tagInterracial LoveCatching the Wife Vol. 01

Catching the Wife Vol. 01


It was just another slow Friday evening. Sitting alone on my couch with a drink flipping through the channels. All alone and bored out of my mind. It wasn't always like this.

My name is Peter. I'm a 27 year old white male. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and am 5'7" tall. I am currently separated from my wife of more than three years who's name is Marisa. She is now 26 years old. Marisa and I had started dating when she was 20. When we first met I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She has lovely blue eyes, 5'6" tall, dark red hair, strong shapely legs, and an almost perfect hour glass figure. She has a pretty face and like most red heads very pale skin tone. Of course the thing, or things, that stood out the most were her breasts. They are a natural 38D. She never liked showing them off though. Marisa always considered her large chest to be a pain in the ass and wasn't one to show much skin.

Not that I ever complained about them. They were also a problem when she used to dance which is where she got her nice legs from. She had been on a dance team most of her life until she broke her ankle so badly that she was no longer able to continue. What shocked me the most about her was that she was a virgin when we met. It would be more than a year later when she finally gave that up to me. In a short couple of years of dating we were married. Like most red heads she had a large sex drive, even bigger than my own. She wanted sex so often I could never keep up. She also shaved her pussy bald which I liked. Our relationship was almost perfect. We seldom fought and got along extremely well. Things were perfect for us as a couple. She got a job she enjoyed doing working for a local attorney and I was working for a large marketing company. Between the two of us we were able to buy a small house to call our all. Everything was going great or so it seemed.

Around six months ago one of my wife's closest friends then a family member both died suddenly in the same month leaving her almost in a state of constant depression. Barely a week later I found out the company I was working for was losing some of their biggest accounts. They were going to downsize which included my job. Even though they gave me a good package for laying me off it didn't make the blow any easier. It was the worst possible time too. My wife being distant due to the personal loss we weren't acting as the normal team we always had before. I found myself drinking more then ever causing Marisa and I to do something new for us, fighting. This we started doing a lot. It was as if any little thing would set us off at each other.

During this period we stopped having sex altogether. At this point I did the dumbest thing I ever could. One night while I was out drinking I ran into an old girlfriend and ended up sleeping with her. When I came back to my senses I couldn't believe what I had done. It took several days of guilt before I built up enough nerve to tell my wife. Needless to say she was pissed off. After several days of silence mixed with constant fighting I sat down with Marisa to talk. We both knew if we kept up this way we were going in divorce. I still loved her to death and Marisa said the same to me but we could no longer keep going in this direction. That's when we decided to spend some time apart. Only until she could get over her depression, forgive me for what I had done, to stop my heavy drinking, and I would look for another job. We would talk a couple of times a week at first and try to work things out. To be nice I told Marisa I would be the one leaving. In a few short days I found a single bedroom apartment in a nearby town around thirty minutes away. Signing on to be a month by month tenant since I wasn't sure how long I would be there. Kissing my wife good bye I moved out of our house until we could work everything out. That was around three months ago.

Marisa had been calling me about every three days. Thankfully I have cut down on most of my drinking. She is doing better mentally and is learning to forgive what I had done. I recently found a good job with another marketing company as well. It's smaller and doesn't pay as much as I made before but it's a job. Marisa told me that lately she had been going out with her friends to help keep her mind off things. I was happy for her but sadly had little to tell her about my situation; I hardly ever went out other than for work. Little different from tonight as I sat down in front of the tv.

The building I lived in for now wasn't anything special. It was a single story apartment complex consisting mainly of single men. It sits vertically from the main road. We have a large gravel parking lot right in front of the building. My place was the second to last, one of the furthest away from the street. The neighborhood was pretty quiet consisting mostly of single family homes spaced far apart. The apartment next to mine, the last one in the row, was being renting by a man named Jerome. Jerome was a very large black man with dark skin. He was much stronger than me with a larger chest and arms. I have been told he has a bit of a temper at times. By his own admittance he had served time in jail for beating up a guy pretty badly over a girl. So needless to say I never want to get on his bad side. He's also much taller than I am standing around 6'4". He is considered by many to be a good looking black guy.

