tagBDSMCassy's Game Ch. 3

Cassy's Game Ch. 3


Copyright2001 Wormwood

If you've enjoyed reading chapters 1 and 2 you might want to go back and read chapter 2 again as it has been edited to include the proper ending. Thank you all for your kind and useful feedback.


The next day I went back to work, wearing my panties under my trousers but better able to function. I was clear headed and eager to put yesterday's performance behind me. No words were said about the previous day and everything seemed back to normal.

I did go shopping for panties after work at a local department store. I went through the usual evasions with the salesgirl but I'm sure she saw through my lame story and my nervousness. I did come home with twelve pair of sexy and pretty panties as required.

Mistress Cassandra made me model all the panties for her after I had stripped and put on my restraints, making me walk sexily in them, twirl and even dance. It was very degrading yet my cock stood tall during the whole process so there was no denying my excitement to my wife. My busy day that Mistress Cassandra warned me about was nothing more than more house cleaning and chores, including making dinner and washing all my new panties that had cum stains from my little modeling assignment.

So the days went by, I would come home from work, strip, don my restraints and take care of the housework that Mistress Cassandra used to do before subjugating me. We had regular punishment sessions with the crop, the cat, clothespins and vibrator. This would always involve me bringing her to at least one orgasm, usually more, with my mouth or with the vibrator or both. She became fond of having me hold the plastic, 8" phallus in my mouth while she rode it to climax. I became used to the feeling of a well whipped ass, sore nipples and the denial of my sexual needs.

Mistress Cassandra started dressing differently also. I rarely saw her in anything casual. She started to wear miniskirts more often and went braless frequently, something she had never done outside the house before. New lingerie started to appear, gone were the white cotton panties she liked and the functional bras. Her tastes started to run towards the sexy and revealing as she wore see-through panties, bras and thongs of every description. The old Cassy rarely wore stockings or pantyhose, her beautiful tanned legs didn't need them and she always said she detested them. But now patterned hose and even fishnets made their regular debut.

Still at least once a week Mistress Cassandra would leave in the evening, dressed nicely, and come home in the early morning for what I came to privately call my "relief" sessions. Allowing me to cum only if I promised to lap it from her pussy. I was so grateful for these times I wouldn't dare question her absence.

I still had little jerk off sessions without my wife's knowledge. It was just such a sexual atmosphere in our house that any time I found myself alone I took advantage of the opportunity to relieve my pent up tension. Between the stimulation from my beatings and the constant arousal of panty wearing, I felt it was owed to me.

I would secretly retrieve a magazine from the shelf in the closet, wrap my panties around my ever hard penis and get myself off in about sixty seconds looking at the pictures or reading short parts of the stories. I would discard my soiled panties in the hamper without worry, as I was the one doing all the laundry these days, I was sure my wife would never see the evidence of my masturbating.

One month after starting Cassy's game, as I referred to it, I came home to find Mistress Cassandra out. She was usually home when I got there but I didn't think twice about her absence since this would give me a opportunity to jerk off quickly. I had taken to doing it in the bathroom with the ventilation fan on after almost getting busted because of the smell. When I went in the bathroom with the requisit dirty magazine the sight of the hamper made my heart actually skipped a beat.

There was the hamper with the top open, my soiled panties scattered on the floor next to it. The only explanation was that Mistress Cassandra had found me out. I tried to put up a brave front telling myself that I would say, "Of course I've been jerking off, You keep me aroused all the time and only let me cum once a week." I imagined myself being defiant and manly and not taking any crap about this.

My determination had flagged after she didn't come home for dinner. It was gone by the time I would normally go to bed, 11 P.M., and she still wasn't home. I paced through the house, rehearsing apologies and imagining all the degradation I would endure to get Mistress Cassandra to forgive me.

I didn't even try to go to sleep, I knew it would be useless. At 3 A.M. I heard a car pull up in front of the house. I went to the window and saw a stretch limo stopped in front of our driveway with the engine idling and the muffled thump of music coming from it. I wanted to run out in the street in my panties and restraints but I just stood there transfixed, looking at the heavily tinted windows and wondering if the neighbors were getting a look at this.

