tagRomanceCatherine Ch. 01

Catherine Ch. 01


I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Then her breathing getting heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke to her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will say..., yet.

Catherine Chapter 1

How I Met Catherine.

My God, have I imagined this whole thing?

Or maybe I fell asleep standing up in that train car where I dreamed I'd fallen through a hole in this universe, but all too briefly came out into some other more beautiful place! Only to be dragged screaming, kicking, clawing back into this one.

Now looking down at my watch, my right hand holding back the left sleeve of my jacket to see it, and suddenly remember she put something into the jacket's right pocket. Reaching there I find a folded piece of paper with a seven-digit telephone number written there, and nothing else. And bringing it closer to my face to see it better in the dim light, is where I catch the erotic womanly scent of her dried wetness on my hand. But in the process of doing that, I suddenly have the feeling I'm being watched...

Looking to my left it's the face of a very pretty woman, possibly in her early thirties, looking back and almost even with me on the adjacent escalator. Where I notice the woman has on a leather jacket, as so do I. Catherine complimented me on mine, then went on telling me how she likes things of fine leather; noticing the leather jacket this woman has on covering about half of her very nice womanly behind. And yes, it's her bulky scarf that catches my eye now. Catherine playfully draped hers over my left shoulder were we played a little tug of war with it. Where this one is loosely wrapped around this woman's neck, the ends draped down over the swell of her breast. And that hat, the same woolen hat Catherine held in her left hand, and that's when I saw her wedding ring! Maybe the reason she was holding the hat in her hand while her left arm was draped over my shoulder; where my heart sank at the sight of the ring

But even knowing that, I can't help looking into this woman's beautiful blue eyes, and that beautiful face with its tantalizing sexy mouth. She is more than just pretty, or beautiful; no, she is stunning! But it's those eyes that captivate me.

It's said the eyes are the windows into the soul, and if that's true, I've been caught peeking in her window. If hers are peering into mine; she's breaking and entering!

So letting my eyes slowly roam over this beauty, my mind is overwhelmed by the perfection they see! Where its now that I put my right hand back under my nose, cocking my head as if asking; is this you Catherine?

Her eyes opening wide in shocked surprised understanding at why I'm doing! Where it appears to be, a little pink forming on her cheeks, before she quickly looks away. But when she tentatively looks back to me, and yes, she's blushing! And covering her face with her gloved hands, looks away once more. But it's only for a few seconds before she looks back at me; but this time, it's without her hands covering her beautiful face, where that gorgeous smile lights up this dingy world we're in right now world.

Oh My God Catherine, it is you! My thought,

But at that very moment of realization we've reached the top of the escalator where I look down to see when to step off. But when I turn to look for her; she's no where in sight, and wondering did she blend into that crowd moving away from me, opposite to the direction I have to go? When just then I catch a glimpse of a woman moving swiftly through the crowd of people. And yes, she's wearing the same leather jacket, and on her head the same woolen hat, along with a bulky scarf around her neck too. And what I couldn't see before and what I see now, are those tight blue jeans hugging that perfect womanly ass, as well as those long shapely legs. But its her snug leather boots that come up over her calves coupled with their slightly raised heal, that's making her hips and that beautiful ass smoothly sway with the rhythm of her walk.

Where some guy coming in her direction, stops to say something to her where she pauses in her stride, maybe to acknowledge what he said, then continues on her way as he looks back; watching as she goes. Where I see him nod his head in appreciation of what just walked on by him.

Yeah! Saying it to myself; buddy, if you only knew! If you only freaking knew! But its a deep sigh, and a resigned shrug off my shoulders, I turn around, and head towards the stairs and the exit I take to the street.

But as I'm almost there in my mind screams, NO! Where I stop an turn around to look back to where I just came from. Damn it Swaggart! She either did it on purpose, the fact of the ring, and that's why she asked you not to follow her. But I don't care about any of that now, or how late I am! All I care about right this minute is, I have to know who she really is.

So moving as quickly as I can back through the crowd of commuters coming towards me, looking left, than right as I pass the shops an stands trying to see if she may have stopped in one. But so far, I haven't seen her.

