offset my husband's losses. But, what would this dark stranger expect from me? That was too scary to consider. Just take the money, you fool!" I rationalized.

Grabbing up the fallen bills, I noticed his open palm again. "Uh oh, now he wants something," I muttered and caught a glimpse of his starring eyes in the side mirror. That's how he was seeing me - through the side mirror!

"OK Buddy, here you go," I said to myself. Straightening my back, I thrust my chest out and shook my boobs at the mirror. His hand quickly adjusted the mirror to see my chest; then up to my face and back down. I continued lightly shaking my jugs, to make sure he got a good long look. I watched his hands come together to give me a mock applause and laughed at myself for doing such a thing.

Any chance that my performance would end right there was quickly dispelled when his strong fingers peeled away two $10 bills and shoved them through the window crack. His hands nonchalantly adjusted a growing bulge in his dark trousers, as the tall black man stood in quiet anticipation. The part of me that froze in fear of what he expected next soon thawed, when he waved a $20 bill at me.

I knew full well where his eyes were focused, as I reached across my chest and lowered one of the spaghetti straps on my dress. The twenty tumbled down almost simultaneously as my strap. Crossing my other arm over the first one, I lowered the other strap and saw a second $20 bill fall. My eyes keenly watched for his next move. Holding the top of my dress tight to my chest, he slowly flipped through the wad of bills, until he stopped at the fifties.

I felt my pussy tingling, while our hands moved in unison. A fifty tumbled down, as I stretched my dress down over my bra covered tits. With my deep cleavage fully displayed, my chest swelled when he readjusted his sizeable package. Seeing how my overt actions excited him added a steamy intensity to the situation. Here I was showing myself to a total stranger; a black man whose face was hidden from me, and I was enjoying it. Oh sure, he was paying for my little exhibition, but that fact seemed secondary now.

The thrill of danger and naughtiness helped to give me a new found sense of control. I decided to play with him a little. Gathering up several fallen bills, I formed them into a tight roll and slowly tucked them in my cleavage. Next, I cupped both jugs and squeezed them together; raising them enough for my friendly voyeur to get the full impact.

His black hand and fingers locked around the base of his covered erection, as he began stroking it. Watching the luscious length of his cock take shape right outside my window, my legs parted and secretly I let my hand wander under my dress and up my thigh. Pressing my hand against a small wet spot on my panties, I massaged my slit. The spot immediately spread to cover my whole crotch, as I relished the sight of his expanding tool. I caught myself letting out an involuntary moan when my fingers pulled my panties aside.

Our mutual masturbation might have continued unabated, if we hadn't been suddenly interrupted by the presence of another intruder. Our silent interlude was broken with the sound of voices outside the car. The older voice (coming from my tall friend) had the tone of discovery, as he issued words of warning to the younger man.

"Listen Robert, don't get any wild ideas. This is MY deal!" He stated.

"OK big brother, but I can at least have a look at her, can't I?" Asked the young black boy, as he leaned down to check me out.

I quickly pulled my dress up, when his face in the window startled me. With my dress in hand, my eyes froze on his. After giving my body a long once-over, he returned his eyes to mine again and smiled. I returned his smile with a nervous one of my own. He was rather cute.

"Man, she's a fox; great set of tits!" He said, letting his eyes stray to my bosom.

"Hey, you watch your mouth boy!" The man reprimanded.

"What did I say? She's a hottie for sure, just like he said," continued the boy, edging around the perimeter of the car.

"Just like who said?" I wondered, and then broke my silence. "Just like WHO said?" I yelled.

The sustained silence that followed told me I had caught them in some sort of scheme. They ignored my question. The boy (Robert), now on the driver's side, whispered something to his brother. Inside, I was getting more pissed off by the second, but decided I might get more details with sugar than salt.

"Oh Robert, can I call you Bobby? What's your brother's name Sweetheart?" I asked with plenty of extra syrup in my voice.

"His name is Alb-..." Robert started, when his older brother interrupted with a throat clearing.

"Alb? Is that a name?" I asked, straining to peer up at the tall older man.

"Ah, it's Albert, Ma'am." The tall stranger admitted, and leaned forward enough for me to see his face through the windshield.

"Albert Richardson! Why, I know YOU! You work with Donny don't you?" I asked, recognizing his face.

"Yes Ma'am, it's me and this is my stupid brother, Robert," said the tall handsome man in a disgusted voice.

"You needn't call me ma'am Albert. You do know my name don't you?" I asked, feeling safe enough to roll down the windows.

"Yes Ma'am; er, I mean Barb," he answered shyly.

Fixing the straps on my dress, I propped my head out the open window and gazed up at him. Bobby was content to lean in the driver's side window and stare at me, while I questioned his brother. He was so dam cute.

"So Albert, what's the story, hmm?" I asked, tossing a sly wink at Bobby.

"Ah well... gosh it's kinda embarrassing," he stammered.

"You just take your time and tell me everything. Did Donny put you up to this?" I asked, smiled at Bobby and let one of my straps fall off my shoulder.

"I guess so," said Albert, while Bobby licked his lips.