Jerome loved to go to the local bars and clubs on weekends to pick up women. It wasn't uncommon to hear him having sex with some girl since his bedroom bordered right up against mine. Though as of right now it has been a while since I have heard him getting any. He says he loves all women but has a real thing for white girls. He said women love him mainly because he has a large dick. When he first told me I couldn't help but laugh which seemed to make him a bit annoyed. He swore to me that he was nine inches long. I'm not nearly that big being just under six inches and didn't think it was possible. When I said I didn't believe he was being truthful Jerome stood up asking me if I wanted to see it. Thinking this was turning a bit gay I declined and lied telling him I believed him. Then I said that size doesn't matter as long as you know how to use it. Jerome laughed at me saying that size does matter if you know how to use it right.

While flipping through the channels I heard a knock on the door. Getting up and opening it I found Jerome smiling back at me. Letting him in he asked me if I wanted to join him tonight and go to The Spot, a popular local bar. He said he could find me a girl since he has never seen me with one before. I had never told Jerome that I am married figuring it was no one's business why my wife and I were separated. I am never in the mood to explain what had happened in the past I just wanted to look to a better future. Hell no one living hear knew a thing about it. I wanted to keep it that way.

Telling him I wasn't in the mood he tried to push me into going. Jerome told me that he is hoping to get lucky tonight himself since it has been a three weeks since he last had sex and his balls were aching for relief. That was more than I needed to know. He looked offended when I told him to just masturbate saying he never does that anymore. Jerome told me there is a certain white girl he has his eye on. He met her almost two weeks ago. That she was married but currently separated. Jerome said he has seen her at the bar several times since but she has been unwilling to go back to his place. He told me she's worth the effort though. That she has nice legs, a great rack, a small round ass, and the whitest white girl he has ever seen. She admitted to him that it's been over five months since she's had sex of any kind. That only helped excite Jerome even more. He told me that he finally has a good plan to get in her pants tonight. I wished him the best of luck telling him I might stop by later on and meet him there. Jerome seemed a bit pissed telling me he just wanted to get my "sorry ass" out for the night. With that he left as I went back to watching tv.

After another thirty minutes I thought I was pretty sorry looking. I figured I would go out to the bar, spend a short while, meet up with Jerome, then come back home knowing at least I got out of the house. Leaving I got into my new used car. Sadly after separating with my wife I had to trade in my larger car for a small two door to save some money. In a few short minutes I was at The Spot and it was packed. Finding a parking spot on the street I pushed my way into the bar getting a drink. Looking around I found a corner table with few people around. Moving through the crowd I sat down on a stool just drinking and watching the people around me. After almost ten minutes I felt like I was wasting my time and would have been better off in my less crowded apartment. I was about to get up when I heard someone call out my name. Looking around I saw Jerome pushing his way to me. When he made it up he said he was glad to see me and that I would have a chance to see this girl he was after. Jerome told me she had just stepped off into the bathroom. He told me that he found out her weakness, alcohol. Drinking seems to loosen her up and told me he already has her pretty well buzzed. Told me maybe one more strong drink and she'll be having jungle fever.

Laughing at the bad pun he looked around to point her out. Said she is wearing a black skirt that goes almost to her knees and a low cut green shirt showing a lot of cleavage. Jerome said that he has been having a hard time keeping his eyes from trailing to her big lilly white tits. He told me that he couldn't wait since he has never been with a red head before. For some reason I had up to now made no connection. All of a sudden Jerome yelled out that she was over there pointing. Trying to look past the crowd it was hard me to see. He said she just sat down at the other end of the bar. As I stood there for a few seconds until people shifted around I finally got a glimpse at the woman he was talking about. It was my wife Marisa!

I was speechless as Jerome slapped me on the back saying he was going to get some of that white pussy tonight. I knew all too well that when Marisa drinks she gets a bit too relaxed. That's how she ended up losing her virginity to me. She would also get very horny after a few strong drinks which is why I loved it when we went out knowing we would being having sex that night. And now my black neighbor was exploiting that weakness to get her into bed with him. I also knew that Marisa had a small fantasy that we used to play out every now and then. She had a slight thing for the idea of being with a black guy but swore that she could never do it.

