tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 9

Castleton Ch. 9


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Life at Castleton was like a new beginning for the eight former Novices, now full-fledged slaves. They had been returning to Castleton every weekend and on Holidays for over a year. Each passing day brought them closer to the time that they would progress to a higher level if their 'owners' thought them ready. Surprisingly, Florence progressed faster than the others. Most at Castleton believed that her shyness would have held her back. Her Master, Octavian, was able to bring out the best that a slave had to offer and he felt that her emancipation was at hand.

He had molded her as if she had been made of clay. Where she had been a little over weight, she now was trim with taut muscles and a surprisingly beautiful body. Her small tits were firm, pronounced without the slightest hint of sagging and capped by hard erect nipples, made more enticing by the nipple clamps Octavian had used to train her. Even though Florence was the youngest of the former Novices, at twenty-three, there was no doubt that she was ready to advance to status of Mistress, if she wished.

The other new slaves, were all progressing well, except for Alteisha. Most of the others were at various stages of advancing toward Mistress status. Alteisha had decided that she did not desire to become a Mistress. She was a surprise, because all at Castleton thought she would advance the fastest and furthest, because of her aggressiveness at the start of the training. Alteisha decided that she enjoyed being submissive and wished to remain a slave. She was offered a chance to convert to Helper status, where she might dwell on becoming a Mistress in the future, but Alteisha declined. Her status was causing a problem with her Mistress, Darla, because, she had her eye on a new Novice who she wanted to enslave. Mistress Darla asked the Grand Master to help her to solve this dilemma. Octavian told her he would dwell on the problem, and advise her.

Florence's elevation to Mistress was accomplished with much pomp and ceremony, as were all status changes at Castleton. The Members, slaves and Helpers all feasted together in the Great Hall, followed by a grand orgy which featured correction, humiliation and a great deal of sexual activity by everyone. Florence announced that she would keep her slave name and will be known as Mistress Florence in the future. The revelry consumed most of the night. The participants lost count of the number of times they had cum, how many different partners they had, or sexual acts they had performed.

Mistress Florence had fucked or sucked each Member present including some Helpers and slaves. She whipped nearly every slave, at least for a few moments, while she herself was being fucked or sucked. In all, Florence was extremely happy, satisfied with her ceremony and the party that followed. The Order presented her with a black leather whip and three small gold bells to attach to her nipples and cuntlips rings. The last of the revelers left the celebration at dawn. The Grand Master and his former slave, now Mistress Florence, were the only two left in the Great Hall. They retired to Octavian's lodgings, one more time, before Florence took her leave of Castleton.

The next afternoon, Florence finished packing her few belongings and prepared to return to the city. She had a new home, provided by Octavian as a gift, and she looked forward to returning to her job as a senior computer programmer. She knew the new house well, as Octavian had taken her there during her service as his slave. It contained many of the necessities that a Mistress would need to be a practicing Dominatrix. The Castleton chauffeur would drive Florence, to her new home, in the Order's limousine.

Florence was ready, except for her farewells to her fellow Members, Helpers and slaves who would remain behind. These farewells were difficult and brought tears to her eyes, especially with her former Novitiates. She gave Alteisha a special hug kissing her lovingly on her lips and cheeks. Earlier Mistress Darla had asked Florence if Alteisha could ride home with her, to help her settle in her new surroundings. Florence agreed and Alteisha seemed happy when told to go along to help. Both Florence and Alteisha were suitably dressed in appropriate traveling clothes. They entered the limousine prepared to leave. As the limousine sped away from Castleton, Florence removed Alteisha's collar and gave it to the slave to hold. "You can put this back on, if you return," Florence said Alteisha was grateful, but was perplexed at Mistress Florence's comment.

"Permission to speak," said Alteisha as they rode side by side in the car.

"You may speak," Mistress Florence replied.

"You said I may replace my collar 'if' I return. I don't understand. Did Mistress misspeak?"

"No, Alteisha, Mistress did not misspeak. I am aware of your situation with Mistress Darla. I spoke to her about a possible solution and she agreed. We discussed our solution with the Grand Master and he approved the plan, subject to your concurrence."