"You guess so? I'm afraid you'll need to more specific than that," I said and hiked the hem of my dress up a few inches to show Bobby more of my legs.

Guilty Albert was too ashamed to face me, while his cute little brother was more than happy to have me give him a little show. I was definitely getting a kick out of teasing both of them, as Albert struggled to explain my husband's devilish scheme.

"Donny thought that you thought he was losing at roulette, but he wasn't really. Actually, he won a bunch of money and decided to play a trick on you," Albert explained, while I let my other strap fall for Bobby's entertainment.

"He thought it might be fun for me to come over to your car and see if you... if you might give a stranger a show or something, if you were paid for it." Albert admitted.

"And, did you know anything about this despicable proposition Bobby?" I asked, and lowered the top of my dress again over my boobs.

"No way! I mean I could tell Albert and your husband were up to something, but they didn't give me a clue to what it was," said Bobby leering at my exposed cleavage.

"What a simply terrible thing to do to an unsuspecting woman, don't you think? You would never do something that evil, would you Bobby?" I asked softly, letting my hands cup my jugs for him.

"Ah, ah no. I guess not," he said gazing at what had to be his first up close look at a white woman's boobs.

"Not unless you had the money, right? Here Bobby, how much is it worth to see my big tits?" I asked, handing him the roll of bills from between my cleavage.

He stretched his upper body further into the window to reach for the wad of money. I pulled it away from him at the last moment and he tumbled face-first into my chest. I laughed liked crazy at how funny he looked trying to retreat. Reaching up to find something to steady himself, he inadvertently grabbed my strapless bra and ripped it down. Out tumbled my D-size melons on either side of his head.

"My goodness Albert, your horny little brother is rather aggressive!" I laughed and massaged my tits against the black boy's head.

"Robert! What the fuck are you doing, Man?" Albert yelled.

"Hey, better watch that language Albert," I scolded, as Bobby frantically tried to edge back out the window.

"So Albert, is this what you expected?" I asked, turned myself toward him and held up my naked boobs for his inspection.

"Quite a bit m-more than I imagined actually," smiled Albert, staring at my ample chest.

"More than a mouthful though, I'm afraid," I pouted.

"My God, your tits are beautiful!" A breathless Bobby chimed in.

"You're such a sweet boy, Bobby! I could just eat you up," I smiled and shook my hooters at him. "Maybe we should have a party, hmm? What do say guys?" I asked rhetorically and opened the car door.

I got out and stood bare-chested next to tall Albert. I pushed my dress down over my hips and let it fall to the pavement. Spotting a distant vehicle moving on the other side of the huge lot, I quickly let myself in the backseat. Sitting braless in my black panties, hose, garters and pumps, I urged the two guys to grab my discarded dress and join me. Bobby eagerly jumped in on one side of me, while Albert handed me my dress and crammed his long legs in the backseat to join me on the other side. Sitting quietly between the two black men, I suddenly felt less empowered - even a little worried. Holding my dress close to cover my chest, I wondered if either of them had been in backseat with a mature half-naked white woman before.

"You know what makes me mad, you guys?" I spoke, more or less to cut the silent tension.

"No, what makes you mad?" Bobby was quick to bite.

"I don't know why Donny had to resort to such a devious trick," I suggested.

"I guess it does seem rather extreme, but it worked," said Albert lightly touching my shoulder.

His touch was more like that of a friend, not a seducer. "I guess I'll always wonder just how far this would have gone, you know? If Bobby here hadn't showed up, how much more would you have spent? And, just how much more would I have done for the money? Scary to think about!" I shuddered and laughed.

"Oh, that reminds me..." started Albert, digging into his pants pocket.

"Here, this is your hubby's winnings. You might as well take it," he said offering me the thick wad of money.

"Gosh, now how could I ever take that - I didn't earn it?" I laughed and reached out for it.

"That's right Bro, she hasn't earned it yet," snickered Bobby, grabbing the money from Albert's hand.

"Robert, don't be an asshole; give it to her!" Albert commanded in a deep serious voice.

I couldn't tell for sure whether Bobby was serious or just kidding. Trying to keep things in a light mood, I opted to play with him some more. I turned and faced the handsome youngster. Giving him my most alluring stare, I ran my free hand up this thigh.

"Now, what could I do to earn some of that?" I asked and squeezed his leg.

Albert tried in vain to reason with him. The young black stud was intent on playing a little game with me.

"Here, what'll you do for that?" He asked, peeling a $20 bill from the roll and tempting me with it.

"How about this," I replied, lowered my dress to expose my big tits again and snatched the bill.

"Wow lady, those are sweet," said Bobby pulling out and waving another twenty at me.

I gave them each a wide smile, shook my melons at them and snapped up the second twenty.

"Hey lady, what's the deal?" Bobby asked, upset by such a modest compensation.

"I don't think your little brother understands the routine, does he? And, my name isn't 'Lady'," I corrected him and nodded at Albert.

"Her name is Barb and if you expect more, I believe you'll need to up the offer," Albert said and returned a confident smile.

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