After ten minutes the rear door on the other side opened and I could see my wife pop out the door. I could hear the heavy beat of the music as it had grown louder with the door opened. I could also hear Mistress Cassandra's laughter and the laughter of other females and at least one man. My face grew hot with anger as she leaned back into the car amid more giggles and then stood up, straightened her skirt and blouse and walked unsteadily to our door, still tugging at her unbelievably short miniskirt. I saw her wave coquettishly towards the limo as she went to enter the house and the limo drove off.

I was enraged, my emotions at the point of boiling over. Where was her car? Who were these people? Was she cheating on me? I was ready to burst.

"Did you nave a nice jerk off session tonight?" Were the first words out of her mouth when she saw me standing there in front of the window. Her imperious manner, even in her drunken state, made my guilt rise to the surface, obliterating any rebellious thoughts in my head. I went from pissed off husband to scared little boy in a blink.

"Listen Cassy I can explain.." I started awkwardly, casting my eyes down to her feet. "I couldn't help myself. You tease me so much and only allow me to cum..."

"Blah, blah, blah." She held her hand out to me in a dismissive gesture. "Get me a glass of wine."

"Don't you think you've had enough?" This wasn't at all like the woman I married. I had rarely seen her overindulge in alcohol and any time she did she would stop when she got home, more interested in sleeping it off than continuing the party. "Who was in the limo with you?"

"Oh honey, I'm just so upset over your betrayal I thought I would try to drink away my sorrows." Tears started to puddle in the corner of her eyes and her lip trembled. "How could you do this to me after I went to so much trouble to make you happy after the last time?"

I was speechless, I walked over to her and hugged her but there was no reciprocation on her part. She just stood there woodenly while I tried to comfort her.

"Get me my glass of wine. And don't touch me you prick. I ought to leave you before you make a fool of me again." She really started to cry at this point, which brought out the panicky male in me. I could never handle tears from a woman. I ran to the bathroom and got a box of tissues, returned to give them to Mistress Cassandra and scooted to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

When I returned she was sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands, a balled up wad of tissues in her hand. I placed the glass of wine in front of her and spoke.

"I'm so sorry Mistress Cassandra, I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally and I will do anything in the world to show my love for you but, who were you with tonight?" These last words came out in a pleading, pathetic voice I had never heard from myself before. I knew it was probably the wrong thing to say once I said it but the curiosity was killing me and I knew if I didn't say it then I would probably never say it. "Is he your lover?"

She raised her tear stained eyes to mine and gave me a look that expressed sympathy and disdain in one fell swoop. She composed herself, blew her nose and said. "You fool, here I am telling you that I might leave and your only concern is whether or not I've been unfaithful to you after you've been unfaithful to me. I know you know the rules and questions are not permitted, but I will allow this one and then no more. I went to the sex shop today to get us some new toys and the salesgirl invited me out with some friends of hers. I initially declined because I wanted to have a quiet evening with just me and you. But when I found your cum stained panties I was so upset, I wanted to teach you a lesson so I called her back and accepted her invitation. One of the girls ran into her boyfriend when we were leaving the bar and offered him a ride. He's the only guy I even talked to all night.

I hung my head in shame, here was my wife laying her heart out before me and I was being a jealous bastard. Her nights out had intrigued me, made me jealous, but I took that as part of the game. Designed to drive me crazy. But the events of this evening had driven me insane and now I knew I would have to pay up big time to get her to forgive me this.

"Listen honey, why don't you come to bed? I'll get out of work early tomorrow and we can go anywhere you like. How about that new..."

"I don't want to go to bed, I want to play." She said as she got to her feet. "I want you to start paying your debt to me right now slave boy."

It was like a different woman had gotten off that sofa. There were no traces of the tears that were in her eyes moments before. She didn't even seem drunk as she towered over me still sitting on the sofa. "Bring my glass of wine." she ordered as she sashayed out of the room.

I followed her into our bedroom, picking up the pieces of clothing that she discarded on the way. She was in her bra and panties when I entered behind her. "Take off your panties and sit on the bed," She instructed while opening the top drawer of her dresser.

