tagBDSMCat o' Nine Tales

Cat o' Nine Tales

byWanton Vixxxen©

Welcome to~

A place called Ecstasy ... in the state of Dream... in the country known as Wantonland.

You are now entering the outskirts of this My fantasy city. Unlike other towns, there are no speed limits; you can go as sensuously slow or as hot and hurried as your imagination and libido will take you Elevation: As high as your passions can rise Population: I cannot even guess, for the population is booming; its newcomers seeking this provocative place to live out their fantasies or relive their smoldering memories and to experience yet decadently more – all in the name of Desire.

I know, for I am the Mistress of this seductive city – and these are our true stories.

So stay awhile – or stay permanently. There's always room for another erotic minded resident!


BDSM Boulevard

"Behind the Door of Room 202"

‘Do Not Disturb' {chattel class is in session}

He heard the door shut behind them; Her standing order understood as he immediately fell to his knees; silent; head bowed, waiting for Her next command. These next hours were his Domme's; orchestrated and owned solely by Her.

She slipped the mask over his eyes from behind, as he inhaled the scent of Her perfume; its name ironically befitting the addictive power She had over him: "Opium". The long leather coat She'd worn fell to the floor about his feet; his breathing short and quickening as he felt Her hands removing his suit jacket. He heard Her to the front of him now as She pulled him to his feet by his tie. She next stripped Her chattel of tie and shirt beneath it, as he felt long nails through Her satin gloves drag over his chest and send jolts of erotic current through his nipples. She kneaded them between the pads of Her fingertips to granite- like hardness as a moan of delight escaped his lips.

Collared; the metal tag with the name "jamiePet" tinkled against the nickel studs of the thick leather; his leash the next tool of humiliating restraint; its heavy links clanging; amplifying the status of Who was in control.

Leading him to the bed by his chain, She turned him around so his back was to it and ordered, "Strip, slave!"

"Yes, Mistress" was his instant reply, as he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his trousers; revealing his unquestioning obedience to Her earlier command: he wore no underwear beneath them.

He had gone to his office that morning; attending a meeting with the governor and other staff officials, and then luncheoned with the group afterward. He had performed all of his duties as usual; functioned in his customary, professional manner as usual. Little did anyone realize he had been in their dignified, white collar presence commando; wearing nothing between his suit trousers and his manhood but space. All this ordered by his real Superior. His balls had constantly bounced; his cock had continuously slapped against his leg in their freed state; very naughty reminders for the scene he would partake in at precisely two that afternoon.

In the outside world, he was a somewhat high profile figure in the state government building; a man that oozed power in every aspect of his career but was, behind the door of room 202, a lowly slave that desired much and deserved little; an unworthy creature that was in existence to do Her bidding; entirely for Mistress to be amused and for slave to be abused. This was his station in life; this pittance of a submissive's life when he, twice a week, crossed the threshold of this room.

Masked, he was unaware that Mistress' favorite toy had emerged from Her bag-the cat o' nine tails; its leather handle clasped within Her satin covered hand readying to work its Domme magic. She reached for yet another submissive's staple; handcuffs to restrain him from daring to touch Her property. She owned him- lock, stock; balls and cock while in this World called Room 202.

She pushed him back onto the bed; a satin finger tracing his stiff shaft and tight balls as he descended.

"Raise your arms above your head, slave!" She commanded; as a shackle closed tightly around one wrist with the imprisoning somber sound of click!

A different command than in previous scenes he noted; his one, but not both wrists cuffed, but he responded without hesitation, and dutifully raised his hands above his head; striking the mirrored headboard of the canopied bed. He felt the scintillating straps of Her toy glide over his engorged balls and pulsing cock; continuing over his abdomen and pencil point nipples; causing him to squirm in spiraling excitement.

Suddenly, She grabbed the chain between the cuffs and yanked him sideways on the bed; wrapping the chain around a pillar of it; attaching the second cuff onto his other wrist as his hands now forcefully embraced the bed's wood column.

"That ought to keep you from interfering with My lesson today," She announced, as Her whip resumed its journey's full circle.

