tagNonHumanCat Karrell

Cat Karrell


Now, karrell, you will listen and follow My EVERY instruction. Make SURE that you do everything as I tell you or you will regret your insubordination.

The mellow voice spoke in a whisper. Karrell was bound to a table of some sort and, though she was not blindfolded, she could still not see her captor. He stood behind her right shoulder, just out of her peripheral vision. She could smell the man though. A warm, musky scent of leather and horse teased her nostrils, which flared in… fear. Yes, for the first time in her life, Karrell feared a human.

Karrell’s clan had never feared anything. They were a hardy bunch, living on the outskirts of Delbach Kiltainy, known by locals as the Kitty Swamp. No one knew who’d named the place, only that the werecat clans lived in and around it, and that it was at best a good place to avoid. Built as humans, the werecats (though their name would say otherwise) did not shape change. The only “leftovers” from their heritage were their eyes, teeth and tongues. Large, slitted pupils in yellow, green, or blue eyes dominated the face. If you were able to get a werecat to open their mouth for you, (not an easy feat, for most humans only got near one of them if they were either dinner or someone the catlike people trusted, which was even more rare), you would see a coarse tongue, from when they were still furry, and very sharp teeth, the canines (or felines in this case) of which were longer than the rest. Those very teeth had struck the bravest men dumb with fear; a mouthful of which could rend to shreds mere human flesh in moments. Most cats didn’t savor the taste of humans, though folks used threats of the werecats to scare children into wary sleep at night. “Now Johnny, ye’d best be getting right to sleep, for the werecats come and take all the children that aren’t to sleep by the moonrise!” Mostly they fed on the birds and greatlizards of the swamps, using the feathers and hides to cover their now-bare skin and to trade for items they wished from a few select humans whom they deigned to meet with.

you aren’t listening, karrell. CRACK!

Karrell startled out of her reverie with a subconscious hiss, her bright green eyes darting toward the noise. From the corner of her eye, she could see the thin whip settle to the ground; a spent snake. She hissed again and tried to pull away as the butt of the whip was trailed gently down the side of her face. A low chuckle chilled her to the marrow of her bones and she stilled, her throat dry.

I’ve always wanted a cat, a pretty feline for My menagerie.

The voice continued, low and husky in her ear. A large, warm palm rested on her cheek.

Now, I have paid highly for you, my dear, and have been told you have much spirit. The voice had an odd accent, one that she couldn’t place.

Now, listen carefully, My little cat. I am going to unbind your hands, but know that your feet will stay bound for the time being, and if you insist on hissing at me, I will whip you until you have no breath to do so again.

The whip flicked up next to her, an eager serpent waiting to taste her smooth skin and she shuddered, murmuring her assent. She felt the man fumble with her bindings and suddenly her arms were free. She brought them to her sides, noticing that, although her arms had been tied, there were no marks on the delicate flesh.

“so this Master is careful with His toys”

she thought, and then wiped the thought quickly from her mind. No human was her master, and no werecats had ever wanted to be. They were a lazy bunch, the male werecats, but they were good for watching after the litters while the females went hunting. She was so used to being in control that the thought of being at the utter mercy of this… this human made the bile rise to the back of her throat.

Now, little one, take off that damnable tunic or I will whip it off you he said quietly, the tone of his voice brooking no argument. She grasped the bottom of the tunic and pulled it off over her head quickly. Her skin prickled in the cold, darkened room, the candlelight playing over her skin in softly undulating patterns as a stray breeze tickled the flames. He took the tunic from her, tossing it carelessly onto the floor, the greatlizard hide hitting the stone with a dull slap. The man walked around to her side, his boots making a barely audible tick against the cold stone. He leaned over her, and for the first time she saw her buyer. Piercing blue eyes stabbed at her from behind a black leather mask, the featureless hide seeming to draw the candlelight into it. He wore a sleeveless tunic of the same black leather, his golden arms muscular. One hand reached over to rest against her left breast.

Ahh, little one, I feel your heart pounding. Do you relish the thought of being My slave or perhaps fear it?

The voice chuckled lowly, those blue eyes holding her gaze. She did not speak, refusing to put to words the fear that caused her very soul to quake in rage as being treated as such. The blue eyes narrowed and one hand whipped up to grab her chin in its grip, holding her head still. He lowered his face to hers, scant inches separating them.

I will make you beg for Me, karrell. you will want nothing else but for Me to violate you in as many ways as I’m capable of, and believe Me. I know MANY.

