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The clothes were strewn across the bed. Oh God, why have I got nothing decent to wear? Everything that looks good doesn't fit, and everything that fits makes me look an old frump.

Elaine looked again at the pile of clothes, and at the mumsy dress she'd planned to wear. Her wardrobe was a reflection of her life – dull and boring.

"Are you nearly ready? We have to leave in a minute!" came the bellow from downstairs.

As she turned to look again into the depths of the wardrobe, more in hope than expectation, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror. A few extra pounds but not that bad, and the black underwear and hold up stockings looked pretty sexy – not that he'd even noticed when she'd put them on. Twenty years ago he'd have been practically salivating, and there would have been no way they would have got to the party on time. But that was twenty years ago.

At the end of the clothes rail in his half of the wardrobe – well it was called his half but in reality her clothes occupied a good part. In her half of his half she noticed a clothes bag hanging, and remembered what was in it. It had been over nineteen years since she'd worn that dress. They'd bought it for a ball when she had been twelve weeks pregnant with Chloe and her usual party dresses were too tight – it might be just the thing.

"Are you coming or am I going alone? Get a bloody move on!"

As she pulled up the zipper, she looked at herself again. Perfect fit – the black dress, covered in bumpy, sparkly stones still looked as good as it had way back when. Uh oh, this bra will have to go, too visible. So the choice is – no bra or frumpy dress. No choice.

"Hurry up, will you!"

"For God's sake dad," She heard Chloe's voice in support. "It's a woman's prerogative to be late."

She stared at the plunging neckline – it needed something. Rifling through the drawer she found the choker she had worn with it all those years ago. Perfect. She allowed herself a twirl. Crikey! That slash up the side is longer than I remembered – should have worn tights. Too late now. With a last flick of her short, spiky hair – the highlights looked terrific – and taking a deep breath, she turned off the light and went downstairs.

"About bloody t...bloody hell!"

Elaine held back the smile of satisfaction. That had shut him up.

"Come on; don't hang about with your mouth open. Get in the car; I just need to grab my bag."

She went into the living room where Chloe and her steady boyfriend, Jamie, were halfway through a bottle of wine watching TV.

"Mum, you look fantastic!"

Jamie just sat there – slowly looking her up and down, but mainly looking at her chest – his mouth open.

Men! One pair of tits and they are anybody's.

But inside, her confidence was going through the roof. She hadn't felt this good in ... well, let's leave it at a long time.

"You don't think this neckline is a bit low? What do you reckon Jamie?"

Chloe raised her eyebrows and grinned. She and her mum shared just about everything. She'd mentioned to her mum that Jamie was definitely a "boob" man, and she knew her mum was teasing him. But it was a side of her mum that she hadn't seen before.

"Right, I'd better go before he has a coronary."

Chloe giggled, not sure if her mum was talking about dad or Jamie.

"Okay Jamie, I was going to tell you to be good, but seeing as Chloe tells me everything I'll just say enjoy yourselves."

Jamie looked horrified and Chloe shrieked a shocked "Mum!", but Elaine just winked at them both, turned and left. She felt absolutely on top of the world. And for the first time in a very long time, she felt in control. Tonight was definitely going to be fun.

In fact, it was more than fun, it changed Elaine's life.

As she sat in the car, she remembered just how big that slit in the dress was. She was showing a fair slice of thigh. And it felt brilliant! Why had it been so long since she'd felt like that? Probably the same reason that her husband hadn't jumped on her in her underwear – habit and familiarity. She had become what people expected her to become – a steady, reliable, unsurprising forty something mother and wife. Well it was time to become what she wanted to be. A mature woman who knew what she wanted and was willing to go and get it.

The pre dinner drinks and meal passed in a whirlwind of conversations with people she knew, but who normally never spoke to her. The men had difficulty maintaining eye contact for some reason, whilst the women were split into two camps. The "good for you, go get 'em, I wish I could carry off a dress like that" group, and the (usually younger) green eyed set, who suspected she was trying to steal their husband or boyfriend.

It was a good job she was the nominated driver for the return – otherwise if she'd drank all the drinks that had been offered she would have passed out by the time the dancing started! As it was from the minute the music had cranked up, she spent most of her time wiggling her hips, flashing her thigh and generally having a great time. Although she kept having to adjust her top, she was enjoying the tease factor it afforded.

