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Cate Blanchett: After Crystal Skull


(Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy; names and places are products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Please DO NOT repost without the author's permission)

Cate Blanchett: After Crystal Skull

It was an Australian military base closed long ago during a cost-saving spree, but one wouldn't know it now, fresh paint and large American flags giving it the look of something right out of 1957.

It was much the same with her, the thirty-nine-year-old, nearly five-foot nine-inch blonde wearing a dark wig and a form-fitting light blue uniform that clung comfortably to her athletic body. Australian, born in Melbourne, today she spoke with a strong Ukrainian accent, her shiny black boots and ramrod-straight bearing marking her as a stereotypical Russian soldier right out of a Cold War-era propaganda film. From her waist hung a large scabbard, containing a painfully heavy rapier that she couldn't wait to get off.

Thankfully, as if reading her mind, a group of soldiers speaking with bad American accents came walking around the corner, spying the unique beauty almost immediately.

"Hey!" someone shouted, hand going to his pistol. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing, lady?"

To this Cate Blanchett said nothing. She merely turned her head, sunlight flashing off her fashionable sunglasses, and smiled. Her dark hair was bobbed at the chin and cut straight across the bangs, but despite the odd style she was almost hypnotically beautiful as she reprised her role of Indiana Jones villainess, the movie still in theaters even after all these months.

"Hey, lady, I'm talking to you! This is a working military base, not a tourist trap."

"Maybe she's deaf," another said, eyes roaming her curvy figure. "Not that it matters with an ass like that."

"I am no tourist," Cate said, her accent strong and very Soviet. "I am Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko, and you will help me find what I am after or you will die."

That was perhaps the wrong thing to say, the men drawing their guns. One scurried over and tore her sword from her waist, throwing it down before turning her around and giving her a quick but thorough pat down. Cate yelped when he reached between her firm thighs and gave her a hard rub.

"So," said the man in charge. "We have ourselves a real life Commie."

Cate frowned at that, her character at a loss as to why they weren't obeying. In charge of the Soviet Union's secret and experimental Psychic Warfare Unit, she fancied herself a self-taught mental warrior, able to bend any man to her will. It never occurred to her that they might have been doing her bidding simply because she was a beautiful and rather easy woman.

The men--nearly ten in all--gathered around, pawing at her chest and rear while they discussed what to do. It was the height of the Cold War in this pornographic scenario thought up by a reclusive Russian billionaire, and the Americans had been taught to hate the Red Menace with all of their hearts. That they were all sporting thick erections hardly mattered, the rather obscene phrase "hate fuck" coming to mind.

One of the men stepped forward and spit in her face, shocking the Oscar-winning actress. "Commie bitch, your kind killed my brother in Korea!"

"I am Ukrainian," Cate said, wiping the saliva from her face with a shiny black glove. "They were Chinese."

That earned her a slap that nearly snapped her head to one side. "Bitch, I ought to put a bullet in your head!"

Cate swallowed, suddenly very anxious. She had agreed to star in this private movie after a series of large checks began arriving in her mailbox, but that was when she believed it would be one or two scenes with a handful of men. Already there were at least fifteen surrounding her, with more arriving by the minute.

"I have an idea," the one in charge said, his grin lecherous. "Someone grab the Red and follow me."


What was more shocking to the mother of three, her last child born just six months before, was not what was being done to her but how her husband of over a decade had reacted when she broached the idea of doing private sex movies for rich fans. Instead of getting angry and demanding she return the money, he had simply asked that she bring home the dailies for him to watch, his penis growing harder than she had ever seen it at the prospect of his famous wife becoming a celebrity pornstar.

If he could only see her now, bent over at the waist, hands cuffed behind her back while a large black man drove his cock deep into a pussy already dripping with the seed of a dozen men. Her dark hair was almost invisible beneath thick strands of semen, more being added every few seconds by a seemingly inexhaustible supply of virile young men; her makeup-streaked face a dark shade of red as she struggled to suck three different cocks in turn, the men using her ears to guide her from dick to dick.

"Oh god!" Cate cried, gasping for air as a meaty prick was pulled from her mouth. "Oh my god!"

Now this was most definitely what she had signed on for, the men tearing off the last of her clothes and leaving her completely nude while they took her body, her firm breasts swaying with every thrust, her hard pink nipples dripping with fresh sperm. All around her cameras captured the action, some using film, others hi-definition tape, and as Cate was speared from both ends and treated like a Kardashian she could only fathom what the release of this footage might do to her career.

"Christ, this pussy is tight!" the black man grunted, heavy balls slapping her sticky slit with every pump. "But damn, I bet this ass is even tighter!"

He stared at her peaches and cream ass while everyone laughed, admiring the way it jiggled before slipping his thumb into her puckered entrance. They had been admonished not to violate her rear, as the director apparently had something better in mind, but that didn't stop them from abusing it as much as possible, big red handprints still visible from when they had all taken turns spanking her.

The feel of his big digit in her rectum was the final straw for the beleaguered beauty, Cate groaning as she came yet again. It wasn't as powerful as the last, her body having plenty of time to get used to the multiple climaxes, and her slight trembling went unnoticed by the black man fast reaching his own end.

