tagRomanceCastaways Ch. 09

Castaways Ch. 09


This is a fictional account. If you haven't read the others, you might want to start at the beginning.

A medical attendant came looking for John to treat his shoulder, sent by the Captain, so Em went below deck to see Emily. However, Emily was asleep so she didn't stay long, maybe ten minutes. She had given one of the guardsmen some clothes for Emily to wear when they were still on the island and she found them in the room. She laid them out for Emily to put on when she woke and upon returning topside learned that John was still in sickbay. She was told how to find her way there to meet him. Just as she got there though, he was coming out the door. His torn shirt had a bandage underneath.

"What did they do to it?" Em asked.

"Just some cream antiseptic and a couple butterfly bandages," John explained. "The doc feels it will be okay without stitches. It was too wide to stitch anyway."

"Are you going to have a scar?" Em questioned.

"Probably ... why ... you dislike scars?" John queried chuckling.

"Oh, scars don't really bother me; it's just that every time I see it from now on it will remind me of today and how close I came to losing you," Em stated.

"Hmm, good point," John agreed. "Let's change the subject. Captain told me we should be in Martinique soon."

"You think we can get a flight to New York from there?" Em asked.

"Should be able to but we need to discuss some things first," John said, grabbing her hand and leading her down the hallway. "I think this is the way to our cabin."

"We have a cabin?"

"Yeah, the Captain gave us one to tidy up. He offered two but I told him that wouldn't be necessary," John related with a smile. "Our luggage is in there now."

"Oh, good," Em exclaimed looking at John.

"You'll definitely want to get cleaned up. The Captain told me we should expect to see reporters at the docks. The saving of Emily Cure' is big news in France and so too on Martinique where the family has had a large estate for years. He said we're also pretty big news for surviving the crash and living on the island all these months."

"Really ... you think they'll want to ask us a bunch of questions about the crash and our time on the island?" Em queried.

"Looks that way from what the Captain said. Mr. and Mrs. Cure' want to meet us also."

"Wow ... this could be wild," Em proclaimed.

"It sure could," John agreed as they entered the cabin and closed the door. "Em?"


"I got to talk to Nick briefly."

"How did you do that?" Em exclaimed.

"The Captain flagged me down on the way to sickbay and took me to the radio room."

"What was his reaction?"

"He is amazed to hear we're still alive. He is waiting for us in New York. I'll tell you all about it later," John claimed.

"Did you tell him about me?" Em queried.

"Yes, but not everything yet," John replied.

"Oh," Em worried.

"We better get ready. We can talk more later," John stated.

"Okay," Em allowed but a little worried.

Em saw the suitcases, one on each of the bunk beds. It didn't look like they had been opened, which was a relief to both of them. Em scanned the room quickly, checking out the closet, dresser, and the attached bathroom.

"Oh, god, John, look at this. We can take showers," Em nearly screamed with joy.

"That'll be different, huh?" John acknowledged with a grin.

"Hot water too," Em effused as she looked into the shower. She turned it on.

"Jumping in already?" John declared.

"You bet! I'd invite you in but it looks kinda small," Em added as she stripped. "Be sweet and get me a razor from my suitcase will you?"

When the water was right, Em jumped into the shower and John chuckled to himself as he heard her groaning for joy as the hot water bathed her naked body. He opened the suitcase, moved her underwear aside, found all the money intact, and then located a razor for her. She still had several left from all the people's suitcases. He handed the razor to her only to be asked to get the shampoo too. She had soap.

"You know," John said, after stripping himself and sitting on the toilet watching the steam from Em's shower billow out the top. "We can't take that money on the plane with us. It's too risky. We might get stopped going through customs."

"What're we going to do then?" Em asked as the hot water washed the shampoo from her hair.

"I think we have to find time to slip away from everyone and deposit it in two different banks. Hopefully they will be U.S banks."

"Why two banks?"

"Just showing up and depositing one hundred thousand dollars in cash in one bank might be risky, someone will question where we got the money. Even fifty thousand is worrisome," John stated.

"I see your point. John, if the reporters have photographers and they splash our pictures all over the Martinique paper, we won't be able to go anywhere without being recognized," Em astutely mentioned.

