tagErotic HorrorCat Training Pt. 01

Cat Training Pt. 01


It was a dark day at the Robinsons Inn for the couple that owned the establishment. In a room sitting in a chair sipping his morning coffee was a man that was at his wits end. He drank his coffee very dark these days and laced it with moonshine more often than not, but today was one of the latter. He had to make a conscious decision and it was a horrible decision to have to make. He had to decide what he was going to do about his wife who was in the worst of wretched states. His story truly was one of the darkest stories ever to befall Rainfall Hills.


Their names were Albert and Diane Robinson and they appeared to be the typical happy young couple living in the gloomy little town. They were simple people who owned a home that came with a small motel passed down from generation to generation. Albert spent most his time running the establishment while Diane the typical housewife was also a bit of a socialite with the locals. Albert had grown up in here and was a quiet man that preferred to stay out of the locals business and festivities. Diane on the other hand had married into the community seizing the opportunity for a life of social climbing and wealth.

Diane had grown up in a world where she valued status greatly; though she had come from a broken family that had very little. She was very calmly and had grown into a very attractive woman with long blond hair and big blue eyes that could make many a man turn his head. After marrying Albert the people in Rainfall Hills welcomed her into their social circle acceptingly enough. She loved being accepted here, so in her mind she was a success. She had married a well to do man who she could grow fat off the land with, and had been accepted by the other socialites. She had never had it so good and she was happy.

Albert on the other hand having grown up in Rainfall Hills was leery about how close she got to the locals. He knew that the locals all had dark secrets and skeletons in the closets that could fill a cemetery given a bad day. Growing up here he knew how jealous and vicious the social circles could be and genuinely worried for her constantly. Albert noticed how she was constantly in need of new cloths, purses, jewelry, which it had started to grow to be a burden on him financially. It was the way of life for most of the wives in the social circle to constantly out show each other with their new things and it was costly. He loved his wife but he had to be practical about things so he had quickly put a stop to it. He had given her a small allowance that would have been plenty for anyone with normal needs; but Diane being a woman needing constant material possessions in order to stay influential soon found herself miserable.

It wasn't long before Diane was a neurotic mess that constantly found something wrong with her social being. It wasn't long that she had lost most of her standing with the other socialites. She became increasingly desperate to cling to whatever she had left often looking foolish to her circle of friends. She still got invited to the parties but she was never the center of attention like she had fancied herself to be and this made her miserable.

One day the couple were home spending their evening together on a cold dark night sharing a sweet potent bottle of port wine. They had just finished their dinner by candle light prior to enjoying the intoxicating effects of the strong ruby colored liqueur. The shadows of the night played all over the room while the fire from the candles danced its fiery flame. Their small cat Grimfralcon had walked into the dining room and had jumped upon Albert's lap full of loving purrs happy to cuddle with him. Diane watched the cat as he was lavishly given love and affection from her husband with a deep feeling of self forlornness. Albert seemed not to notice while he stroked the cat's soft fur as it curled into a ball purring softly to itself.

Diane's eyes started to water as she watched at how happy and carefree the little animal was. She thought to herself, 'If only life were so easy'. The strong alcohol was affecting her thinking and emotions greatly as she entertained her own thoughts. What could the cat possibly have that she didn't? Suddenly the wetness in her eyes took over and tears were streaming down her face and she left out a sniff.

Albert looked at her suddenly alarmed and realized she had been crying. "Diane what is the matter?" he asked concerned.

Diane looked at him from across the table and said, "It's the cat... he is always so full of love... I almost wish that was me in your lap... not a care in the world... always so happy."

Albert starred at her incredulously for a moment then suddenly looked thoughtful about what she had said. "I know it's hard for you here with all the hub-bub," he said sympathetically. Albert had that look like he was really pondering something with his hand gripping upon his chin as if he had a possible solution though he was not sure as to whether he should suggest it.

Diane looked at her husband with hungry eyes obviously open to suggestion. "What is it Albert?" she asked in an eager tone.