As the evening wore on she found herself dancing with a good looking man, probably a few years younger than her, who turned out to be a recently divorced colleague of her husband.

During one of the slow dances as she rested her head against his chest, he moved her strap back onto her shoulder. She thanked him with a cheeky grin.

"I wouldn't want you falling out - with me, I mean!" he joked.

As the music went on she felt his hand move down her back, squeeze her cheeks and then move round to the slit in her dress. His fingers found the way in and gently made small circles on her thigh.

"If you don't stop that in the next half an hour, I will scream for help!"

"Oh I don't think I need any help."

"No, I don't think you do!"

His hand continued to move in ever increasing circles. With each orbit it moved higher, and slowly it moved more round the front. Elaine's breathing got slightly faster. That hand was getting into very dangerous territory.

She looked up at him, in the darkness of the room his eyes twinkled in the party lights. His laughter lines enhanced the warmth she felt inside. She felt butterflies inside like she hadn't felt since before Chloe was born. Her face cracked into a grin:

"You might not need any help, but I need some fresh air."

She walked away from him for two steps, then turned:

"Are you coming?"

The air was cool on her bare arms which were moist from her exertions on the dance floor.

Not the only part of me that's moist.

Elaine hadn't felt this excited, this alive in years. She hugged his arm as they strolled past a group of smokers on the patio, and out into the depths of the large garden.

"Won't Dave wonder where you've got to?"

Elaine stopped, pursed her lips and looked at him with her head tilted to one side:

"I should imagine that David is either too immersed in an alcoholic haze, or he's too busy whipping everyone arse at Pool to worry about me. In fact, he's probably both."

Then she moved closer, turning her face up to his she whispered:

"Alan, I feel a bit chilly. Can you think of any way we can keep warm?"

Then she giggled:

"I'm sorry, that was just the corniest thing I've ever s...", but she never got to finish the sentence as his lips locked on hers.

Elaine's initial reaction was panic. Her head spun. What the hell am I doing? I'm a married woman. Then she realised she was enjoying the warmth of Alan's mouth on hers, the gentle probing of his tongue. She let her shoulders relax and eased her entire body into the kiss. She felt his hand slide down the back of her dress and caress her buttocks. Like his kisses, his caresses were firm but gentle. She moved her mouth away from his so she could say something apologetic about her saggy, forty something body.

But Alan took the opportunity of there being a small gap between them to slide one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder.

Elaine let out a soft sigh as his warm breath and kisses started at her ear, went down her neck, then on to her naked shoulder then down her front. Oh my God, he's going for my nipples.

At the same time, his other hand had again found the soft skin of her thigh that he had stroked so gently on the dance floor. She was caught in a pincer movement. Alan's mouth licked and kissed its way to the goal of her nipples, which by now you could have hung a jacket on. Meanwhile his fingers moved onto the gusset of her silky underwear. The moan and then the gasp that came from her made him realise that any reluctance she may have had was gone.

His tongue flicked her nipple and then he gently nibbled and kissed it. His hand slowly moved up and down the now very damp material. He slowly inched his finger inside the flimsy material and felt the soft fur of her pubic hair. Elaine whimpered, her breathing getting more erratic. Alan slid the other strap off her shoulder revealing the tops of two perfect breasts which looked a very pale white the soft moonlight. Elaine lowered her arms so the top of the dress fell off them. Alan smiled:

"I think this one's feeling left out," he whispered as he set to work on the other nipple.

Lowering her arms was a double whammy for Elaine. It showed off what David had always said was her best feature – her breasts and astonishingly long nipples. But it also meant her hands were now at Alan's waist, and she could get a grip on what had been poking her tummy for the past few minutes. As she undid his belt and flies she felt Alan's hands now working together. With his fingers in the waistband, he was very gently easing her underwear down her thighs. He stopped when they got to a point just above her knees. One hand moved up to caress the vacant nipple, while the other found its mark. His middle finger moved along her slit and with hardly any pressure at all, slipped inside. Elaine was soaking wet.

With a quiet scream, she grabbed his shoulder tightly as his finger moved up until it was gently resting on her clit. Elaine was biting her lower lip and shuddered:

"God, you bastard."

