tagGroup SexCassie Takes Two

Cassie Takes Two


Cassie made her way to the main road, and walked until she found an intersection where traffic was relatively heavy. She stood at the curb, her weight on her right leg, her left leg held out to one side. Her stance outlined the ripe fullness of her hips in her tight jeans. The canvas bag that contained her entire life was slung over her left shoulder, her left hand on her hip, her right arm extended towards traffic, her thumb indicated she needed a ride. The cropped t shirt she wore rode higher on her exposed midriff, showing off her firm, shapely waistline.

She flung her head back as traffic passed her by, cars and trucks slowed to take a longer look at the shapely young woman, with the long, curly auburn hair, and wide-set blue eyes. Cassie smiled coyly at the passing male drivers, hoping one would stop and get her to the next town, the next city, the next anywhere. As the sun started to sink further into the sky, she began to despair of getting a ride. Well, she had plenty of money on her, and she could easily afford a hotel room for the night, if she had to get one.

Just as the sun began to sink beyond the horizon, Cassie noticed a truck slowing as it came towards her, moving over towards the curb. It was a burgundy colored Chevy pickup truck, side step, with two men inside. As it pulled up next to her, the passenger window rolled down, and Cassie could make out that the two men inside were Hispanic. The driver looked more at her than the road, and a faint smile played across his full lips. The man in the passenger seat gave her a glance and then looked at the driver and said something that Cassie could not hear.

"Can we give you a ride somewhere, dear?" The driver asked her with a twinkle in his eye.

Cassie glanced briefly at the man in the passenger seat, before she smiled at the driver, and folded her arms across her chest, allowing her breasts to push together showing an attractive amount of cleavage.

"Sure! Thanks, I appreciate it. Thought I'd be out here all night!"

"Where you headed?"

"I don't really have a destination in mind, so wherever you stop is cool with me."

The driver glanced over at the passenger, and gave him a bit of a shove.

"C'mon! Get out and let the lady get in – where are your manners!"

"Miguel, we don't have time for this! You know that!" The passenger said tersely.

The driver reached around and opened the door, before he gave the passenger a shove.

"We have plenty of time, don't be a fool! Come on, sweetheart! Hop on in!"

Cassie watched as the passenger grudgingly got out of the truck before she slung her bag onto the floor of the truck and then climbed in. She slid next to the driver, and couldn't help but notice that, standing, he must be very tall. His hair was so dark it appeared black, and his brown eyes sparkled at her. She felt the seat shift, and looked next to her as the passenger heaved himself back onto the seat. He seemed shorter than the driver, and much heavier. Yet his hair was also dark, as well as his eyes. Cassie quickly discerned that the driver was the better looking of the 2, and he certainly seemed to have the better disposition.

The driver checked traffic before feeding the truck gas and easing into traffic.

"My name's Miguel, and that unfriendly one over there is Julio. We are on our way back to Texas, and hope to be there in the next day or so. What's your name?"

"Cassie. And right now, my destination is unknown. I, uh, lost my job about 6 months ago, and shortly after that, my apartment. I had just moved to there so I had few friends and nowhere to go. So, here I am."

"Seems a pretty dangerous way to live, don't you think?" Miguel seemed to be checking out her body more than he was the road.

"Oh, I guess, but I've been pretty lucky so far. There are a lot of nice people in the world – more than most realize, you now."

"Julio, you just gonna sit there like a rock, or you gonna at least say hello?" Miguel said with a bit of a laugh in his voice.

Cassie turned to Julio, somehow not surprised to see him staring out the window at the passing industrial area as they left the small town they were in. He grunted slightly, before turning towards Cassie. He gave her a look that made her feel as though she were no better than a bug, and she resisted the urge to cringe away from him.


One word. One single word did Julio utter. Cassie sighed as she turned her attention to the stereo in the truck. She noticed a tape in the player and hit the eject button. The label was blank, and she looked up at Miguel.

"It's a mix I made myself for the ride. Go ahead and pop it in. I hope you like it."