"Why do I have a choice? Couldn't the Grand Master, or even Mistress Darla, decide?"

"Yes, they could, but I know how close you are to Mistress Darla and it wasn't so long ago that we were equals, so blame me for being sentimental. I told them both that I would agree only if you concurred."

"What are you saying, Mistress?"

"Alteisha," Mistress Florence began, "I am returning to the city, to a new home and my former job. Obviously, I intend to continue as a Dominatrix and I will need an assistant, secretary and a maid. I asked the Grand Master and Mistress Darla that you be the assistant and secretary, but only if you agreed. They said yes. Soon, I will hire a maid, so you will only perform those duties until I find a proper maid. I would love to have you live with me and to help me. What do you say?"

"I…I'm…I'm nearly speechless, Mistress," stammered Alteisha, "I'm overwhelmed. Why me?"

"We've always been on good terms and we enjoy the same things and, frankly, no one can make love to another women like you. I think we will make a good team, don't you?" Alteisha was genuinely overwhelmed. She was completely surprised and perplexed, yet happy at Mistress Florence's proposal. She had loved the times she had spent with Florence, both as a Novice and as a slave. Florence had a tenderness that few of the others demonstrated. Still, the very idea had completely taken her by surprise. She was speechless, but happy.

"You will become my personal slave. Your life will be more generous with me than with Mistress Darla. I know you like, or perhaps I should say, love her, but we both also know that Darla is fickle and would soon break your heart. I do hope you will agree Alteisha. I would be so pleased," said Florence. Alteisha smiled at the young Mistress and the offer she had made. She knew that, at thirty, she was seven years older than the young Mistress, but somehow that did not seem to matter to either of them. Alteisha felt warm inside and decided to stay with her new Mistress.

"Mistress Florence, I am proud to be your personal slave. I am yours to command," Alteisha told her new Mistress.

"Oh, I'm so pleased!" exclaimed Florence, and she embraced her slave, kissed her full on the lips driving her tongue deep into Alteisha's mouth. "We will be so happy together, Alteisha. I hope for your sake that you will not need to be punished too often, but I do look forward to correcting you often." The two women giggled and hugged as the limousine sped toward the city skyline looming on the horizon.

The days quickly passed into weeks, since Mistress and slave had left Castleton for the splendors of the city. The new house was now becoming a home to both of them. Florence was a benevolent Mistress to Alteisha. She had given her slave a large bedroom, which Alteisha decorated, to her own tastes. Her bed was of sculptured dark oak with the necessary steel rings appropriately placed in the headboard, at the sides and legs. Alteisha and her Mistress used the bed often to make love, service her Mistress, or for discipline sessions, which always ended in multiple orgasms for both Mistress and slave. Both women worked hard improving the soundproof dungeon in the basement with implements of torment, humiliation and engines of enslavement.

Alteisha served her Mistress well as an assistant, by paying the bills, keeping her calendar, writing and answering letters, running the household and performing the duties of the maid. Florence was still looking to hire a maid, but Alteisha continued to serve as maid, while the search for a suitable live in maid continued. Both felt a young woman of eighteen or nineteen would be satisfactory, but Florence had advanced the idea that a young male slave might be an even better maid. Alteisha agreed, when Mistress told her that if a male or female slave was selected, they would be subordinate to her and she also would command them as well. The women continued the search for a female, male or both.

Although the women lived as Mistress and slave, their outward appearance, to others, was as two young businesswomen living together. Florence resumed her job as a senior programmer with a software company. Alteisha returned to the bank at which she had worked, before she had gone to Castleton. She had been a bank branch manager, but the only opening now available was an assistant manager's position. Alteisha was happy with this arrangement, because it lessened her job responsibilities and permitted her to concentrate more on her duties as Mistress Florence's slave.

Outside the home the women would often go out to dinner or lounges to meet others, dance and have a good time. Occasionally, each might find male, or female, companionship for a night or a weekend, but this was rare, especially for Alteisha, who had to ask permission each time. They were always on the lookout for a maid, but each time they thought that they had found someone, the individual balked at submission. They knew that it was just a matter of time when the right person would come along.

