tagNonHumanCat Scratch Fever Pt. 06

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 06


Author's Note: I apologize for being late with this post. Stressful times at work. Hate it when my real life interferes with my creativity.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The drive in the cab was only 20 minutes but it was absolute torture. Jadyn and Rafael couldn't keep their hands off of each other. The tiger bruised the waitress's lips with his desperate passion leaving her slippery inside and breathless. She could feel her nipples pearling into aching points, needy for the tiger's touch.

When they stopped at her apartment, Rafael practically threw money at the cab driver not bothering about change.

"You might have overtipped him," Jadyn remarked laughing as Rafael's searing lips blazed a trail along the column of her throat and hands roving over her curves.

"His lucky night then," Rafael murmured against her satin, hot skin.

"He's not the only one...," Jadyn pulled Rafael's handsome face back to her and plundered the dark cavity of his mouth with her questing tongue. She traced her tongue along his row of teeth until Rafael with a voracious growl wrapped his lips around the mischievous muscle tasting her sweet tartness.

Jadyn groaned as his spicy cinnamon taste mingled with the subtle tang of cloves left over by Daunte. It was an interesting combination. One didn't truly overpower the other yet they both left her hungrier for more.

They somehow made it to the sixth floor to Jadyn's room close to the elevator. On the way up, Rafael had lifted Jadyn up with ease, spreading her legs so he could grind the male length of him against her Venus mount.

Jadyn sighed in bliss feeling the ridge of his pulsating maleness grinding against her. Her own sex drizzled and squeezed with expectation. A beautiful friction was created from their mutual grinding that threatened to set the whole building on fire. She thought she would come she was so close.

If the elevator hadn't dinged to her floor then Rafael would have taken her right there in the small elevator no matter who walked in.

"We're here...," Jadyn murmured, playfully biting his lip then lightly sucking on it, pulling a groan of longing from the tiger shifter.

Rafael was reluctant to let her go. She slid from his hold, her feet thumping to the floor then she led him with a salacious look in her jade green eyes yet a shy grin to her apartment.

She took out her key, Rafael watching her intently for once keeping his hands in his pockets. Yet in his pants he still had a hard on that throbbed to the point of pain. His balls were tight with his cum and he felt a clenching in his stomach at the sight of her heart and rose tattoo peeking out from the hem of Jadyn's red tight dress. He wanted to trace the lines of the design with his tongue as he made his journey to her wet hot core.

He instead decided to focus on Jadyn's face. She bit her lower lip and Rafael's breath caught in his throat. He wanted to devour those lips. They were swollen and red from his amorous kisses and looked more inviting than ever.

"You nervous?" Rafael asked.

Jadyn turned to him, her entire body flushed with her arousal yet with his heightened senses Rafael could hear her thudding heart beat racing and the musk of her arousal hanging in the air like a fine perfume.

"A little... but I'm not stopping," Jadyn swore softly. "I want to see this through."


Rafael couldn't wait any longer. As soon as Jadyn opened the door, he swept her into his passionate embrace. Pressing her pelvis against his turgid erection, his hand cradling her head, he pushed her past the threshold and kicked the door shut.

"Because I'm not stopping either," Rafael's voice was thick with emotion, desire tightening his every muscle. "I want you, Jadyn. I want to taste every inch of you until you scream for me... and then a little more after that."

They stumbled to the couch, lips locked, tongues warring for dominance. Jadyn straddled her tiger lover, their lips sealed together as they fell into the cushions of her couch. She could feel the throbbing of his masculinity against her needy wet sex and it made her whimper into Rafael's hungry mouth.

Rafael teased the roof of her mouth making her small body shake. He pulled up the ends of her dress and stroked the smooth curve of her ass. His fingers feathered along her slit so slick with her love juices already pulling a desperate groan from the waitress's swollen kissable lips. Rafael reveled in her taste, so sweet with a hint of spice. Her skin so soft it was finer than satin.

"It's been torture this past week," Rafael murmured against Jadyn's panting lips. "To touch you but not really have you."

"I seem to be the tormentor of Baton Rouge," Jadyn joked softly. "Daunte would say I tortured him with my very presence he wanted me so badly."

Rafael unzipped Jadyn's strapless red dress, pulling it down to reveal her mouthwatering orbs thrusting so enticingly towards his mouth. They were caressed in cups of black lace of her strapless bra. They were see through and the tiger with a groan saw her nipples puckering and hard through the flimsy fabric. He leaned over still stroking Jadyn's moist petals and showered her bosom with soft sensual kisses.