She returned to the base of the bed; the rich, pungent scent of the leather seductively assailing his nostrils as did Her perfume. He felt the teasing side of Mistress; Her whip's lashes caressing his balls and cock as if a leather hypnotist about to induce an erotic trance. She continued the sensuously light whipping of his cock and balls; interjecting an occasional sharp strike of the leather's nine; as if a Domme birthday spanking's, "and one for good measure". His cock jumped in a delicious blend of pleasure and pain, as She took his pulsing shaft in Her hand; then pumped it with long, deliberate strokes; the satin of the glove an aphrodisiac to his throbbing member. She pumped until the slit in his cockhead frothed with precum, and as he felt his semen exit his balls and reach the base of his head... She abruptly stopped.

The surge of near climax was suffered over and over by the enchained sub; his determined Domme repeatedly drawing the cream up his shaft like mercury rising in a thermometer; closer and still closer; higher and beyond belief higher. The feel of Her gloves taunting his stem now teased the tip of his glistening cockhead; caressing it as She pushed a fingertip into the passage; finger fucking it; his juices cascading over Her satin clad finger and dripping down his shaft. Revolutions of writhing and grinding increased with each stroke She gave Her property; his moans growing longer; more desperate in tone.

Mistress was relentless in Her pursuit to bring Her slave to ecstasy's edge. Tormenting further, She backed off; leaving his mind derailed while his cum flowed at runaway speed through his shaft's tunnel toward its destination; only to screech to a frustrating halt when She sensed the imminent impact of orgasm. The minutes had become eternity; the testing; torture when suddenly, She reached above his head where the almost forgotten leash still lay attached to his collar.

Beneath the mask he heard his Mistress wrap the leash around the canopy's column. Attaching the other end now to his collar; She leaned into his ear; taunting him as She whispered, "Now, jamiePet, I've hooked you by your leash to the bedpost like a dog to a tree; like a female dog that's in heat." He heard Her again walk around to where She stood tormenting his cock and balls just a few moments ago. He was immensely relieved when She ended that part of the lesson, but knew, by Her last remark; something else was up Her satin sleeves.

He had a premonition that the torture he just experienced should be welcomed back with open arms ‘If I had arms free to use, that is' he thought grimly, as the Teacher of Titillating Torment- classes currently conducted in room 202-began the second part of the day's lesson.

"Roll over like a good dog and get up on all fours, bitch!" She commanded, as Her professional political- turned- canine chattel instantly obeyed; twisting the handcuffs tighter on the bed's column in his 90 degree turn.

With his ass high in the air, She turned to Her bag of magic and brought out another tool of the craft- a leather paddle. He heard additional movements from behind; his ears straining to guess what decadent toy of his Dominatrix was to befall him next.

He didn't have to wait long to find out.

The paddle crashed down onto his butt cheeks; the leather biting into his skin and sending him head-on into the bedpost. Startled but undaunted, the dog slave resumed his stance; bracing for the barrage of spankings wielded by his Mistress.

She continued tenderizing his flesh with the paddle; his cock stiff and bouncing with each harsh leather to skin contact; these fantasies of punishment and humiliation now realized. He felt his cream churn in its sac and again start to rise; his long waited cum explosion ready to detonate.

But Mistress had another plan; another time frame...another toy. She slipped the slim lubed dildo jutting from Her pelvis into Her bitch; slowly; carefully until She felt his sphincter relax; welcoming the new sensation.

He wanted to cry out the safe word right then, but instead, bit down on his lip; concentrating on the foreign, but titillating object now invading his passage. She stroked slowly; cautiously at first until the entire length was in him. The tip of Her cock licked his prostate, his loaded dual chambers now triggered to finally shoot what for nearly two hours was in cum wrenching need to be spent.

She pumped Her silicone manhood into his canal as he began pushing back; hungrily; as the walls of his anus tightened; enveloping the dildo with wild voracity. Somewhere in sensual delirium, he felt Her gloved hands grasp his hips as She lunged with powerful thrusts; and as Her cockhead, in one final kiss to his prostate, sent him convulsing with tumultuous cum riddled spasms to an unchartered plane of ecstasy.

He buried his face into the bedding; muffling the sounds of his groans; the revealing groans of pure orgasmic bliss. He gulped air down into his lungs; his pounding heart barely contained in his chest as She withdrew Her cock and stepped into the bathroom.