Albert's face contorted thinking very hard then resigned to a more complacent look as he had made up his mind. He looked at her steadily, "Well there is this..." He paused for a moment still struggling with what he was about to say. "Well there is this..." he said again.

Diane eyed him suspiciously then said, "Go on, I'm listening."

Albert said, "Ok we have skin changers here, that role play the part of animals, through the methods of hypnosis."

Diane looked on at him with wide eyes thinking about such a thing. Then the effects of the wine having a profound effect on her reasoning; she looked to the cat who was happily purring in her husband's lap and realized she would do anything to be so content.

"Let's try it," Diane said hopefully. The thought of being so care free was just the fix that she needed and was eager to try it. "When can we try this?" she asked.

Albert shook his head with a nervous smile on his face. He was amused at how interested his loving wife was in such an unusual practice, so suddenly. "We can do it tonight if you would like," he said. "There are a few skin changers that practice this every night of the week."

No sooner than Albert had suggested a session with the skin changers to his wife had they decided to join them for a session. It was a relatively short trip for a regular to make that knew the area, and couldn't have been more than five miles up into the hills of the small town. A fire pit burned bright in a small clearing in front of three good sized cabins as they made their way. It was a beautiful night warmed with an enticing summer breeze and a radiantly lit full moon. As they parked and walked up to the burning fire the door to the middle cabin opened and two large wolves walked out slowly followed by an elegantly black haired beauty that Diane knew from her social circle as Elaine.

Elaine was a very high standing member of the community with much wealth and status. That she would participate in something like this didn't settle right with Diane and she was caught off guard at the sight of her. There she was in a filmy black satin robe that clung tight to her body showing off every curve and little detail looking amazingly sensuous with two exotic pets by her side. Walking up to the fire she smiled pleasantly at Diane and said, "Welcome to our gathering Diane, I must say though, that I did have a feeling about you. Come meet Bobby and Mallory, they promise not to bite." As she spoke she motioned at the two large wolves by her sides.

The couple walked up to Elaine and let the wolves sniff their hands before continuing. Albert said, "Always a pleasure Elaine." Then he bowed before her and took her hand in a fond kiss. "Well my lovely wife would like take a try at skin changing," he said, "is there anything you can do for us perhaps?"

Making eye contact with Elaine was hard for Diane and she felt out of place here in front of someone with so much influence and power. Elaine noticed her discomfort and smiled pleasantly at her, "It is ok dear, in the animal kingdom we are all equals. You would like to be a cat I would have to think?"

Diane could not find her voice and blushed looking down then quickly nodded her head. If she had been less intoxicated at the moment she probably would have asked how she had known that she wanted to be a cat. The fact that she was being treated well by someone with such a high standing though also clouded her mind and judgment. "What does it take to do this?" she asked meekly forcing herself to make eye contact shyly.

"You just have to trust me," she said looking deeply into Diane's eyes taking her slender hands into her own nurturingly. "I am a natural hypnotist. Let yourself be taken deeply within my hazel eyes... relax..." she said calmly.

Diane did as she was told looking back into Elaine's stunningly radiant eyes. She felt she could get lost in those eyes as she felt herself blush at the thought of being attracted to another woman. Elaine held her gaze upon Diane and never broke contact for a moment steadily pulling her under a spell making her legs grow weak. The more Diane let herself fall into those eyes she found herself growing with euphoric arousal. She kept looking into Elaine's darkly seductive eyes and felt she could be lost within those deep pools of hazel. Elaine continued to talk and bind Diane to her heady spell. The tension soon ebbed away as she felt herself being taken by Elaine very quickly. For certain she thought to herself that this woman was indeed a true hypnotist.

It didn't take long for Elaine to realize how easily Diane had fallen under her spell; so she decided to take full advantage of this. She spoke slowly, soothingly and seductively. "Let yourself be lost within the wonderful sanctity of my eyes... know that there is nowhere else for you... drift within my eyes deeper and deeper my pet."

