tagNovels and NovellasCatch and Release Ch. 04

Catch and Release Ch. 04


Rainy Thursdays were not busy days at the mall. The cavernous corridors frightened Eve. She clutched Tim's arm so hard his fingers tingled. Despite her anxiety, the glitz of materialism proved irresistible. She dragged him from one window display to the next, to gawk and point.

Tim wasn't sure how much of his explanations she understood, but he kept up a clarifying monologue.

When Eve spotted female mannequins behind the glass of a clothing store she stared for a long time, and then signed something.

"Sorry, Eve. I don't understand."

A passerby stopped, and answered, "She wants to know if they are biological specimens. What an odd thing to ask."

Tim recognized the middle-aged woman as the female half of the couple he'd seen yesterday, speaking in sign language at the grocery store. Small universe.

He explained, "She's not from around here."

The woman began to sign and speak aloud to Eve. "Can I help you?"

Eve stared at the woman with wide-eyed wonder, and then returned signs quickly.

The woman's expression transformed from friendly curiosity to one of confusion.

Feeling uneasy, Tim asked, "What's she saying?"

"The strangest things. She wants to know how long I've been back on our planet of origin. How long did it take me to assimilate. Do I still have a trainer. Does he make my body go nova with just his hands. Why do we all wear second skins. She learned how to make toast this morning and--"

Tim grabbed Eve's hand and pulled her into the store, saying over his shoulder, "I'm sorry. She had... a rock climbing accident, suffered a serious head injury, and hasn't recovered completely."

Thankfully, Eve didn't resist and the woman didn't follow. She stood slack jawed and watched them disappear into ladies wear.

Tim sighed with relief. "I need to learn sign language or you need to talk." He let go of her hand and strolled through the aisles toward the underwear section. "I made you go nova, huh? Well, you gave me a volcanic eruption, so that makes us even in the natural phenomenon department."

He picked up two packages of cheap, white cotton panties and then strolled to the bra rack. After placing several sizes over her shirt-covered breasts, Tim settled on 34C. "Ha! I was right. Do I know my boobs, or what?"

Eve smiled and pointed at the lacy lingerie display.

"Those are very pretty. But you don't need it and I can't afford it. You're only getting practical clothes."

She followed him into the junior's section, where Tim selected a few solid colored tee shirts and cargo shorts in different sizes.

"You're going to have to try them on." He led her to the fitting rooms, handed her a top and bottom set, pointed, and said, "Go in there and change."

Eve didn't understand.

Tim pantomimed taking off his shirt and putting on the new one.

She smiled, nodded and disappeared inside.

Realizing he forgot socks, Tim walked over a couple aisles and picked out two packages of whites.

Eve came out of the dressing room, spotted Tim over the clothing racks and walked in his direction.

He noticed she wore the new shirt, but the new shorts were still in her hand. 'Must be they didn't fit.' His eyes nearly popped out his head when she rounded the corner, naked from the waist down.

"Eve!" Quickly, he snatched the shorts and covered her up, while hustling her back into the fitting room. "You can't walk around nude in public."

She looked mystified by the rebuff.

"Put these on." Tim held out the shorts.

When she took them and tried to slip them up her legs, he saw the problem.

"You have to unzip them first." He took them back, and said, "Let your trainer show you how it's done."

Holding them up at eye level, Tim unbuttoned and unzipped the khaki shorts. "You should be wearing panties under these, but this is an emergency situation." He knelt down and tapped her foot. "Okay, step in."

With a hand on his head for balance, one dainty foot at a time slipped through each leg hole.

He lifted the shorts slowly, enjoying the view along the way. "I think these fit perfectly," said Tim, as he zipped up the fly, and allowed the backs of his fingers to trace along her warm flesh. As he buttoned the waistband, Eve's fingers massaged his scalp and pulled his head forward.

Tim lifted the tee and kissed her tummy. "All right, let's see how you look."

Stepping back, he appraised the fit and style. He gave her a wolf whistle, and said, "You are smokin' hot."

The recent intimate caress had a peripheral effect on her nipples.

"Putting a bra on you will be a crime against nature."

Regrettably, he handed her the clothes she came with. "Put these back on, while I get more of the right size, and then we'll get you some sensible shoes."

She understood, and began to remove her shirt. He took a deep breath, and left.

At the checkout, Tim paid with cash.

Eve seemed fascinated by the exchange of small sheets of paper for new clothes. When they were outside the store, she made inquisitive signs and faces, and pointed at his wallet.