In any other situation, Karrell would have laughed at that promise, but paired with the look in the man’s liquid gaze, she knew instinctively that this was no idle boast. She knew he spoke nothing but the truth, neither belittling nor embellishing it. She found her voice, and asked, “What is it you want a slave for? Can you not get a human woman to sate your cravings? Are you so ugly behind that mask that no human woman wants you?” The hand on her breast reared back and smacked her across her cheek, whipping her head to the side, her black hair pricking her eyes as it flew across her face.

Perhaps you didn’t understand Me, bitch. I own you. you belong to Me. you will not speak to Me again unless I give you leave to speak.

Karrell’s face throbbed where he’d slapped her. She nodded and pressed her lips together tightly. She felt her nipples grow taut as another chill breeze set the candles dancing and heard the man’s breath quicken.

Ah, so the little hell cat likes to play rough does she?

Karrell’s eyes narrowed. He grasped one of her distended nipples and she felt a cold snap as something metal snapped around it, making her gasp. She looked at her large breast to find a small, silver clasp locked onto the tender flesh and she winced as she felt miniature teeth digging into the sensitive skin of her nipple. He did the same to the other nipple, stringing a long chain between the two clamps. Grasping a hook from overhead, he looped the slack in the chain over it speaking as he did.

I’m sure you realize that you must stay still while you are clamped thus. These are not the toys of the court courtesans, my dear, these are real. If you move too swiftly, they will dig deeper into your skin.

Suddenly the candle light caught on a large piece of metal and she gasped as a long, slim dagger came to rest at her throat. I may have paid a high price for you, but do not think I am adverse to killing you, should you not please Me. Understood?

She nodded carefully, feeling the sharp point pricking the soft skin at the hollow of her throat. He trailed the blade down her arm, the tip scratching but not drawing blood. He then rested the point against the underside of her breast, the skin shrinking back from the cold, steel kiss. He continued to draw the blade over her skin, making whirling patterns on her stomach. With a flick, he cut through the greatlizard hide covering her hips. The skin parted at the touch of the blade, seeming to melt under the sharp edge. He made short work of her leggings, and she was finally naked, her bare skin shivering in the cold room. Her only coverings were her boots, the clamps at her breasts, and a small silver butterfly on a chain at her throat. He pulled the destroyed breeches from under her quickly, tossing them in a heap on the floor. The man leaned over her again, this time his long hair brushing her stomach.

Karrell closed her eyes, willing herself to stay still as she felt the blade brush along the inside of her thigh, so very close to her core that she was sure he meant to penetrate her with the dagger. She was shivering uncontrollably now, wondering at her master’s intentions. Suddenly, something warm was placed against her stomach and her eyes snapped open, looking down. He was kissing the sensitive flesh of her belly, his warm tongue darting out to delve into her navel. He trailed hot kisses up to her breasts, his eyes capturing and holding her gaze. She clenched her fists at her sides, fighting the urge to grab and snap the man’s neck. Her intentions must have been clear in his eyes, for he blinked and chuckled.

I think not, little karrell. You shall not have the chance to strangle Me,though.

With that he pulled her up to a sitting position by her hands, wrapping the wrists again in a soft yet strong rope and looping it over another hook. He got to the foot of the table and untied her legs, pulling on her ankles as he pushed the table back with his foot. As the table slid away, it revealed two large, iron loops set into the stone. To these loops the man tied her feet, securing more of the strange cotton rope around her booted ankles. He stood then, revealing his height to be around six, maybe six and a half feet. “What is it you…” Karrell started to say.

Stupid bitch, don’t you listen??

He bellowed in fury. Karrell snapped her jaw shut, clenching her teeth in cold fury and not a little fear. What the hell did this man want from her? She was certainly no good at keeping house, for the werecat clans slept huddled up with each other for warmth in a hollow created each night for that purpose. They didn’t cook their food either, so that was out of the question. The man walked up to her, leering into her angry eyes, his full, almost feminine lips curled in a sneer. She knew she was deluding herself, wondering at what he wanted from her, but her naïve continued to shy away from the obvious.

The man (for she refused to acknowledge him by naming him master) walked slowly around her, inspecting her like a slab of meat. He returned to face her, his arms crossed and a contemplative frown furrowing his high forehead. Without knowing she did it, Karrell returned his gaze steadily, slipping into her hunting mindset. She reached out then, tentatively with her mind, to touch softly on his.

Ahh, what a fine, beautiful creature. I cannot wait for her to submit. I shall have her begging Me to enter her. Silly little thing, does she honestly think she is stronger than Lord Staahd? Ha, I shall show her what it means to ache…what it means to want a Man’s….

