tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 1

Castleton Ch. 1


Chapter 1: The Ritual

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* * * * *

Wearing the traditional terrycloth robe, Jon overheard a snicker as the Helper cleaned up the bathroom after his shower. Today was a special day at the Great Manor House. The man had gone through this ancient ritual annually, to satisfy the Order’s original charter. He wondered who had been selected to perform the ritual, but again, it did not really matter, as the result would be the same. Perhaps it would be a foreign Member, who he had not met. That was unlikely, as his travels had been wide and he knew all the Members who might be chosen.

Outside the Great House, he heard a commotion near the entrance to the manor. He presumed, correctly, that was the arrival of the Novitiates who had pledged the Order. Peeking out the window, he saw eight women milling about the van that had transported them to the Great House. Later he would focus his attention on the Novices, but first…the ritual awaited him. A Helper knocked on the door, entered and bade the man to follow him. They walked up one flight of the stairs used by the servants, and down a dark hallway to a large dark oak door. The Helper motioned for the man to enter and left.

Jon opened the door and entered. His Mistress, for the next few hours, sat impassively in a massive leather chair at the far end of the room. She motioned for him to step onto a pedestal, in the center of the darkly lit room, to be inspected. He lowered his eyes and complied. The Mistress raised her eyebrow slightly, as if to require a response, and the man said, “My Slave name is Jon.” She nodded and motioned for Jon to remove the terrycloth robe. Jon quickly obeyed and stood naked on the pedestal to be inspected.

Without a word the Mistress rose and walked to the pedestal. She drew back the foreskin on Jon’s cock and ran her thumb about the bulbous head and under the rim. She grasped the shaft to feel its considerable girth and length. Next, she lifted and hefted his huge balls, which were smooth shaven to her liking. She grasped Jon by the back of the neck and bent him over. She went behind him and roughly ran her hands over Jon’s ass. She pulled apart the well-shaped asscheeks to reveal a wrinkled brownish pink hairless asshole. Probing his asshole with her forefinger, she felt the sphincter begin to give way. The Mistress smiled and nodded her head in satisfaction.

The Mistress motioned for Jon to rise up as she continued her inspection. She noticed that Jon’s cock beginning to stiffen. Reaching out to Jon’s chest she lightly brushed her fingertips over Jon’s nipples. Instantly his nipples hardened and she continued the soft caress to increase Jon’s pleasure. His nipples always had been somehow ‘wired’ directly to his cock. Any caress, tweaking or even rough pulling of his nipples increased his arousal and lust. He often fondled his own nipples when he masturbated, or was involved in sexual activity where he was free to play with his nipples. Jon’s obvious pleasure did not go unnoticed by the Mistress.

“I am Mistress Lira.” Said the woman. “I am your Mistress until I discharge you later today, or whenever it pleases me. Do you understand me, Slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Lira.” Jon meekly replied, ending the communication. Lira grasped Jon by his hard-on and guided him off the pedestal. She pulled him to the large bed in the corner of the chamber. She motioned Jon to get onto the bed, as she opened her black leather valise to remove articles of restraint, discipline and punishment. Jon’s wrists were bound with black leather wrist cuffs, covered with steel studs and rings. Next, she selected a device with small leather covered paddle on one end and a two-inch wide leather strap on the other.

Lira made sure that Jon saw the selection as she examined them, before placing them on the bed. His Mistress attached Jon’s wrist cuffs to hooks embedded in the headboard so that Jon’s arms were spread wide to either side of his head. Next, Lira put similar restraints on Jon’s ankles and raised his legs up to join his ankle restraints could to the same rings as the wrist cuffs.

Jon lay spread wide open. His cock, balls and asshole exposed to the whims of his Mistress. In this position his rigid cock was just a few inches from, and pointed directly at, his face. Lira stood on the bed and stripped naked, revealing a taut and athletic body with ample tits and hard erect nipples. She began by lightly rubbing Jon’s nipples with one hand, fondling his balls and cock with the other. Jon squirmed under the exquisite sexual ‘torment’ of her fingers.

Jon’s asshole repeatedly drew up tightly as she continued the sensual foreplay. He was breathing quite heavily now and writhing with pleasure from his Mistress’s ministrations. A thick clear drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock and began to grow as the foreplay continued. Lira scooped it up the pre-cum on her forefinger and placed it on her tongue. Jon sighed and his breathing became heavier as the wonderful sexual torment continued.

