tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCatching Karen Ch. 02

Catching Karen Ch. 02


Karen lay there helpless, trying to figure out how her normal afternoon turned into a nightmare. Working hard to become a successful real estate agent took up a lot of her time and she was driven to succeed.

Karen often climbed the corporate ladder on the backs of other people's achievements, but she didn't care, as long as she got what she wanted. The blonde completely dominated her husband of ten years and was very strict and stern with her two sons. She was very abrupt, bitchy, and often downright mean to any coworkers who could not do anything the help her career.

At the same time, she was very fawning and icky sweet to any boss that could help her move ahead. The woman had few friends who legitimately liked her, because of her 'better than everyone else' attitude, but she was not concerned in the least. All she wanted to do was to make money and gain prestige.

Karen would take absolutely any property listing, no matter the part of town, and prided herself that she could sell any listing, no matter how difficult. Consequently, that is why she happened to be on this particular block, this particular day. A male coworker had called her, concerned about her safety, and she had been ridiculing him on her cell phone, when she first walked by the group of boys. She now wished desperately that she had listened to him and not come alone.

Terry Smith was the leader of the boys, and they always deferred to his opinions. He dressed like a rocker, but actually came from a good home, in a better part of town, but had convinced his parents that since he was eighteen he could do what he wanted. His mother and father thought it was a phase and tried to give him the freedom he wanted.

They would have been horrified if they realized he had planned and was taking the lead in the rape of the blonde woman tied up beneath their son. Being the leader had it's benefits and he not only was first in line to use Karen's pussy, but he was getting to be the first to get her asshole too.

It took some effort, but the Terry finally pushed his whole cock into the madly thrashing woman's ass. Having already enjoyed the blonde's pussy several times, which had felt so good to him, the boy was shocked how hot and tight it was to be inside her butthole. He immediately began madly pounding away between Karen's big, shapely, buttocks, making them quiver, as he vigorously sodomized her. "Guys, this is great!" he panted and the boys all eagerly began lining up for their turn.

Karen's nightmare continued, since anal sex was one of her biggest fears. But now it was happening to her and she was helpless to resist the hard, painful thrusts into her rectum. The blonde's eyes bulged and she screamed herself hoarse into the gag, as the teen made her cry like a little girl. The other boys enjoyed seeing the previously dominant woman's reaction, and all looked forward to doing the same thing to her themselves.

Having come previously, Terry had staying power that did not match up with his lack of experience. His your shaft was rock hard and he was nowhere near coming, as her pumped away between the short haired blondes sexy cheeks. He could not believe how hot and tight her butt was and realized that this was the most pleasure he had ever experienced before. The teen wanted to enjoy the experience to the maximum, so he started experimenting. He slowed his strokes and vowed to make it last as long as he could, much to Karen's extreme displeasure.

Terry found that he liked it a lot when he slowly pulled his cock out, until the head was the only part inside their captive's rubbery ring, then rammed the full length back into the woman's tight ass. Listening to her almost inhuman, muffled, shrieks of agony, the boy repeated this process over and over and over again. Gripping the blonde's shoulder for leverage, he drove as much of his dick up her big butt as hard as he could.

Dominating, controlling, and violating the bound, helpless woman gave the teen a sense of ultimate power and shattering pleasure. Terry vowed to himself that he would buttfuck their attractive captive as many times he could and that he would personally move her car off their block, so they could keep her in the warehouse for a long, long time. The knowledge that they could keep her there, maybe for days, to use as they wanted really excited him.

He knew from looking through her wallet and purse, while his friends were taking their turn raping her, that the leggy woman was a mother of two, was married, had a good job, and also where she lived. Knowing that he was forcefully sodomizing some man's wife and some kid's mom really, really turned Terry on.

The veins in Karen's neck stood out, as she continued to scream into her gag. The anal sex was worse than she had ever imagined it could be. What the boy was doing to her hurt so badly that she could not stand it. The deep, hard thrusts deep into her tender bottom were unbearable.

Never in a million years did the blonde think that any man would ever do this to her, that alone a strange teenager and his friends. Being raped repeatedly by all the eighteen year olds was traumatic, but being sodomized was the worst thing that she had ever experienced. But the boy using her ignored her muffled screams, begging, and hoarse cries. At that point, Karen would have paid or done anything, if he would just stop. Her mind could not even consider that there were five more teens waiting to do the exact same thing to her.

As Terry continued to pump away between the crying woman's buttocks, he realized that she kind of reminded him of a slightly younger version of his own mother Linda. The two women shared some characteristics, especially in their bottoms. He had started noticing that his mom had a good looking butt the year before and had started fantasizing about her sexually. All the boys started comparing their mothers, and telling each other how much they had seen of them.

Picturing his own mom in his mind's eye, and realizing that it could just as easily be her tied beneath him, really excited the boy and he began to take out his deep seated desires for her on their helpless captive.

"Yeah, take it mom...take it." Terry grunted into the blonde's ear as he hammered her tender asshole deep and hard. At first it didn't register through the fog of pain, but Karen became aware that the strange boy raping her was actually calling her his mother. A wave of nausea swept through the woman, sickened by the filthy fantasy the teen was using her to fulfill.

Never in her life had she even considered someone could think of something so vile. His lusty pants of "Mom, take it...take my whole cock up you...unhhh...pretty ass! Take it all!" made the woman want to vomit. "Oh, yeah mom, here it comes! Take it all!" the teen cried, as his cock jerked inside the blonde's clasping hole and he started to shoot his hot sperm deep into her asshole. Karen nearly threw up in her own mouth as she felt the sickening spurts shooting into her abused rectum.

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Love the story. I hope you decide to finish it. I would love to know what else happens to this sexy MILF.

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