"On that at least the jaguar and I can agree," Rafael murmured breathlessly against the silken orbs.

Jadyn breathed sharply at the feel of Rafael's warm tongue flicking over the nub making it reach for him. They desired Rafael's tender touch just as they had longed for Daunte's. She quickly unhooked her bra, tossing it to the side and Rafael took advantage and with both hands caressed them.

They fit perfectly in his hands like two voluptuous yet firm pillows. They weren't comically big, just round and perfect crowned with two red berries that were begging to be suckled. Rafael obliged taking one into his groaning mouth then lapping against it.

Jadyn was in rapture. She could feel every bump on the flat of Rafael's tongue. It sent tiny shocks of happiness through her body. She arched her back giving Rafael more liberty to fondle and suck more of her breast into his hot wet mouth.

Her skin was truly satin. The feel of her made his blood run hot. Rafael's hands began to roam over the contours of Jadyn's quivering body feeling her curves mold to his questing palms.

"You have a condom right? Ah!" Jadyn breathed then jerked at the sensation of Rafael rolling her sensitive bud between his teeth. She ground harder into him causing a tortured groan to vibrate against her swollen now sensitive nub.

With a seductive smile, Rafael pulled out a condom from his jacket pocket handing it to Jadyn while he worked the other pearled nipple that throbbed the moment he wrapped his lips around it.

Jadyn quickly ripped the wrapper open then worked to unzip Rafael's pants. But Rafael stopped her suddenly. His Paradise Blue eyes boring deep into her jade pools.

"Allow me...," Rafael whispered breathlessly. His olive skin flushed and Adam's Apple bobbed as he rolled the rubber down his thick ready shaft. Jadyn watched almost mesmerized by his movements. She licked her lips thinking she definitely had plans to put that appetizing mammoth member in her mouth later.

Jadyn brushed her hair over her right shoulder and moved upward. Rafael took himself in hand watching Jadyn's face the whole time. With his guidance the hard pulse of his arousal teased her entrance.

"Please...," Jadyn begged so prettily, breathless with her passion. "No more waiting. I want you in me. Now."

Rafael was entranced. Jadyn was so tough but she also had a loving sweet side. Her tattoo said it all: a heart with beautiful roses yet crowned with thorns. Jadyn sank her hips lower, slowly impaling herself on Rafael's manhood.

Her mouth gaped in a silent "O". Rafael stretched her, trying to fill her up. A soft voice in the back of Jadyn's mind whispered, "Not as big as Daunte though." Oh but just as hot and hard. Throbbing and hungry for her. Heat uncurled in her abdomen as she attempted to get all of him inside of her. Jadyn's pussy squeezed around the shaft, sucking it deeper into her, making Rafael groan breathlessly from the heat that began to surround him.

"Jadyn... you're as tight and soft as a velvet fist...," Rafael sighed, his throat growing thick with desire. From the angle of his cock, Jadyn could rub her engorged clit against his stomach and his stalk brushed along her g-spot making her whole body pulse with joy.

Rafael wrapped his arms around her, pressing her body firmly against him as she went up and down on his shaft. He focused on how tight and wet she was. So hot and soft. But still he couldn't get all the way in.

Jadyn cried out in surprise when Rafael turned the tables, flipping her onto the couch so he could mount her as he had always wanted to do. Jadyn closed her eyes in ecstasy but felt Rafael's hands take hold of her face.

"No, I want you to look at me when I'm fully inside you," Rafael breathed huskily. His tone left no room for protest or argument. Jadyn felt possessed by him as if he would consume her entire being. The lack of control unnerved her but the waitress opened her eyes and saw the blue fire of Rafael's eyes then melted instantly.

Slowly Rafael sank another inch then he was finally buried deep to the hilt within her soft womanly depths. Starbursts erupted through Jadyn's entire body at Rafael's provocative movements, slow, sensual, conquering her with every rotation of his hips.

White heat flashed and Jadyn thought she would pass out. Rafael watched the pure rapture on his lover's face and his balls tightened. He moved faster to catch up while Jadyn rode out her high. His balls slapped against her puckering asshole adding to the sensation then she felt Rafael's staff throb with his release.