A moment of panic hit Alan. He stopped and looked at her, fearing he'd hurt her somehow.

"Are you okay?"

His answer was a the arm around his shoulders pulling his mouth back to her nipples, and the other hand reaching in and freeing his shaft from his boxers.

Christ almighty, I can't get my hand round it.

It wasn't as long as David's – but what it lacked in length, it more than made up for in girth. She started to play with it. She loved the feel of a new, different cock in her hand. But that thought was wiped from her mind as she felt a second finger enter her. She knew she was sopping wet. She could hear the slick noises his fingers made as he gently opened her up and teased her clit at the same time.

Elaine was panting now, her climax getting near. Alan started to lift her dress and she moved, knowing that his fingers would soon be replaced by the fat cock her hand was frantically jacking off. She spread her legs as best she could and Alan inched forward...

"Elaine!.... Elaine? You here?"

"Oh Christ, it's David."

"They went that way Dave."

One of the smokers was obviously pointing Dave in their direction. Elaine frantically grabbed her underwear, pulled the soaking, silky material back up, put her straps back on her shoulders and straightened her dress. She almost broke down into a giggling fit as Alan struggled to get his (fortunately rapidly deflating) cock back into his trousers.

By the time they "bumped into" Dave half a minute later, they looked the picture of innocence. Elaine though could feel her heart pounding, she could feel her aching nipples trying to poke through the dress. But most of all, she was sure David would be able to smell the unmistakable scent of a woman's juices on Alan's hand. Elaine managed, somehow, to steady her voice enough to ask if he won the pool.

In response, David held out six twenty pound notes and grinned:

"Was it ever in any doubt?"

Elaine kissed him on the cheek, and said "Well done". Her mind raced and panicked that David might somehow tell her lips had been otherwise occupied barely a minute earlier. Then she added she and Alan had come out to cool off.

To Elaine and Alan's relief, David just babbled on about the final game – oblivious to what he had interrupted. After they had both gone to the bathroom to "freshen up", they found each other on the dance floor again. But as David was around, they were far more circumspect than earlier. As they swayed, quite close together, Elaine smiled up at him:

"I want to thank you. That was really nice – if a little ... err ... incomplete?"

"It was a pleasure. Actually, I think it would have been a lot more of a pleasure ... maybe next time? Anyway, if you really want to thank me you can remember four numbers."

She asked what the numbers were.

"Two six three six"

"No idiot, what are they for?"

He replied that she had to remember them first, and then he'd tell her what they were for. She repeated the four numbers a few times to prove she had remembered. He smiled and said he'd test her again after the next dance, and then he'd tell her.

During the next dance that damn strap slipped of her shoulder. He gently, and a little too slowly, moved it back up – whilst poking his tongue out mimicking what he'd done when he licked her nipples.

She giggled and punched him playfully, and was taken aback when he asked what the numbers were.

"Two six three six", she answered proudly.

"Very good. So now you know my phone number at work – it's the same as your other half's but the last four digits are two six three six".

The music finished and they broke off with a smile, he stooped down, his lips brushed her cheek, and he turned and left.

The party slowly fizzled out. David had drunk his fair share, celebrating his Pool victory no doubt. They left and David was soon falling asleep in the passenger seat.

Elaine's mind was traveling at the speed of light on the way home. Had this frumpy, middle aged mum really pulled a good looking, and younger, bloke? What about the man dozing next to her? What was the future for him? What would Chloe say if she knew? All these and a zillion other questions rattled round her head. But more than that there was the exhilaration of something new, something exciting. A feeling that had woken up inside her like a sleeping giant – threatening to take over her entire life. And then there was that incredibly fat cock. She wondered what it would taste like, and what it would feel like as Alan eased it into her.

Fellatio was not something she had ever really liked. Yes, she'd given David blow jobs – but not for a long time. Now, she was wondering if she'd missed out. Was it something she should have persevered with? Something she could have grown to love? Right now, she felt like she'd love to try getting her mouth round Alan's fat monster!