She approached me with a wicked smile on her face, standing between my legs and pushing my knees apart with hers. She held a metal device out towards me that looked like a curved metal tube with a smaller sized handcuff attached to it. "The only way I'll stay is if you give me total control of your cock and balls. This is a chastity tube and you'll wear it or I'm leaving. I will give you one more opportunity to jack off before I put it in place. Oh, the instructions say that it fits best over a completely shaved scrotum so you'll have to get rid of this." As she said this she twisted my pubic hairs, bringing tears to my eyes. "Come on, get in the tub and I will help you."

I wanted to protest, but I was already further in the doghouse than I wanted to be so I meekly followed her. The bath water was tepid at best but again I held my tongue. I soaked in the tub for about a minute while she retrieved the razor and shave gel. She made me stand while she applied the cool cream to my groin and started her job, my cock growing hard as her hand came in contact with me. I was afraid of getting cut but still maintained my fortitude. She commented on how my hard cock made it easier to shave me and gave her something to hold onto. After she finished she scooped water from the bath and rinsed my soapy groin. As the now cold water touched my newly shaved skin I hissed at the feeling of razor burn. I looked down and saw my tender skin bleeding in small patches here and there, but my wife made me stand there silently while she reapplied gel and ran the razor over my cock and balls again, to get all the patches she had missed.

The second application of cold water was even more painful than the first, causing me to cry out as the pain reached new levels. She called me a baby and slapped my ass, but wouldn't let me out of the tub. She stood, appraising her job from across the bathroom and then came back to the tub.

"This won't do.' She said, shaking her head and reaching for the gel once more. "It looks so ridiculous with your naked cock and all that hair on your legs and bottom. I'll do your ass but you're going to have to do your own legs. Okay?"

I turned as she instructed as she removed the hair from my ass, making me bend over and spread my cheeks twice. Once for the shaving cream and once for the razor. She again rinsed me with water and exited the bathroom, saying, "Get your legs done and come in here."

I looked from the razor to the gel to the door, wondering if I should just give up now or go on. I finished my legs, only cutting myself a few times and rinsed and dried myself off.

As I entered the bedroom I complained about the razor burn. My wife then handed me her lotion and told me to rub it in liberally. I applied the fragrant lotion to my cock and balls, my ass and my legs. "See what us girls have to go through?" She giggled as she watched me apply the flowery scented lotion.

"Are you ready to masturbate one last time? And honey, I do mean one last time." She taunted me with her eyes as she lay down on her stomach. "I want you to cum on my ass."

I didn't have to be told twice. I mounted the bed and quickly started to jack off while my wife made comments like, "Is this how you always jack off?" and, "Come on, pull your little dick for momma. That's a good boy." I took my newly shaved balls in my other hand and enjoyed the feel of my hairless sack as I felt the cum rush out of my dick. I aimed for her ass dead center and was rewarded with a bullseye, my cum literally filling her crack and running down to her pussy.

She instructed me to kneel by her head and reached out and put my softening cock in the tube and ratcheted the device around my balls. It would still allow me to pee but would never accommodate my erection as it was bent back towards my balls and had a small bar that traversed the opening. The single handcuff device fit snugly around my balls, making an opening that was smaller than my actual nuts. I would never be able to get this off without the key.

"Now lick up all your cum." Came the command as she raised her lovely ass off the bed and spread her legs. "Do it now or I'll never release you from your cage."

I knelt behind her, starting at her pussy and licking my still warm spunk from her pubic hair , out of her pussy lips, to her perineum and along her delicious ass crack. My tongue sought out her puckered anus and snaked along the outer rim, digging my cum out of every crease and fold around her tight hole. I darted my tongue forward and penetrated into the musky inner sanctum, relishing her squeals of delight and writhing hips that pushed back at my lips.

I could feel my cock trying to grow hard again, forcing itself against the outside of the tube. The head of my cock running up against the bar across the opening, giving me a not unpleasant twinge of pain. I felt my ardor grow in direct proportion to the inability of my erection to escape it's confines. It was a terrible cycle, my arousal heightened by my inability to get aroused. I ushered Mistress Cassandra through another screaming orgasm.