Hell, maybe I waited too long, and she already made it up to street level. If she has, I know I'll never find her now. But, she did put that paper in your pocket didn't she Swaggart?! And it does look like a phone number. Perhaps I'll have better luck if I call it? Yeah, I'm damn sure going to call it!

But standing here lamenting my rotten luck, I catch the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, along with the lure of fresh pastries. Oh well, I can at least get some coffee, and a toasted raisin bagel to take back to school with me. I know it's cheaper in the cafeteria, but..., what the hell; I'm here. Plus, never being in this part of the concourse I'm unfamiliar with this coffee shop, but I might as well see what they have. So, as I'm standing here looking up at the menu board I hear the female voice to my right as she's ordering, "I'd like a medium coffee with cream, and no-cal sweeteners on the side. Oh, and a toasted raisin bagel, light on the butter please."

Staring at the menu board where I'm thinking, someone else likes toasted raisin bagels too. Where all of sudden it's..., wait a damn minute! An without a doubt I know that woman's voice as I turn my head to look in the direction it came from. Where it's, Oh My God, there she is, looking down at the news paper in her hands. What the...?! I know I passed a news stand. And I know I looked to see who was there!

But it's the counter person breaking into my thoughts asking, "Sir, can I help you?" But I'm too distracted to reply with anything so stepping away to let anyone standing behind me take my place. And lucky for me, there's no one standing with her. So quickly moving in behind her; but what do I say to her? Where the only thing that comes immediately to mind is, Hello Catherine, I guess it's my turn to stand behind you.

At recognizing my voice her head snaps up from reading the newspaper only to stare straight ahead as the guy behind the counter; who's now holding her coffee an bagel in a paper bag as he's telling her how much she owes. So quickly stepping to her right with, Excuse me sir, I'll pay for the lady's order, at the same time I'm looking at her, hoping for a positive reaction to what I just offered. But the expression on face, confusion, surprise, or God I hope not; annoyance. "That won't be...," Please Catherine! My interrupting her, I really would like to.

Then quickly getting my wallet out, but when I open it, pausing for a few seconds as I first look at the guy behind the counter holding the bag with her coffee an bagel. Then back to her as if, Oh Shit! I don't have any money? With the guy behind the counter asking, "Sir, are you going to pay for the ladies order?" Where I'm still looking at her stumbling with, Ah..., I'm sorry, but, ah, I hope you have the money? Where the look I'm getting from her is like, You really can't be this dumb?

Alright, Catherine, I'm only kidding. Has her looking up at the ceiling as if asking, please God, why me? But there's also the hint of a smile in the corners of her pretty mouth. So handing the counter man a ten dollar bill along with my asking for a large coffee, along with several creamers and sugars too.

And with Catherine taking the bag from the man with a "Thank you." But is she saying it to me, or is it to the man handing her the bag? Where the same I'm not sure what to expect next. Is she going to just walk away, or maybe say something about why I followed her? But she doesn't say a word, but just before she turns around to walk away is where I'm asking, Catherine wait..., please, just for a minute?

Right after it's, '"Here's your large regular with extra creamers and sugars sir." It's the counter man behind me. But I don't want to look away from her; so afraid she'll disappear again, where I hear the counter man repeat, "Sir..., your coffee."

Now only looking away from her long enough to see the bag he's holding, then quickly turning back to see if Catherine's still there, and yes she is; standing just outside the doors of the coffee shop A silent Thank You God!

Then taking the bag from the counter man, but as I'm walking away, he's calling after me, "Sir, your change." But with a friendly wave good bye as I continue over to where Catherine has been waiting just outside the entrance.

But now that we're standing here, face to face for the first time, I realize how tall she is in those boots. I'm six foot three, so I'm guessing she's about five foot eight or nine without those two inch heels on her boots, so she only has to tip her head back to look me in the eyes. An oh, those eyes!

So trying not to stumble out my words it's, Catherine please forgive me. I know you asked me not to follow you, but I have to know who you are. And I promise I will leave if you tell me to go away, and I will. But please, I'd really like to know who you are?

Catherine..., you already know my first name is Bob, and my last is name is Swaggart.