Lira enjoyed the obvious arousal that was building in her writhing Slave. She increased the sexual torment, taking a nipple between her thumb and forefinger to roll it with ever-increasing pressure. Jon squirmed as he felt his cock getting harder and aching for relief, but he knew that his Mistress would never let him cum so early into his visit. Lira began to pull harder on Jon’s nipple and his pleasure/pain mounted. Jon cried out as Lira squeezed his nipples and pulled them as far as they would stretch, causing the pleasure/pain to intensify.

Jon thought he might cum from Lira’s fondling of his cock and balls. He could feel his cock begin to build towards orgasm. Lira too, noticed the building of Jon’s desire. She moved quickly to prevent an early orgasm, by firmly squeezing his bulbous cockhead with her thumb and forefinger. She emphasized this action with several painful twists of Jon’s cockhead until his sensation to cum had subsided.

Lira reached for the paddle-strap that lay next to Jon. She flourished the instrument of pain so Jon could see it, thus mentally maximizing the anguish that it would cause. The strap was lightly drawn over Jon’s cock and balls and traced up to his burning nipples. Lira continued this light torment as she watched her Slave swallow hard, as he considered what the instrument would soon be doing to his vulnerable body. She grinned as the anticipation grew within her victim. Jon closed his eyes to avoid watching the Mistress’s obvious pleasure at her Slaves fearful anticipation.

At that very moment, Lira whirled the strap over her head and struck a blow across Jon’s ass leaving a light pink mark. Jon cried out, but his cry was muffled by the next stroke, which landed harder on both of his asscheeks. The pain was intense and Jon’s screams were trapped deep in his throat. Lira followed with a flurry of strokes, alternating on Jon’s asscheeks.

After the twentieth stroke to each cheek, she paused to pour a cool glass of refreshing wine. Red and purple strap marks covered Jon’s ass in rising welts, causing him great pain. But Jon also experienced a pleasure that began to rise replacing the pain. His asscheeks burned with the strapping he had received and he breathed deeply awaiting his Mistress’s next pleasure.

He did not have long to wait. Lira finished her wine and grasped the instrument by the strap end, exposing the small leather paddle. The Mistress stood over her Slave and smiled as she read the anxiety in Jon’s eyes. Lira placed a dark silk blindfold over Jon’s eyes to prevent his further knowledge of her intentions. Jon’s heart raced with apprehension of coming torments. The blindfold heightened his anxiety and he moaned softly as he steeled himself to the inevitable.

Lira resumed by lightly striking Jon’s engorged and rigid cockhead with the paddle. Jon felt a slight tinge of pain, but the sensation also brought pleasure to his very stiff cock. The light paddling of Jon’s cock continued with increasing force and tempo. The pain and pleasure melded to a sensation that hurt, but also felt too good to want it to stop. Again, Jon’s cock began to build toward orgasm.

As the force of the paddling increased, his cum welled up in his balls and at the base of his cock. Just as he thought he would explode in a shower of thick creamy cum, Lira squeezed hard on his cock head, turning the pleasure into extreme pain, again defeating his cumming. Mistress Lira released his cock and Jon felt his hardon return to its full rigidity. She resumed fondling her Slave’s balls and cock and rubbing his nipples with her fingers.

Jon responded with squirming and writhing as another drop of clear thick pre-cum glistened at his cockhole. Lira began to masturbate Jon with deliberate strokes of his cock. The pleasure mounted as the exquisite masturbation began to engulf Jon’s whole being, concentrating in the underside of his engorged cock. Jon watched as the pace quickened and the pre-cum accumulated in ever increasing amounts at his cockhole.

He knew that he could not take much more of this wondrous fondling being visited on his cock. He felt his cum begin welling up in his balls as they drew up and hardened. He could see his cock pointed straight at his face, as Lira accelerated the masturbating strokes and grinned at Jon’s pleasurable writhing as he ached for relief. “Open your mouth.” She commanded and Jon obeyed.

He opened his mouth and Lira pulled the blindfold away, just as he felt his cock erupt with a torrent of thick pearly cum propelled towards his mouth. He nearly fainted from the sensation of cuming so hard, while his Mistress continued to stroke his cock to release volumes more of his cum. The first volley of cum struck him on his lower lip and splattered on his tongue. Copious amounts of thick and creamy cum spewed forth again and again landing full upon his tongue, lips, nose and cheeks.