Elaine continued bringing her further and more overwhelmingly under her spell. Diane soon had a very lost look in her eyes as if she had become inebriated, by something that caused some of the heaviest feelings of euphoria. Albert knew what Elaine could do and became uneasy at how fast she was taking his wife. It also made him further uneasy at how easily Diane had yielded her will to the skin changer.

Elaine began to speak with the prowess of a predator exacting its kill, "You are lost inside my eyes now... my little sex kitten... let Diane go... you are mine."

Diane moaned softly very aroused at her last words. Elaine took one of her hands from Diane's and gently stroked her hair back from her face brushing ever so gently behind her ears. Diane shivered at her touch and yearned to be taken deeper by Elaine, having found herself very lost. The feelings of euphoria were overwhelming, and she never wanted them to stop. Her thoughts slowed as she let herself fall deeper and deeper under Elaine's spell.

Elaine finally broke eye contact with Diane, and looked to Albert triumphantly. Albert's hands were shaking at what he saw. The spell was obviously a success, but, he suddenly felt foolish for allowing himself to ever accept Elaine's invitation to let his wife walk among the skin changers. It was indeed Elaine's invitation earlier that week that had given him the idea to bring her here in the first place. He cursed himself now, for not seeing the possible reasons behind such a thing. Before him his wife appeared lost... staring into a phantom set of Elaine's eyes that only she could see.

Elaine looked to Albert who had a look of regret on his face, "Fear not Albert, her chances aren't bad." Albert looked back at Elaine uncertainly. Elaine spoke again, "You are a sex kitten now Diane... You live only to serve your master... give yourself deeply and fully... let your will bend to mine... it is bending... bending... and it will break..."

Albert looked at Elaine pleadingly not daring to speak while her magic was working knowing his place.

She grinned wickedly at him, "you were very right to be concerned about her Albert, she has made the locals most unhappy with her constant complaining and desperate attempts to draw attention to herself."

Albert only shook his head sadly, expecting the worst.

She turned her attention back to Diane and said, "feel yourself conforming... it feels wonderful to please your master... you live only to serve... you are a sexual little kitty... you will serve anyone that I tell you, and you will let them take pleasure from your body in any way that they tell you... even if it kills you... feel your will breaking... breaking... break!"

Suddenly Diane broke inside and her mind went vacant as all of her will removed itself from her mind. A terrifyingly lusty scream escaped from Diane's lips as it happened to her and she lost her will completely. Then her body shuddered horribly as if it had released the most violent of orgasms... she was ready to be remade. Albert quietly sobbed to himself knowing that she would never be quite the same as before while his heart silently broke.

Elaine smiled wickedly in cruel satisfaction as Diane stood there with a vacant look upon her face with no will of her own. She looked to Albert then smiled at him as if reassuring him saying, "Don't feel so bad, she is ours for the breaking now," then her face soured as she said with disgust, "boy will I going to be glad not to have to hear her constant whining, and empty bragging about things that only pertain to her miserable dull life."

Albert asked with hesitation, "What are you going to do?"

Elaine looked to him thoughtfully and said, "She is going to be your personal cross to bear. What would you suggest?"

Albert thought for a moment then came to a decision, "She is going to hate life without her social climbing. Could you turn her into a skin changer? A house cat maybe?"

Elaine smirked, "Your terms are acceptable, but first you have to do something to finish her curse. Fuck her like you've never fucked her before! Fuck her in ways that she never would have let you done before I took her will! I want to see her scream helplessly at the end of your cock as it tears into her in ways that she never would have dared or shuttered to have even thought about!

"She needs to be utterly broken, and you are going to be the one to do it Albert."

Albert looked horror stricken at what he had just heard. He cringed at the thought of what he was about to do. His whole body began to shake in growing anticipation of what he was about to put his wife through.

Elaine turned to Diane and started to tell her the terms and rules that she now had to live by. Diane heeded the words that she was hearing. She was given back her current conscious mind, but she was now a slave to everyone in the community. She was unable to talk back or disobey anyone that lived in the towns every word. Her will had broken, so she accepted her new role in the town fully, but she was horrified at what she had become. She had to follow her new rules but she didn't have to like it one bit.