Karrell snapped back into her own mind, not wanting to further read Lord Staahd’s lecherous thoughts. A sneaky little voice slipped into her mind, slyly whispering

So let Him, karrell… let’s see what a Human can do for a cat! Some of your own littermates have taken humans to lie with, so why not? Your last consort was so childish, always wanting to play. Well hell, girl, you ARE in heat. You needn’t worry about a litter of humans; you cannot breed with Him, so why don’t you just see if He can satisfy your urge to mate?

She shook her head imperceptibly, banishing the little voice from her mind. She looked again at Lord Staahd, and this time truly looked, not at a human, but at a male. He had a narrow waist, flaring out to muscular thighs. The man probably rode horses constantly from the way he was built.

Or perhaps He’s riding somewhat else?

The little voice added, making Karrell clench her teeth. The black leather tunic was taut over his broad chest, the laces crisscrossed over the front strained. He had wide shoulders, and his arms tapered neatly down to narrow wrists, ending in long well manicured fingers.

Just think what those hands could do!

The persistent voice whispered in her mind. She looked back up at his eyes to find him staring at her, an odd look on his face. Suddenly he boomed out with a loud laugh, making Karrell jump from nervousness.

Ha! I was beginning to worry that perhaps you preferred the females of your kind, little cat!

He chuckled.

Well? Do I meet with your approval?

He asked, bowing with a flourish. Then he straightened, grabbing the whip from the floor where he’d dropped it. He brought his arm up, then down with a swift, cutting motion, making the long whip snap. She jerked against her bonds again, breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of the damnable whip being used on her sensitive flesh.

It matters not whether you like what you see, little bitch. Remember that I bought you with 20 gold crowns, and I shall make you pay Me back for each and every one of them.

He said the last very slowly, as though speaking to a dim witted child. He walked boldly up to her, unhooking the chain that connected her nipples from the hook above, letting it fall in front of her. As it fell, she felt the small weight tug at her nipples, the tiny teeth biting into overly sensitive skin. “Ahh!” she gasped as the chain stopped abruptly, bouncing against her stomach, just barely below her navel. He picked the chain up, looping it around his fingers. He tugged softly, wrenching another gasp from Karrell’s tightly clenched jaw.

And does My kitten like those little teeth, clamped down around her nipples? Does she? Hmm?

He queried, leaning down to whisper in her ear. She trembled, eliciting a chuckle from her captor. He unwound the chain from his fingers then, and lowered it gently. She felt the weight swinging gently below her breasts, the pain (pleasure) of the clamps present, but bearable for the time being. Staahd ran his hands gently down her sides, the soft hair on the backs of his hands teasing the sensitive flesh under her arms. He stopped at her waist, his hands resting on her hips.

I know what My kitty wants he said.

He leaned down again, so that his face was next to hers. She leaned her head away from his, catching the ever present scent of leather again. His fingers tightened on her hips and he lowered himself to his knees, gazing up into her eyes.

Ah, yes kitty… I know how to make you purr he whispered against her hip.

She closed her eyes, willing herself not to move, for the whip still sat close to his hand, coiled beside him. She heard him chuckle again, sounding pleased with himself.

So you know how to hold your tongue do you? No worries, little one, I will still make you scream sooner or later.

With that, Lord Staahd picked up his whip again. She quaked uncontrollably, her nerves strained to breaking as he brought the whip up in front of her, trailing the butt down the inside of her thighs. She worried about the bite of that whip, that long coil of leather snapping against her bared flesh. He leaned forward, his mouth so very close to

oh great lizards, He’s going to taste me There??

Her other voice squeaked in her head, just as shocked as she was as she felt hip lips press against the apex of her thighs. Lightning bolts sizzled along every nerve at that touch, her chilled skin nearly bursting into flame as his full lips pressed against the downy fur. She must have made a noise, because Lord Staahd looked up at her then. Her heart stopped at the fiery look in his eyes, the blue turning almost black. He chuckled again, his hot breath stirring the small curls of hair nestled between her legs. Her knees were weak now, and she yearned for… something. She wasn’t sure what she wanted but she wanted something, and the thing that worried her most was that perhaps he was right.

Maybe she wanted to be owned… used by this large man as he saw fit. Something in her snapped then, whether it was the thought of giving in or the slow languid warmth that spread up from her thighs in a body-coloring blush. Suddenly she started thrashing and twisting back and forth, trying to work her feet free and smacking her rounded hip into Staahd’s nose in the process.

SLUT! Devil spawned WHORE!

Staahd leapt to his feet with the curse, pulling the whip up in a smooth motion and holding his nose with one hand.

You little hell cat, you shall pay for that with your hide!

He growled, walking around behind her. She didn’t know what she expected, but the lash of the whip across her back made her jump. Again the lash fell and she jerked again, a cry leaping from her throat. Once more the whip kissed her back and she gasped and fainted.

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