He swallowed all of the cum that entered his mouth. Jon continued erupting semen, in volley after volley, on his face and mouth. The Mistress did not diminish masturbating Jon’s cock until the expulsion of cum died out to a thick sticky thread of cum that stretched from Jon’s cock to his mouth. Lira released the spent cock. She gathered splatters of cum, around the Slaves mouth, with her finger and deposited the thick pearly liquid onto Jon’s tongue. Jon swallowed the last stray bits of cum and looked at the Mistress who was awaiting Jon’s response.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jon said softly. Lira smiled her satisfaction and turned her attention once again to the valise. Jon felt a cool greasy substance being applied to his asshole by the Mistress. He watched as Lira strapped on a huge rubber dildo to her crotch. The dildo had another shaft that neatly slid in to Lira’s cunt with a nub that would rub her clitoris, thus giving her pleasure as well. Then she knelt in front of Jon and rubbed her rubber cock on the lubricant at Jon’s asshole.

Without a word she began to push her ‘cockhead’ into Jon’s asshole. The sphincter resisted, but the pressure increased and slowly his asshole began to open to receive the massive rubber cock. Jon felt as though he was being stretched beyond his capacity to receive this offering from his Mistress. Little by little the massive dildo entered Jon’s asshole until he could feel the rubber cockhead completely engulfed in his ass.

His ass was being painfully opened and he felt totally full and stretched. The Mistress stopped entering him and paused for what seemed an eternity to Jon. Suddenly and without warning Lira thrust herself forward in a great stabbing motion fully entering Jon’s asshole up to the hilt of her massive rubber cock. Jon cried out at the pain, as he felt the Mistress’s thighs slap at his asscheeks. Lira swiftly withdrew, leaving only her ‘cock head’ embedded in the ass she was fucking, paused, then thrust deeply again into Jon’s ass. Jon felt as though he was splitting apart, as the Mistress repeated the maneuver over and over thrusting deeper into Jon’s ass.

Each time Jon thought Lira would cum, she would pause to let her lust subside, only to renew the attack on his ravaged asshole. Jon’s torment slowly transformed into intense pleasure as he began to thoroughly enjoy the fucking he was receiving. Lira leaned forward, grasped him by the back of the neck and brought his head to her tits. His lips were thrust against her nipple as he heard her command, “Suck it!” He pulled the hard nipple into his mouth and sucked hard as he swirled his tongue over and around the hot light red flesh. Jon licked the nipple in rhythm with the rubber cock thrusting in and out of his ass. His head was roughly moved to the other nipple as he continued his sucking. Lira moaned with intense pleasure, as her nipples were now being alternately sucked while her cunt was rushing toward orgasm.

Suddenly, Jon felt Lira stiffen and gasp as she exploded in orgasm. He could feel the Mistress’s cock striking at the walls of his asshole as she came in torrents. The Mistress thrust her ‘cock’ as deeply as she could into Jon’s asshole, as her orgasm subsided. Lira fell exhausted onto Jon’s bound body and her breathing was hard and labored. She lay motionless, breathing deeply and slowly regained her strength.

With her head lying on Jon’s chest she opened her mouth and put her lips around Jon’s nipple. Slowly she began to move her tongue around the hardening bud. Jon began to slowly writhe, responding to the wonderful sucking sensation on his nipple. His cock became harder as the Mistress alternated the sucking of Jon’s nipples. He felt his cock getting rock hard as the Mistress leisurely began to masturbate him again.

The pleasurable sensation of his nipples being sucked and his cock being expertly masturbated was maddening. Jon ached for relief as his cock continued to receive the tender stroking. Just as he felt that he would cum, the Mistress bit his nipple hard and cruelly squeezed his cockhead to cease the orgiastic sensation. The masturbation resumed as before, but now Lira continued to bite hard on Jon’s nipples as she sucked them. Again and again Jon neared orgasm, only to have it painfully terminated.

“Please Mistress, let me cum.” He begged, to no avail. Jon writhed under the tongue at his nipples and the stroking of his cock. He felt the Mistress’s rubber cock begin to move back and forth again in his asshole. The sensation was intense as he felt himself becoming filled with the dildo, while straining to cum under the Mistress’s ministrations to his nipples and cock. As the cock in his ass became fully embedded again, he felt it begin to move harder in and out of his asshole. His sphincter grasped at the rubber cock with each stroke, as it withdrew, and clasped it tightly as it re-entered deeper. Jon’s body was consumed with delight, as the sucking, stroking and fucking continued.