"It is done," said Elaine with a cruel smile playing upon her lips, "I'll start this. Have you ever been kissed by another woman Diane?"

Diane let her eyes face the ground as her lower lip trembled, feeling herself wanting to cry, after having found herself in such a predicament. Diane spoke nervously with a simple, "No."

Elaine said with authority, "Look at me when I talk to you."

Diane looked into her eyes obediently, the same eyes she had been so enthralled with only minutes before. Now she realized how cold and calculating those eyes were. She maintained eye contact against her will as her lower lip continued to quiver unhappily.

Elaine smirked that evil little grin again, "My Diane, but you look like you are about to cry. Not happy with your new role in our little community?"

"How could I be?" said Diane, her face full of remorse and sorrow.

Elaine advanced upon Diane with the hungry look of a predator about to claim into kill. She took Diane's head with her hands and said, "Let me show you how it's done my little sex kitten."

Elaine covered Diane's lips with her own and started to kiss her very passionately. She stopped suddenly realizing that she was not being kissed back. A look of anger fell over her face as she looked into Diane's eyes. "Ah ah, you must participate with me as if you were enjoying it... you live to please now... you don't have to like it," she said with malice in her voice.

She looked into Diane's eyes enjoying the discomfort she was putting her through while she took pleasure at her expense. She resumed kissing her and Diane was surprised to find herself doing her best to participate in a very passionate kiss as Elaine took her mouth for a ride. The very thought of being with another woman repulsed Diane so she started to shake nervously now that the spell had gone away leaving her to Elaine's mercy. Diane was not at all a lesbian and this could not be happening to her she thought. She was helpless to resist the invading mouth as her will was no longer her own, so deftly she participated in a very sincere hungry kiss.

Diane was humiliated and disgusted kissing another woman so openly. Their tongues explored each other's hungry wanting mouths in the most voracious and seductive of ways. Their lush full lips rubbed over each other's caressing softly and hungrily. The kiss only got more passionate as their lips were slickened with their saliva and incredibly lovingly as the two women got lost in the passion of the moment. Albert watched on slack jawed with a mix of regret and carnal lust at the scene that was unfolding before him.

Elaine started to suck on Diane's lips with building hunger and the kiss became more ravenous and hasty. Elaine devoured her mouth as she ripped Diane's dress right off her body then proceeded to do the same to her panties and bra. Her clothes lay about her tattered and ruined, she was completely naked besides a set of high heels she had on. Diane had good sized breasts that were young and perky, complemented with a full set of legs and a bubble butt. Elaine inspected her body roughly as she broke the intense kiss pulling on her nipples until they went taught. Diane stood still and let out a whimper as he breasts stretched and her nipples grew hard. Then she suddenly she let out a gasp as Elaine let go and they flopped back to her chest.

"Lie down on your back and open your mouth slave," Elaine said to Diane as she removed her filmy black robe and stood there naked before her. "Let your tongue out down to your chin, and wait for it," she said.

Diane did as she was told as her mind tried to hide itself in some dark place from reality in fear of what she dreaded would come next. Savoring the look in Diane's scared eyes as she descended upon her face, she smiled down to her smugly as she slid her sex down upon her tongue making her taste her musky vagina. She kept her pussy firmly upon Diane's tongue moving it back and forth like some kind of banana slide for her pleasure. She hadn't sat down all the way yet as she focused keeping just her labia and vulva moving on her tongue in rhythmic harmony. As her fluids started bath Diane's tongue it created a burning sensation for Elaine that she was very familiar with.

Diane was silently screaming to herself as her tongue was being used for Elaine's satisfaction. The taste of pussy was very strong and alien to her, and she desperately wanted it off her tongue. She was utterly humiliated and the only thing keeping her sane was the fact that her will was not her own. She was not allowed to go mad for it would hinder her ability to please in the community. Tears of shame and despair were rolling down her face as she tasted Elaine's love juices coating her tongue.

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