In the meantime, both women enjoyed sexual excursions with both sexes. Usually, lesbian affairs were conducted out of town, or with a small group of women, who were fully aware of Florence and Alteisha's' relationship. Some were Mistresses, slaves or closet lesbians or bi's who declined coming out. Opposite sex liaisons were conducted at their home. Occasionally, two on one, sessions, were held with some lucky guy, that one or both had brought home for that purpose. The affairs were with total strangers and were fun, but were normally used to try to find a suitable maid. The major nuisance was the absolute requirement to practice safe sex.

The next day, Florence stopped by their favorite lounge to meet Alteisha to plan their weekend. Alteisha was waiting for her when Florence entered and went directly to the table. A glass of white Zinfandel was waiting for her, as she hugged her slave and sipped her wine. "Thank you, darling," she said to her smiling housemate. The day had been busy, but not hectic for either of them, and both were looking forward to the weekend. "Have you found somewhere for us to go?" asked Florence.

"Yes!" exclaimed Alteisha happily, "I've made reservations at the beach, with an ocean view."

"Oh, that sounds delightful," said Florence, "Let's hurry and go pack."

"No need, Mistress. I've packed for both of us, been to the bank and closed the house until Monday," Alteisha responded, with a smile.

"You're too good to me, sweet thing," Florence told her, "Let's go." They finished their drinks and soon they were on the road with the top down, speeding toward the beach. Florence enjoyed the wind blowing in her hair, while she listened to the radio playing classical music, while Alteisha drove. It was amazing how much alike the two women were. Both enjoyed tasteful dressing, classical music, country and light rock. Neither cared for the heavy metal or hard rock. They liked the beach, good restaurants, dancing, and wild sex. The weekend would bring them both in abundance.

They arrived at the hotel with the sound of the surf in their ears. They hurried through the check in, went upstairs and changed into their bikinis and beach robes. Alteisha used her red trimmed white robe from Castleton, which brought a laugh and head shaking from Florence. Alteisha fondled her Mistress's breasts as they gathered their beach bags and sunglasses. "You keep that up and I will have to 'correct' you before we go swim," smiled Florence, as the women left the room for the beach.

They swam in the cool surf and bathed their bodies with the warm sun. The men took early notice of the two beauties alternately swimming and sunbathing. Alteisha's tall, shapely and bronze body was beautifully contrasted to Florence's small lightly tanned body. Both women's bodies were firm with muscles gleaming from the sunscreen oil they often rubbed on each other. The beach was neutral to topless bathers and many women would shed their tops, especially when in the water. Alteisha whispered in her Mistress's ear and asked permission to remove her bikini top. Florence nodded yes, and Alteisha immediately dropped her top, revealing her magnificent tits for all the bathers to view. The rings through her nipples brought immediate attention to her upright breasts. The voices of other bathers were audible, as they whispered about the bronze beauty with great tits and pierced nipples. Florence declined to remove her top and chuckled to herself at the male reaction to Alteisha's bare tits. Other women, on the beach, were also whispering about Alteisha. They were not particularly pleased about a half-nude woman, with great tits, stealing all male eyes away from them. Some were embarrassed by the comparison of their sagging breasts, to Alteisha's perfectly shaped tits, that seemingly defied gravity. The women that felt threatened found reasons to put their tops back on, while others with more shapely tits ignored Alteisha. The men seemed mesmerized by the rings in her nipples. Some wondered aloud if 'that hurt'. Alteisha reveled in the attention and strutted a bit to accentuate her marvelous tits as they swayed and jiggled.

Her Mistress scanned the women and men on the beach for signs of someone who might do as a maid. Her eyes fell on a young man she judged to be in his mid twenties, who seemed to be alone by choice. He had a nervous smile, which he used whenever one of the girls on the beach came near him. Florence sensed that the young man wanted to participate in the beach and water games, but was too shy to allow himself to join in. She wondered about him as a candidate for the maids' job at her home. Florence observed many girls approach him, but he declined all invitations with a shyness, that was refreshing in this era of the 'me first' generation. He glanced down at the sand each time a girl approached him, avoiding direct eye contact. Florence felt as though someone was watching her. She turned and looked in the direction of the shy young man just in time to see him staring at her. When he realized that she had caught him watching her, he lowered his eyes and looked away. He remained motionless for a short time, then gathered his towel and belongings and left the beach area.