He heard water running as he attempted to control the tremors overtaking his entire body; the avalanche of his climax claiming all his life and breath. He had learned yet another lesson through his Mistress; had passed yet another test of obedience and control, and most important of all... he had shown trust. It was all good this day; in all ways.

His vital signs now within normal range, he relaxed; awaiting Mistress and his release. Although drained, he already looked forward to their next scening – and his next wanton's lesson in room 202.

She freed him of his chains and collar and finally; the mask. His vision restored, he watched in utter amazement and renewed libido, as his stiletto booted Mistress slipped Her coat onto Her otherwise totally naked body, grabbed Her bag of toys and headed for the door.

As he sat on the edge of the bed in room 202; a little sore and a lot stunned, She opened the door and turned to him saying,

"I'll see you here on Thursday. And instead of going commando, you're to wear lacy thongs. Hot pink; like the color of your asscheeks right now. And a matching bra. I have a VERY SPECIAL lesson planned for you, girlie man"...


Reluctance Road

"Gotcha Covered!"

An erotic apprehension

"Hands up against the wall!! Now!!!"

The order was shouted from behind her; taking her by surprise. Instantly she obeyed; raising her arms and spreading her feet wide. She recognized the voice; knew the routine. He had busted her before, but this time the tone of his voice carried in it a new threat.

"You have the right to remain silent. And to insure that, you're to keep your hands up; flat against the wall, and then bend your head backwards as far as you can. Do it!"

The gag he placed between her jaws was bound tightly; knotted against the back of her tousled hair. 'Shit!' she thought; as he lifted her head upright again and then reached for her hands; yanking them behind her back. 'Something tells me he's going to come down on me much harder this time!'

As she felt cold steel tightly clench her wrists together, he leaned into her ear; hissing, "This time you're not getting off so easy! It is my duty to inform you that you're going to be spending a lot more time in cuffs than you ever imagined! If you don't obey the law-you lose your freedom. And since you broke the law and I am the law, you're going to find yourself behind bars this time; helpless and every bit at the law's mercy!"

She gritted her teeth; sinking them into the leather gag; waiting for the routine pat down to commence. He had released her after a lengthy interrogation the last time he nabbed her. But this collar tonight, she suspected, was going to be different. This time he was taking her prisoner. This time he was taking it all the way.

She felt his hands glide over her bare arms; stopping at her shoulders for a moment; then continuing down her sides to the small of her waist. His fingers spread out as his hands traveled up her stomach to her breasts; playing her nipples like the keys on a piano. She had not worn a bra; only a tank top; her nipples sensitive to the lingering encounter with his searching fingertips; becoming stiff and eagerly responding to his imposing touches.

The frisk continued; her legs next receiving a thorough inspection by the man in blue. His hands journeyed over her ankles and slid up her outer thighs; reaching into the pockets of her shorts. He threw the metal file he discovered far and away as she stood shaking; knowing that the file could mean trouble; construed as a concealed weapon. She felt ten tentacles of his body search roam her inner thighs and circle around to her asscheeks; rubbing the palms of his hands hard against them.; squeezing them. His investigation went on; slower, more intense; as he reached between her legs and slid her shorts and panties to one side. In one swift movement, he had thrust two fingers deep into her vagina. She tensed up as a third finger joined the other two in their physical interrogation; the all too invasive shakedown making her pussy uncontrollably moist. She moaned softly under the gag as his digits explored further within her. His thumb now massaged her clit around and around; pressing it into her pelvic bone with each touch of the other fingers prying at the walls of her cunt. She closed her eyes; excitement mounting in spite of her predicament; as her nub swelled beneath the sensual pressure of his thumb. The adrenalin that had coursed through her body with her capture had since been overshadowed by the erotic stimuli her captor now evoked.

Abruptly, he pulled his fingers from her cunt and spun her around to face him. Her eyes were welded to his tongue as he licked her juices from one of his two fingers that had just been buried within her. Her breasts heaved beneath her tank top as she watched; partly due to not knowing her fate; partly due to the excitement building between her legs as he removed the leather gag.

