tagNon-EroticCat vs. Beast: The Battle Rages

Cat vs. Beast: The Battle Rages


The yellow object shifted slightly as the cats paw pushed on it. The cat’s ears pricked forward in surprise. The floor wasn’t supposed to shift like that. Floors were things that stood still, that didn’t move for any reason. Yet this thing, which was apparently not a floor, had defied all the rules of the small universe the cat knew and had shifted when the cat had batted it with her paw.

Bending her head down towards the object, the cat inhaled swiftly, smelling the yellow abnormality. It’s odor was something odd…something not quite a cat bowl and not quite a toilet, but somewhere in between. Cautiously, the cat batted at it again.

As before, the object shifted with the bat of a paw. The cat’s whiskers perked, it’s eyes widened, and it sat down to ponder the object.

Lifting a paw to her mouth, the cat bathed herself slowly, her rough tongue running along her paw, which ran over her head as she watched the object out of the corner of her eye.

Movement on the other side of the room startled her, and she looked quickly into the other corner.

False alarm. It was only a human, opening the large white thing that smelled funny. The cat watched the human for a moment as it searched through the large white thing, until she remembered. The yellow thing! Her attention had been drawn away for seconds! It had probably escaped!

With lightening quick movements the cat shifted its eyes back to the yellow thing. It lay suspiciously still, as if to mock the cat. The object would have her believe that it had never moved, but she knew otherwise. It was time to take matters into her own paws.

Standing, the cat walked slowly closer to the object. In the other corner, the human shut the large white thing, a puft of air pushing through the room and ruffling the cats fur ever so slightly. The yellow object seemed to object to the wind and moved, ever so slightly.

It had tried to conceal its efforts to escape the cat, but she was too quick to be fooled! Without a moments thought she pounced, claws outstretched and ears pushed back. The slick feeling of the bag was under her paws as she looked left and right, trying to see any more movement it was planning to make.

The object lay still underneath her claws, her sharp claws digging into the yellowness of it. The cat relaxed, her claws retracting back into her paws, and settled down onto her butt.

Around her the yellow object lay still. Perhaps it was dead. But then again, perhaps not.

Out of the corner of her eye the cat thought she saw a flap of yellow trying to escape. Instantly she pounced on that corner, so quick that the yellow object didn’t stand a chance of escape.

As her hind legs pushed away at the ground, the yellow object tried to escape from that side, shifting underneath her weight. Sooner than you could blink she had twisted around and pounced on the other corner, only to realize that the first side of the object was on the run again.

Darting back around in a circle the cat pounced again but then the first side of the object tried for another escape. Soon the cat was twisting round and round, unable to stop the entire object from escape. Eyes wide, she stopped, standing in the middle. A paw, claws outstretched, clung to each corner of the object as the cat took rapid, deep breaths.

Every one of the cat’s muscles was completely tense, her tail puffed up and ready for action. Looking around, the cat caught sight of the human again, walking over towards the yellow object she was standing on.

“Sweetie,” the human said in unintelligible grunts, “Did you find a bag?”

The human reached down and picked the cat up, lifting her from the yellow object. The cat whined in protest and the human put her down, reaching for the yellow thing. The human was going to help it escape.

Holding a corner of it in her hand, the human struggled to keep the yellow object from pouncing on the cat. It shook and shuddered as the human struggled with it.

Feeling powerful and aggressive, the cat wriggled her butt and her ears went back again. Staring at the yellow object, she pounced forward like a rocket, all her weight leaving the ground and attacking the wriggling yellow thing. It stopped moving for a moment, and then began to twist around with the cat on top of it.

Frantic, the cat batted at the object. Looking around, her ears back in aggression and fear, she tore at the object, and then sank her teeth into it.

“Silly,” the human mumbled. “Don’t eat the plastic.”

The human picked the cat up. As she was carried from the room the cat stared at the yellow thing, motionless, dead, as she was taken from the room.

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