"That's called money." He fingerspelled the word, M-O-N-E-Y. "People have to work for it, so they can buy the things they need. It's hard to live without."

She pressed her lips together and made an "mmmm" sound.

"Very good!" He hugged her sideways as they walked.

For a few strides, she put her arm around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder.

Steering her toward a shoe store, he pulled a pair of socks from the bag. "This place has great hiking boots. You can wear them anywhere, very stylish. Someone will have to teach you how to tie your shoelaces, though."

They browsed the shelves. Tim scanned the sturdy boots, while Eve was attracted to sandals and strappy heels.

"What is it with women and shoes? Must be genetic." He picked up a North Face day hiker, and sat down. "Eve!" Tim patted the seat beside him.

Obediently, she sat.

He handed her the socks. "Put these on."

After staring blankly at them for a few seconds, Eve gave him a weak smile and handed them back.

With a note of exasperation in his voice, Tim said, "Allow me," and knelt in front of her. After removing the flip-flops, he massaged a bare foot. "Eve, you have pretty feet, but the bottoms are really rough," he said, and ran his fingernails along the left sole.

She squeaked and pulled it away.

"You're ticklish?"

She smiled and placed her foot back in his palm.

"Okay, back to business." After slipping one sock over her foot, He handed her the other one. "As much fun as it is to dress and undress you, I think you'd better learn how to do it yourself."

Eve followed his example and pulled on the other one. Then she held her legs out straight and curled and uncurled her toes several times, getting acquainted with another new sensation.

The gray haired salesman came over and measured her foot. "You're a size 61/2."

Tim handed the man his boot of choice.

The salesman returned and helped Eve try them on. Then, after pressing on the toe and watching her walk, said, "I think they fit perfectly."

Once again, Eve watched with great interest as Tim paid in cash.

She walked out of the store wearing her new boots.

Tim smiled at the way she lifted her feet high, like they were stuck in mud. "You'll get used to weight," he said, and then playfully sprinted away.

The clump, clump, clump of her pursuit echoed in the tiled hall.

Several men stopped to leer.

Tim glanced back to see what was so fascinating. The beautiful blonde, with unfettered boobs, bounced after him. The baggy sweatpants had fallen halfway down her hips. She was definitely a showstopper, if not a heart stopper. He slowed to a walk and let her catch up.

"Maybe, I should've gotten you a jogging bra," he said, while hoisting up her pants.

He took her arm. "Let's go out to the Jeep."

The rain had stopped and the clouds let the sun peek through intermittent cracks. Humidity made the air almost drinkable. By the time they reached the Jeep, their skin glistened with perspiration.

"Eve, you must be dying in those sweats." He led her around to the far side of the Jeep and opened the passenger door. "Let's get you dressed for summer." After removing the tags from her new clothes, Tim made sure no one was within sight. "Take off your shirt," he said, lifting the bottom up for direction.

Without hesitation, she removed it and waited.

Several pleasant voyeuristic seconds passed, before Tim had Eve slip her arms through the straps of the new bra and he fitted the cups over her breasts. "This will support your boobs. It's healthier this way, I guess."

She smiled at his attention, but frowned when her body became tightly confined. He fastened the front clasp and she squirmed and fiddled with the elastic for a while.

"Hoping for something else, Eve?" He kissed her cheek and fondled a cup. "You're a cutie." Tim grabbed the next item. "Here, now put this on."

Eve slipped the new shirt over her head and covered up.

Tim made another visual scan of the parking lot, and then made Eve sit sideways on the passenger seat with her legs outside. He removed her boots and then shook out a pair of panties.

Grinning, he said, "Eve, your trainer says it's time for a little fun and games."

Tim placed his palms flat next to her hips, leaned forward and gave her a sweet kiss -- just a friendly closed lip peck.

Her blues eyes sparkled, as her hands rose up to stop his retreating head. She pressed forward. When contact was reestablished, her eyes closed and her lips parted. With a total lack of inhibition, she kissed him open mouthed. The quick student had learned her lessons well. The hands on his head slipped down to rub his back and then grabbed his ass, pressing him tight between her splayed legs. The Jeep's already hot interior rose to scorching.

Not to be outdone by his pupil, Tim kissed along her jaw and down her neck. The salty taste only made his thirst grow. Gripping the waistband, he tugged her sweatpants down to mid-thigh. He had to back up so her legs would come together, in order to un-pant her.