She looks at me a few seconds more..., "Nice to meet you again..., Bob Swaggart. And it's Parker, and yes, you already know my first name too." All the time with that killer smile.

Closing my eyes, nodding my head slightly repeating, Parker, Catherine Parker. An when I open them I'm looking into hers with, Thank you..., Catherine Parker.

"Excuse me," As someone brushes into us, and continues walking on up the concourse. Where now its looking around for a place to get out of the people traffic, when I notice a few small tables and chairs in an area opposite the entrance to the coffee shop. Where it's, Catherine, can we can sit down for a minute? As I point to the tables.

"Bob, I'm sorry." her apology. "But I'm very late, and I really have to go."

Yes Catherine, I understand, and I'm also very late, but a few more minutes won't make much difference now, waiting for her to turn away and leave. But instead, "You're right Bob. I guess a few more minutes won't make much difference for me either." She says.

Where we move to one of the tables, and sit down. But now what do I say, now that she's sitting across from me taking off that woolen hat. Is followed with a quick shake of her head, loosening her long honey brown hair, at the time my thoughts of how beautiful she is.

And that head toss, kind of flirty the way some women do it to get a man's attention, as if she's saying yes, I'm interested, totally disarms me, making it hard to say what I want. She was so easy to talk to on the train because I couldn't turn around to see this woman with that sexy, slightly husky voice. And all the time we were talking, along with the other that was happening, I was trying to place where I've heard that voice before. Where now it comes to me; a little Kathleen Turner I think.

So instead of fumbling something out like a fool, it's reaching into my pocket to remove the piece of paper, and placing it on the table top, sliding it across to her, Why did you put this in my pocket? I assume it's your telephone number? My asking her now.

"Yes Bob, it's my office phone number." She says. Then a few seconds later. "I thought maybe we should talk sometime..., about what happened. But..."

But Catherine? My interrupting. It sounds like you're not so sure now?

Catherine, as I said over there, nodding my head towards the coffee shop. I'm not stalking you! And again, if you want me to leave I will. And you can have that back too, as I motion to the piece of paper with the number on it, if you've changed your mind. But I'll tell you this Catherine Parker, I've already memorized it.

"So..., fat lot of good it will do me to take it back now, huh?" her reply as she laughs!

Yeah..., you're right Catherine. But I still won't call it if you ask me not to. But I hope you won't? Smiling back at her

Where the stars must be shining on me as she lifts her gloved hand, places her fingers on the paper, pausing as if in thought, then slides it back across to me saying, "Don't call it for three weeks."

Stunned by the length of time, Why three weeks?! My asking, looking at her in complete disbelief at the, three weeks!

"Bob, I'll be doing some extensive traveling on business for the next three weeks."

Okay..., so, is that a twenty-one days three weeks, or is there a fudge factor there somewhere? And when does that three weeks start, if I may ask?

"Bob, it starts late tomorrow afternoon. I have a flight leaving at six-thirty for Denver."

Wow, three whole weeks? That's a long business trip.

"Yes it is Bob. But I knew there would be a lot of traveling when I accepted this job, but its not like this trip all the time."

Well Catherine Parker, may I ask what you do?

"Bob, I'm a program administrator for a program offered to active and retired military veterans, and their families. I work for IIG, International Insurance Group." Her reply.

Okay, so you're in that glass and stainless steel building across the plaza I can see from my classroom windows.

"Class room, Bob?"

Yes Catherine. My company has a training facility in a building that also faces the plaza where that fountain is. I'm in a training course for a new system our company is deploying on the network. An today was the start of our next thirteen week part of that course.

"Okay. So Bob, do you work down town too?"

No Catherine, I work in the suburbs. I'm only down here for that training course. Then I'll be returning back to the field. So..., a program for veterans and their families; insurance I assume?

"Yes Bob, but a lot more than just insurance. We offer individual counseling for the Veteran and their family, many support services, savings and investment assistance, child care assistance, assistance with working with the VA on disability and medical benefits plus more as the program continues to evolve. There are many, many Veterans returning with all kinds of issues, from PTSD, to divorces. So hopefully we can help save marriages along with lives There are way too many suicides among returning vets."