"Oh, geez ... right you are! What the hell are we going to do? Should we just turn the money in, you think?" John questioned.

"No way! That's our money. It may have belonged to those drug runners but they tried to kill us. We deserve it!" Em affirmed.

"Sort of the spoils of war, huh?" John agreed with a chuckle.

"Exactly. Oh, this shower is delightful," Em effused.

"Hurry up! We'll be in Martinique before it's my turn," John chided.

"One more leg to shave and my you-know-what to do," Em mused aloud.

"You let me do that last time," John proclaimed jokingly.

"Yeah, well ... we don't have time for that luxury right now, Big Boy. We might have time for something else though if you don't take too long," Em offered.

"Oh, you wicked woman. You want to make love on our rescue ship, a United States Coast Guard vessel, with all these uniformed men around?" John lambasted jokingly.

"Naughty, isn't it? You'll love it!" Em professed.

"You got me there," John agreed, slipping into the shower when she finally exited. "This ship must have a huge hot water heater."



"Are you really going to write our story?" Em asked.

"I should. Why not?" John queried.

"No reason. Just never thought I'd be part of anything book worthy," Em confessed.

"That makes two of us," John allowed.

While John finished his shower, Em dried and combed her hair. Unlike the salty ocean water that left her long blonde hair feeling thick with salt and still dirty, the freshwater left it squeaky clean and radiantly soft. She looked in the mirror as she brushed the tangles from it. The only mirror she'd had on the island was her tiny compact. Here she had a full body mirror on the back of the door. She admired her tanned naked body before hunting in her suitcase for a bra and panties. She's worn so little clothes lately that putting back on a bra and panties seemed like overkill. She just set them on the dresser and looked through her clothes for what she would wear. 'What does one wear to return from a plane crash and rescue,' Em wondered with a chuckle.

When John finished his shower and dried his hair Em was waiting for him.

"What do you think of this outfit?" Em asked, holding up a light blue and white button down shirt with no sleeves. It showed just enough cleavage to be alluring yet tasteful. The mid-thigh length blue denim skirt with it would show just enough leg to highlight how spectacular they were and her gorgeous tan, yet remain dignified as well. She wanted to look sexy, but not overtly so, and not too formal. One should not return after many months of survival on a deserted island dressed in a swank evening gown. People might think your time on the island couldn't have been that tough.

"You'll look great in that," John was smart enough to say with real purpose.

"I bet you'd rather see me like this," Em said as she laid down the clothes and walked over in front of him.

"You bet," John expressed vehemently as his hands held her naked hips to him.

They kissed and Em's ample breasts mashed against his bare muscular chest. Her nipples reacted to his kiss and she got the feeling of something starting to poke her abdomen. Her hand stole between them to squeeze his expanding dick as her nipples hardened further against him.

"God, you feel great," John said with his one hand on the back of her head and the other pulling her tight to him.

"You too," Em agreed.

"Your hair is so soft," John exclaimed.

"The wonders of freshwater," Em informed.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be with a creature as lovely as you," John expounded.

"I'm pretty lucky too," Em said jokingly, giving John's now fully erect eight inches a good squeeze. "Not every girl has one of these to play with."

"How does this girl want to play?" John asked merrily.

"Since we don't have as much time as normal on our island, how about we get each other ready and then have a nice quick shag," Em proposed, using the English term.

"Sounds good to me, babe," John agreed.

Before Em could say anything more, John bent and picked her up and carried her to the now vacant lower bunk. The bunk beds were inconvenient but would have to do. He switched around on her so he was on top with his face between her legs and kissing her thighs. She watched his hard cock move over her face and twitch with desire as they got into position.

Em pushed her hands up between his legs to caress his thick cock and bloated balls. They were both very tired and could have used a nap but the showers had helped to energize them. They would have to find time to sleep later, but very soon also. They had been through a lot since they last made love and the tensions of the last two days poured out in their lovemaking. Each trying to give the other the maximum pleasure in the short time they had.

Em gently pulled John by his genitals lower until her tongue could easily flick at his sensitive swollen glands. John had already parted her aroused lips and licked and lightly chewed on the tender petals of her sex. They both moaned from the other's delicious caresses as they tried to bring their partner equal pleasure.