Using the pants as a towel, Tim wiped the sweat off each sinewy leg. "You are a healthy specimen, Eve. That's for damn sure."

She continued to smile brightly and encouraged his touch by rubbing her foot along his shin.

Tim found himself conflicted. Never had he met a woman so uninhibited or uncomplicated. Eve only wanted pleasure from him and to give pleasure back. There were no ulterior motives, no master plan. Her hedonistic simplicity proved highly erotic. Temptation was once again supercharging Tim's libido. But there was also a new, underlying emotion that seemed to be increasing. It was possessiveness. He prized the thrill he found in her lascivious innocence, and felt distrustful of anything that might come between them. Eve was literally like no other woman on earth and he began to think of himself as the luckiest man on earth.

After another quick, parking lot scan, Tim kissed her knee, and said, "I'm not letting you go. Okay?"

She tipped her head inquisitively and touched his cheek.

Kissing slowly up her salty thigh, he asked, "You'll stay with me for a while. Yes?"

Gentle fingers in his hair seemed to answer for her, but he stopped to meet her eyes. "Yes?"

She nodded and spread her legs, saying yes to something else.

"Close enough," said Tim, slipping his arms underneath her legs and lifting her bottom to the edge of the seat.

The motion caused Eve to fall backward. She stopped herself by grabbing the dashboard and seat back, just as Tim buried his face between her legs. She squeaked and jerked as his tongue delved between her labia and flicked her clitoris several times.

"That was just a snack to whet my appetite," said Tim, as he backed away and slipped the new panties over her feet. "I hope you found it as enjoyable as I did. Foreplay is one of my favorite pastimes."

Eve placed her hand over the spot his tongue had licked. With heavy lidded eyes, she gazed at him and teased herself. If he wasn't going to continue, she seemed determined to do it herself.

"No you don't. I like to watch as much as the next guy, but you need to learn how to postpone gratification, in order to get the most pleasure later." Tim pushed her hand away, while pulling the panties higher.

Eve submitted to his wishes, as always, and helped complete the cover up, although she did pout for a while.

Next, Tim handed her the cargo shorts and she successfully put those on.

"Now for the boots," he said, handing them over.

She pulled them on the wrong feet and then stuck out one foot for Tim to tie the lace.

After switching them and explaining the difference, he said, "Okay, I'll tie one and then you do the other." He pointed at her eyes and then at the boot. "Watch and learn, oh Hot Blond Honey. Now how did that old saying go? Make rabbit ears and then put the ear through the rabbit hole? I don't know. But, it's not hard. I'm sure you'll pick it up fast."

Three tries later, Eve tied her bootlace alone.

"Excellent!" Tim helped Eve down from the Jeep. "This calls for a celebration -- lunch at the food court. No trip to the mall is complete without fast food."

They headed back inside. Tim took Eve's hand and held it with an unusual sense of ownership. Handholding was something he rarely did, and only if his date insisted. He always preferred to appear unattached, thereby sending the 'I'm single' message to any available females in the vicinity.

After exchanging a smile with Eve, Tim thought, 'I'm sure this novelty will wear off.'

The food court was relatively busy. As Eve surveyed the throng, the commotion had her clinging to Tim, again.

"What do you think, Eve?" He stroked the arm locked around his. "How about some burritos? They're cheap and easy, like me. So, you'll love 'em. Sí? Yes?"

She nodded unconsciously, while gazing at a woman lifting an infant from a stroller. Two other children -- a boy and a girl -- sat beside to her, stuffing French fries into their ketchup-smeared faces.

When their turn came, Tim ordered two chicken burrito specials with medium sized drinks. Then he led Eve to the soda dispenser.

"What'll you have? I think something without caffeine would be a good choice. You're antsy enough." He put his cup under the ice chute and pressed the button. "See, Eve? Just a little ice. Then you fill the cup with soda."

She followed his example, but had to press and release the buttons several times, smiling at the magical squirting machine.

"I'll bet you've seen gadgets a lot more sophisticated than this," he said, snapping on plastic lids and poking straws through them. "Come on, let's sit by the window."

The sky was now nearly half blue. The sun warmed them intermittently through the glass.

For a while, Eve focused on the food, savoring the new taste experience. However, her attention soon returned to the woman with children. The mother smiled whenever the kids laughed or spoke excitedly.

Tim shook his head. "Rugrats, more trouble than they're worth."