WOW! I wish I had known about your program earlier.

"Oh, and why is that Bob?" she ask.

Catherine, I'm Master Sargent Robert Swaggart of the United States Marine Corps. But now I'm in the active reserves; also, a divorced Master Sargent too. I didn't make up my mind fast enough about getting completely out of the Corps after my last deployment. So my wife did what she said she would do, and that was leave.

"Bob, I'm sorry to hear that. Before I was offered this position, I was doing a lot of research; gathering facts, figures, statistics on many of the issues facing veterans; like divorce rates. My real father divorced my mother when my sister and I were eight; he was a captain in the army."

"When my mother remarried about four years later, she married a Marine. So when I refer to my father now, it's my step dad I'm referring to. I guess when they were considering people for the position I now have, maybe my close connection to the military and their issues made me their choice."

Catherine, your step father was a Marine?

"Yes. But he was killed in a traffic accident one night returning home from the base by a stupid nine-teen year old kid, stoned and drunk out of his mind. Who ran a red light, and broad-sided my dads car killing him."

Son of a bitch! I'm sorry Catherine! Looking away a moment. But Marines die for many noble reasons, but not taken out by some stupid ass mothr... sorry, stupid jerk! I am sorry about your dad.

"I've called that kid worse than that, and thank you." A big sigh just before that came out.

So Catherine, it's really three weeks huh?

"What? Yes Bob, three weeks." Brings her back looking at me with that beautiful smile an those hypnotic blue eyes.

Then it's, "Bob, I really have to go."

Yeah I know..., me too, as I melt under her gaze. I hope you have a safe trip Catherine Parker! As I stand up with her. But damn it, three weeks?

Again laughing as she holds out her hand, "Thank you for my coffee Bob Swaggart."

Catherine, you're more than welcome as take her hand in friendly hand shake. And thank you too for staying and talking with me. But three fricken weeks?

"Good bye Sargent Swaggart, and yes, its still three weeks." Comes with that killer smile.

Then putting on her hat as she walks down the concourse, with me never taking my eyes off her until she reaches the stairs that will take her up to street level. Okay, even though you're married Catherine Parker, I think I'm in love with you!

An picking up my coffee and removing the lid to take a sip of the now, lukewarm coffee, where I catch her womanly scent on my fingers again. My God! Looking back in the direction she just disappeared; it really happened, so it wasn't a dream!

So holding my coffee cup in my left hand as I make my way back through another on coming crush of commuters, may right hand snugly in the right side jacket pocket. And if I had one I might bag the hand in a plastic bag so I wouldn't accidentally wash it. Breaking myself up at the thought; Swaggart, you fucking pervert!

Walking into my class room, and over to the coat rack taking off my new leather jacket as I go. But as I pull a hanger from the rack, and start to hang my jacket up it's then I see the bite marks in the collar.

Son of a bitch! It really did happen, repeating what I said to myself down in the concourse! And her name is Catherine Parker, and she gave me her office telephone number too. But..., SON OF A BITCH! She's going to be out of town for three damn weeks!

Walking over to a window and stare at the glass and stainless steel building with the three large letters, IIG on the top of it wondering where her office is located, and can she see this building I'm in too. But it's the sound of voices as some of my class mates, including my team mate John, coming noisily into the room followed by our instructor Frank, disturbing my rerunning of what happened this morning on the train.

Damn it Catherine Parker, why in the hell me? Breaking me out of those thoughts.

An with John and I greeting each other as we sit down at our shared table, where its asking how each others Thanksgiving weekend went. When Frank interrupts the conversation as he starts out with, "I planned on jumping right into the next part of this course." he says. "But because four other members of this class have called out do to issues with the weather. So..., we'll review some of what we covered in the previous half; if that's okay with everyone?" Frank looking around the room seeing the affirmative nods in agreement.

But Frank is easily side tracked, and soon were talking about everything except the subject we're here for. Where Frank has already digressed to his experiences and stories about his family's adventures and mishaps over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, many, because of the icy weather that moved in causing all kinds of travel issues, like my commute today; late getting into the city.

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