I wasn't sure what to say so I turned to face him saying he couldn't sleep with her. He ask me if it was because she is married. I thought I would be honest blurting out that she is my wife. After a couple of seconds of silence Jerome let out a deep laugh saying that no one as pathetic as me would be married to a hot girl like her. I assured him I was. After a couple of minutes of arguing and trying persuade him he started to get a very annoyed look on his face. Grabbing me by the shoulders he pushed me hard into the wall. Looking down at me with anger in his eyes.

"Look, I know you ain't married. You told me so yourself. An I wouldn't believe she was you wife for a second," he said. "You just don't want me doing what I want to with her, think you just feel bad for her. Or do you just hate the idea of a white woman being with a nigga? If you say one more word trying to stop me from making my move or if you try to pull her away from me I'll make you feel sorry. I'm not going to have wasted these last couple of weeks."

You would think I'd shut my mouth, not me. I continued trying to explain the situation. This only pissed him off even more.

"I like you Pete an I don't want to do to you what I did to the last guy who tried this with me. Now you're going to shut your mouth and leave for home and I'll be watching so you better go right for your car. Got it?" he said.

I could feel him tightening his already strong hold on me. In a real fear for my person I could do nothing but agree. He said he was sorry for acting that way. He just doesn't like it when other men trying to fuck up his chances with lies and bullshit. Though I was pissed off he was trying to get in bed with my wife there was a big part of me that wasn't at all worried fully knowing that Marisa would go home alone tonight. She had never cheated on me and swore she wouldn't even if we were separated. In response I told him there as probably no way she would end up with him tonight.

"Really now? I am so sure she will that I bet $100 bucks on it. If I get her to put out for me tonight you will owe nothing. If she shoots me down I'll give you the hundred tomorrow. That's how sure I am about this." Jerome said to me.

Agreeing thinking tomorrow I would be one hundred dollars richer I quickly left the bar. Jerome followed me to the door waiting until I got to me car. He only went back in after I starting pulling away. When I got home I rushed inside picking up my phone dialing my wife's cell number. After a couple of rings she picked up. I could clearly hear the music and people in the bar around her but the reception was breaking up. I asked how she was doing and she said fine. Marisa told me her friends left only a few minutes ago and that she was leaving shortly for home. I was going to warn her about Jerome then the connection became worse until it was a dead line. Though I was unhappy to be cut so short I began to feel better about the situation believing she probably already shot him down. Taking a seat in front of the tv again I waited for Jerome to come home.

It was more than an hour later when I heard the sound of a car pulling into our gravel covered lot. Darting towards my kitchen window I saw Jerome's car move up to the end of our lot coming to a stop. Peaking through my shades Jerome stepped out of his car closing the door behind. Much to my relief he was all alone. I could already feel that hundred in my hands. Walking to the end of his car he stood there next to the trunk staring towards the main road. Not thinking much of it I turned around proceeding to head towards the living room until I heard the sound of another car driving up. Quickly going back to my window I found myself being a bit nosey. Peaking outside again into our dark lot I looked at the new car parking directly next to Jerome's. I could almost feel my heart jump into my throat when I right away realized it was Marisa's car.

Jerome walked over opening the driver side door as my wife climbed out. Closing the door for her he walked with my noticeably slightly drunk wife across the lot out of my view. I could hear his front door open and close. Since the walls aren't that thick in our building I ran over into my short hallway that divided my bedroom and bathroom. All of the apartments are all the same, just mirror images of each other so my bedroom, bathroom, and hallway are right up again Jerome's. I could clearly hear the sounds of the two of them talking but the voices were very muffled other than my wife's occasional laughing. This went on for some time, maybe twenty or so minutes. This gave me some hope knowing that most women Jerome takes home would already be in bed with him. It was almost another ten minutes of listening when everything seemed to go quiet. I stood there waiting for a few minutes for the sound of her leaving but not even so much as a single word much less her car pulling out.