Rafael came with a ferocious growl as he came with one last savage thrust. Jadyn's whole body arched, pressing her breasts to his chest. Rafael pressed his hand on her stomach, pulling out slowly. The waitress heaved a heavy sigh from the overwhelming bliss of watching the tiger's still hard virility pull out, her juices spilling from her sex and coating his rubber coated cock.

Rafael wasn't finished. He was just getting started. Jadyn was exhausted from her orgasm so taking his two index fingers the tiger shifter ran them along her saturated folds then taunted her stiff nipples. Coated with her arousal Rafael teased her sensitive nubs, rolling his musk damp fingers over the ball points drawing out sensual sighs from Jadyn's red lips.

The smell of her own feminine arousal made Jadyn pulse with renewed lust. It was so kinky. Covering her trembling body with his own, Rafael drew a wet nipple into his hot mouth. Jadyn whimpered at the feeling of his rough tongue slowly taunting her nub. She watched his cheeks hollow with his hard sucking.

Jadyn bit her lip against the rising sensation. "You're going to make me come again, baby."

"Not yet, baby," Rafael huskily replied. "Not yet. I need to taste you again."

Rafael worked his tongue over her other nipple before descending his head down south, his lips teasing the taut skin of her stomach. Jadyn felt the flutter of his persistent tongue trace the lines of her tattoo on her left hip with great precision as if retracing the exact path the needle took when marking her body.

"You'll have to tell me about this little tattoo of yours one day," Rafael kissed the heart with reverence. He worshipped her body with his mouth, tongue and lips and Jadyn would have done anything he had asked. Daunte was out of her thoughts for the moment and she was Rafael's alone tonight.

She looked down to see him between her thighs, kissing her inner thighs, making his way towards her molten center at a leisurely pace. Jadyn moaned at the mouthwatering view of him, Rafael's head at the juncture of her thighs, planting more soft kisses on her pink cleft.

Tortured moans squeezed past her lips, "Please, Rafael... please I need you."

A dark chuckle rang in her ears. It had a drugging sensual affect on Jadyn that made her blood run hot, getting her worked up again.

"Please," Jadyn begged again, bucking her hips to try and get Rafael's mouth where she was desperate and wet for him. But Rafael refrained.

"I like hearing you beg for me," Rafael flashed a debauched grin. Then without waiting for further pleading the tiger plunged forward into her heavenly sweetness. Jadyn gasped at the feeling of Rafael's tongue exploring her core.

Jadyn raked her fingers through his short hair as he drove his tongue deeper, exploring her depths with languid taunting strokes. Rafael reveled in the taste of her. As soft and succulent as a ripe peach with a bit of tang that coated every inch of his tongue so even in the morning he would still have the shadow of her left on his taste buds.

Rafael groaned pushing his tongue into Jadyn's love canal. He used his whole face, rubbing up and down from chin to nose, wetting his mouth, chin and nose with her slickness. Jadyn's body pushed back into his mouth. Rafael lifted Jadyn's hips then crawled back laying the backs of her thighs against his shoulders.

"Hold on," Rafael said. He pulled her up then set her up on the couch while he sat before her on the floor. "Better."

Rafael dove right back before Jadyn could say anything. Her thighs hugged Rafael's head, pushing him further into her hot sex that drizzled and spasmed from the driving strokes of his conquering tongue. He was drowning in her taste. Her thighs squeezed his head, his ears pressing against the silken skin and muffling the sounds of her joyous mewling and moaning.

Yet Rafael could feel her nails digging into his scalp with each pulse of pleasure. He felt her abdomen tighten signaling she was close. Rafael used his fingers to pull back the red hood of her sex to reveal the engorged red berry of her clitoris. With a devilish grin, his eyes never leaving Jadyn's he took the tight bundle of nerves into his mouth, feeling it throb between his lips.

The tiger sucked on the taut nub hard setting off a blinding white heat in Jadyn's body, wracking her with ecstatic shivers. A scream of pleasure tore from her lips, her body convulsed then slackened, sinking into the comfortable couch as Rafael continued received the fruits of his labors, a sweet sweet nectar that flooded his wanting mouth.

Rafael groaned like a starving man at the intoxicating flavor of Jadyn's womanhood. Jadyn's thighs released their vise-like grip on his head but he continued to pepper her sex with loving yet light kisses.

"Jesus, Rafael...," Jadyn moaned. "I think you tired me out. I might not be able to return the favor yet." Rafael reached upward then pulled down the bunched up dress to leave her completely naked for his intense gaze.