He opened his eyes to see his cock looming above his face. He looked at Lira, who nodded, and Jon opened his mouth, instantly understanding the meaning of the nod. He could take no more as his cock neared explosion. Jon fully expected the Mistress to again cut him off from cumming, but the tender stroking continued unabated. He felt the orgasm begin to well up in his balls and cock. Jon fought hard to keep from cumming, thus continuing the pleasure.

His resistance was futile, as he exploded again in a torrent of thick creamy cum hurled forth from his cockhole. His sphincter tightened about the ‘cock’ in his ass with each spasm that hurled cum outward from his cock, doubling the pleasure of his orgasm. The marvelous feeling of his erupting cock was embellished by the repetitive tightening of his asshole around the massive ‘cock’ in his ass. Each ejection of creamy frothy cum from his cock, caused his sphincter to clasp and clench the dildo in his ass.

Cum seemed to burst forth in slow motion, toward his open mouth. It struck full force on his lips, tongue, and face. Cum bathed his face, as more and more erupted from his cock, to add to the nectar already upon him. As before, his Mistress made sure most of his cum landed in his open mouth. She brushed the cum around his face and into Jon’s mouth. Jon licked the Mistress’s fingers to assure he had recouped every last drop.

As he swallowed the warm salty cum, he felt his Mistress stiffen and explode violently in orgasm, squirting juicy cum with each spasm of her cunt. Again and again Lira’s cunt spasmed in orgasm until finally she fell exhausted across Jon’s chest, as her orgasm completely drained her of energy. After a few motionless moments the Mistress stirred and slowly withdrew her ‘cock’ from Jon’s asshole.

Lira reached into the valise and brought out a pair of jockey style briefs with a narrow opening at the crotch. She pulled them over Jon’s legs and up over his body to fit snugly at his waist. Jon was released from headboard and rolled over so his stomach lay flat on the bed. His wrists were re-connected to the rings on the headboard. The Mistress moved the ankle restraints up so that they fit snugly around Jon’s upper calves at the back of his knees. A chain was attached to each restraint and Jon’s knees were pulled underneath him so that his ass was raised up. These restraints were chained to the headboard and pulled taut leaving Jon completely bound and vulnerable.

He felt the Mistress Lira reach in through the opening in the briefs, grasp his massive balls, and pull them through the opening, fully exposing them. His cock remained safely inside pressing on his belly. Jon’s balls hung down low as they were hefted and fondled by his Mistress in anticipation of the torments she would soon perform upon them.

Jon could not see what his Mistress was doing and the fear began to build in his mind of what unknown torment was to be visited upon him now. He could hear the valise open and close. The sound of leather striking flesh rang in his ears, but he felt no pain. He realized that the Mistress was striking her own palm with a leather paddle to increase his fear and anticipation.

The slapping sound stopped and he felt a thin leather paddle drawn lightly over and around his exposed balls. Jon enjoyed this tickling sensation and could feel his cock start to grow hard, as the tickling of his balls continued. Lira began to very lightly slap Jon’s balls, and his arousal increased. The spanking was advanced to more pronounced and measured slaps on Jon’s balls.

There was some slight pain with each slap, but there was also a great deal of pleasure reflected in Jon’s sighs and moans. As the force increased, Jon’s ability to tolerate the paddling diminished. Jon could feel the pain in his balls rise as the paddling continued. The Mistress stepped up the pace, and the force, of the spanking and Jon’s balls began to ache. The pain was now more pronounced than the pleasure, but Jon still enjoyed the discipline he was undergoing.

Though the pain was increasing, it resembled more a rough fondling than a beating, yet Jon’s apprehension increased as his moans of delight began to sound more like wails. His balls felt hot and sore, as the spanking continued with ever increasing force. Now the strokes became heavier and Jon’s yelps were interspersed with his occasional groans. He realized that the activity had changed to a discipline session, with his balls as the article being disciplined.

His cries of pain were ignored, as Lira continued to pummel Jon’s balls. The outcries turned to occasional screams, as the punishment of his balls was increased incrementally. Now the blows fell heavily on his red and hurting testicles. The tears ran down Jon’s face as the torture continued unabated by his screams.

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