Cassie pushed the tape into the player, and the cab filled with the hard, driving beat of R&B. She smiled, and soon she found herself swaying to the music. She looked up at Miguel, and smiled. When he smiled back, she was struck by the friendliness of his smile. She moved over closer to him, until her body was almost flush with his. She jumped slightly when she felt his hand move across her knee, but she found her body tingling from his touch. Cassie glanced over at Julio, but he appeared to be either asleep or uninterested. She felt Miguel shift, and when she glanced back, she noticed he left his left hand on the steering wheel, and had moved his right arm around her shoulders.

They drove that way for quite a while, and Cassie could feel her eyelids begin to get heavy. She put her head back against Miguel's arm, and allowed herself to doze.

Cassie opened her eyes, and came to with a start. She had snuggled into Miguel's side, his arm draped around her. The truck had stopped, and Julio was already getting out. Cassie sat up, yawning, trying to figure out where they were.

"I hope you don't mind, but I need a rest. We are going to stop here for a few hours and get going then get going again. I hope you will stay with us. Julio is not always the best company – you seem much more interesting."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever the driver needs, the driver gets."

Cassie noticed a slight grin cross his face, but she quickly slid across the seat and stepped from the truck. They were in the parking lot of a cheap motel, but that was fine with Cassie. She followed Julio to the room, and noticed that Miguel followed behind her, carrying a brown paper bag. The room was typical of any cheap motel room – 2 double beds, 2 rather uncomfortable looking chairs, a table, and a dresser that doubled as a place for the television to call home. Julio went straight to the bathroom, as Miguel unloaded the bag. Cassie noted there were a couple of 12 packs of beer and a couple of bags of chips. Miguel pulled out 3 beers and cracked open 2. He gave one to Cassie, who put her bag on the floor, took the beer, and stretched out on one of the beds. Julio reappeared, and grabbed the other beer, cracking it open and sitting in one of the chairs as he turned on the TV. Some old movie filled the screen, as Miguel sat next to Cassie, and she noticed that Julio was taking cautious glances at her, almost acting as though she would not notice.

When the first round of beers were gone, Miguel got every one a second one. Cassie seemed to drink hers rather quickly, as Miguel served her a third and she noticed the guys were still on their second. Cassie could feel the alcohol enter her system, making her feel loose and free and happy. She really could not handle drinking much, but she drank the third beer down just as quickly as the second, and was nursing a fourth. Suddenly, the events on TV seemed more and more funny to her, and she became rather vocal, cracking jokes and making Miguel laugh. Even Julio cracked a smile at her comments.

As Cassie lay back on her elbows after finishing her fourth beer, she felt Miguel's arm behind her. She looked up into his eyes from under her lashes and flashed him a welcoming smile. She felt his fingers tracing patterns along her back and she sighed deeply. She let her head fall backwards, her hair tailing over Miguel's arm, and she gasped as she felt his lips graze her neck. Closing her eyes, Cassie concentrated on Miguel's lips and feel of his tongue tracing patterns along her neck. She fell softly onto the bed, and felt Miguel's hand move along her body, stroking her shoulders before lightly skimming slowly down until his hand covered her breast. Cupping her left breast in his hand, he teased her nipple with his thumb, bringing it to life. Cassie raised her head and opened her eyes slightly, watching his movements, looking at his face. She glanced at Julio, who was now pretending to look at the TV, but she could see him glancing at them often.

Her mind was brought back to Miguel, as he slowly raised her t-shirt exposing her body slowly until her breasts, their nipples standing at attention, begged for his attention. Miguel lowered his head, his tongue washing over first one nipple and then the other. Cassie arched her back, and raised her hands to his black hair, running her fingers through the thick softness and pressing him closer to her. As he wrapped one nipple with his lips, Cassie gasped, and Miguel quickly began sucking, pulling her breast away from her body. He clenched his teeth lightly around the hardened flesh, and the sharp short burst of pain caused Cassie to murmur his name and beg him to continue.