As they pulled into the drive, her husband woke up and turned to her. He stroked her face and looked into her eyes. His face broke into a rather sad looking smile:

"You know, if you worked in the Louvre, you'd see the Mona Lisa every day and you'd forget how wonderful it is. I see you every day, and I think I'd forgotten how beautiful and special you are. I won't let that happen again."

He held her head in his hands and kissed her softly. Then he dropped one hand to her leg and started to stroke her thigh along the dress slit. She responded by reaching for his groin. He was already semi erect and growing.

Thank God he's not too pissed – I really need a good shag!

She broke away from him:

"Come on, let's go to bed!"

They went in and Chloe called to her dad, saying not to forget he'd agreed to run Jamie home. Elaine sighed:

"Come on, your taxi awaits!" she called, and she told her husband to go to bed and she'd join him soon. But she knew he'd be fast asleep by the time she got back. So much for a good shag! They waved Chloe goodbye and set off. Jamie had edged round in his seat so he could look at her. They chatted off and on, but most of the time they were silent. Then as they approached Jamie's house, he put his hand on her thigh, on the bare flesh exposed by the slit in the dress.

"I hope it's true what they say... that if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in twenty five years, look at her mother."

Elaine stopped the car in the quiet lane outside his house, and grabbed his hand to move it.

"Jamie, I..." - but that's as far as she got as he moved across and his lips met hers. Elaine panicked, and pushed him away.

"Oh God, I'm sorry Mrs Evans."

"Don't be. I am incredibly flattered that you find me attractive enough to do that." This time it was she that moved, closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his. To Elaine that kiss lasted half a lifetime, but as soon as she felt his hand against the bare flesh at the top of her leg, she stopped and looked at him.

"No, I guess you've had one member of the family tonight, so I think that's enough. Don't be greedy. Let's pretend this never happened. But if you ever get tired of Chloe, I know where to find you. Because, young man, you are a sensational kisser."

He smiled at her, nodded sheepishly and turned to get out of the car. Elaine watched him, the feeling of frustration from the party and from the fact her husband would be asleep still aching inside her:

"Oh what the hell..."

Elaine grabbed his arm and pulled his lips back to hers. Then she picked up his hand and placed it back where it had been – on the bare flesh of her thigh. He started gently stroking her leg, but Elaine suddenly realised that she was hot and desperate – and didn't want tenderness. She wanted sex. She wanted to taste his cock in her mouth and she wanted his hand where Alan's had been.

She pushed him away, and smiled at the look of confusion and panic in his face. Then she reached under her skirt, wriggled her bottom off the car seat and pulled off her panties.

"I don't think we need these, do we?"

Then she slowly slipped off first one dress strap, and then the other. Jamie was transfixed at the sight he'd been thinking about since he'd seen her in the dress earlier. As he and Chloe had made love he'd been imagining it was Chloe's mum, not Chloe. He'd visualized the globes of her round tits and the points of her huge nipples. Now here they were – his for the licking!

Jamie wasted no time. His mouth on one of her nipples - God, I thought Chloe's were big! And his hand caressing the other. For the second time that night, Elaine was undoing the belt of a younger man. God, Chloe's taught him well, he's really taking his time and working my boobs.

The button flies undid easily and her hand found a firm, young cock – not big, but by no means small – waiting for her. She slowly pulled his head up for another full on kiss. One hand kept playing with her nipple and the other slowly moved towards her leg, and that slash at the dress's side. As his hand moved from the smooth nylon to the stocking tops to the bare flesh, he let out a small sigh, just as Elaine moaned. As she did so, she slid her body down so that her mouth rested next to the tip of his rock hard cock.

His hand brushed her matted pussy hair at the same time as he slipped into her warm mouth. Jamie grunted. He expertly used two fingers, side by side to open her up from the bottom up. Taking his time until they arrived either side of the knot that was her clit. It was Elaine's turn to whimper. In doing so she slowly took him all the way into her mouth.

They worked in unison. His fingers moving first slow and gentle, then quicker and firmer – each stroke going deeper, and finally rapidly moving into her and simultaneously rubbing the now enlarged bulb of her clit. Elaine kept pace – as Jamie got faster, her mouth got deeper. At the front of her mind was the overwhelming desire to come, they could do the sex later. At the back of her mind was the thought that Jamie had probably been at it half the night with Chloe so should last a long time.

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