"Don't you want to know what I bought at the sex shop today?" I looked up at her, amazed at her growing capacity. "Stay right here."

I watched her go into the bathroom, wondering what new torment lay in store for me. When she came back into the room she was sporting a large dildo, jutting out from her groin and stroking it like it was her very own, I silently moaned.

"Isn't it wonderful?" she eyed me with lust as she held it in her hand, moving it up and down. "I know it's large, and it looks so thick, but it's not much larger than your vibrator really. It makes me feel so powerful. Come here to me, on your knees and feel your Mistresses cock."

I got off the bed and crawled over to my Mistress, transfixed by the rubber cock waving at me from my wife's crotch. When I reached her, the cock hypnotized me, gently waving to me at face level. I brought up my hand and tentatively touched it with my fingertips. I couldn't help myself and grasped the penis around the center, wrapping it in my fingers and caressing it slowly in my palm. I looked from the rubber shaft to the sturdy leather harness, sensuously hugging the curves of my beautiful Mistresses body, and back to the shaft again. It's manly form in direct contrast to the feminine curves of Mistress Cassandra's legs and torso. The smell of rubber mixed with my wife's odor of excitement rushed through me and before I knew it, my tongue snaked out to lick the tip of the dildo. I quickly found myself greedily sucking the knob, trying to force as much of this imposing tool down my throat as I could. I slobbered, sucked and made small choking noises as the fake cock found it's way to the entrance of my throat.

"My, my. Aren't you the perfect little whore? I don't even have to ask and already your trying to swallow my dick. That's it, that's my bad little girl. Oh you cock sucking whore, give it to me. Yeah, suck it. Oh baby. Do you want to taste my cum honey? Do you want Mistress to shoot a big load of sperm right down your greedy throat? I can make you into the perfect little tramp. If you could deep throat me I think I could shoot off right into your mouth, Would you like that? Would you like to learn to deep throat me? Would you whore?"

Her words degraded me and drove me on, past the point of no return. I was my Mistress' slut, plaything, whore. The only thing I craved more than the cock in my mouth was to have this huge tool skewering my ass. My cock cage bit into my cock as it struggled to grow but the pain only drove my lust higher.

I looked up at my Mistress with the cock still in my mouth. Our eyes locked, hers saying that she knew my every little secret, mine saying I was hers to do with as she pleased. I popped the bulbous head out of my mouth for a second to say, "Please fuck me with your magnificent cock Mistress Cassandra." And immediately bent my head back down to resume bobbing up and down on her fake organ.

"If I do will you be my whore?

"Yes Mistress, I'll be anything you want. I'll be your slut, your whore, your toy, anything. Just fuck me please.

She stood me up and kissed me passionately, forcefully on the lips, driving my head back with the pressure of her mouth. She reached down to caress my hairless butt cheeks, running her hands up my sides and onto my breasts, rolling the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She pushed me back onto the bed and stood over me, looking at me like a piece of meat, intent on ravishing me. She hooked her arms under my knees and raised my legs, opening me to her assault. She handed me a tube of jelly and told me to get her ready. As I reached down to lave jelly on her penis she bent her head down and bit and sucked my nipples. I guided the head to my opening and scooted down on the bed to snug it up tight to my "pussy". As she pushed she grunted and growled, slowly gaining entrance to her treasure. It was as if a floodgate had opened as I squirmed underneath her assault. She rained kisses and bites on my breasts, nipples and neck. More and more of her cock entered me and I was powerless to do anything except enjoy the ride. She stroked in and out, in and out until she was buried completely in my ass.

She stopped long enough to look into my eyes and say, "You belong to me pet. You know that don't you?"

"Yes, yes." I cried out as she resumed ramming her tool in my ass. "Oh fuck me, fuck me pleeeease... " My tears were of joy, pain and surrender.

Her moans reached a crescendo as she came from her ministrations to my anus. She slowed and then stopped, laying her full weight on top of me as she caught her breath. I soothed her and stroked her hair as if she were a wild beast. I kissed the top of her head, loving her for possessing me.

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