As had the others, he chose to unload inside of her, seemingly liters of semen dripping from her well-used orifice and putting her birth control to the ultimate test. He let out a sharp scream, the power of his orgasm nearly crippling him, and grunted repeatedly while he emptied his balls out.

He pulled out with a contented sigh, giving her sore ass another slap before rejoining the laughing, cheering crowd. There must have been at least fifty of them now, perhaps many more, all doing their best to mock and degrade the beautiful blue-eyed actress in her most vulnerable moment.

With everyone finally sated, Cate fell to her knees and groaned, semen hanging from her nose, lips, and chin, her bare breasts crusted with the passion of dozens of men whose names she didn't even know. Surely it was over now, the stunning blonde-turned-brunette waiting for someone to come un-cuff her so she could jump in the shower and stop feeling like the nastiest whore Australia had ever produced.

The men were far from finished, however, although they agreed with the shower.

The first inkling Cate had of this was when the one in charge stepped up with limp penis in hand and took aim at her face. Her jaw dropped when she realized what he intended, a much too tempting target for the man who unleashed a thick stream of bitter brown liquid that hit the back of her throat and immediately set her gagging.

"Open up!" he taunted, slipped the head between her pink lips before she could turn away. "Drink it, bitch! Drink my motherfucking piss!"

Cate had no choice, eyes watering as she gulped down shallow mouthfuls of salty liquid, the taste so foul her stomach rebelled and did its best to force it back up. She managed to hold herself in check though, coughing painfully as she drained the man's bladder as expertly as she had his balls.

"No more!" Cate cried when the pressure began to relent. "I can't breathe!"

She was ignored, drowned out by another steady stream, then another and another, dozens of men opening up and drowning her in a foul golden shower. Cate squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath, realizing at once that they wouldn't stop until they'd had their fun. She squirmed and whimpered, the burning piss leaving her nauseous, and after nearly a full minute of being urinated on she found she actually missed the semen that was washing off her naked body and disappearing down the nearest drain, the famously prim actress much preferring a Japanese-style bukkake to German-esque water sports.

As bad as things were though, there was usually good on the other side, something Cate came to believe when the nasty shower ended and she was suddenly doused with cold water.

The Australian sighed as a large hose was hoisted over her, the powerful spray washing the piss from her taut figure with impressive ease. She ran her hands through her wig to help the process along, surprised that it was still attached to her head, and then caressed her naked body for much the same reason. She opened her mouth, grinning for the first time in nearly an hour as she gurgled clean water and felt almost human again.

Her joy was short-lived, however, the actress opening her eyes when the water shut off and feeling her heart sink. Standing before her, as big as a mountain, was another black man sporting a massive penis dripping with lubricant.


She dug her nails into his back, screams smothered by a tongue crammed almost down her throat. The mix of pain and pleasure was almost blinding, his mocking words barely audible over heated moans and the sound of her snug asshole being brutally penetrated.

"Oh-- Oh my god-- Oh--"

The bulbous head lodged deep in her bowels, wrinkled scrotum and fist-sized balls resting against her smooth bottom, it was almost more than she could handle, Cate turning her beautiful face away from the man and groaning as her stomach churned and she grew almost as nauseous as during her last pregnancy.

"Take it!" he grunted, pinning her against the cold hangar wall, her bare feet dangling above the ground. "Take my black dick, you white bitch!"

Cate let out a pathetic groan, completely at his mercy. He kissed her chest and licked her nipples, using his thick fingers to hold her creamy cheeks apart so the kneeling cameraman could get a good look at the charcoal-colored pole buried between them. When she didn't give him his proper due, the dark beast withdrew several thick inches before cramming himself back inside. She gasped at that, blue eyes wide while drool leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Carrying her in his arms with impressive ease, he backed away from the wall and began bouncing her in the air. Cate wailed as both gravity and her weight combined to slide her up and down his meaty girth, her fingers slipping on his sweaty black skin every time she tried to regain some measure of control. Wrapping her long legs around his waist didn't help, the man merely hugging her slender waist and brutally rutting her until she gave in and went limp, moaning whorishly as he threw her around the large hangar like a pretty rag doll.

And yet, despite the extreme discomfort akin to developing a sudden case of diarrhea during the middle of a stage production of Macbeth, the sweating bewigged beauty couldn't deny the tingles of pleasure pouring through her body every time she bottomed out on his mammoth prick, her bowels crying out in pain while her pussy quivered and leaked hot girl-cum all over the insides of her thighs. Cate Blanchett might have become a serious actor since winning the Oscar for Elizabeth a decade before, but she was still the same nasty slut who had slept her way through Methodist Ladies' College when she was only a teenager--and as much as she tried to hide it, that part of her would always be there, lurking just beneath the surface and waiting for a beastly man just like this one to come and unleash her.

Sensing her dark thoughts, perhaps smelling it on her drenched skin and in her damp hair, the man slowed his thrusts, using his strength to force her down to the root of his throbbing meat and hold her close. Cate was forced to balance on her toes while she took his vile tongue in her mouth, the slippery appendage slipping in and out of her throat as had his cock just minutes before.