"That's alright, baby," Rafael crawled back up Jadyn's heaving body. Her skin had the silvery sheen of perspiration. "All I want you to do is lie there and come for me."

"Any more orgasms like that, Rafe, and you might kill me," Jadyn teased, brushing her lips against his, tasting her cum.

"You can handle it," Rafael position Jadyn on her back, pressing her into the cushions he took out another condom then discarded the one he was wearing. He rolled the rubber down his still hard shaft, his deep blue eyes dark with lust and love never leaving Jadyn's face so lit up with the glow of her orgasms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jadyn didn't remember how they got to the floor of her bedroom. They lay there entwined in a plaid throw blanket, wrapped in a golden glow of sexual gratification and each other. It was 6:30 am, Baton Rouge was starting to wake with a pale morning sky. She heard the gentle static of rain softly hitting the window pane and the tires of cars

driving by.

Her legs felt like jelly. She tried to extricate herself from Rafael's slumbering embrace but... "Where do you think you're going?"

Jadyn laughed gently, "I have to pee, duh."

Rafael rolled his head to the side to meet her jade eyes glazed over with sexual satisfaction. He allowed Jadyn her freedom, lying back to watch her succulent as sway as she walked to the bathroom. His cock twitched at the memory of rubbing along the soft crack of that delicious ass to penetrate her hungry wet pussy.

After she returned, Jadyn draped herself over Rafael, her cheek resting on his chest to listen to his thumping heart beat, her leg curled over his thigh then raking her fingers along his rippling stomach stopping at the base of his manhood.

"My body is so sore," Jadyn whispered content as she continued to tease Rafael across his abdomen drawing from him an eager growl.

"Sorry," Rafael chuckled, taking her wandering hand then placing it on his shaft that began to stiffen further from her gentle touch.

"Already?" Jadyn breathed. "You shifters are insatiable. I might never want a human man again."

"You won't want any man but me after I'm done. I love you, Jadyn," Rafael swore vehemently, pressing his lips to her forehead. His eyes drifted closed when Jadyn's fingers wrapped around his turgid organ then slowly began to stroke up and down.

Jadyn digested his words in silence. She continued to pleasure her tiger but her thoughts drifted to Daunte. The waitress liked both him and Rafael. They both satisfied her sexually while mentally and emotionally they filled her in different ways.

Sensing the reason for her silence Rafael spoke gently, "You don't have to say it back right now. I won't force you to choose... not yet."

"What if I don't want to choose?" Jadyn stopped rubbing his shaft and he released a soft disappointed groan. "I like you both. Why can't we keep this arrangement?"

She looked at him with pleading jade green eyes. There was a defiance there that Rafael admired but also wished would see reason. Daunte wasn't good for her. He and his family were a bunch of murderous thieves. He wanted to tell her the truth but she wouldn't believe him.

Jadyn rolled on top of Rafael, her hands pressed to his chest and his breath caught at the sight of her beauty. Her brown hair curled and disheveled, hanging in his face, her lips dark and pink, slightly parted, her full round luscious breasts hanging enticingly over him. His stomach clenched and cock throbbed in sudden need.

"Daunte isn't the type to share," Rafael swallowed hard. He had to focus. He had to convince her that Daunte would destroy her.

"And yet," Jadyn sexily replied, her body crawling backward and head descending. "He gave permission for you and I to get to know each other better." Rafael moaned softly at the feeling of Jadyn's warm lips and the flick of her soft tongue on his sculpted stomach.

The waitress flashed the tiger with a sultry gaze as she showered his iron hard stalk with gentle lingering kisses. She sucked along his length. Rafael growled, "Vixen."

As she took Rafael into her mouth, Jadyn wondered what Daunte was doing right now. She didn't want to choose between the shifters. Not right now anyway. One can love two people at the same time. Can't they?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Holland was doing inventory when Daunte walked into the room looking grim and ready to strangle someone.

"Isn't today your day off?" Holland sighed not taking his eye off counting the boxes of Jameson Whiskey that rested on the shelf.

"Baptiste is back," Daunte said.

Holland paused. His shoulders slumped then running his fingers through his salt and pepper hair he turned to the young jaguar whose eyes widened in disbelief.

"You knew?" Daunte's fists clenched. It took all he had not to smash something. He'd known Holland for a long time. Holland and Daunte's father were close friends. As close as brothers. Daunte had always called Holland "uncle". The man was like a second father to him.

"I didn't tell you because of this exact reaction," Holland reasoned.

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