"Lick it clean! That's an order!" he barked, as she flinched but immediately obeyed his demand; parting her lips and sucking on the second finger and her own love liquids; vacuuming his finger dry.

"That may get you some time off for good behavior." He announced; smiling his approval at her oral thoroughness. "But now I'm going to take you..." he paused here so she would grasp his real meaning, "I'm going to take you... into custody."

Her pussy dripped freely now as his innuendo became clear, and as he took her by the elbow and led her away, she noticed with growing excitement that his gun was not in its holster.

In its place was a large silicone penis. Her nipples hard and aching; her clit swollen and throbbing; she was now more than willing to be taken in – and taken down.


He sat her on a wooden chair he had placed in the center of the cell; now cuffing only one of her hands to the arm of the chair. As he removed his erotic weapon from its case; wielding it directly in front of his mesmerized prisoner, he explained what punishment she'd now be dealt.

"I've busted you on several occasions before and you got off. But catching you breaking the same law tonight as you've done in the past, leads me to believe you were asking for this all along" He looked around the jail cell; then down at the tool of debauchery he now slapped against his palm as he spoke. Oddly; sitting there cuffed and vulnerable in the all iron environment, she was both nervous and titillated at the same time. "You have obviously never taken my warnings seriously. But tonight you see what lengths I'm willing to go, don't you?"

She nodded in silent agreement; her eyes following his movements as he placed the silicone cock in her lap and began to strip. The shoes and pants came off first; allowing his prisoner to see that the cock beneath his shirttail; thick; erect, and meaning business, was nearly as big as the cock lying dormant across her knees. Unconsciously, she began to stroke the dildo in her lap; her fingertips gliding across the head and down the length of the shaft as the real deal before her was stroked by its owner in mirror imagery.

"Take your shorts and panties off; then spread your legs." His voice was demanding; thick with lecherous desire.

Immediately she obeyed, as he took the dildo from her free hand and watched as her pussy; bare but for a wispy, velvety tuft; opened to welcome its taker. He bent down and turned on and turned loose the vibrator; the cockhead kissing her clit; as she leaned back on the chair, closed her eyes, and surrendered to his erotic captive victory.

Gasping; breathless from the rapid onslaught of her climax, she was unaware he had released her handcuffed wrist until she felt him yank her to her feet.

Up against and facing the bars, he cuffed her wrists again; this time spread apart.

"Slide those cuffs down the bars and grab your ankles!" He ordered; taking her hips in hand as she bent down. "You've been fucking with the law long enough! Now its time the law fucked back!"

With that, he slid his meat into her pussy; the rigid length disappearing to his heavy balls. He held fast to her hips as he thrust with machine gunfire speed his flesh weapon within her. She leaned her shoulders into the bars for support; the stranglehold of her hands around her ankles as unrelenting as the assault and battery in progress inside her cunt.

He pulled out; leaving her pussy melting from the friction of his furious, but still unspent need as she found herself being brought back to the scene of this crime; seated on the chair with both hands cuffed behind her and to the chair's back.

Straddling the chair, he shoved his cock between her teeth; the mixture of her climax and his precum a decadent mouthwash to her wanting tongue. He grabbed the back of her neck with both hands as she sucked his manhood deeper into her throat; bobbing her head in unison to his forceful thrusts. She felt his steel-like cock tense and his slit widen beneath her tongue's hungry tip a second before he withdrew; shooting his hot load on her lips, cheeks and chin. His cock shot endlessly; a creamy waterfall cascading down into her tank top; flowing over her nipples and pooling in her cleavage.

The tide of ecstasy ebbing, he smeared his still dripping cockhead over her mouth; as if a lip gloss of erotica spreading to the corners; her cheeks wearing his ejaculation blush; her chin a cum foundation.

"I've gotcha covered!" he chuckled; a note of surprise in his voice, as his eyes took in the results of their newest role play.

"I'll say you do!" she exclaimed, between licking cum from the corners of her mouth. "And I gotta give you credit; this jail cell prop is one helluva aphrodisiac, baby!"


She returned to their bedroom after her shower; filing her nails with the nail file he had confiscated from her in the livingroom apprehension. She plopped on the bed beside him; looking over at the newest toy set up in the corner of the room that he had surprised her with this evening.

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