"Mmmm, oh god, John ... it's not going to take much to get me there," Em informed before she sucked his cockhead into her warm wet mouth.

"Ahh," John groaned. "Oh, that's good, babe."

John ran his tongue along the edges of her vaginal hole. He could feel her tremble with need as he did and more of her juices leaked out for him to taste. She nearly bit the few inches of thick cock she had in her mouth when he pushed his tongue deeply into her cunt.

"Mmmm," Em moaned around his cock as more juices flooded her pussy.

"You like that?" John baited. "How about this," and he pushed a finger into her to the first knuckle.

"Ungh ...," Em growled and tried to give back what she was getting by sucking harder on his cock and stroking his shaft.

John resumed licking her as he maneuvered another finger into her. Em groaned again as she used both hands and her mouth to give him maximum pleasure too. The only difference between them was he wanted her to cum. She had to have him inside her first before she could make him cum. It wasn't fair because he could assault her with more intensity and that is what he did.

"Ahh," Em howled too loud for the little cabin when John, without warning, sucked her clit into his mouth.

John hoped no one was walking by in the hall when she did that. It wasn't a sound likely to be heard normally on this ship. He worked his two fingers inside Em, seeking her spot. He found it and continued his assault on her clit. He could feel her trembling beneath him and starting to buck her pussy up to meet his face. He had learned the signs of her pending orgasm well and knew she was very close.

Em didn't like 69's for sucking cock. It was hard for her to take John deep in this position without gagging and then choking on her own saliva. She took him as deep as she could and used her hands to work the rest of him. One thing she did love about this position was the way his big balls hung down like twin coconuts for her to fondle and play with until they eventually pulled tight to his shaft. She enjoyed working him to see how long that would take.

John's fingers in her pussy and his wonderful tongue, alternating between licking and sucking her clit, was driving Em over the edge. She arched her back off the bunk seeking greater contact with his mouth and hands. She moaned around the large dick in her mouth as she felt her limit of pleasure approaching urgently.

"Ahh," Em grunted again just as fireworks exploded in her head.

Her body convulsed with bliss as shockwaves of pleasure flooded her brain. Her nipples ached to be touched and she had to move a hand from John's excited cock to wickedly pinch and knead one of them. The extra stimulation only added to her prolonged climax. Her body shook like a leaf in the wind as the bliss numbed her mind into only one thought: pleasure, wonderful pleasure. John feasted on the release of her sweet nectar and tried to prolong her climax.

"Oh, god," Em finally gasped as her orgasm eventually waned and her body went slack on the bed.

The wonderful strain of her orgasm momentarily sapped her remaining strength. She barely felt or noticed John pull his cock from her hands and swing around. It wasn't until he was pushing at the entrance to her cunt that she opened her eyes.

"You're going to kill me," Em pleaded.

"You'll love it," John said and pushed forward.

"A moment to ... ahh ... rest would have been nice," Em claimed as his cockhead forced open her cunt.

"You can rest after you cum again," John stated and pushed again.

"Ungh ... god, that thing is big," Em proclaimed.

"Want some more?" John said chuckling as he thrust once again.

"Oh, fuck, yes," Em growled as his cock spread her wide and deep.

"Like that?" John queried laughingly.

"God, you know it," Em mused aloud.

"Want even more?" John jokingly said and shoved for the last time hitting her cervix.

"Argh ... oh fuck ... take it easy, Big Boy. The baby's in there, you know. He doesn't need company just yet," Em gasped.

"Okay," John said pulling back till just the head remained inside her.

John pushed quickly back into her making Em gasp again. He was beginning to feel the familiar rumbling in his balls and couldn't help but push the sensations along fast. He started fucking into her with nice long strokes. The feeling of his cock inside her was exquisite and Em started following him up the orgasmic ladder. Five minutes of good hard fucking and the bunk bed was swaying and making loud creaking noises. They both hoped no one was right outside the door.

