tagSci-Fi & FantasyCathal, The Fairy Knight Ch. 01

Cathal, The Fairy Knight Ch. 01


Note: please feel free to give me feedback. Also, the main focus of this story is not sex, it does contain it but the first chapter is basically building up to the real love story. Hope you enjoy!


Hy Breasail : elusive island to the west of Ireland

Here the fae folk live and play away from the prying eyes of humans. They once had lived amongst the human race but bitter dissension between them had driven them to the Fairyland, the Realm Perilous or Avalon (as seen in the Arthurian legends). However, the Fae folk had not left our world completely, no they maintain an avant-post on our world. Hy Breasail is one such post which the fae call Brehila.

This is where our story begins.

Chapter One: An End and a Beginning for Cathal

1488, Fairyland

A scream penetrated the silence of the peaceful island. The fae boy could not stop the sound from escaping his lips. All around him was beautiful nature yet he came home to find his parents murdered. He could not do anything to save them being only seven years old he had not fully learned to his magical powers. The only way the fae could be killed was with fae weapons or magic and the only way they could be saved with fae healing magic.

The boy turned away cursing himself for being so helpless. With tears streaming down his face he vanished into the air. A moment later he was at the royal court of the Fae.

The royal court was elegant, furnished with pillowed chaises in the color of emerald and draperies of semi-translucent jade. Copper tones accented the furnishings making the court look like a green forest in twilight. Under normal circumstances Cathal would have been fascinated by the court's splendor but now he only thought was to gain an audience with the Queen. All around him voices arose.

"Who is the boy?"

"Does he dare enter the court without royal leave?"

"Oh! Look the boy is crying...such a disgrace to the Fae?"

Then, suddenly a voice rose above all others. "Silence" it said, and the room stilled waiting for their Queen to speak.

"What is your name young fae? Though, I have not given summons to my court you have entered. But from you face I see no disrespect only grief and confusion. Come tell your Queen what troubles you."

Cathal finally found courage and spoke. He told his Queen of his parent's death and that his father was a royal night of her court.

The Queen immediately began to investigate the murders. Unfortunately, dark forces were at work. A sect of fairies who were not pleased with the pledge to allow humans to live freely wanted power to overthrow the Queen and then they planned to break the magical pledge which protests the human world.

War broke out in the fairyland and the fae folk diminished in numbers. The Queen gathered her remaining Knights and gave them the duty to protect the magical Pledge at all coasts. They were to keep it safe until a time when the fae folk would make peace among themselves and peace reigned.

As the dark fae forces took the royal court by storm five warriors, a boy and the Queen retreated into our human world. Here they scattered themselves and lived like common people. Here they waited for the time when they would gather the Fae forces and take back their homeland.

1512, Human realm, the isle of Brehila

Cathal stalked across the floor to the windows. He could hear the sound of the sea crushing onto the shore. It was dark outside and the stars seemed unusually bright reflecting off the water. The sight caught his attention and he forgot for the moment about his quest, forgot too the women he left in bed just minutes past. He was restless lately and not even sex could sooth him. Not that he was unhappy, no just a sense that something was missing in his life. Something he had not felt since his parent's death.

She knew it! He had tired of her. He always lost interest in his women, not one had the ability to satisfy his hunger. On the other hand once he had a woman she was ruined for other men. Yes, Drucy was hooked and she had put forth considerable effort to find her way into Cathal's bed. No she would not lose him. "The nights chilly, come to me and we shall force the cold from our bones."

He laughed amused by her words. "It is not cold tonight! Why I can smell spring on the breeze." She stood up at his words and walked to him in the nude. She kissed him moving her hands down his broad chest. She pressed her thighs into his and rubbed herself against him. He decided to take what was so freely offered.

He caught her bottom in his hands, backing her against the wall and entered her. Cold stone behind her and at her front the heat of Cathal's body burned her. She could feel his long dark hair sweeping across her skin and it aroused her. She wrapped he limbs around his waist. He thrust into her again and again, each time going deeper, harder. "Yes yes yes yessss" she gasped. She was delirious with need and pushing back against him. "Please," she begged, only then he brought her release.

He was done with her. He gathered his clothes and left her bedchamber. Cathal did not want to face her dramatics. He was tired of coy women, he was tired of meaningless sex. He thought about his father and remembered how he had looked at his mother with such heat and love. Yes, that was what he wanted, that love was what was missing from his life. Cathal silently gazed at the night, it was time he used his powers. Maybe when all was well in fairyland he could find his mate.

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