Slowly she felt his hand sink lower to the waistband of her jeans, slowly undoing the buttons and sliding his hand underneath. He moaned against her breast when his fingers found her shaved pussy, the lips soft as velvet, the slit already moist with desire. He raised his head, and slowly kissed her down her stomach, until he reached the area just below her belly button. Grasping the jeans firmly, he pulled them over her hips and slid them down her legs. Her hands began moving along his body, feeling the strength in his shoulders and the muscles moving along his back. She quickly pulled at his shirt, tried to pull it over his head. He resisted at first, but then gave in to her demands, and pulled away just long enough to allow her to pull the shirt free from his body. She ran her hands over his chest and around to his back. He looked into her eyes, and she looked over his body and her desire grew.

Moving lower, Miguel lowered his head to her waiting, glistening pussy. He gently licked the slick lips and tasted her moisture, moaning against her. She pressed her fingers against his head, encouraging him to continue. She raised her hands and quickly and started to undo his belt and then the button and zipper to his pants. She slid his pants over his hips and down his body. Miguel hurriedly kicked his pants off, freeing his body. Cassie looked over at Julio, who was watched them outright, his hand moving along his crotch. She smiled, and wondered if Miguel would mind his friend being involved. But then, he was naked above her, his cock hard and dark, throbbing. She reached up and started stroking the swollen member and pulling on his balls, and felt his tongue move faster against her clit as he pushed 2 fingers deep inside her cunt. Cassie started to move her hips against his fingers, while she pulled at his hips, pulling him over her. He lifted up, setting one knee on each side of Cassie's head, and she pulled his hips down until his cock bobbed against her face.

Cassie licked the underside of his cock from the base to the tip, her fingers still tickling the skin of his balls. She kissed the tip, tasted the pre-cum already accumulated there and lapped at it greedily. Miguel poked her face with his cock, almost demanding attention. She opened her mouth to him, sliding his cock into her mouth and started sucking at his hardness. He began to move his hips back and forth against her mouth – almost as though he was fucking her pussy instead of her mouth. She felt him drive deep into her mouth, as his tongue washed over her clit.

Grasping her clit with his lips, Miguel began sucking her clit as his hips pounded her face. Cassie continued to try to suck his cock, but the feelings building between her thighs was more than she could stand. She stopped sucking his cock, but he kept moving his cock between her lips as he sucked and bit on her clit. She felt her thighs tighten against his face, her nails raked his back, as she felt the beginning of her orgasm take hold of her body. As her orgasm took hold of her body, she began to spasm and shake, moving against his face as his cock shoved deeper into her mouth. As her orgasm began to fade, she tried to suck his cock, even as she tried to catch her breath.

Miguel released her sensitive clit and moved up towards her head. Cassie moaned as she felt Miguel's cock leave her mouth, but she welcomed his mouth on hers, licking her juices from his lips and tongue, both of them moaning against each other. Kissing her across her cheek to her ear, Miguel gave a short laugh.

"You know, we really shouldn't neglect Julio. I think he would enjoy your charms as well."

Cassie looked up at him. Did he really want to share her? And with a man who had shown no interest in her at all?

"Go over to him, Cassie," Miguel instructed, "and give him a blow job – the best he's ever had. I promise, you will not be disappointed."

He kissed her again, removing all doubt from her mind. She smiled up at him, and slid off of the bed. Standing, she looked at Julio, and noticed he was now staring at her, his cheeks flushed. As she moved towards him, he tried to avert his eyes, and she realized he was embarrassed! She stood before him, and suddenly he took on the look of a cornered animal. Cassie leaned over, allowing her tits to brush up against him, and wrapped her arms about his neck. Tracing his lips with her tongue, she slowly teased him before placing her lips against his and kissed him hard. She slid her tongue between his lips as her fingers roamed over Julio's body. Suddenly she felt Miguel's hands caressing her back, moving down to her ass, squeezing the cheeks hard. He moved his hands back up her body, and he placed them on her shoulders, as he pushed her down gently.