I now began to get nervous. I picked up my phone again dialing her cell number. Walking back into my hallway I could clearly hear the faint ringing of her phone through the wall. After six rings I was directed right to her voice mail. She was still there and didn't make a single effort to pick it up. Standing there for another six minutes I still hadn't heard a single sound. Worried I left my apartment through the front door walking up to Jerome's. At first I was going to knock on the door a pull my wife out of there. I quickly lost my nerve in that plan almost as soon as I thought of it as the idea of what Jerome could do to me entered my mind. Looking into his kitchen window I was unable to see anything so I snuck around the side of the building into the rear.

At the back of each apartment is a small patio with a wooden partition to give you privacy from your neighbor. Each one has access from the apartment via sliding glass doors. Looking around the corner to see if they were in his living room I could see no one. I was still hoping for the best until something in the living room caught my eye. Looking in I could see what appeared to be the dark green shirt Marisa had been wearing laying across the arm of his couch and what looked like the black heeled boots she had on laying near by. Stepping onto his patio to get a better look I saw something else on the floor near the small hallway. It was a black and dark purple bra. Just like one which I had seen many times on my wife. Yet there was no one around. Stepping off his patio I could see light coming from Jerome's bedroom window. Walking as softly and quietly as possible I approached the window. His curtains were wide open. Kneeling down so I was below the sill I slowly peaked up over the edge into his room. I about collapsed from shock.

There was my wife Marisa laying on her back on his bed topless a mere couple of feet away from me. Jerome was on her right side. He had her right breast in his hand rubbing it as his lips were wrapped around her pale pink nipple sucking and licking. Jerome's other hand was up under her skirt up moving around up by her crotch. That's when I realized he was fingering her. Marisa just laid there, her eyes closed with a look of pleasure. The bedroom window was closed so I was unable to pick up any sounds except every now and then Marisa would moan loud enough for me to hear. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew I should stop this but there was no way I could do so safely. I also thought I probably shouldn't be watching this but for some reason I couldn't seem to drag myself away. What I think I found most strange of all was the feel of being turned on. It was a fantasy we played out once in a while together but we both swore it was never happen. What I found to be the hottest part was the contrast of his dark skin against my wife's pale white. I could feel my cock gradually growing in my pants. I couldn't believe the effect seeing this was having on me.

Jerome sat up taking his shirt off showing his large upper body muscles. Sliding down the bed he reached over placing both his hands at the waist band of my wife's skirt. Looking up at her he said something I was unable to hear but she smiled back at him and right away lifted her hips up off the bed. At that Jerome pulled her skirt down her legs taking it off her body. Reaching back up he grabbed the sides of her panties. Lifting her hips again he pulled her panties down and off leaving her completely naked. Jerome now slid back up until his head was between her thighs. Looking up at her he lowered his face down to her crotch. I could tell by my wife's facial expressions that he was now licking her pussy. Marisa just laid there moaning. In a couple of minutes she had a heavy orgasm. She never came so quickly before. Jerome must really know what the hell he's doing. But he didn't stop there as he continued to go down on her. In less than two minutes Marisa had another orgasm this time screaming out loud as it hit. Her legs began to shake proving it to be a large one. Both her face and chest were now completely flushed as she laid there trying to catch e breath.

Jerome leaned up asking her something at which Marisa just nodded her head in agreement. With a big grin on his face he moved off the end of the bed out of my view. My wife propped herself up looking at something on the other end of the room. All of a sudden she got this shocked look on her face, her mouth even drop open a little and it look almost as if she said 'oh my God.' I wasn't sure what could be making her react like that. The end of the bed was moving as I saw Jerome climbing back on. I now realized what made my wife look so surprised and I felt the same way. Jerome had gotten off the bed to take off the rest of his clothing now he was naked as well. Looking down I could see one of his hands slowly stroking his cock and wholly shit he wasn't lying to me. He had to be 9 inches long or damned close to it. On top of that it was thick, much thicker then mine. Jerome just had an all around massive black cock and he was planning on putting it into my wife. I could tell by her face that she wasn't sure about doing this.

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