tagErotic HorrorCassie's Story Ch. 04

Cassie's Story Ch. 04


"We aren't together anymore Wayne," she surprised herself with her strength, realising that her anger at Greg was the source.

"Ahh, but we could be. I treated you good."

Taylor almost laughed at Wayne's idea of good. His idea of foreplay was forcing his cock so far down your throat that you nearly puked, in fact she had once and all he did was laugh. Instead, the laughter died in her chest and a squeal of pain came from her instead, as her head was wrenched back by the pull of her blonde hair as Wayne wrapped his fingers into it and yanked - another of his intimate foreplay techniques.

As Taylor's head flicked back, she got one look at her middle age former client depart, nearly running. And who thought chivalry dead... but her thoughts quickly returned to Wayne, his stinking breath hot on her face, his eyes still holding that faint look of insanity that she once thought was intense love. She trembled again, all thought of anger - anything - departing her. Survival was her only thought now.

That was the other thing that she had forgotten tonight in her anger at Greg - the date. Wayne got released today... Fuck, this wasn't good...

"I treated you so well Taylor. We was tight... tight like that hot little cunt of yours... I never stopped thinkin' about that little hole. Hope you kept it just right for me. I have that toy you loved so much. Fuck you squealed when I showed you that," Wayne either chuckled or laughed, Taylor wasn't sure and didn't care. The shiver down her back as she remembered the switch blade being inserted inside her and Wayne toying with the catch gave her nightmares for months. It was that night that had given her the strength to run away. Fortunately he got caught with drugs soon after that. Fuck, she should have remembered this date.

"Let's go upstairs and play Taylor... time to get reacquainted and all. It's been a long time not getting inside that juicy hole. And I promise to make you squeal." Wayne drew out the small silver knife. Tiny but deadly. She had never seen first hand but Taylor was sure Wayne had used that knife for more than entertaining her. She trembled, her bladder almost giving out. She wanted to be strong, brave. She wanted to scream at him, scream at all the terror she had felt for months after that that. The cold sweats she would wake up with. Scream for the "client" whose face she gouged when she saw he carried a simple pocket knife.

But now she saw the knife, even without the blade, it terrified her. She thought back to that night... to the -- what if's. But she couldn't fight, couldn't move. All she could do was watch the silver knife - and pray that blade never came out...

She was moving to the building door before she knew it, her rubbery legs moving forward even as her mind screamed to stop, she knew she was sending the thought through to her legs, it just wasn't getting there. She tried focusing but could only see the knife. It didn't look that dangerous... but then the blade was hidden. One press and it would flick open from the side, slicing through anything in its way. She had even seen Wayne almost slice his finger off one night. And that had been inside her... was going inside her.

Tears welled in Taylor's eyes and started to flow down her face... still her legs refused and still she moved closer and closer to the building's entrance. The place suddenly felt like a tomb and Taylor was sure this trip was one way. Wayne was psycho... she hadn't seen it but she had heard he sliced open some guy with his knife and sat and watched him bleed to death. The same knife that Taylor's eyes could not move from now.

The door loomed just ahead, the blackness inside like death, even though she knew the light had been blown for months and no one cared. Taylor cared now. Taylor tried again... willed her legs to stop, willed her lungs to scream for help, scream anything but still no sound came out. She was nearly at the door, nearly at what she knew would be the end...

Suddenly, her legs worked... or seemed to because she had stopped. But given the grip on her throat had tightened and she was being pulled back, it wasn't her legs that had worked. Taylor's mind whirled in a thousand directions at once and then she was drawn back to the knife - but it wasn't there. Vanished...

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