Eve signed something.

"Whatever." Tim ignored her and looked out the window.

A very pregnant woman walked up to the mother of three.

Eve poked Tim's hand and pointed.

"She's fat." He fingerspelled 'pregnant'.

When she continued to look confused, he spelled out, 'Baby inside'.

Understanding didn't register on her face. Eve just turned to stare at them.

Both women suddenly put their hands on the pregnant belly, and smiled.

Tim touched Eve's hand to get her attention. "It's not polite to stare."

Impoliteness didn't concern Eve. Her eyes returned to the women.

"I'd be glad to show you how babies are made." Tim stood, gathered their garbage and took it to the trashcan.

Eve got up and briskly walked over to the other women. She stood beside them, made signs and smiled.

The women were standoffish at first. They glanced at each other, warily.

Eve pointed at the pregnant stomach.

Tim ran up, apologizing, "I'm sorry, Ladies. Eve lost her voice in an accident. She loves kids and just wanted to say hi." He took Eve's hand. "Come on, Honey. Let's go."

The pregnant woman said, "Oh, that's so sad," and then touched her stomach, "Wow, that was a big one." She grabbed Eve's free hand and put it against the bulge. "Want to feel him kick? I'm going to be a soccer mom for real."

Eve looked puzzled, until the baby kicked again.

"There, did you feel it?"

Eve's face lit up. She understood the question and nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay, Eve. Time to go. Thank you, Ladies. You've been very kind."

They waved and said, "Bye, Eve."

Eve followed their example, and waved back.

The kids at the table waved, and yelled, "Bye, Eve."

She waved wildly like they did, and the children laughed.

As Tim escorted Eve to the Jeep, he detected a new lightness in her step. She was happy and she showed it. Her arm snaked around his waist. She rubbed his back. Several times, she hugged him sideways and kissed his cheek.

"You're so cute." Tim kissed her cheek in return and opened the passenger door, expecting her to get in.

Instead, Eve scanned the lot, suspiciously. When satisfied with her assessment, she spun Tim around and pushed him against the car seat. Without warning, Eve pulled down his zipper and reached inside.

Smiling, Tim asked, "What's this all about?"

Unable to figure out his boxer's fly, Eve unbuttoned his shorts and yanked down both shorts and briefs.

Kneeling before him, her grinning face looked both amused and salacious, while her hands rubbed his hips.

"I thought you were a passive student. I may have to reevaluate my teaching methods."

Staring at his cock, Eve leaned forward and, for a brief moment, captured its head between her lips. Her tongue swirled over it.

"Oh, that's nice."

Just as his penis began to grow, Eve backed away, pulled up his shorts and fastened them closed. Then she stood up and smiled obscenely.


Eve nodded.

"I love it!" he said, and kissed her hard.

Her arms circled his neck and she rubbed her sweaty body against him.

He had to force a separation, before someone called the cops to report lewd behavior.

"Okay, let's go home."

Halfway there, Tim decided to treat Eve to a barbecue. They stopped at the grocery store and bought steaks and salt potatoes. Corn on the cob was not in season, so he substituted frozen corn in a boil ready bag.

"If you're going to have a summer cookout, you've got to have smores."

They made a pass down the candy aisle.

By the time they returned to camp and put away the groceries, it was just after 4 o'clock.

"Damn, I stink." He sniffed Eve. "Why don't you? Have you been de-skunk?" A quick check revealed no visible scar under her arm.

"I'm going for a swim."

Eve followed him into the bedroom, where he removed his clothes. She grinned and did the same, and then lay on the bed.

"No, it's not time for that again. You have a one-track mind. I've created a sex fiend."

She understood the 'no' part and sat upright.

Tim couldn't resist giving her a quick kiss and fondle. Afterwards, they trooped to the bathroom. For modesty purposes, he showed Eve how to wrap up in a towel, and then they stepped out onto the porch. The only sign of humanity was a fishing boat, miles away. They strolled down to the shore. Tim waded in, removing the towel before it got wet and throwing it onto the dock.

"Wow, that feels good."

Eve fidgeted on dry land.

"Look," he waded out, until the water was chest deep. "It's a gradual drop. You don't have to worry about getting in over your head."

She wasn't buying it.

Tim stepped out and took hold of her towel. Soothingly, he said, "Time for a swimming lesson, Eve." When he pulled, she reluctantly let go. He tossed her towel on top of his.

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