Alteisha and her Mistress stayed on the beach until dusk. They joined a group of college students who invited them to watch the sunset, then get drunk and fuck until morning. Florence told them that they would stay for the sunset, but declined the fucking invitation. The students took the 'news' good-naturedly and began building a small fire on the beach. Alteisha still had not put on her top to the dismay of some of the girl students who still felt threatened by her gorgeous tits. Florence smiled at their discomfort, but Alteisha did not put on her top. Some of the female students seemed to sense that Alteisha was sexually sensitive toward women and tried to 'hit' on her. She wisely and gracefully declined their advances. Eventually the group watched the sunset and Florence and her slave excused themselves, as the students paired off to spend the night on the sand dunes.

Alteisha bathed Florence and herself sensually cleaning her Mistress's cunt, tits and asshole. Florence returned her slave's attentions, by fondling her nipples while being washed. She ran her fingers over Alteisha's asscheeks, commenting how she would enhance their beauty, by the whip marks she would place there later. Further, she told her not to plan to go topless in the morning, unless she wanted to somehow explain the welts across her tits. Alteisha's cunt became wet from her Mistress's comments and she suggested that they forego dinner until later. "No, dear slave slut, I need to dine to strengthen myself to wield the whip properly," her Mistress told her. Alteisha nearly came from her Mistress's remarks and attention, but recovered sufficiently to gather their handbags and prepare to leave. She thought about drying her cunt before going out, but decided against it thinking it might arouse her Mistress, or someone they might meet, if her cunt oozed nectar and the sweet fragrance of her musk.

The women dined, then retired to the hotel nightclub for drinks and dancing. They ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and sipped their wine as they listened to the band playing light rock. Alteisha was being eyed by some of the males that had been on the beach earlier. A tall man with dark hair asked her to dance and she looked to Florence who, imperceptibly, nodded yes. The couple moved onto the dance floor. Alteisha quickly attracted envious stares from most of the people in the club.

Florence smiled to herself as she looked about the club. Her eyes fell on a familiar face sitting alone at the rear. It was the young shy man she had noticed on the beach, earlier in the day. He fidgeted with his drink and clearly looked uncomfortable. Florence felt some empathy for the young man, stemming from her experiences prior to her stay at Castleton. She had spent many evenings doing the same things he was doing. She decided to help him.

"Hi, my name is Florence," she said as she stopped at his table.

"H…H…Hi," he stammered.

"I see you're alone. May I join you?" she asked him.

"Sure, if you want," he responded nervously. Florence sat down and smiled as she looked deeply into his eyes noting that he was both glad and unsure why she had sat down with him. "You may change your mind. I'm not too much fun to be with," he continued.

"Oh, I don't know about that. Why don't you let me be the judge of how much fun you can be," replied Florence. She sensed that he was glad that she had come to his table, but that he wasn't sure what to say or do next. "I wanted to meet you, since I saw you looking at me and my friend, on the beach this afternoon."

"Your friend was not hard to ignore, was she?" he asked with a nervous laugh.

"No, Alteisha usually isn't," Florence, agreed with a large smile. "But, how about you? What's your name, and what brings you to the beach this weekend?"

"Oh, I'm…ah…Gordon…Gordon…Phillips," he stammered again, "I just thought that a get away weekend might…might…help me meet…ah…people," pausing to collect himself, he continued, "As you can see, I'm not too comfortable talking about myself," he said with the same false nervous laugh. Florence led the discussion, telling him that she was a computer software developer and that she and Alteisha shared a house. Gordon revealed that he had traveled to the city from New England to take a new job and perhaps get a fresh outlook on life. Gordon said that he thought he would never be comfortable meeting and talking to women.

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