John could tell that Em was getting close but he also knew he was closer. He kept pumping into her hoping she would cum when she felt him do it. He stroked into her even quicker now, racing towards his release. Em clung to him and thrust her hips off the bed into his downward thrusts. She had adjusted to his girth and her pussy was juicing like crazy to get ready for the ultimate moment of climax for both of them. It came one, two.

"Oh, fuck," John yelled as his cock exploded inside Em. His dick spewed cum into her vaginal cavity with incredible force.

"Mmmm ... yes ... yes ... do it, babe," Em grunted as her own pleasures rose higher.

John kept thrusting for a few more strokes. It was just enough to push Em to her orgasm and she held his sides firmly as her pussy convulsed around his big cock.

"Oh, god ... so good ... so good," Em groaned as her orgasm crested and her juices flooded around John's buried cum soaked cock.

"Ahh," John moaned as he felt her hot wet warmth spread even more around his throbbing cock.

When they were both done, John collapsed nearly on top of her. They lay there for a good while feeling the sweat between their bodies. They both had their eyes closed and sleep overtook them almost immediately.

"Mr. Morrison ... Mr. Morrison," finally woke John enough to hear the voice through the door and not think it a dream.

"It's Lieutenant Collier, sir. Are you awake?"

"We'll be in port in twenty minutes," said the Lieutenant.

"Yes, Lieutenant. Thank you. We'll be ready," John eventually woke enough to say.

"Very good, sir. The Captain wants to remind you and the Ms. that there will be reporters at the docks. The harbormaster has actually indicated quite a few, sir," Lieutenant Collier said.

"Okay, thank you, Lieutenant."

"Very good, sir. See you topside."

"Oh, shit," Em declared. "I got to get up right this minute to get ready."

"Okay ... okay," John allowed as she shoved him off her and slid out of the bed.

"God, I feel like I need another shower," Em exclaimed.

She turned the water on again, got it hot, and climbed in. She stood back from the spray to avoid wetting her hair. It wasn't easy but she managed to wash without getting her hair too wet. She slid out of the shower with the water on so John could go in. Twenty minutes later they were leaving the cabin dressed and with their luggage repacked. It had been a whirlwind affair but they had managed. Not having to redo her hair and not needing much make up, especially with her tan, really helped Em be ready quickly.

When they got topside they were led to the bridge by one of the ensigns. The sun was a glowing red hot ball setting in the west as the Captain gave instructions to dock the ship. They were maneuvering into the docks and the sun was actually in their eyes as the crew guided the ship into the proper slip.

Em and John stood watching and barely noticed the door open again and this time Emily Cure' was led in. When Em noticed her she nearly got her breath stuck in her throat. The woman had showered and dressed in the clothes she had provided. She looked a hundred times better. 'Actually beautiful,' Em thought.

Emily immediately came right to Em and they hugged. Emily mumbled to her in French, "You look beautiful."

Em said, "You too."

Emily stayed right with Em, arm in arm, as the ship pulled forward into the dock. John and the women were fascinated to watch the precision with which the crew docked the big ship. In no time at all the ship was tied off and the gangway was being stretched across between the ship and the dock.

Right where the gangway was being secured a phalanx of reporters, cameramen, and well-wishers gathered closely to await the departing celebrities. The cameramen were already snapping shots of the ship as it docked and the reporters were talking into microphones undoubtedly describing the return of the three people. Off to the side of the main body, John noticed a smaller group of people sitting in chairs with several servants and bodyguards nearby. 'That has to be the Cure' family,' John silently concluded.

The Captain led the three of them out onto the deck. They moved to stand next to where the gangway led down to the dock. The Captain looked splendid in his dress whites as did the rest of the crew. The Captain was definitely enjoying the opportunity to show off his ship and crew. 'They deserve a bow for saving us,' John thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the Captain began to speak.

Everyone on the docks and the ship listened as the Captain briefly described how the pirates had been killed or captured with the brave help of John and Em. He talked about the rescue of Emily Cure' and the recovering on all the stolen property. He then described something unknown to Em and John, how they had taken from the pirate's buried treasure bags of marijuana with a street value of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Lastly, he talked about the rescue of John and Meredith from the deserted island, survivors from the plane crash several months ago from Barbados. The cameramen snapped pictures throughout and the reporters shouted questions when he was done.

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