Cassie released Julio's lips and sank gracefully to her knees, smiling up at Julio's almost frightened expression. Once between his thighs, she quickly undid his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. Encouraging him with her hands, he lifted his hips and Cassie managed to pull his pants down. Stroking his cock with her hands, she reached down and began licking his balls, causing him to gasp. She felt Miguel press part of his weight on her, and knew he was on his knees behind her. Lifting her up, she found herself with her ass lifted high into the air, her breasts hanging free.

"Suck his cock like the good little slut you are, Cassie," Miguel commanded. "Yes, that's it."

Cassie eagerly took Julio's cock into her mouth, sucking on the head as she ran her tongue along the ridge. She felt Julio lean back, saw from the corner of her eyes how his grip intensified on the arms of the chair. She lowered her mouth down his cock, sucking, licking with her tongue. At the same time, she felt Miguel slide his cock along her wet slit, poking, probing, teasing. She started to move against him, wanting him in her, when she felt a sharp slap against her ass.

"I'll know when to fuck you, slut, not you. You just suck Julio's cock, and make him cum hard." Miguel commanded.

Cassie groaned from the teasing, but took to earnestly sucking Julio's cock. She slid her mouth along his cock, sucking hard, and felt Julio begin to move his hips against her face. She felt Miguel's hand on the back of her head, pushing her to take more of Julio into her mouth.

Suddenly, she felt Miguel enter her cunt, full and deep, one stroke, and she gasped. Miguel started to pump her cunt hard, forcing her to feed on Julio's cock. She gagged slightly when Julio's cock slid down her throat, and she heard Miguel groan at the sound. She felt Miguel's hand slap her ass repeatedly, just hard enough to bring her pleasure. At the feel, she began to suck Julio's cock even harder, her hand pulling at his balls. She heard Julio moan, felt his hips move against her face faster and faster. She felt his cock swell in her mouth, and knew he was close to cumming.

Miguel kept pumping her cunt hard and fast, and then quickly pulled out of her. She felt his cock against her ass, and she groaned at the thought. She took Julio's cock deep into her mouth as she sucked even harder. As Miguel shoved his cock into her ass, she almost bit into Julio's cock, but resisted the urge, as her hand began to stroke the base of his cock. She felt Miguel move in and out of her tight ass, and she groaned, wanting him to move faster.

Suddenly, she felt the first spurts of Julio's cum hit the back of her throat, and she pulled him from her mouth aiming his cock at her face and letting his jism cover her cheeks, her lips, her whole face. She felt Miguel give her ass one last slap, before she felt him go deep inside of her, depositing his cum deep into her ass as he watched Julio's cum splatter her face.

As both men stopped shaking and quivering, she felt Miguel pull out of her ass.

"Lick off his cum, slut. Taste him and let him know you like him." Miguel instructed.

Cassie sat back on her heels, and brushed the cum from her face and eagerly licked her fingers clean. Julio just stared at her as Miguel smiled. When she finished, she looked up at Miguel and smiled. He pulled her to her feet and brought her to one of the beds. Pulling back the covers, he invited her to climb in next to him. Julio slowly made his way to the other bed, a confused expression covering his face.

Cassie snuggled into Miguel's body, and felt his fingers play over her body. Soon she heard his deep, even breathing, and knew he slept. She looked up into his face, and noticed the smile that still played across his lips. She curled into his side, letting the rhythm of his breathing lull her to sleep.

When Cassie woke up the next morning, she was alone. Looking about hurriedly, she saw that everything that belonged of the 2 men was gone. She grabbed her bag and searched the contents. The money was still there. Cassie breathed deeply. Then she noticed the note.


We had to leave very early and I didn't want to wake you. You were so incredible last night! Thank you. I don't know about Julio, but I shall always remember you. Be safe.


She smiled at the thought of the tall, dark stranger, before showering and getting dressed. She walked to the truck stop restaurant across the street for something to eat and to see where her next ride would take her.

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