When he had tasted enough, had degraded her even further, he took her by the shoulders and withdrew from her glistening body in one quick motion. Cate's jaw dropped, watery semen and brown-tinged lubricant pouring from her ruined hole like a waterfall, the cool autumn air wafting into the gaping maw and shivering her to her very core. But that was only the half of it, the man grinning as he spun her around and swiftly reentered her, slamming so hard and so deep that she actually vomited a little in her mouth.

"Ride me!" he commanded, bending her forward before sliding a hand under the back of her wig and seizing her actual hair. "Come on, bitch, ride me! You know you want to!"

The flash of an era-specific camera bulb momentarily blinding her, Cate turned her face away and groaned while the beast throbbed inside of her. What a sight she must have made, hands on her knees, breasts heaving while her naked body dripped from head to toe with sweat, much of it not her own. Already she could feel bags of exhaustion rising beneath her blue eyes, her face and chest ruddy from a workout unlike any she had experienced in nearly four decades of life.

And yet, she couldn't deny the truth of his words, groaning with shame and lust as she spread her feet wide apart and leaned forward as far as she could before slowly lifting her ass into the air and bringing her well-lubricated hole with her.

Her nameless lover groaned as she did, hissing through yellow teeth while he admired her taut back and firm ass and felt his meaty black prick disappear again and again into her unmatched body. He ran his hands over her bare flesh, the roughness of his hands causing tremors of disgust, then after a moment reached up and gave her head another sharp yank.

"Are you taking a nap? I said ride it, bitch!"

Cate whimpered and did her best, but from her position it was hard to get any real traction, her lower back beginning to ache from the constant rocking of her hips. Her lover, as violent as he was, seemed to sense this, grunting with disgust before shoving her off his darker-than-night phallus. But before Cate could so much as take a breath she found herself on her knees, forced to clean his cock with her tongue and taste the mix of semen, lube, and whatever else her amazing ass had left behind.

Only when his pole was squeaky clean and gleaming in the waning sunlight did he allow her to stop, spitting in her face before leading her over to a truck that had seen better days. Her breasts and ass jiggled with every forced step, the men hooting as she climbed into the back and waited while her dark lover laid down and took his cock in hand, aiming the massive shaft upright before leaving the rest to her. By now the fight had utterly gone out of the actress, Cate moving as if in a daze and no longer caring what they did to her body.

He groaned as the brunette squatted over him, the deep crouch making her already impressive legs seem that much longer, and gazed at the dark nest between her thighs--grown specifically for this production--while she guided the throbbing head to her ruined backdoor.

Cate screamed as she bottomed out with a wet thud, the world swaying and her vision suddenly turning white. His giant prick seemed to hit her in places she hadn't even known were there, her mouth going slack and her chest heaving as she struggled to keep from passing out.

Her lover was in much better shape, laughing boorishly as he pawed at her breasts and slammed up to meet her. Cate wailed at the top of her lungs while she rode him, balancing on her toes and pressing her hands against his chest for support while she rocked back and forth as fast as she could, blue eyes almost bugging out when she finally found a decent rhythm and felt him bottom out with every pump.

"Work that dick!" her lover boomed. "Come on, bitch! Work it with that whore ass!"

Cate was already ahead of him, sweating profusely as the truck groaned beneath them, ancient shocks squealing like something out of a really bad seventies-era porno. It hurt--oh god, did it hurt!--but there was also something so keenly satisfying about giving in to her basest urges, something so cheap that it was all the Australian beauty could do to keep from coming while the black bastard did his best to turn her once-demure ass inside out.

"Whose is it?" her lover taunted, twisting her nipples until tears rolled down her face. "Answer me, bitch! You Commie piece of pussy! Whose ass is it? Whose fucking ass--"

So far gone, her previous life mere flickers of images on an old movie screen, Cate didn't hesitate to tell her magnificent stud the truth, pride drenching every terrible word as she threw her head back and shouted it to the heavens.

"It's yours! Oh my god, oh my god! It's yours, it's yours!"

That was what he had been waiting for, the gigantic man moving faster than ever as he took her by the waist and rolled her onto her back. Cate gasped as he lifted her leg into the air and pinned her knee to her chest, curling her toes and kicking while he picked up where he had left off and rutted her with a strength known to few men.

He pulled out at the very last moment and came all over her flat belly, the only sign other than her intense exhaustion that she had been thoroughly violated. Cate moaned cheaply while he jerked his shaft and spurted on her creamy skin, waiting to be sure he was completely spent before running her fingers through thick puddles and collecting it on the tips of her fingers.

"Mmm Jesus," she groaned, batting false lashes while feeding herself his warm seed. "Jesus-fucking-Christ."

By now the others had gathered around, someone tearing the green canvas off the truck so everyone in the hangar could see her. Cate didn't mind, her face hot as she looked into the faces of so many strangers and rubbed the last of her lover's spunk into her creamy flesh.

Her last memory, just before passing out, was of dozens upon dozens of men applauding her.

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